Are We Truly Mates?

chapter 4

<Y/N’s Pov>

Two week has passed already since we had already started school and already a bunch of guys are trying to get into both me and Lisa’s pants. Surprisingly, both Tae and Jungkook always appear by your side before they could get the chance to ask out. I mean like the guys would start off a normal conversations with the two of you, even though you know that they don’t have any good intentions...Lisa’s kind nature prevents you from smacking them so you wouldn’t dare to create a scene and get into trouble. She doesn’t really care about them but she does care about you a lot, so you try to place nice for her

You wouldn’t admit it you were damn grateful to TAEHYUNG AND JUNGKOOK! They always somehow know when the two of you were about to get hit on and pop out of no where, asking what the two of you would be doing later or asking if you guys would want to hang out with them. Causing most of the guys to run away at the speed of light, now when that happens...You just brush them off and grab Lisa with me and wonder off somewhere far away from them.

Also Lisa has been acting little weird lately.....Ever since we first meet the guys and their friends. She keeps looking around her surroundings like she was trying to keep an eye for somebody. At first I thought it would be Jungkook that she’s been trying to avoid but honestly she just ignores him anyway so I don’t thinks its him. You wanted to ask her whats wrong but also felt like she would tell you when she was ready. So you just brushed it off and waited to hear what was bothering her another time.


“Ummm e-e-excuse me Y/n?” A boy calls me while I have my head down on your desk and Lisa was just sitting next to me

“Hmm?” I answer him still having your head down



I let out a heavy sigh and then look up at the person who was trying to talk to me “Look, if you’re going to attempt to talk to a least control that s-stuttering of yours” The boy looks down automatically feeling embarrassed cause of his stuttering


“Ow Lisa, what was that for?” You asked her while rubbing the back of you head but she just ignored you and look towards the boy with a smile

“Did you need something from Y/n?”Lisa asks him

The boy shot his head up “Oh yes, I-I-I w-was....”

I roll my eyes before saying “Spit it out already or else I’m going back to sleep”Lisa gives you a glare but it was your turn to ignore her. You started to lean back onto you desk until the boy suddenly yells out at you

“I WAS WONDERING IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GO OUT ON A DATE WITH ME!?” The boy was breathing heavily, trying to catch his breath for yelling out all of a sudden but I just froze hearing his words. Even Lisa looked frozen hearing him

“What?” Was the only word that came out of your mouth since you were shocked that someone actually asked you out

“I said-” I raise up your hand shaking you head side to side “No no I heard you but” I then stand up and put one hand on your desk and lean forward, you face slowly getting closer to his


“But why would You want to ask me out?“I asked him only like 2 inches away from his face, just staring at him for a little bit causing his face to turn red

“W-well y-you are”

“You know what forget it” I said waving you hand in the air, turning around to grab you things from your phone and earbuds from your desk

“Look, you seem nice and all but I ain’t interested in that whole dating bull crap” You said patting his shoulder before walking out the door but then you pop you head out from the door frame

“Oh and I’m going somewhere quite to listen to music Lisa!”Then you leave the room hearing Lisa yell back and ok


You were now listening to to music with your eyes closed laying down on the rooftop. You start to slowly drift off to sleep while that was happening you felt someone’s presence near you but you just ignore it believing that the person was just looking for a quite place as well. So you just went to sleep and within seconds you were off to dream land.

<End of Y/n’s Pov>

<??? POV>

I enter the roof top following her scent.For the past two weeks, my gaze never left her whenever she entered my line of sight. If I didn’t spot her first thing, I would look for her with my eyes. I don’t know why but I feel like I need to see her in order to calm down, because I always feel nervous or sad whenever I don’t see her beautiful face

Once I step onto the rooftop, I immediately spotted her laying there. My hearts stops for a moment but then calms down the moment I see her chest moving up and down indicating the she was breathing. I slowly walk up to her and notice that she was sleeping with her headphones in her ear.

I squat down besides her and reach out my hand and cup her cheek

God, she’s beautiful’ I thought to myself. She moves a little bit causing me to freeze. She leans her head onto my hand causing my heart to beat even faster than I wanted it too. I release the breath that I wasn’t even aware that I was holding in

I stare at her ′What is wrong with me?′

I felt my wolf purr in content in having her in by mysids. Her scent pleasing and calming at the same time

Suddenly I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist. I look down noticing it was Y/n, she was slowly coddling up to me. I just froze not knowing what to do but then I slowly sit my but down on the ground and carefully lift her body into mine, her arms still wrapped around my waist and her head leaning against my chest.

Her face scrunched up a bit, clearly showing that she was uncomfortable with the position we were in. So I carefully moved her arms and placed them around my neck which made it easier for to lift her up bridal style. Then I walk over to the wall by the door that at least gave us some shade from the sun. I sat down with her still in my arms, slightly adjusting her body so she would feel more comfortable, since I can see her facial expression of being uncomfortable. I put her in between my legs, her body leaning on mine sideways, her head leaning on my left shoulder and her legs over my right leg.

