Are We Truly Mates?

Chapter 2

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“Come in”

Mrs.Oliver says and then guys come in but I just moved my head back and closed my eyes, not really caring about what was happening in the moment and just wanted to get the day over with, Lisa was on her phone, not bothering to look at the two of them either.

We tend to have the same type of thoughts or feelings sometimes, we don’t know why but we have this type of bond - I suppose its like sisterhood but a little stronger so its hard to describe. Sometimes we can even hear each others thoughts, it kind of just happened one morning the week after I moved in.

We didn’t freak out or anything, we just kind of accepted it. It made things easier for us to communicate to each other since we look out for each other in times of trouble or to avoid lectures from her parents.

Ok, I lied...I did freak out....a little bit but then Lisa showed me the benefits on being able to hear each others thoughts, so she managed to change my mind about it and not freak out about it either

‘Y/N shouldn’t we look at them at least? ’Lisa asked you through her thoughts

‘Why should we?’

‘I mean they are going to be wasting some of their time showing us around school anyway’

‘I’m pretty sure, that they don’t even want to be here anyway and don’t try to deny wouldn’t also want to be doing this if our roles were reversed’

‘You right, but still....’

‘Lisa, just dr-’

“Hey are you guys ok?”

a kind male voice interrupted your thoughts shaking my shoulder lightly, causing Lisa to also look up from her phone.You then open your eyes and then tilt your head down to look at the person who had just spoken. He was handsome, his brown hair looks soft, his brown eyes looks big and he had this tiny mole under his bottom lip. Once he sees you looking at him, he smiles at me

‘He looks like a bunny when he smiles, so cute!!’You heard Lisa scream in your head, but you just roll your eyes instead and put your hand on his arm and move it away from you

“Yea, just peachy...why are you shaking me?” I asked in a cold tone unintentionally but you didn’t bother to correct my tone about it

“O-oh um, we have been calling you two for a while but the both of you were responding, so we ju-” You cut him off

“Yea, sorry about that...can we just get going already?” I said getting up and grabbing Lisa’s hand to walk outside and wait for the other two to come out as well

“You didn’t need to be so rude Y/n”Lisa states the moment you and her step outside in the hall way and let go of her hand

“You know that I didn’t mean to be rude in the first place” You said to her rolling my eyes once more at her statement


<Jungkook’s Pov>

Just A few minutes before the girls walk out -- when they first entered the room


“Come in”

We hear Mrs.Oliver’s voice from behind the door and enter the room and them see two girls sitting down on the side couch of her office.

Both of them are pretty cute, one was paying attention to her phone and the other had her head hanging back with her eyes closed. As me and Hyung enter the room ,I’m hit with this sudden sells like forest rain and lavender. It smells so addicting but I couldn’t really place where the smell was coming from until I got closer to the girls.

Once I was close enough, it hit me that the scent was coming from the girl who was on her phone. I couldn’t stop staring at her, she noticed my stare and looked up at me. I could have sworn that my heart stopped beating in that instant...she was staring back at me. The world seemed to stop for the both of us, but then she quickly went back to look at her phone like nothing ever happened.

When she stopped looking at me, I place my hand on my chest and release the breath that I didn’t even know I was even holding in and then felt a hand on my shoulder

“Kookie, Are you alright?” Hyung asked me with a concern look as I turn my head to face him

“Y-yeah, I’m all right”He nodded as I replied back at him and then we both turned our head to Mrs.Oliver who let out a light cough. I tried ignoring what just happened

‘It couldn’t be right? She couldn’t possibly be my mate.....she’s just a human’ I thought to myself before Mrs.Oliver started talking


“Well boys, these are the girls that you’re going to be escorting for the rest of the day depending on how fast you finish showing them around” She points towards the two girls

“Girls, don’t you want to introduce yourselves?”


“Girls?” She asks once more while raising an eyebrow but the girls just ignore her, like we weren’t even there in the first place...just completely ignoring us

Mrs.Oliver was about to open her mouth once, clearly not liking their current attitude or actions more but I intervened, taking a step close to them. I wave my hand in front of the girl, who I was staring at earlier. I didn’t get a reaction out of her, so I tried shaking the girl next to her, who had her eyes closed. When I first shake her, her eyebrows I shake her again this time saying something.

