Are We Truly Mates?

chapter 7


‘He did not just say that’ I immediately kick him where the sun don’t shine with my knee and he went down in a fetal position groaning


I cross my arms over my chest and raise an eyebrow at him “You’re kidding right?” I lean my body forward, hovering over him a little bit

“How do you not except me not to do that shit you just pulled off” I say to him in a calm manner but on the inside you were freaking out about what had just happened

‘I can’t believe that I just kneed him in the groin’

Taehyung then slowly sat up still having a pained face “But did you really have to knee me there? Couldn’t you have head bud me or something?”

“Wouldn’t that have hurt even more?” I asked him while taking a seat by him

“Honestly? It wouldn’t have hurt as much as getting hit in the dick” He said with a pained expression

‘Okay, I know I should be mad at him right now but seeing him in pain is making me feel guilty’ I look down

“Does it really hurt that bad?” concern laced into my voice.

I wrapped my arms around him causing him to be frozen by my actions “I’m sorry”

I said to him with a low voice. I felt him relax in my arms, his head resting itself on my shoulder, he chuckled “It’s all, I was acting like a dick anyway” He replied back to me pulling away and looking into my eyes.

I smiled at him which he gladly returned but then my smile faded coming to a sudden thought. “Tae?”


“Why did that man call you Alpha?” He froze but then quickly regained his composure, hoping that I wouldn’t notice but I did

“Its just a guy thing”

I raise a eyebrow at him, not believing anything he’s saying “A guy thing?”

“Yea, you know how guys like to talk about girls asses and ti-”

I quickly cover his mouth with my hand “okay okay...I get it, its a guy thing”

I then remove it from his mouth “Anyway you going to bring me downstairs and explain why I’m here?”

“Yea, sure...just let me use the bathroom real quick okay?” I nod

“Just wait here for a few minutes, I won’t take long” He said while getting up to go to the bathroom which was connected to his bedroom, diagonal from his bed.



I enter the bathroom, leaving Y/n sitting on the floor telling her to wait for me before taking her down stairs

‘What the fuck was I just doing to her?’ I said running a hand through my hair while licking my lips

‘I don’t know what were you doing Taehyung?’

‘Don’t start with me Alister, You can’t tell me that you didn’t feel a little pissed of that she referred to herself as our toy’


‘That's what I thought’

‘Alpha’ someone mind linked me

‘What is it?’

‘are you coming down for training?’


‘Jungkook, I thought I told you that you didn’t need to call me alpha when we aren’t on official business .....But remember the human I brought home with me yesterday?’

‘Y/n right?’


‘Don’t worry about it, Jin hung already scolded Jimin earlier for what he said and also reminded the others about to keep things secret’

‘And to answer your question, there’s no morning training today, let everyone know and also tell them that I don’t want them around the house until Y/n leaves understood?’

‘Yes Al- I mean Hyung’

All right, I’ll see you in a few, Y/n is waiting for me right now′ I end the mind link

*knock knock*

“Hey you done yet?” I hear Y/n’s voice from behind the door

“Why? Do you miss seeing my face already?”

“Pfft....please, I’m just hungry so hurry your ass up already”

“I just got in here, geez calm down bit would you?” She just banged on the door, which caused me to chuckle.


After “finishing” my business in the bathroom, I walk out and notice Y/n just laying on my bed, her arms covering her eyes; making it seem like she was asleep. I walk towards her and sit down next her waiting for her to notice me.



I felt the bed dip on my side as I was just laying on Tae’s bed, waiting for him to come out of the bathroom.

“Finally, I thought you were a girl or something for taking such a long time in the bathroom” I said to him, not bothering to get up

“Well, if it was like that then I must be a pretty looking girl. I mean it does take a lot of mirror time for me to look this good” He replies back, sarcasm in laced into his voice. Then I felt a pair of hands touching my arms, slowly moving them away from my face.

I squint my eyes, adjusting them to the new lighting. When they focus completely, I’m greeted with a smiling Taehyung, I only raise an eyebrow at him, my face saying "What?”

