The Road to Darkness

Traffic Jam and a Fat Lard

Percy's point of view:

"So, what you’re telling us, is that you went missing for three years, without a single sound, because you felt like it?!" Clarisse snapped at me, and I rolled my eyes.

"Pretty much." I shrugged, as if it was nothing.

"Anyway," I began, trying to change the subject, "where's Nico? I haven't seen the little emo in ages."

"In the underworld, Perce, when isn't he there?" Travis answered him and Connor forgetting about the previous argument.

"Don't even try to change the subject, Jackson!" Clarisse snarled, slamming her knife into the ping pong table like she did little before the battle of Manhattan.

I swore under my breath at failing to change the subject.

"Yeah... Pretty much..." I sheepishly rubbed the back of my head.

"And now you return, when we have a few primordials wanting our asses? How fucking useless can you get, Jackson?! No wonder Annabeth hated you and let herself get killed!" Clarisse snarled, anger flashing in her red eyes... Not that it doesn't happen often.

I snapped. "I'm not really useless, Clarisse, as I was protecting you lot!" Then, my face darkened, and I grabbed Clarisse by the throat and pinned her up against the wall.

A sudden sharp stabbing pain entered my mind, crawling its way out of the prison I had sealed it in.

"And if you ever talk about Annabeth in that way ever again, I'll not hesitate to snap your neck in two. She was killed so she would be brought back, and led me to my doom. It's working - she's back and ready to kill us all..." I sneered, my grip tightening with every word.

Her face was now starting to go purple, but I was still not satisfied.

After a few more seconds of everyone trying to pull me off of Clarisse, I let her go and stumbled backwards, not all too sure of what had just happened.

"That is why I left. I was protecting you guys from myself, because of what the demon within me would destroy to those who I care about. Even at this very minute, I feel it crawling around, trying to break free! Understand now, or should I keep on?" I snarled, and the pain was beginning to become unbearable.

Percy, stop... A voice entered my head. It was warm and calming, but an icy edge on it. Artemis.

Thankfully, the pain died down and I regained control over my body. The first thing I did was release Clarisse.

Panting and breathing heavily, I ran. Not out of camp, just out of the big house. First of all, I had two little siblings to talk to.


I bet every single one of you lot have been followed, or had people starring at you like crap. Am I right or wrong?

Anyway, the second I got back to my cabin, I saw the two young kids tidying the place up (and I don't mean normal washing - I mean things like shitty underwear and crap (probably Ryse's)).

A pair of heads snapped towards me, staring at me as if some kind of alien.

"What are you guys doing, clearing up Ryse's rubbish?" I asked, and both of them looked down.

"Don't tell him we told you... But we awe always fowced to do it. He Wyse said if we don't, he'll beat us..." The boy trailed off. He couldn't even speak properly, and Ryse still treated this as a dictatorship.

"How long have you been here?" I asked, trying not to growl and scare the kids.

"Since we wewe fouw yeaws old." The boy replied, and I clenched my fist in anger.

I crouched down to their level, and smiled a bit.

"Throw down that rubbish, as it isn't yours. Come on..." I gave him a look as if to say 'what's your name?’

"Andy, my sista is Izzy." The girl hid behind her brother when her name was mentioned.

"Okay then, Andy and Izzy, drop that and let's go somewhere I think you’re dying to go to." I smiled, and Andy gave me a questioning look.

"Where’s dat?"

"The beach - Long Island Sound." A smile appeared on Andy's face, and Izzy looked over her brother's shoulder. The two were a splitting image of one another, with icy blue eyes, black hair and slightly tanned skin.

"Yay! Beach!" Andy cheered, and I scooped him up, as well as Izzy.

"Let's go then!" I smiled at the two, and walked out of the cabin and up to the beach.

Izzy squirmed quite a bit, as if uncomfortable in my arms.

"Do you and your sister want to run?" I asked the toddler, and with one look at his sister, he nodded.

