Are We Truly Mates?


Why does life always seem so unclear?

Humans are always in need of something, yet in my case I don’t really need or want anything in life. I enjoy my life as it is -- because it’s just simply boring, the way I like it

But nothing everything turns out the way we want it to does it?

It really doesn’t which is the suckiest part of human life, it seems the universe is always to make a point in that way

When meeting him, I always felt this type of attraction. The feeling of being completely drawn to him, not wanting to look away from his lovely hazel eyes. The need to feel his touch is almost unbearable and yet he always try to keep his distance from me.

He is so confusing all together, He distances himself from me and then comes whenever I’m in danger

What type of relationship is this?

I thought I would never want anything in this life time of mine but now I feel like I’m completely wrong on that type of thought...Cause Now


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