The Road to Darkness

EVERYONE Loves the Moon!

No point of view:

"I think Artemis would rather die another day." Zoë snarled, and leapt down below.

The son of Poseidon then saw someone he thought he'd never see again in his lifetime.

His wise girl.

The thoughts were pushed out of his head as Zoë charged the imposter.

Percy nodded at Bianca, and the two leapt down into the tunnel below. The daughter of Hades and son of Poseidon ran forwards, right behind Zoë, and he uncapped Riptide.

Dragging the blade along the floor as he ran to create sparks; Percy soon raised it above his head as he came into distance and brought the sword down on the imposter.

The lookalike flew backwards, and Percy turned to Zoë, only to see her standing there with a bronze dagger at her throat.

"What the...?" He asked himself, and then he noticed Annabeth's now dark, emotionless, cold obsidian eyes that filled anyone's heart with terror.

"Hello seaweed brain." Annabeth smiled darkly at her ex-boyfriend, and a tear trickled down his face.

"Wise girl... What did they do to you?" The son of Poseidon asked, only for a sharp pain to erupt in his shoulder.

Percy gritted his teeth in pain as he saw the sword protruding from his shoulder. A foot was placed against Percy's back and he was then kicked off of the blade.

Percy stumbled a bit as blood flowed from the wound. He grabbed his shoulder in pain, but let go and blocked an incoming strike with Riptide.

"Why don't you just die?!" snarled and dodged a slice from Percy.

"Just who are you?!" Percy yelled through gritted teeth.

"Me? I am the true Percy Jackson and I... Will... Destroy... YOU!" roared, and tried to cut the son of Poseidon down again.

A barrage bullet then cut through the air, and hit in the arm.

Black blood seeped from the wound the multiple bullets had caused, and spat on the wounds. Thalia stepped next to her cousin, assault rifle aimed at the imposter's face.

"Annabeth! Let's go! We will kill then soon!" The imposter glared at the daughter of Zeus, before vanishing in a blast of hell fire, as did Annabeth a few seconds afterwards.

"I'll have your heads." Were her last words before she vanished from sight, leaving a few hunters, a tied up Moon goddess, two ex-hunters, a sun god and a son of Poseidon alone in the dark, damp sewers underneath Fassouri Watermania Water Park.


A day or so later...

Thunder rolled from above.

Percy sat on a beach, staring up at the beautiful full Moon.

A tear trickled from the corner of his eye as he thought of Annabeth, and what happened to her once she was tossed into Tartarus.

"How come you’re all the way out here, Perseus?" A voice asked from behind him. He had come to love it, yet he doesn't understand why he loves it. Is it because of her beauty, or because she is just one of the most wonderful person on the entire planet?

"Lady Artemis." Percy replied, trying to remain calm even though his heart beat was quickening rapidly.

"Just call me Artemis, Perseus." Artemis answered, smiling a bit at the well-mannered boy.

"Then please just call me Percy." Was his answer, and he turned to the goddess of the Moon.

Artemis just nodded in agreement and sat down next to the son of Poseidon.

"So... How've you been since the... Incident?" Percy stammered, trying to place his words correctly in case he made the goddess hate his kind even more.

"Good. Thank you for bringing Zoë back, Percy." Artemis thanked him a lot more than she actually let on. She actually wanted to break her vow for him, as she feels a deep whirlpool of emotion deep within her icy cold heart.

"It's no biggie. I mean, at least I can't blame myself for her and Bianca's deaths for a bit." He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

Artemis shifted a little bit closer to Percy before speaking. "Don't blame yourself for their deaths. Zoë and Bianca made their own choices to sacrifice themselves for us."

"Still, I could-" Percy was cut off by Artemis socking him right in the jaw.

"Ouch..." Percy groaned and massaged his lower jaw.

"If you’re trying to take Zoë's, one of my bravest hunters, sacrifice away from her, not even-" She growled.

"I wasn't! If I had taken the sky from you sooner, she might never have died in the first place! I'm obviously going to feel guilt, as Zoë's death could have been prevented if I was smarter and not so damn idiotic and weak at the time!" Percy yelled at Artemis, and instantly regretted it.

"It wouldn't have mattered in the first place! The prophecy had to be fulfilled, or catastrophe would've occurred! Get over it already!" Artemis yelled back, her face reddening with anger.

"It would have..." Percy muttered, looking away from the seething goddess.

"Let's just drop the subject." Artemis said with contained rage. She wasn't going to unleash her wrath upon him; he was the only decent male in existence.

"Yeah, we should..." Percy agreed, and the two remained in silence for quite a while.

"So... What's happening with the hunt?" The son of Poseidon asked, breaking the very awkward silence.

"Not too sure at the moment. With Zoë and Bianca back though, we are bound to defeat a few more groups of monsters before we are forced back to Camp Half-Blood." Artemis answered, and Percy nodded in agreement.

"Yeah... Well, I don't doubt your hunt anyway and defiantly not unless I want Thalia shooting me up the ass." He chuckled, and Artemis laughed a bit as well. Her laugh was quite beautiful to be honest, and Percy wouldn't mind listening to it over and over again.