“You wanted to get something to eat right?” I just nod

“Then get up, so I can take you down stairs to find you something”

He lets go of my arms and moves back, allowing me room to stand up from his bed “Something decent at least right?”

He just shrugged and moved to one side of the room where his bedroom door was and opened it for me, motioning me to step out “Depends on I feel, so you better treat me better if you want to eat something good”

“Do I really tho?” I ask in a joking manner, earning a gentle shove in return

“So......” I say, walking down the stairs and following him into what looks like a living room and passing through another hallway, soon reaching the kitchen


“You cook?” I ask him as he opens the fridge, taking out some ingredients to make our food

“Not really, to be honest”

“Ohhhh, does this mean that I’m an exception for to actually cook for me?” I look around the kitchen, my surrounds. I soon reach a glass sliding door, separating the open back yard from the inside of the house. I press a hand on the glass door and look into the woods, noticing the snow that was lightly falling, creating a winter coat around the house.

‘Snow? Since when it did start snowing?’ my brows furrowed at the thought

I soon felt a pair of arms wrapping around my waist and a chin resting on my right shoulder. Taehyung must of noticed my confused expression because he said to me

“It started snowing while you were unconscious, they talked about it on the radio yesterday morning” I shivered as I felt his warm breath ticking my ear but I managed to keep my composure and make and “O” shape expression to show I understood his explanation.

“The snow, its beautiful...don’t you think?” I asked him, only focusing on the scenery before us, completely forgetting that he had his arms wrapped around me or the fact that I had my body leaning against his.

“Yes, its extremely beautiful” I heard him say, but I didn’t notice that he was looking at me instead, his head tilted but was still resting on my shoulder.



“Would you like to be my girlfriend?”

I quickly turn my head to look at him, only for our lips to come in contact with each other, causing both of our eyes to widen. Before I knew it, he was kissing me and I immediately close my eyes and responded to the kiss.

‘Damn, why the hell are his lips so soft? I should ask what type of lip balm he uses’ I thought as I continue to kiss him.


I slightly turn my body to get a kiss him better, His arms tighten around me - reminding me that he was holding me in his embrace in the first place. I wrap my arms around his neck, he pulls my body closer to his, causing me to let out a gasp between his kisses. I felt his lips turn into a smirk as he begins to deepen the kiss, one hand holding the back of my neck and the other still wrapped around my waist.


He then gently pushes me backwards until my back hit the island counter. I felt one of Taehyung’s right hand move down, stopping at my thigh and picking it up and warping it around his waist. He broke the kiss and kissed my jaw line

“Jump” and I did what he said, only for him to help make me sit on top of the counter top.

His quickly captured mine once again, as if he was afraid that this would be the last time, he would ever get to kiss me or even touch again. I moved my hands up to his hair, grabbing onto dark brown silky hair, I broke the kiss, panting for air, he moves down kissing the corner my lip, down to my jaw line, my check and then finally my neck.

I tilt my head back to allow him more access, which he gladly accepts. I felt his hands slowly go under my shirt. My mind becoming a complete daze under his touch

‘I can’t get enough of him, wait does this make me a hoe? I mean we barely know each other, so do I count as one?’

My thoughts come to a complete halt, a blank once more as he kisses a certain spot on my neck, causing me to let out a quiet moan into his ear. I felt him smirk against my skin

“found it” I barely hear him say, Since I’m too focused on his kisses. He kisses it once more and I let out another tiny moan, the spot he touches slowly burning like he had lit my skin on fire.


My fingers run through his hair as he continues to kiss me neck, nibbling on it here and there. Suddenly an urge came over me, I grabbed a piece of his hair; giving it a gentle tug, causing his head to move back a bit. But I took the chance to return the favor that he had just given me.

Once his neck was open, I planted my lips on his delicate skin. Placing small kisses up and down his neck. I run my left hand up and down his back while the other was still holding his head in place. He groaned as I nibbled on a certain spot on his neck, his hands on resting on the sides of my waist, his grip tightening. Now I was the one smirking, loving his reactions to my touches.

