Are We Truly Mates?

chapter 5


Everything feels so empty

Everything so is dark

Why can’t I feel anything?

I open my eyes and everything around me is completely black, my body floating in the vast darkness

‘Why? Why? Why am I alone once again?’

I raise my arms to my face only to cover my eyes with my hands. I soon start to feel something wet trickle down my cheeks.I then wrap my arms around my body, curling myself into a ball.

‘Why must I always end up like this?’

“Y/n” I then feel something warm surround me as I hear a gently voice calling out to me

Tears still streaming down my face, I close my eyes and focus on the voice and the warmth that was now surrounding me. Then my surroundings start to become white, I slowly open my eyes and the first thing I see is Taehyung looking down at me with worry.

He had be cradling in his arms, His left arm holding my back and the other is on my legs. My head still leaning on his right shoulder, my body sitting on his lap.

I raise my hand up to the side of his face and cup it in the hand, I move my thump on his cheek -- slowly stroking it as I stare into his eyes.

‘His eyes, they look so beautiful’I thought to myself as I continue to stare into them, only to see a glint of gold flash through them but thought nothing of it

“Y/n” He says my name with a gently voice as he just lets me continuing to stroke his cheek with my right hand

‘Was it him? Was it his voice that I heard?’

“Yes?” I answer him as we continue to stay in the same position, still looking at each other.

“Are you all right?” He asks me with a concerned expression, bringing his hand that was resting on my lap up to my face to wipe away the tears that were escaping my eyes.

When He touched my cheek, I felt a jolt of electricity go through my body.

What was that?′ You couldn’t help but be confused by the sudden feeling entering your body but you didn’t hate it, you simply wanted to experience it more

Taehyung on the other hand was having difficulty controlling himself from suddenly hugging you and kissing you in order to comfort you. Since you, his mate crying made his heart ache dearly but he knew he couldn’t do that to you out of no where since you would think of him as a pervert or something.

I leaned into his hand and rub my cheek against the inside of his hand while closing my eyes, loving his touch. Taehyung was just watching you, not wanting you to stop your actions while he was starting to have trouble controlling his racing heart.

“Tae” I whisper his name while opening my eyes to look at him. I bring my hand down to hold his which was still touching my cheek.

‘What is this? Why am I suddenly feeling butterflies in my stomach?’I thought to myself as I study his facial features

‘I’ve only known him for two weeks and yet here I am, acting all close to him...this has never happened before, I usually just tell the guys to fuck off before they even try talking to me and yet with him....’I stare into his eyes once more

‘With him...I--’

I then move both of my hands and wrap them around his neck, Taehyung freezes at my actions and only watches me, waiting for my next move. I lean my self forward, closing my eyes and the next moment, I feel something soft pressed against my lips.

‘With him...I can’t help but want him for myself’ I thought to myself as I continue to kiss him

Taehyung remains completely frozen, eyes widen due to my sudden action, but I didn’t care...I simply wanted to kiss him.The need to feel his touch was growing as I continue kissing him. With my eyes still closed I felt a pair of hands warp around my back, one behind my head and the other around my waist.

And a pair of lips moving along mine, deepening the kiss that I had just started.



It took me a full minute to realize that Y/n was kissing me, I instantly wrap my arms around her petite body and kiss her back, deepening the kiss.

Her lips were so soft, my inner wolf was wagging his tail in excitement in my head as I felt a jolt of electricity go through my body. I didn’t want to stop feeling her lips on mine, her body seem to fit perfectly in my arms.

I knew that I needed to stop before this got any worse but as the kiss continued, my will to pull away from her was slowly disappearing.

I lick her lips asking for permission to stick my tongue inside. She refused at first and smirked when I did the same thing once more, obviously trying to tease me. So I tilt my head and kiss her neck, causing her to gasp and I took that as an opportunity to stick my tongue inside to explore the inside of her mouth.

My hold on her body tightened a bit as I was trying desperately to move away from her but my body wasn’t listening to me.

‘Damn, this mate bond’ I cursed inside my head as I continue to move my tongue with hers

I need to move away from her, I can’t let this happen just yet’I thought to myself before breaking the kiss, making my wolf whine but I held it in so she couldn’t hear him.

Y/n was looking at me as she was trying to catch her breath, her lips swollen from kissing for so long and yet it only felt like a few minutes for us.

“Y/n I think-”

She grabbed me by the collar and crashed her lips against mine, letting out a light moan. It was music to my ears and I wanted to hear more of it, but I knew that it was too soon for this to happen. Despite how much Alister was protesting, I put my hands on force myself away from her, both of us panting from the passionate make out session.

We just stare at each other, my eyes wonder down to her lips and then back to her eyes. I close my eyes, feeling that my eye color was changing, my wolf wanting to come forth.




