The Road to Darkness

HIT-Man is My Punch Bag

No point of view:

A sharp cry of pain echoed from the alleyway, and a few minutes afterwards, a man emerged.

He pulled up his coat sleeve to reveal a tattoo with a multiple methods of torture and killing people littering the entire arm.

"That's what you get for trying to steal from me, punk." The son of Keres spat at the dead corpse, and walked away from it.

He strolled through Northfleet, Woodlands Park and Echo Square, before reaching his home. It was an everyday place, and a standard house for Britain.

He opened up the front door and walked in, before closing and locking it behind him. It was hard to find a job these days in England, especially in Gravesend, Kent, as it was one of the most populated places in the U.K, thanks to the amount of Londoners moving down to look for cheaper homes.

The second he sat down on his couch, the house phone began ringing.

"For fucks sakes." He cursed in a light Russian accent (killing 40 odd Russian Mafia Bosses has its disadvantages), before getting up and answering the phone.

"What the fuck do you want?" The son of Keres snarled down the phone, his cold, volcanic eyes alight with rage.

A deep chuckled came from the other side of the telephone.

"So, Alexander Solonik, I see that you haven't changed much since your apparent death." The voice laughed, and an inhuman growl erupted from Alexander's throat.

"Zeus, what do you want now you piece of shit?" He asked, sitting back down on the couch.

"I have a job for you, and you are the only demigod assassin I know for the job. You in?" Zeus offered, and Alexander had a cursing spree.

"You fucking idiot! Don't you realize that authorities can see our conversation?" The son of Keres yelled.

"They won't know. I'm that stupid, Alexander." Zeus grumbled from the other end of the phone.

"I beg to differ. Anyway, what's the job?" Alexander asked a sadistic look in his eyes as he thought of what methods he could use to kill his newest victim.

"Assassinate Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon. We will provide the equipment you need over than your guns, as this sea spawn is the strongest demigod going." Zeus replied.

"Wait, as in the Perseus Jackson? Saviour of Olympus and all that crap?"

"That's the one. Don't worry; he's gone a little... Rouge should I say?" You could tell that the Greek god of thunder and lightning was grinning like a madman.

"Why's that? And how much is it?"

"He is attempting to 'get with' Artemis. And... I'll say about a million or two just to get you over here, and if you complete it too my liking, I'll throw in another eight or so mill. Satisfied?"

Alexander Solonik was defiantly convinced. Ten million? Bargain!

"I'll see you soon. I think I'm going to carve him apart and deliver his head to you on a silver platter." Alexander grinned darkly, and hung up.

I guess every hero has a tragic end, huh Perseus? The son of Keres laughed mentally, and ran upstairs to get his rucksack packed and full of weaponry.


A loud crunching noise filled the area. It sounded just like a dog chewing up a bone... If not, demolishing it.

A hell hound was currently feasting on a deer carcass, and unlucky for it, Percy was nearby.

The son of Poseidon flicked his wrist, and his hidden blades sprung out of his vambraces. He leapt down from the tree branch he was perched on, and stabbed the monster through the throat.

With a cry of pain, the monster then melted to fine, gold dust and was scattered away to help lengthen its reform time.

Percy then turned his attention to the deer carcass, and saw that next to nothing was left on the dead body which was edible.

Crinkling his nose in disgust, Percy turned around and walked away.

On his way back, he couldn't help but stop every so often, to check for the sound of movement. His assassin sense was tingling, which could mean that he was being stalked, but this person is well hidden.

After a long detour around the forest, Percy decided that he'd had enough.

He broke into a run, and caused such little noise it was barely noticeable. Barely.

A bullet raced past the son of Poseidon's head, missing him by a hair's width. It collided with the tree in front of him, taking a huge chunk out of the tree.

"Holy-" Percy couldn't finish his curse as another two or three arrows whizzed past him.

Percy was beginning to get pissed off with this guy, so he decided to pull out his gun and fire at random locations that would let his shooter have a clear shot at him.

A deep, menacing laugh broke through the dense trees.