"Thalia has become quite attached to that assault rifle though." Artemis added, and the pair laughed a little bit more before calming down.

Thunder then cracked through the sky, and Artemis flipped the sky the bird. She didn't want to leave Percy, as he made her feel wanted... Loved. He filled up her hollow heart, and he is the male she always dreamt of meeting one day, and then come to love.

He's a male! He'll shatter your heart like all the others out there! Her mind yelled at her heart.

But it's right! Even you know it! We are meant to be with Perseus Jackson! Her mind retorted.

He'll break us! They all do! Brain argued.

But he's different. Percy wouldn't dream of hurting us! So get over it and just go out with him! Heart rolled her eyes, before adding something that seriously pissed off Artemis' mind. By the way, we're both the same. So you love him as well. IDIOT!

Brain fell silent, and Heart won.

"I guess I have to go. I'll see you soon, Percy. And thank you for remaining good hearted." Artemis then did something she never dreamt of doing. She kissed him on the cheek.

The goddess of the hunt then flashed away in a bright silver light before Percy could see her blush. He was partly hurt that she went, but also partly thankful as he was blushing like a tomato.

Percy's finger tips brushed over the place where Artemis kissed him, feeling a bit of Déjà vu as Artemis had flashed away so suddenly three years ago.

Percy began to walk away, but someone grabbed his arm.

The son of Poseidon turned to see a pair of bright silver eyes.

"Umm..." He didn't quite know what to say.

"Why did you help out my mother?" Artemis asked.

"It felt like the right thing to do... After Annabeth died, I had nothing else to wish for other than for her to be brought back to life. And that obviously failed." Percy answered, a tear trickling down his cheek as he thought of his wise girl.

"Thank you... Percy..." Artemis then broke her gaze from his mesmerising sea green eyes, and flashed away without warning, but still wasn't quick enough for him to notice the blush creeping up on her cheeks.

"No problem..." He muttered under my breath, and looked out at the New York skyline.

Percy smiled a bit, before staring at the Moon and muttering six words he hoped she heard. Even though he wasn't sure why he said them, they felt right to say to her.

"You’re welcome, Artemis. I love you."


Artemis' point of view:

"I don't care that he's the only decent man alive, Artemis! He is a threat to us if he has an evil clone, and he knows Annabeth Chase's exact location!" Zeus accused, pointing at me with every accusation.

I rolled my eyes at my father.

"So what?! Am I not allowed male friends for once?!" Artemis retorted, and her brother groaned.

"Can we just kill him already? I don't think I want my little sis getting together with the sea spawn." Apollo grumbled, only to get an arrow where he doesn't shine.

"No! We shall not kill my son! After all that he has done for us, we should leave him be!" Poseidon roared in anger, seething with rage.

"We should! The amount of power he possesses is incredibly abnormal! We should act now before he can betray us to Erebos and Tartarus!" Zeus thundered (pun intended), electricity crackling off of him; and the scent of o-zone filled the air.

"He is our saviour, Zeus! If I was to ever break my vow, it would be with him!" I blurted out, and the god of thunder's face turned even redder if possible. Same goes for Apollo, if not, angrier.

"Leave now, Phoebe Artemis! Go back to your hunters! And from here on out, I forbid you from having any contact what so ever with that sea spawn! Same goes for you, Poseidon!" Zeus roared, and slammed his master bolt onto the ground.

"Just watch me." I snarled, and turned away from my father and twin brother.

"Same goes for me, brother. I will not cut any contact from my son, so go find another whore to take to your bed. This meeting is over." Poseidon growled, and followed me out of the throne room.

The second we were a safe distance from the throne room, I turned to Poseidon.

"We need to keep an eye on him. You watch him during the night, and I watch during the day. Well, we watch from our domains. You watch him while you in your moon chariot, and I watch him from the sea. Seem fair?" Poseidon planned, and I nodded in agreement.

There was no way in Hades was father killing Percy Jackson.

Back at the throne room (No point of view):

The god of thunder seethed in his throne while a very angry sun god paced around the throne room in circles.

The pair of gods were trying to think of a way to kill Percy Jackson without alarming both Artemis and Poseidon - and not get their asses handed to them by the two strongest Olympians.

And then Hestia would just kill them - literally.

Then, an idea raced into Apollo's mind. "I know what we can do!" Apollo's eyes lit up and his father's met his own.

"And what do you suggest, son?" Zeus asked, sickly smile plastered on his face.

"We send a hit man, or an assassin to kill him. The two would never know." Apollo's eyes had a murderous glint in them.

"And who do you suggest for the job, Apollo?" Zeus asked, practically jumping in his seat, like a kid wanting candy.

"Alexander Solonik. He's an immortal Russian son of Keres, believed to be dead." Apollo's eyes carried a demonic glint within them, as if not his own.

Zeus' smile broadened as he son suggested that. Now they could ensure that Artemis' vow shall not be broken.

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