“Hey are you okay?” I ask her, she then lift her head, while opening her eyes and looks at me...I smile finally getting a reaction out of at least one of them

“Yeah, just peachy.....why are you touching me?” She asks in a cold tone

‘What did I ever do to you?’ I thought to myself noticing her tone while answering me

“O-oh um, we have been calling you two for a while but the both of you were responding, so we ju-” I answer her but then was soon cut off by her cold tone

“Yea, sorry about that...can we just get going already?”The girl asks while walking off with the other grabbing her hand, just leaving the three of us there in the office dumbfounded

*Sigh* Mrs.Oliver lets out a light sigh “Well I guess, you two better catch up with them before they get lost, I can already guess that these two will be trouble....good luck”She tells us with a smile

We just nod with a light bow and then exit the office finding the two girls waiting for the both of us in the hallway

Well, at least they waited for us’


<??? POV>


???: So should we show you two to your classes or do you want to look around the campus first?

The two girls look at each other for a second and then back to me and jungkook

“Shouldn’t we go to our classes first?” One of them asks

???: I mean if you want too, I don’t really care

Y/N : Wow, I can already tell that your full time student who loves to study

???: Watch it baby girl or you might find out how much I love to study

Y/N: I bet a lot of girls fall at your feet when you call them ‘Baby Girl’

The girl who gave Jungkook a cold attitude, let out a small laugh.

‘That laugh, is so cute’ I thought to myself with out realizing it

“So are you guys going to introduce yourselves or what?”Lisa asks them

Jungkook straightens up right away and answers her while reaching out his hand for a hand shake

“I’m Jungkook, nice to meet you” his voice a bit shaky

“Lisa” She said her name with a smile

‘Oh? Why is this international playboy suddenly all nervous?’

“And you?”The other girl besides Lisa points her finger at me. My heart suddenly starts beating really fast, when I turned my head in her direction. I soon come to the realization that it was her scent that I was smelled from outside the principals door. I was staring at her until she broke me out of my trance when I heard her voice

“Um hello?” She waved her hand in front of my face to catch my attention

“Uh? Oh sorry, the name is Taehyung or you could call me V” I said giving her a million dollar smile which most girls fall for automatically

“Oh, its ok and btw the names Y/n” She replies back with an unimpressed expression

“Well, are we going or not?” Y/n asks, sounding a bit impatient for waiting

“Yea, lets show you around to your classes since thats where you wanted to start off first right?” The girls nods as a response

“Well, all right then...let’s get going” And with that we left to show them to their classes




Lisa and I were now sitting in our class, a few minutes before lunch would start. We told the boys to come get us when lunch starts if they’re still willing too that is. They both agreed and even said that they wanted to introduce some people to us, You just wanted to reject their offer....but then Lisa wouldn’t stop bugging me about it with her constant whining in her head, so in the end I said yes

“So what do you think this new school?” A random girl came up to us, while we were just sitting there...Lisa being on her phone once again and I’m just burying my head into my arms on my desk trying to sleep since you two finished you work earlier than most of the class.

Lisa looks up at the girl to answer her, since she knows I won’t do it “It seems nice”

The girl nods while taking an empty seat in front of us “I saw you with V and Jungkook earlier”.

Lisa raised an eyebrow waiting for her to continue her sentence “Are they showing you around the school?”

“Ah, did you know?”

“They did the same for me when I came around” The girl said, which Lisa just nodded in response, already losing interest in their conversation

‘Y/n I want to go to lunch already’ Lisa communicated through her thoughts, knowing that Y/n was still awake since its still a little nosy in the classroom for her to actually fall asleep

‘I know what you mean....I already don’t want to come back to school tomorrow and it didn’t even end yet’ Lisa just grinned at hearing her friend whine

“So? What your guys name?” The girl asked, bringing Lisa back to reality - forgetting that she was even there in the first place

“Oh sorry, I’m Lisa” She points to herself and then points at you

“And thats Y/n there...sorry about her, she doesn’t really like to socialize all that much” You just imagined herself rolling her eyes in her mind so Lisa could get the thought and it worked cause Lisa suddenly smiled once again

“Nah its ok, I’m like that sometimes so it’s not a big deal and I’m Rain” The girl stretches her hand out, waiting for Lisa to shake it

“Well, its nice to meet you Rain, right Y/n?” Lisa nudges me with her elbow, I sit up and look at the girl named Rain and I just have an expressionless look on your face “Yea, its nice to meet you”

“Wow, you look a lot like someone I know” I raise an eyebrow at her statement, she noticed and quickly replaced her apologized but I shrugged it off saying that I didn’t really care

Then the bell rang, both me and Lisa got up from our seats...ready to get to the cafeteria. But then Rain calls out to us

“Hey, wait you two!”