“Taehyung?” I call out his name when he closed his eyes — he looked like he was trying to concrete on something

I was still panting from the kiss, we had just a few seconds ago. Then I froze and reply what just happened in my mind ′Wait....WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!′

‘Did I just KISS HIM?!!!’I was internally freaking out inside while on the outside, I maintained a clam expression

Then I felt something stroke my cheek, snapping me out of my thoughts. I notice that it was Taehyung who was stroking my cheek while looking at me with loving eyes

“Are you all right? You were zoning out for a little bit”He asks me while still stroking my cheek, I felt my heart beating faster

“Y-yes” He smiles as I answer him


“Well, should we go back to class?” He asks me while helping me sit up properly. I just nod, not wanting to stutter again.

‘What the fuck just happened? Am I hoe for just kissing the guy that I’ve only known for about two weeks?’I thought to myself but then the memory of the kiss flashes through my mind, making me turn into a bright tomato, while both me and tae were getting up from our long seating position.

After getting up, I just walk right past him.Not caring that he was following me but I mean like we are going in the same direction, so it’s only natural that he would be following me. While walking, I couldn’t stop thinking about that damn kiss.

‘What the hell is wrong with me?’ I thought to myself

Suddenly I felt something grab my arm, causing me to stumble back a bit but a pair of arms caught me from behind.I look up at the person who caught me, only to see Taehyung smiling down at me

“Sorry, didn’t mean to pull you that hard” He said while I was straightening myself up

“Don’t worry about it but I thought that we would be going our separate ways once we reached the bottom of the stair case from the roof top?”

“Oh well...” He scratches the back of neck and looks in another direction acting all nervous

‘Cute’I couldn’t help but think to myself as I noticed how nervous he was acting

Wait? Cute? Yeah, I need help’

“Well,” His voice brings me out from my thoughts “I was wondering if you would be all right with me walking you to class?”

“How about no” I reply back to him automatically causing him to look back in my direction in a quick matter that I thought he snapped his neck or something

“Why not?” He said pouting, his lip sticking out a bit

‘Omg, how can this man be like this’

I mentally slap myself after thinking that ′Get your crap together Y/n, he’s nothing towards you’

“I said no V, thats final” I said to him as I turn my heel and start to walk away from him “Now bye”

I walked father away from him faster, noting wanting to hear a reply back.

I enter the classroom, the teacher wasn’t there so I just went to my seat which was next to Lisa

“Hey, you all right?” She asked me while taking some notes


“You want to talk about it?”

“Nope” I stated making a popping sound at the end

“Got it and heres the notes that we were taking before the teacher left to go do something” She hands me the notes and I thank her

“And that would be?” I asked her while raising an eyebrow

She shrugs before saying “I don’t know, she probably went to go fuck that teacher next door. I feel the sexual tension around them every time he comes over here”

I giggle “Lisa, and here I thought you would be the good one out of the two of us”

She hit my arm playfully “Yah!”

Then the teacher walks in the classroom, fixing her blouse a bit “Sorry class where were we?”

“Hey teach, your buttons are out of order!!” I yell out, causing Lisa to hit me on the back of the head but also covers her mouth trying to hold in her laugh

The teacher blushes and runs outside of the classroom - assuming to the bathroom to fix her shirt. While we were waiting for the teacher to come back, the bells rings

“Well, so much for learning” I say while packing my things since it was our last class for the day. “Ready to go home Lisa?”

“Yeah just gi-” She suddenly gasps and then claps her hands in from of me while slightly bowing

“Sorry Y/n, I just remembered that I promised to meet someone after school”

I shrug ” Its all good, just remember to text me if you’re going to be out late...see you at home?”

She nods at me before I begin to walk out the classroom, soon leaving the school building behind...not wanting to run into anyone, especially Taehyung after our little kiss incident.

<End of Y/n’s Pov>

<Author’s POV>

You were walking down the road taking a short cut on the way towards our house, the bad part was that it was by the woods. Lisa had told you to stay away from them but I never listen to her unless she’s really pissed of course. But lately You’ve been feeling a pull to the forest near our home, but then again You would rather stay home most of the time and read books.

As you were walking, You heard something snap from behind you. You pause a bit waiting to hear something else before making sure that it was just your ears playing tricks. When you turned around, nothing there so you just kept walking.

‘Great, this is like those cliche horror movies or any thriller movies for that fact’ You thought to yourself as you continued walking besides the forest line

Now all I’m missing is a creepy stalker to show up or maybe even a monster.....pfft like thats going to happen’

As you were walking, you felt as if you were being watched. You stop and look around again to see if anyone was staring at you and to your surprise it wasn’t a person who watching you but a wolf.

It had red fur, like the color of dawn. It was memorizing, you didn’t want to look away especially since you had never seen wolf up close before. The two of you were just staring at each other, but you snapped out of it when you noticed that it was slowly moving towards you.