"Who are you?!" Percy snarled, his sea green eyes darting around the tree canopy.

"Why, that's obvious: the one who’s going to kill you!" A figure broke through the leaves above him, and Percy leapt backwards onto another branch.

The man's face was something that you wouldn't forget so easily; a five o'clock shadow and a deep gouge taken out of the side of his face, it was defiantly not a pretty sight (and don't even think about the veins covering hiss near-bald scalp and head). And to top it off, greasy, black hair, ripped muscles and a seven foot monster; certainly someone you won't want to piss off in the open streets.

He wore black cameo bottoms and a hoodie - not your ideal clothes for the American forests.

In one hand, the bloke held a desert eagle, and in the other, was a stygian iron / Olympian silver, four foot sword.

Percy uncapped Riptide and tightened his grip in his gun to help make it a fair fight.

"Perseus Jackson, you have been sentenced to death by Lord Zeus and Lord Apollo. Comply, and your death shall be quick and painless. However, if you do not obey my command, you shall face one of the most gruesome deaths known to man-kind and have a rather painful death. Now, shall we get this over with?" The assassin asked with mock consideration, which majorly pissed Percy off.

"Just who do you think you are?" Percy asked/growled, his sea green eyes now alight with crimson flames.

"Me? Oh, I know who I am, Perseus. I am Alexander Solonik, hit man and assassin, son of Keres, and the best assassin in existence. Shall I go on, or have you heard enough?" Alexander asked, mocking the adoptive son of Hestia.

"Well then, let's test your little theory - shall we, Alex?" Percy snapped, and opened fire at Alex.

As if nothing, Alex just spun his sword around in a 180; deflecting the bullet and cutting it up as if warm butter.

"My turn, Perseus." With a sickly sweet smile, Alex charged Percy. Before the son of Poseidon could register what was going on, he was suckered by the hit man.

Percy fell backwards and from the branch, only to hit solid ground with a loud thud.

Alex leapt down, and as graceful as a cat, he landed on the ground a few feet from the groaning son of Poseidon.

Percy knew it was a dirty move, but this guy was a pro, and he was an ant compared to the brute might of the master assassin, Alexander Solonik.

Percy rolled over, and shot Alex in the thigh. He didn't have the heart to kill the assassin, even if he was trying to kill him.

I'll have to ask Hestia when I return to my campsite. Percy made a mental note, and picked himself up off of the ground.

He didn't think that the son of Keres would get back up after the injury, but that was one thing Percy didn't acknowledge: he was a son of the Keres.

Not being able to feel most pain, Alex was thankful for. But not being able to move it as well was a downfall.

But, then again, who said he was going to use his bad leg?

Alex kicked Percy's legs out from underneath him, and readied his sword to pierce Percy.

"NO!" A shrill voice yelled from a distance, but Alex didn't care. He wanted to get his money, and then he could by a mansion and like richer than the U.S president and British Royal Family. He could then by an island, and soon build an army to take over the world, so he could rule it.

He was just about to stab Percy, before a hunting knife blocked the sword.

Artemis stood there, and her face was twisted with rage.

"No goddess is allowed to interfere with mortal issues and conflicts." Alex snarled, and made to stab Artemis.

She blocked it with her duel hunting knives, but it wasn't long until the goddess of the hunt was disarmed and on the floor, a sword positioned above her to make the fatal blow.

Obviously, the loyal adoptive son of Hestia wouldn't allow it, and slammed one of his hidden blades into Alex's ribs.

His eyes were wild, as he punched the son of Keres so many times; the count was lost after seventy something.

Artemis was soon forced to pull Percy off of Alex because he was a bit too bloody.

She was touched though on how Percy defended her, and stopped the hit man from sending her to Tartarus for a small vacation.

"See you in punishment, fucktard." Percy snarled before flicking both of his wrists. He slammed them into Alex's neck, before pulling towards him to tear the throat out.

Percy then grabbed a frag grenade from Alex's belt and shoved it in the throat before pulling the pin.

"..." Percy didn't say anything - just helped Artemis up and walked away, an evil smile on his face and his eyes glazed over with malice.