‘Shit, I really can’t get enough of this man’

“Y/n” I hear him say as he runs a hand through my hair. His voice deep and husky


I answer him, moving my lips up towards his lips, kissing his jawline and then his earlobe nibbling on it. His breath hitches, he grabs a fistful of my hair, now making me move back to look at him in the eyes. His chest heaving up and down, trying to get his breathing under control - he stares into my eyes as I stare deeply into his.

I bring my hand up to his face and cup his face. I stroke his lips with my thumb, he closes his eyes, clearly enjoying my touch. He gently grabs my hand which was still cupping his cheek and opens his eyes once more, our breaths slowly calming down but our hearts still racing like crazy.

He leans his head against mine “Y/n, we can’t”

He says, his eyes now wondering down to my lips. But I move back and look at him in confusion. He just chuckles and pecks me on the lips “We can’t because...“

He pauses and pecks me on the lips once more but a bit longer and then moves back again “Because I would prefer it if” his small pecks turned into a real kiss

“If we could continue this in private” He then gives me a final passionate kiss, not even allowing me give him an answer.

But I just put my hand on the back of his head and deepen the kiss, letting out a moan - hoping he would understand that I had agreed with his idea. And he had seem understood and he had picked me up from the counter, my legs and arms automatically wrapped around his waist and neck.

He then walks us through the halls and before I knew it, we were already walking up the stairs. I didn’t really care if there were others in his house or if we even bumped into a few things while walking from the kitchen all the way to the stairs. All my mind could focus was on him, his eyes, mouth, his kisses, his touches, his everything.

Though I was a little surprised that he managed to carry me all the way thou, I mean wouldn’t a man be tired out from carry someone all the way like this by now? But I didn’t complain one bit, hey the less work I need to do the better.

As we finally made it all the way to the top of the stairs, I was suddenly pushed against the wall in the hall way. Due to the impact, I felt a tiny bit of pain on my back but not even that bothered me, even when a picture had fallen off the wall and fell to the ground.

Taehyung had one hand supporting my weight as my legs and arms were still wrapped on his body while his other hand was supporting his own weight against the wall, making sure not to crush me. He broke the kiss and started kissing my neck one again, he must have noticed that I was running out of air, cause I sure as hell didn’t until I felt my lungs burn and begging for oxygen.

“Tae, your room” I managed to choke out due to my lack of air, I heard him growl in response and he started making out with me again. Making my lungs beg even more for air to enter my lungs.

“We’re almost here, just wait a bit longer” He replied back to me between kisses, his husky voice making my body crave for him even more.

“Then hurry up and take me there already” I say panting between words

He looked at me and smirked “someone is being impatient”

I just roll my eyes and him and then smile “says-”

“KIM TAEHYUNG!” We suddenly hear someone yell causing us both to jump, Taehyung ends up dropping my from his grip. But butt landing on the ground with a big thud.

The random Figure walks up to us, their foot steps making a clicking sound as they walk. Tae automatically helped me stand up and after making sure that I wasn’t hurt anywhere which I don’t understand how I could have gotten hurt besides earning a bruise on my ass.
He turned to look at the person who was stomping towards us with an angry expression, Taehyung was standing in front of me blocking my view from them.

Even though I couldn’t see his facial expression, I could feel the anger radiating off of him. I wanted to move to see who he was talking to but he grabbed my wrist tight but still gentle enough where it didn’t hurt and kept me behind him.

“I thought I told Jungkook to let everyone know that no one should be here right now”

“Ha, why should I listen to somebody like him...when I’m soon going to be his Luna?” I heard a feminine voice say to him


He scoffs at the female figure before him “When did I ever decide that you’ll be the Luna of my Pack Alex?”

Pack? Luna? What are they talking about?′ I couldn’t help but furrow at them, confused on what they were talking about

“Aw Taehyung Baby, don’t tell me you forgot that we’re meant to be together” she says taking two steps forward, pressing her body against his.She brings her hand up to his chest and runs a hand down from his collar bone down to the hem of his pants.