I wrap my arms around her body, her scent reaching my nose even more than before. I couldn’t help but move my nose forward , smelling her hair. ′Damn, good thing she’s asleep or else she would think I’m a pervert or something’

We stayed like that for what seems like hours and I practically didn’t mind. Having her near me was enough to make me loose my mind. I lean my head on top of hers but then I feel her move a bit so I close my eyes out of nervousness, making it seem like I was asleep.

‘What the hell am I doing?’ I mentally scolded myself


<Author’S POV>

You feel someone’s arm wrapped around you as you begin waking up from falling asleep on the roof. I couldn’t help but feel safe and warm, you never wanted this person to let go of you.

It was like you were meant to perfectly fit within his arms. As you open my eyes , slightly beginning to move around a bit, bringing your hand up to your face to help rub away the sleepiness

Finally noticing that you weren’t in the same spot where you fell asleep, you begin to wonder how you got to your current spot. Then when you put your hand down, you touched something. You looked down to see a pair of arms warped around you. Your eyes followed the directions where the arms originated from until you saw a shoulder and then you look up only to see Taehyung with his eyes closed. Since you moved back, his head also jerked downward but you gently catch it and lean his head onto your shoulder before sighing.

‘Did he?’You thought to yourself as you look at his sleeping face but Taehyung was awake the whole time and he could feel your gaze on him

You look around to see if any one else was there and then look back at him

Did he put us into this position? Was he the one who entered the roof top earlier when I was falling asleep’You couldn’t help but asking yourself these questions in your head.

Without thinking you brought your hand up to his face, stroking his cheek with the back of your hand “Why does having him here feel so right?” You whisper, not knowing that he could hear you. You then move your hand upward, brushing his bangs to the side to get a better look at his face

“I’ve never been really that interested in guys or a lot of things for that matter and yet here I am, becoming interested in you Kim Taehyung” You stated whispering once more.

Taehyung’s heart started to beat faster upon hearing your words and he couldn’t agree more on having you be by his side feeling all so natural to him.

‘What time is it?’You thought to yourself and you pulled out your phone from your side pocket.

“Shit, Class has already started a long some time ago”You sighed knowing that Lisa is going to scold you later and she already sent like 30 text messages; mostly saying “where are you?”

You quickly reply back to her saying that you had to do something, so you weren’t feeling well, so you went to the nurses office to rest for a bit and that you’ll meet up with her when lunch comes.

Text Messages - Lisa

Y/n! Snack is about to end soon, get back to class all right? 9:40 am

Y/n, the bell just better be walking back to class 9:50 am

Where are you? 9:55 am

Y/n, the teacher just walked out for a bit, nows your chance to magically appear 10:00am

Y/n! Where are you!? 10:20 am

Sorry! I wasn’t feeling I went to the nurses office 10:21am

Well why didn’t you tell me sooner ,I would have gone with you 10:22 am

I would but it just happened while I was walking on my way to the rooftop 10:22am

Why there? 10:23am

It’s the only real quite place out of the whole damn school , don’t you know? 10:24am

Well in any case, do you want me to come get your or something? 10:24am

Nah,I’ll be good...I just need to rest a bit and then I’ll meet you at lunch...depending on when I wake up 10:26am

“All right cya later” 10:27 am

You put your phone away after texting Lisa and then you slowly turn your attention back to Taehyung who was now nuzzling his head against your shoulder.

You giggle “How cute”

You said not loud enough, hoping that he wouldn’t wake up. You lift up his head a bit and then readjust yourself better so he could lean his head onto you while you lean on his body. You move your body closer to his, not hating the fact that he felt so incredibly warm. Then you soon drift off to sleep.

*Huff Huff*

You were running in the forest, looking over your shoulder. You are afraid, scared that they were going to find you. As you were running you trip over a branch and feel to the ground. You get up and start running again, not caring that your knees had scrapes on them with a little blood coming out.

‘How long have I’ve running’You question yourself

You suddenly trip over something once more but this time over a rock. Causing you to twist you ankle, you tried getting up and when you did, you started to walk. You started to hiss in pain due to the pressure that was being put on your twisted ankle.

As you were about to walk again after Stallings yourself, you heard a branch break behind you. You slowly turn your body towards the direction where you heard the noise from. You soon regretted that decision as you came face to face with a wolf with its bright yellow eyes staring at you like prey.

You wanted to run and scream for help but your body wouldn’t let you. The wolf started to sprint forward causing adrenaline to pump through your body to start running as far as possible. But it was useless as the wild anime caught you by your foot with its teeth causing you to fall.

You look over your shoulder, spotting the wolf getting into position to eat its prey.

‘No no.....’You thought to yourself as you shake in fear

Then you see the wolf jump into the air into your direction, with its mouth open, its teeth ready to bite your neck and its glowing gold eyes

Then everything went dark and the only thing you heard was.....


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