The Road to Darkness


Percy's point of view:

We remained silent for quite a while until Artemis spoke up. "Percy?"

"Yeah?" I asked back, turning my head towards her.

My answer was a pair of warm, soft lips which tasted like freshly picked strawberries crashing down upon my own.

I sat there, frozen. Fireworks were going off within my mind, and my stomach was flipping around as if it high on marijuana. My heart was literally torn and stolen from my chest, and then I closed my eyes and deepened the kiss.

After a few more moments, we broke apart for air, both panting.

"Whoa..." I panted, my forehead pressed against her own.

Artemis was just breathing deeply, staring into my eyes.

I finally came back to my senses, and shot backwards.

What the actual FUCK do you think you're doing? My mind screamed at me. She's a maiden goddess; I think that she'd rather maintain that title for the time being!

Artemis seemed to of leapt backwards, and also having a mental war with herself.

"Artemis..." I breathed, and got to my feet. I offered a hand to Artemis, but she slapped it aside and picked herself up off of the ground.

"Never speak of this again, Perseus. Agreed?" Said goddess snapped at me, and I arched an eyebrow at the fuming goddess.

One second she's making a move on me and kissing me, the next second she looks like I'm vermin.

I really don't understand girls.

"... Agreed..." I muttered, and she flashed away, her face burning red with rage.

"Guess I am that repulsive." I chuckled to myself and summoned some water from nearby to put out the fire.

Tomorrow, I decided, I'll go back to camp. I guess that I have quite a bit of explaining to do anyway.


No point of view:

Rings of smoke rose through the air, all from the base of a huge white pine tree.

At the bottom of the tree, was a dragon curled around it, seeming to guard a golden jacket that hung from one of the lower branches. The light from the setting sun crashing against the jacket, sending waves of warm light around, and keeping the dragon warm.

After a few moments, a figure emerged from the long grass, alerting the dragon.

It raised its head, only to whine in excitement when it recognised the figure.

"Peleus." He laughed, and patted the dragon's head.

He then walked through an invisible shield, and a four story, light blue farm house shimmered into view.

He walked straight up to the house, and saw a familiar centaur and fat, lazy-ass god of wine sitting there, playing a card game.

Dionysus threw the cards onto the ground in a fit of rage, and then crushed his empty diet coke can.

"Really, Chiron? You've got to beat me every time?" The god of wine snapped, summoning another can of diet coke to down.

"Mr. D, I think you'd best not go into another fit of rage. Don't you agree?" Chiron replied, before rising from his motorised wheelchair to reveal his horse hide.

Neither of the two noticed the boy until a creak of the floorboards turned their attentions to him.

"Who are you, child?" Chiron asked, and the figure laughed a bit.

"I'm hurt on how you forgot me, Chiron." The figure laughed.

Mr. D just grumbled on about annoying heroes.

The figure flipped his hood, to reveal the face of none other than Percy Jackson.

"Percy...?" Chiron just crushed the son of Poseidon in a bear hug.

"Where have you been for the past three years?" Percy's mentor cried, releasing Percy from the tight grip.

"About. You know, seeing America and stuff. Not to mention getting a few more immortals to hate my guts." Percy joked, but where was he to lie? He did have at least four gods / goddesses wanting his head at this very moment in time.

Chiron laughed a bit, and wiped a rouge tear from the corner of his eyes.

"Yes, well, there's no surprise there." Chiron chuckled, and a conch horn sounded.

"Well, Percy, I guess that you’re just in time for dinner. Care to join?" Chiron offered, and Percy nodded his head.

"Sure, been a while since I've had camp food." Percy replied, and the trio walked off to the mess hall, but not before Percy flipped up his hood up.


Percy's point of view:

If you don't know what it's like to walk into a mess hall full of people who don't have a clue who the heck you are, or haven't seen you in like three years, you don't want to know. Especially if you have another new sibling who is the definition of a prick.

