Are We Truly Mates?

Chapter 3

Welcome to Chapter 3~



As both me and Lisa walk into the cafeteria, already a lot of people are staring at us or more like staring at me since I was wearing a totally different outfit this morning.

‘Lisa, I told you that they would stare’

‘Shut up and grab your food and besides I thought you didn’t care wether or not they stare or not’

‘That may be true but that doesn’t mean I want to be stared at while eating, its kinds uncomfortable....and how would you feel if they stared at you when you start eating?’


We were practically having our own little conversation in our heads while getting our food from the lunch lady and trust me it didn’t look that appdtitising but when you actually eat it, it’s not that bad besides its looks. As we were both eating and talking to each other (through our thoughts)Suddenly someone slammed their hand on the table startling us both.

I nearly choked on my food causing Lisa to pass me something to drink while patting my back.

“Oops sorry, didn’t mean to make you choke on your food” The person said, After getting enough water down my throat You looked at the person who slammed their hand on the table

“What the hell Rain?!“I yelled out kind of getting other peoples attention that were sitting in near by tables.

Rain claps her hands together and bows her head down a little bit “I’m sorrrrrry! I didn’t think I would startle you guys that much”

She then lifts her head to look at us while starching her cheek “Its just I’ve been calling the both of you for a while and it didn’t seem like you two could hear me so I had to get your attention somehow”

“And that required you to slam you hand on the damn table?!”

“Y/n calm down, it’s not like she did it on purpose or did you?” Lisa asks raising an eyebrow while her hand was still on my back

“What?Hell no, of course I wouldn’t do it on purpose!” Rain quickly replied while shaking her head side to side

“hmpf, what do you want?”I asked her with my arms crossed in front of my chest and stared at her while Lisa just returned to eating her food, seeing that I’ve calmed down a bit

“Oh!” Rain’s face brightened up, remembering the reason why she showed up at your table “I wanted to ask you guys if you would be okay if I introduced to some of my friends”

I raised an eyebrow “I thought we already told you that-” Lisa elbows me in my side and gives me the death glare before turning her attention to Rain

“I think that would be a lovely idea” Now it was my turn to give Lisa the death glare

‘Lisa! You agreed that it would just be us today!’ I told her through you thoughts

‘Well plans change honey, deal with it’ She replied back while still having her attention on Rain

“Great!” She grabs both of yours and Lisa hands

“Come one, there just over there!” Rain starts to drag us but before she could,I yanked my hand back causing her to stumble backwards and bit, after she gets her balance, she looks back at me confused along with Lisa

“What? I don’t want to leave my stuff behind for someone to steal and also leave my food behind that I didn’t really get to eat yet you know?”I said before turning around, grabbing mine and Lisa stuff passing it to her along with your lunch trays

Rain chuckles a bit and starching her cheek again while looking in a different direction “Ah, right sorry”

“Nah, its fine....Now lets go meet these groups of friends of yours” I said to her with a smile, walking behind Rain, following her around the cafeteria.

‘’re smiling’ Lisa squealed in her thoughts

‘Remember, I’m only doing this for you’

‘And I love you for that’ Lisa replied while hugging me out of nowhere causing Rain to give us a weird look “You guys must be really close to be hugging each other out of nowhere”

“Well, we are I don’t see whats the problem is” I stated bluntly, earning a smack on the head from Lisa

“Ouch! What was that for!” I yelled looking at her

Lisa just smiled before turning her head towards Rain “Don’t mind her, anyway where are the table you are taking about?”

Rain points at table near the windows on the other side of the cafeteria. There sat 5 guys and two girls sitting at the table

‘Yay more guys in my life than I ever need’


‘What? You should be happy I am even trying here’

‘You got a point, but try not to act like a bitch’

‘Me? Act like a bitch? When have I ever?’

We continue talking to each other through your thoughts until you reach the table where Rain starts to introduce everyone to you.

“Hey guys! I want to introduce two new students, who are now my friends so play nice”Rain said with a smile leaning forward, her hands supporting her weight on the table. Everyone looks at Rain and then at You and Lisa besides one dude who keeps his head on the table.