Taehyung grabs her hand before she could touch him anywhere else and growls at her “Watch it or else” he says through gritted teeth

She giggles “or else? What could you do, that you haven’t done already, my wonderful Alpha?”

She quickly removes her hand from his grip and backed away. Keep his gaze, she doesn’t move from her spot and only just moves a piece of her hair from her face to the back of her ear.

‘The Hell? Someone needs to tell me what’s going here- I’m confused as fuck’

“Taehyung, I honestly don’t think you forgot the wonderful times we had together, like the way we spend the long nights staying in bed- just the two of us, naked....enjoying each others touches”

My blood suddenly started to boil as I begin to imagine the things she was talking about. The worst part was that Taehyung wasn’t even denying it, he just kept his mouth shut and stared at her. I felt his grip on my wrist become loose and let’s go as he continues looking at her as if he looking back on memory lane.

She comes up to him again but this time, strokes his cheek. “Tae, I know you remember- especially that night where you told me,how much you loved my touch, my presence beside you-”


Alex and Taehyung freeze and then they look back at me. I just continue laughing like I had just seen a good comedy show. I wipe and invisible tear from my eye as I try to get my laughter under control.

“Oh and who is this Taehyung?”

Alex says crossing her arms over her chest and her eyebrow raised at me.

But He ignores her question and looked at me with a worried and guilty expression, remembering that I was right behind him the whole time. He was worried that I thought he was messing with me and guilty that he had forgetting about my presence.

I wave my hand in front them while the other was over my stomach “sorry sorry continue, it’s just, I couldn’t hold it in anymore”

I took a deep breath and calmed myself before continuing with my sentence ” it was just so funny listening to your bullshit”

A glint of anger flashed through the girls eyes but she maintained a calm composure “and who are you to tell me that what I said is bullshit?”

“Oh sweet heart” I say taking a step forward, shaking my head back and forth

“if he really did as you say enjoy your presence and what not, then tell me” I took another step toward her, my fore finger on my chin, tapping it, my face making a thinking gesture 🤔.

“Tell me why I was the one making out with him right now and not you?” After saying that I took a step back and walked toward Taehyung, standing my his side; stroking the side of his face she had touch with the back of my hand.

He immediately closed his eyes and leaned into my touch. I felt butterflies in my stomach by his actions but I kept the emotion hidden from my facial expression. I let out a chuckle

“See? It seems he would rather me touch him than you, a fake ass”

I look over my shoulder and saw her expression become something filled with rage but she took a deep breath and said “So?”

I, the turn my body and looked at her with a neutral expression, waiting for her to continue.

“So what if your the one, he’s with right now; for all you know, he’s just using your body and will loose interest in you soon enough”

I felt a anger come from Taehyung once again and could have sworn a heard him growl at the female as well but I dismissed the idea and maintained my focus on Alex.

“That maybe so, but at moment”

I turn my body again and hugged Taehyung from the side by his waist causing him to freeze. I gave her my most sweetest smile before saying

“at the moment the one who gets to touch him is me and not you, so why don’t you do us a favor and leave us alone”

She was about to say something back to me but I cut her off and look up at Taehyung

“TaeTae, can we go to your room now? I want to continue what we’re doing before we were rudely interrupted by this thirsty ass hoe” I said to him a sweet, innocent tone

It took a minute before Taehyung unfroze and looked down at me and gave me his boxy smile while nodding his head.

Alex scoffed in disbelief

“Taehyung! You can’t be series! She’s human!”

What did she mean by that?′ I was about to ask her out-load but Taehyung suddenly spoke

“Alex leave, you bothered us enough. As my babygirl said” he said not bothering to look at her but stared into my eyes

" we want to be alone so excuse us” he then moved a hand around my waist and started walking away from a gawking Alex.

Once we make it to his room, I let go of his waist as he closes the door behind him and turn around, arms crossed over my chest and gave him a death glare.

“Care to explain?”

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