I walked into the mess hall, and I heard conversations all turn to me. The Aphrodite girls were talking about my badass look, and how they wanted to bed me; Athena on who was behind the hood - stuff like that. I even heard one mention if I was straight or bent. I was tempted to cringe at that, but I wouldn't let anything show until later.

I simply got my food from the aura, got up, and sacrificed half of my food to Artemis, Hestia and dad (like I did most nights).

I then turned and sat at the Poseidon table, only to be joined by a few others.

"What do you think you’re doing on my table, punk?" One of them snapped.

A young girl and boy, probably five or six at the most, sat opposite of the boy who sat next to me, both of their eyes wide with fear.

I turned to the kid next to me, only to get another one sit on the other side of me.

"Well, I think every child of Poseidon sits on this table. Am I correct?" Was my snarky reply, and I took a bite out of one of my double cheese burgers.

"You are new here, so I suggest that you go sit with Hermes' lot." He snarled, and I analysed him.

Ocean blue eyes, pale skin and long, raven black hair. He looked like a want to-be bad boy, but it was a very rubbish attempt with the black vans, grunge jeans, ripped shirt and black leather jacket.

"Actually, I should be... Like 20 years old, so I really doubt that I'm new." Venom was draining out of my mouth in a never-ending waterfall, and anger flashed in the prick's eyes.

"What's your name anyway?" I casually asked, picking up my goblet and summoning blue coke.

"Ryse Walcott, son of Poseidon, saviour of the universe!" He announced, as if proud.

I couldn't help it, and burst out laughing.

Rage washed over Ryse's face, and a sword shimmered into existence in his left hand.

"How dare you mock me! I'll castrate you and send you to Tartarus!" Prick (what, can't I give him a nickname?) challenged, jumping from the table.

I rolled my eyes, flicked my wrists, and my hidden blades sprung out.

"If so..." I trailed off, spinning around. My ass not leaving the bench, I kicked Ryse' feet out from underneath him.

I then moved off of my seat, and poised my hidden blades either side of prick's throat.

"Do you really want me to go further and kill you, Ryse, oh so mighty savoir of the universe." I threatened, sarcasm dripping from my words.

"Who are you...?" He croaked out, and I grinned, before standing up fully.

"Now, I might as well get this over with, mightn’t I? Oh well." I removed my hood from covering my face, and the entire mess hall was filled with gasps.

"For you lot who do not know me, I am Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon, saviour of Olympus." I proclaimed, and was instantly crushed into multiple hugs by my friends such as Connor and Travis Stoll, Katie Gardener, Chris Rodriguez, Rachael Dare, Pollux, Will Solace, Malcolm, Leo Valdez, Jason Grace and Piper Mclean - even Clarisse la Rue joined in!

How fun it's going to be, explaining what I've been doing for the past three years. I mentally grumbled, but couldn't help but smile because I was with my friends at this very moment in time.


Artemis' point of view:

The goddess of the hunt flashed into her tent, and collapsed down onto her bed.

Tears threatened to spill as she face planted into her pillow, but the barrier still broke. Tears rained down her face and into the pillow, and soon felt like she had her face in a salt water lake.

From outside, Thalia was worried. Her mistress had not even greeted the hunt - she just flashed in, went straight to her tent and cried.

The entire hunt was getting worried. She hadn't stopped sobbing for an hour or so now.

Zoë turned to Thalia, and said, "Should we ask her what's wrong yet?"

"No," was Thalia's reply, "wait a few more minutes."

And so they did. The wait then turned into five hours, then a day, then two, and so on. By the end of the second day, Zoë decided that she'd had enough of it, and practically pleaded Thalia to go with her to Artemis' tent and get some answers.

The two opened up the tent flap and walked in, and the sight they saw was heart shattering.

Their mistress was sitting on her bed, her knees up against her chest as she hugged then for dear life. The goddess of the hunt then raised her head, and the two girls visibly flinched. Artemis' eyes were swollen and bright red, with tear stains covering the majority of her cheeks. The goddess' top lip was quivering, and snot was dribbling from her now red nose from all of the crying she had done over the past few days.