"Yeah!" He answered, and I let the twins down.

I walked at a slightly slower pace so the young kids could keep up with me.

When we reached the beach, I was pleased to see that it was empty.

I sat down in the sand, and Andy shot past me and ran around, playing and rolling around in the sand, while Izzy just stood there, all hunched up and covering the majority of her face.

"Andy!" I called the young son of Poseidon over after a while.

"So, how are your water powers?" I asked him, referring to both him and his sister.

"No good." He shook his head, pointing at both of them.

"Well then, we can't have you like that, can we?" I smiled at the two, and with an all too familiar tug of the gut, I summoned a tendril of water to move around us, surprising the pair of toddlers.

"We can do that?" Ryse asked, all curious.

"Yeah, and soon, you'll do this." Now, it was time to show off. I raised both of my hands into the air for a dramatic effect, and the winds slowly began to pick up until they were swirling around me, picking up sand so it looked like a whirlpool of sand. After a few minutes, we were in the eye of a hurricane of sand and water.

I dropped my hands, and the storm died with them. When I saw the two, I almost burst out laughing.

Sand was coated in their hair, while Izzy was sitting on the sand, hugging her knees.

I gave Ryse a questioning look.

"She doesn't talk. She hasn't since mommy died." Ryse answered, a tear trickling down the side of his face.

I crouched down to his height and put a hand on his shoulder.

"How did she die?" I asked. It may be painful for them, but a big bro's got to know, right?

"Mommy got shot by some fat guy. He smelled like mouldy pizza." Ryse answered, and I growled.

"Was he fat like a walrus, and called Gabe by any chance?" I asked, my anger rising slowly.

Ryse just nodded, and I growled so deeply that Ryse shifted away.

"Let's get on with training. I'll sort that issue out later." I smiled at him, and proceeded to train the young twins on simple water abilities and a few defence strikes/blocks which need water.

But, in my head, I was thinking of all the wonderful things I could do to Smelly Gabe for putting these young, innocent children through hell. And I've been through there - plenty of times.


No point of view:

Now, Thalia wasn't one to worry about others, but right now, she was shit scared for her cousin (as well as Artemis).

"Phoebe, what's milady's current state?" The daughter of Zeus asked her fellow hunter through an Iris message.

"She's getting better, but still not talking. Whatever did this to her is going to pay, dearly." Phoebe replied, her red eyes glowing with anger.

"Good." Was Thalia's reply. She doesn’t think that the rest of the hunt's reaction would be very good if she tells them the true reason for Artemis to be like it.

"We'll contact you if we find Perseus, and contact us if milady's condition worsens or improves." Zoë added, and was about to swipe through the mist.

"Why is Jackson so important to find? I know he's your cousin and stuff, but why?" The daughter of Horos asked, an eyebrow arched.

"Artemis told us to find him. Not sure why, but that's all we know." Thalia answered a bit too quickly. She hated lying to one of her sisters in arms, but they couldn't know just yet. They will hear the words from Artemis' mouth, not their own.

"Remember what I said, Phoebe. We'll be back soon." Zoë blurted out, and swiped through the mist before Phoebe could retort.

The two remained in silence for a while more. They had been gone a week, and were now in New York. Thalia couldn't help but feel guilty on not visiting Sally, as she was a wonderful woman.

The two eventually reached the nearest cemetery to Olympus, and the two split up to search for the headstone of Sally Jackson.

After searching through St Paul's for a while, the two finally met up.

"I can't seem to find her anywhere!" Thalia complained, leaning against a gravestone.

"Same here, Thalia." Zoë replied, kicking a stone.

"But where could she-"

"Psst!" A voice echoed through the two girls' minds.

The two turned towards the sound of the voice, and their hearts were in their mouths.

There stood a shimmering, ghostly white Sally Jackson, worry etched on her face.

"Sally..." Thalia muttered, and tried to hug the ghost - but it was no use. Thalia just fell right through Sally.