We both look over our shoulders since we were already standing outside the door “Would you like to have lunch with me? Both V and Jungkook are already going to be there anyway so why not?”

We look back at each other and Lisa notices my expression immediately showing that You defiantly just want to have lunch, just the two of us. So she turns her body towards Rain and bows saying sorry.

While walking I could hear both V or whatever his name is with Jungkook voices coming closer to where we were at, so I grab Lisa’s arm and drag her into the bathroom. Lisa looks at me confused until she also heard their voices, fully understanding why I dragged the both of us to the bathroom before they could reach us

‘Really Y/n?’ She said to You through her thoughts

‘What? I don’t want to deal with them’You simply retorted back

‘Ugh, fine but you have to do something for me in return for dragging me out of no where’ She crosses her arms

‘What?! Why?’

‘Just do it, its nothing bad promise’ Lisa crossed her arms while staring at me

‘Tell what it is first and then I’ll consider it’ You tell her with a serious look

Lisa let out a sigh while having her hands on her hips and shaking her head . She then looks up towards me with a grin that caused shivers down my spine ′Time for a makeover’

‘Wait? Why?’

’Cause now that I take a look at your outfit, I feel a little disatifed with it’She replied back while checking me out

You quickly raise me hands over my body ‘cut that out, I know I’m beautiful and everything but its still weird having my cousin check me out like that besides the fact that your also a girl’

He flicks my forehead ‘Oh shut up and just do it already before I strip you down myself to make you feel even more uncomfortable’

I raise my hands up, surrendering ‘Please don’t, I still want to be a virgin’

Lisa threw a pile of clothes in my face ‘Just shut the fuck up already and change’You giggle at her reactions then You grab the clothes off my head and look at her while raising an eyebrow

When and how did you manage to bring these?′

Lisa flips her hair at your question ′A girl never relieves her secrets and hurry the fuck up and change...I want to eat already!′ She then pushes you into one of the stalls

‘Bitch, what is with these clothes?!’I yell out in your head getting an instant reply from Lisa

“Yah! Don’t yell so loud in my head!” She shouted out from outside of the stall that You were in “And just put on the clothes already!”

I sighed“Alright Alright”

I then walk out of the stalls with the new outfit she gave you, returning the other clothes to her that you were wearing not too long ago “Happy?”

“Much” Lisa then walked out of the bathroom making sure the coast was clear, then giving you the signal to walk outside. Before you went out, you look at the bathroom mirror

“Hopefully this outfit won’t catch too much attention, one thing that I defiantly don’t need”

“Who am I kidding, this shit is defiantly going to get me unwanted attention”You said while walking out

“Lisa, I look like a slut” I bluntly said, earning a smack on the arm from Lisa while walking to the cafeteria

“No you don’t! You look like a fashionable slut”

“Yah!” Iyelled while smacking her arm, she just giggles and says“I love you too”

You let out a heavy sigh while walking“What am I going to do with you?”

“Absoulity nothing and besides this is your punishment”I then look at her with a questioning look

“This is a punishment because you aren’t even trying to socialize, let alone giving any type of eye contact with a person!”

Your mouth just formed an “O”. “Yeah true, but thats just how I am....why should I socialize or look directly at the person when I clearly don’t want too”I simply stated, not caring that Lisa was now glaring at you

“Y/n, come on...just this once can you please at least look at the person who’s talking to you?”

She suddenly stops walking, putting her head down and stares at the ground while tugging my arm, making me stop and look at her“I’m not saying that you should talk to some one cause you have too but I just want you to give people a chance.....short conversations at least”

You look at her for a minute or two and let sigh

‘How many times have I sighed today?’ You thought to yourself, earning a light giggle from Lisa

“I don’t know but you should stop before it becomes contagious” She said raising her head with a smile

“Lisa, Do you really want me to try and socialize with other people even if its short conversation?” She quickly nods furiously, which earns a chuckle from me and then I raise your hand, placing it on her shoulder

“Alright, I’ll try but just small talk...nothing else for now okay?” Lisa smile turns into a big grin hearing you answer. I quickly turn you heels and start walking to the cafeteria “Now, lets go eat I’m hungry”

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