‘At least that guy has the right idea’ I thought to yourself

‘I bet thats what you totally want to do right now’

‘Oh how did you know Lisa? I thought I wanted to stay at school and learn all day’ I mentally roll my eyes at her

Rain raises an eyebrow at the group of people at the table “So you going to introduce yourselves or what?”

Suddenly an arm wraps around my shoulder and deep voice comes out of no where “Well I’ll start first then” I turn my head towards the deep voice “I’m taehyung or V”

Rain went to go sit down to the guy who had his head down this whole time and she just started playing with his hair

‘Holy shit, his face’s close...I almost punched him’


‘It’s not funny!’You put your hand on Taehyung’s face and move it away from you while trying to ignore Lisa’s laugh in your head

“Yea, I know who you are why is your face so damn close?”

“Tae?” Taehyung grabs my hand from his face and raises an eyebrow at his new nickname

“Yes, I called you Tae, got a problem with it?“You asked him with a well, whats the problem look

He just chuckles at you “Nope, not at all...I like it” He gives you a boxy smile, I just scoff at him. Then an arm wraps around Lisa’s shoulders and another voice rings out

“And you already know me, I’m jungkook” He gives a bunny smile while introducing himself once more. You notice that Lisa is blushing a little bit due to the sudden contact

‘Do I spot romance in the air?’

‘Shut up Y/n!’

You couldn’t help but giggle a little bit but you covered you mouth so no one really noticed making it look like you trying to sneeze a bit

“Anyway I’m Namjooon” A tall looking boy came up to us with his hand stretching out ready for me to shake.


Taehyung then starts to speak “This here is Jin”

He points to the boy that Namjoon was sitting next who, which he also happens to be stuffing his face with food as well. Then he moves on to another boy who has his arm around one of the girls neck who was sitting on the left of Jin

“This is Hoesek, you can call him either Hobi or J-hope..he doesn’t really mind which one you use”Hoesek waves at you with a smile

“The girl next to him is his girlfriend, Sarah”

“Hey” She says and I just nod at her

Taehyung then points to another boy who was at the right side of Namjoon who had just sat back down to his seat, taking some of Jin’s food, “That pink haired guy is Jimin or ChimChim and the girl next to him is Ruby”They both wave at you

“Lastly that guy there, who’s most likely sleeping is Yoongi and you already know Rain...which is his girlfriend”

‘Yea, nope defiantly not going to remember all of there names’

‘Don’t worry I’ll help you remember them’

‘You know, you don’t have to reply back to every thought I make to myself right’

‘I know, But I just can’t help it...its like a natural thing for us’

‘True true’

“So when did you change your clothes?” Tae’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts

“Uh? Oh, around when Lunch first started...Lisa wanted me to change”

“Oh, that explains why me and Jungkook couldn’t find you two easier when we stopped by your class”

<End of Y/n’s Pov>

<Taehyungs Pov>

‘I’m not complaining though, she looks so hot in this outfit...I’m glad she changed her clothes but’Tae looks behind Y/n and notice a bunch of guys staring at her since she walked into the cafeteria, thats why he wrapped his arm around her shoulder earlier.

He sends a quick death glare, making them look away quick causing Taehyung to smirk

‘You better look away, Y/n is my prey’Tae thought to himself while licking his lips while looking at Y/n

<End of Taehyung’s Pov>

<Back to Y/n’s Pov>

“Yuuuup” I replied making the pop sound at the end

“Anyway why don’t you four sit down already before lunch ends and you two wouldn’t be able to finish your food” Rain says to us and we just obey, especially since what she was saying was true and I really wanted to just sit down and eat my food in peace anyway.

“Babe, can’t you a least show them your face and properly introduce yourself to them?” Rain whined to the guy who still had his head down

“Do I really have to?”

‘Damn, he has a deep voice’ Lisa thought out but I just ignored her and continued eating your food, not really caring what was going on at the moment

“Yes,! Please for me?”Rain said in a cute voice but it just made you cringe

he let out a sigh and then sat up while running a hand through his hair, still having his eyes closed

‘Y/n’Lisa called out to me in their mind

‘What? Can’t you see I’m trying to eat my food in peace?’I reply back while taking bite of my food

‘Have you noticed that all the guys here are hot as hell and the girls are pretty too, I mean not as pretty as me but still’

‘Why should I care?’