"Milady," Zoë began.

"What happened?" Thalia finished, both worried about Artemis' sanity.

"P-Per-Percy..." Artemis spluttered out, and a new wave of tears came out as she rocked back and forth to try and calm herself.

"What did that idiot do now?" Thalia groaned, wondering what that nutty son of Poseidon got up to now to cause this to happen to Artemis.

"No..." Artemis whimpered, "I d-did this... To my s-s-self..."

"And how did you manage to do that, milady?" Zoë asked, wondering what happened between the two.

Then, Thalia put two and two together. Artemis was acting all nice around him, visa versa. The only thing that could of happened...

"You love him, don't you, milady?" The daughter of Zeus blurted out, and the goddess nodded, confirming her suspicions.

"Wait... What?!" Zoë stared at her mistress, her left eye twitching.

"I... L-l-lov-ve Per-se-seus J-jack-son..." Artemis sobbed, and the daughter of Atlas sat next to the woman she considered a mother.

"Did he... Reject you or something...?" Zoë asked, rubbing Artemis' back in a soothing manner.

"..." The goddess of the Moon didn't reply, so Zoë could only go with her suspicion.

"Come on, milady, let's go and eat. We'll find him tomorrow and knock some sense into that kelp for brains." Thalia grinned, trying to make Artemis smile.

"No... Don't get involved..." Artemis croaked, and the two silently thanked whoever stopped their mistress from her sobbing fit.

"Well, Lady Artemis, sorry to break this, but I got involved when my cousin hurt you." Thalia said, trying to add humour to their conversation.

"I kissed him... No more than that..." Artemis admitted quietly, and the two's heads snapped towards the silver eyed goddess.

"WHAT?!" Thalia and Zoë yelled simultaneously shocked at hearing that their goddess broke her oath.

"I kissed him... We enjoyed it... Until I flipped, got angry and flashed away... Probably breaking his heart..." Artemis mumbled, holding back the tears and sobs from coming out.

"Well... At least we don't have to kill kelp head." Thalia said, trying to see the brighter side.

"You don't get it!" Artemis snapped, shocking both Thalia and Zoë. "He probably hates me now, and never wants to see me again! Just leave me alone!"

A sudden strong pull sucked the two huntresses from their leader's tent, and they were thrown to the ground outside of Artemis' tent.

"Talk about touchy..." Thalia grumbled, picking herself up from the ground.

"We have no time to waste, Thalia; we need to find Percy on a solo hunt." Zoë helped her fellow huntress up, and the two ran off to tell the other hunters of their departure on a solo hunt.

But first, Thalia wanted to try something.

She split with Zoë, and ran over to a nearby waterfall. Pulling out a drachma, she tossed it into the mist.

"O' Iris, show me Perseus Jackson, United States." She muttered, and an image of Percy showed up, with him trekking somewhere. He seemed to be travelling through some graveyard, before he crouched down at a gravestone.

She tried to read it, but her dyslexia decided to kick in. But the words she made out made her feel sick.

"R.I.P. Sally Jackson, died 2011. Beloved mother and wife, forever shall be missed." The gravestone read.

"Percy..." She muttered, but the son of Poseidon either couldn't hear her, or he wasn't paying attention.

"I don't know what to do anymore... Mom... I love her, but she hates me... Please... Help me..." Percy sobbed, and Thalia felt her heart break at the sound of her cousin's hurt voice.

Percy then uncapped Riptide, and seemed to aim it at his own heart.

"Percy - NO!" Thalia screamed, and attempted to reach out, and Percy brought the sword down, but before she could see what happened, the missed vanished.

"Your time is up. Use another drachma for another 5 minutes." Iris' voice echoed from the mist, and Thalia swore her head off at the goddess of rainbows.

She had to know what happened to Percy. He would be in a graveyard near Olympus, without a doubt.

The daughter of Zeus then ran off to find her rival, Zoë, so they could search for her cousin immediately. There was no way that kelp head was dying on her so easily.

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