When you looked into their eyes, you started to feel chills, a sense of uneasiness coming over. Your brain screaming at you to run but you body was glued to the spot you were standing at. But you finally manage to force your body to move, taking one step backwards. The wolf noticed and growled at you, as if warning you not to move from your spot but you didn’t want to listen feeling as if he was going to attack in the next second.

So you begin to run, straight into the forest where Lisa had warned you to never be in.

You’re breathing becoming heavy as you hear something running after you not far behind. Close enough to being able to hear the wolf’s snarl and before you knew it the wolf was already in front of you causing to fall backwards due to shock.

Then two more wolfs appeared out of no where walking besides the red wolf their golden eyes glaring at you as if you were their next meal. You couldn’t help but shake in fear, cursing yourself for not taking the normal route to your house.

You start to think about what would happen after they kill you but then only one person came to mind and no matter how much you wanted to think about the others, your mind only wondered to him, wanting to feel his touch and hear his attractive cheerful voice

A single tear leaves your right and slowly slides down your cheek as the wolves get into a pouncing position ready to attack you while you close your eyes, whispering the name of the person who wish to see for the last time “taehyung”

You hear a growl as they pounce forward

But you felt nothing, heard nothing. You slowly open your eyes wanting to know what happened. When you opened your eyes, you see a large black wolf standing in front you growling at the other three across from the both of you.

“W-what?” you say barely audible but the black wolf heard you and looked back at you. When you looked into his eyes, you didn’t feel afraid but safe. But you snapped back to reality when you realized that one of the wolfs was getting ready to attack the black wolf in front of you.

“Watch out!" You yelled out which cause him to look in front of him and managed to dodge the enemy and bite in the neck, snapping it, he let the dead body fall the ground.

You couldn’t believe your eyes and you started to feel afraid again. While the other two wolfs started to attack, you took the chance to slowly get up and distance yourself from them. But you were too slow, the red wolf noticed you and started charging towards you.

His campion was blocking the big black wolf from following you as you begin to run away from the red wolf that was ready to kill you with his sharp teeth showing.



‘Why why the fuck did I decide to take this route?’ You thought to yourself while you were running.

‘Why couldn’t I listen to Lisa this time, nah I wouldn’t have listen to her either way’ You kept thinking to yourself as you were panting even harder

Your body was starting to slow down due to your lazy body ′fuck, how long have I been running for? I’m hungry god dammit’

‘Should I just let him kill me, I mean I won’t be hungry anymore but then I wouldn’t be able to eat any delicious food anymore.....damn what should I do?’

‘Well at least I’ll get to sleep.....NO Y/N! You’re thinking like an idiot right now. Just keep run your ass off ’

‘shit, I’m really out of shape’

As you were thinking, you spotted an opening out of the forest and you practically forced yourself to run faster. You jump through the opening landing on the middle of the road, you automatically look behind and notice the red wolf still following you and jumps down following you.

But before it could land on the ground, it got hit by a car. The car only pulled back and drove off, leaving the wolfs body there.

“Well shit, isn’t karma a bitch”You said out loud trying to get your breath under control

But then you see a pair of head lights rushing towards you, not stopping at all. You couldn’t find the strength to move your body anymore but you still tried but failed.

“You got to be fucking kidding me right now” You said as you continued to struggle to move your body that seemed to be stuck. Before it could touch you, you felt your body being tackled down, you close your eyes due to the sudden movement.

“Y/N! Are you all right?” I heard a voice that I’ve missed, his scent trickling my noise that I’ve come to like during your short time together.

“Do I look fucking all right to you Taehyung?”I replied back to him panting with my eyes closed not bothering to open them since I already knew it was him

I heard him chuckling “Touche”

I felt something stroking my cheek so I open my eyes and look at him. The back of his hand was stroking my cheek as I looks at my facial features as if he was making sure that I was truly okay. His eyes showed so much concern and love towards me that I couldn’t help but smile at him, he noticed and smiled back at me.

I start to feel butterflies in my stomach seeing his boxy smile ′What is happening to me?′

Taehyung got off of my and stood up, he dusted himself off first and then extended his hand out for me to take which I did. As I managed to stand ups, I some what stumble trying to walk and almost fell straight onto my face but Taehyung managed to catch my by holding me up by my waist and one of his hands holding my one while my other hand.

“Hey whats wrong?” Taehyung asks me, concerned laced into his voice

I continued to hold my head with one of my hands, closing my eyes tight due to the sudden pain going through my head “My head hurts”

“We should get you somewhere to rest” He says looking around, thinking of a way to get me somewhere safe

The pain continues to worsen, I then grab Taehyung’s shoulder, my grip tightening like I was afraid that he would disappear from your sight.

“T-tae” My vision starts to blur and my body starts to lose its strength causing myself to collapse and the last thing you see is Taehyung catching you in his arms and yelling out your name.


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