‘Omg Y/n! You should---’ Lisa was going to say something else until she suddenly got quite and I was curious why she suddenly stopped talking so I looked up and noticed her shocked expression

“Y/N?” I heard a deep male voice call out opposite of where me and Lisa was sitting. I turned me head towards the voice

“Yes, thats my name...didn’t you hear it earlier while we were introducing ourselves?” You asked him but he just looked at you shocked, so You just eyed him confusingly.

You then turned you head towards Lisa who still had a shocked expression, so you grabbed her hand and she quickly snapped out of it.

“Hey are you okay?” You asked her with a worried expression, but she just smiles and nods telling you that she was all right

“Babe, are you all right? Why do you look surprised to see Y/n? Do you know her?” Rain asks him, causing me to look back at him

The guy snaps out of it hearing Rains voice and cleared his throat before speaking “Oh no, this is the first time I’ve meet her...I was just making sure that I got her name right”

He stretches out his hand towards me “I’m Yoongi or can call me either one, its fine with me” I grab his hand and shake it

“Y/n” I simply stated back while quickly retracting my hand back and go back to eating but Yoongi just keeps on staring at me

“You know its rude to stare at someone, especially while they’re eating”I said not even bothering to look at him, taking a bite out of your meal. Yoongi quickly looked away while saying mumbling “It can’t be”

“The same goes to you Taehyung” I turn your head to face you and indeed he really was staring at me with his chin resting on his hand which was leaning on the table

“You noticed” He simply stated

“I mean who wouldn’t notice, you make it pretty obvious you idiot”I then flick his forehead, becoming oblivious to the fact that the air became tense at the table when you did that

“Ow, did you really have to do that?” Tae ask while rubbing his forehead looking at me while pouting. I couldn’t help giggle at how cute he was acting

“Yes, I did...I mean you deserved it for staring at me while I was eating” I said still letting out a giggle, you flick him again on his forehead

The others was watching what was happening before them , Lisa couldn’t help but think how cute both Y/n and V were. But the others couldn’t believe what was happening, his Alpha getting scolded and being flicked on the forehead twice. Even though it was a minor thing, Taehyung or V had low tolerance for humans since the beginning but still had some decency to be polite to some and yet here he is acting especially nice towards the girl in front of him who he had just meet.

“Hey stop that” Tae grabs your wrist gently so she could stop

“Only if you stop staring so much” I couldn’t help but smile at him and you didn’t even know you were smiling in the first place


“Fine, I’ll stop for today” Hearing his answer, you raise your other hand ready to flick his forehead once more. He notices you raising you hand so he quickly raises both his hands in the air “Fine,Fine, I’ll stop staring at you completely”

I bring you hands down, nodding at him and then grab my tray and stand up from the table “Where are you going?” Tae asks me

“Lunch is about over, so I’m heading back” I answer him and then turn you gaze towards Lisa “You coming cus?”

Lisa raises her head hearing you call her “Yea, I’m done eating so lets go”

Taehyung was about to saying something but you cut him off “And no we don’t need you guys to walk us back” After saying that I walk out with Lisa to you class

As you and Lisa figures disappear into the hallway, you didn’t notice that Yoongi was staring at you the whole time even after you told him to stop

<End of Y/n’s Pov>

<Yoongi’s Pov>

‘There’s no way, She died with them...I’m sure of it. I even went back and found their corpses, but it was only.......’ Yoongi starts to think to himself as he watches Y/n and Lisa walking away from the group

‘It couldn’t really be you right Y/n?’

‘If it is then.......’Yoongi couldn’t help but feel a sudden glimmer of hope in his heart

‘If its really you then I promise to protect you properly this time Y/n, I’ll make sure to stay by your side for sure’

‘But I need to confront Lisa about it, its obvious she recognized me and I her but why couldn’t Y/n remember me?’

‘She was still pretty young back then but she should have been old enough to remember me a little bit right?’

‘Aish, this is too confusing...’

“Y/n I really hope its you” Yoongi mumbles under his breath barely a whisper that nobody could hear

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