The grenade then went off, and Percy suddenly felt the need to do it again, and the lust for more blood to be spilt was overwhelming.

"That's it... Keep feeding that desire and set me free... You are the one who shall follow my path and destroy mankind, Perseus Jackson..." A deep, dark, menacing voice echoed through Percy's mind, and his grin grew.

Artemis saw the grin, and a wave of ice washed over her.

Just what the Hades is happening to Percy? The Moon goddess asked herself over and over again. And what has corrupted him into... This...?


Percy's point of view:

"So... Percy... What exactly is the matter with you lately?" Artemis asked me when I was stoking the fire. Hestia had gone silent for some reason as well as dad, so I could only talk to Artemis. And I was dreading her to ask that.

"The truth is, Artemis, not even I know. All I know is that when I get angry, I get this feeling that is feels like something is trying to claw itself free from within me." I replied, using my fire powers to intensify the fire.

"Who was that, Percy? The one who attacked you?" Artemis asked out of the blue.

"Alexander Solonik, so of Keres." I answered, and I saw all of the colour drain from her face.

"Who sent him?"

"Zeus and Apollo apparently, but they wouldn't have the balls to... Would they?" I asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Apollo won't, but Zeus will. He will do anything to keep his pride." Artemis answered, turning her head occasionally in case we were being watched.

"Don't be so paranoid. Neither Apollo nor Zeus would piss you off." I joked, throwing a few more twigs into the fire.

"What are you going to do if... You know... Whatever it is within you breaks free?" Artemis asked, and I flicked my wrist.

"Easy. Learn if it's a threat, and if it is, try to control it. If I can't, then boo-hoo - I'll have to kill myself, or get someone I trust to do it for me." I answered solemnly.

A sad look washed over Artemis' beautiful silver eyes, and a tear welled up in the corner of them.

"What is it that shall take over you exactly?" Artemis asked her voice cracking.

"The demon of apocalypse. Voices threaten me every so often, claiming that I will be the destruction of my loved ones, and the one I love most-"

"Annabeth?" Artemis blurted out, cutting me off.

"No... It used to be, but soon I realised that she was just a friend. I promised to never love again after her death as I was so hurt, but now I'm willing to take the risk." I explained a smile on my face as I thought about her beautiful smile.

"So, who is it?" The goddess asked, as if some school-girl gossiping.

"What do you want to eat?" I quickly changed the subject, not wanting to add to the current jackelope population by telling her.

Artemis just glared at me, as if to say 'I will find out!’ "Venison with pasta." She shrugged as if nothing, so I snapped my fingers. A plate packed with pasta and deer appeared on Artemis' lap, and she looked at me as if I said that Apollo had a bigger IQ than a goldfish.

"Part of being the adoptive son of Hestia." I smiled, and summoned myself some blue nachos and blue cookies appeared on my lap (on a plate of course!).

The goddess of the hunt looked at me even stranger, and I stifled a laugh at her face.

"What?" I asked, trying not to crack up.

"Why is the food blue?" She asked, poking at her pasta as if poison.

"Oh... Long story."

"We have all night."

"Alright, my mom brought me up on blue food." I said rapidly, and Artemis rolled her eyes.

"Seriously? You call that long?" Artemis looked like she was about to choke on her venison.

"Yup. Well, it's not the whole story... But I still call it long. Happy?" I laughed, and Artemis laughed a bit too.

Once the laughter died down, we just sat there in from of the fire, trying to keep warm.

Artemis huddled up close to me, so I took off my coat and wrapped it around the should-be-goddess of beauty.

"Percy," began Artemis, "why are you so kind, gentle and modest?"

"It's just my nature. I have been bullied and beaten quite a bit I was younger, and I don't want to give it to my children (if I have any) or loved ones to suffer what I did." I replied, and Artemis rested her head on my shoulder.

We remained silent for quite a while until Artemis spoke up. "Percy?"

"Yeah?" I asked back, turning my head towards her.

My answer was a pair of warm, soft lips which tasted like freshly picked strawberries crashing down upon my own.

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