"Thalia... Zoë - right? Why are you here? Is Percy in some sort of trouble?" Sally rapidly asked the pair, and Thalia shot Zoë a look saying 'let me do the talking.

"Sort of, Sally. You see, he has gained the heart of a certain goddess, and she now thinks he hates her. We have to find him and take him to her so he can set her straight." Thalia explained, rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly.

"And may I ask who this 'goddess' is?" Sally was smiling.

"Artemis." Zoë said before Thalia could even think.

"Good. He came to me little before, and told me of his love for a Moon goddess. All he spoke about was her 'mesmerising silver eyes', 'lush, auburn hair' and her 'beautiful figure', but he also said that nothing beats her personality." Sally quoted what Percy said, and the two huntresses grinned.

"Good. We don't need him falling for any other girl now, do we?" Thalia grinned, and Sally laughed.

"Yes, well, Percy is at camp Half-Blood at the minute, or is on his way there. But there isn't really a point on going there, as Percy is only staying there for a day or two to get his head around things." Sally had to stop laughing to talk (obviously), but was still inwardly snickering.

"But Mrs Jackson, may I ask how come you’re still up here? Shouldn't you be in the underworld?" Zoë asked, changing Sally's mood instantly.

"My husband, Paul, got to go there, but before I could be judged, some man in a black cloak came up to me and cursed me, saying 'forever you shall remain on this earth, until your son finds his true love and defeats me in battle'. In other words, if Percy finds his true love and wins the next war, my spirit shall be set free and I will be able to be with Paul for the rest of eternity." Sally explained, a ghostly tear trickling down from her eyes.

"And when I hoped there wouldn't be another freaking war..." Thalia growled, and Zoë nodded in agreement.

"I must go now, anyway. Make sure Percy becomes a happy man." Sally smiled at the two, and was blown away in the wind and melted into nothing.

"We should get going." Zoë suggested, and the two ran off, only for burning pain to erupt in their arms.

Tranquillizer darts were impaled deep in their arms, causing both girls to feel slightly dizzy.

"These two will do well in the system, huh Jim?" A bloke asked.

"Yeah, Bob, they will do just fine." Jim grinned, and the two huntresses collapsed to the ground.

The two then fell unconscious, and the two men heaved them up on their shoulders.

"Next stop, England." Jim and Bob grinned, and ran off.


After training, the two youngsters were exhausted, so Percy led his younger siblings back to the Poseidon cabin and tucked them into bed.

Andy had told him that they had in fact lived all the way over in England (Bristol, Spring Hill to be exact), before getting dragged over here by something during the night.

After making sure that the two were asleep, Percy went back outside a little bit away from the cabins. No one needed to know of his little adventure during the night anyway.

He snapped a few branches and twigs from nearby bushes and trees, and threw then into a rather large pile. Snapping his fingers, crimson flames sparked to life upon them, dancing as if a professional dancer.

He lit the pile on fire, and it burst into mesmerising crimson flames that radiated calmness and warmth.

Then, the flames roared in a massive burst of heat and energy, but when Hestia emerged from the flames, they calmed down to as they were before.

"Percy... Why have you called me?" The young goddess asked.

"To see if you can teleport me to and from England? It's important that I go there." Percy asked eager to get what he has to do over with.

"Sure, Percy. But before I do, can I ask why exactly would you want to go there?" She asked, an eyebrow rose at her adoptive son.

"To get revenge and justice. Gabe is somehow still around, and I am going to kill him for putting two innocent, five year old children through hell." Percy clenched his fist, but he wouldn't lose it in front of his mother.

"Alright... Just for justice. Stay safe, Percy." Hestia then snapped her fingers, and both of them transported to Bristol, Spring Hill.

A little bit away, he saw an all-too familiar tuskless walrus lumbering from a pub. Gabe Ugliano, the fat lard who'd caused the son of Poseidon nightmares for the majority of his childhood.

"Thanks, mom." Percy thanked, "I'll pray to you when I need picking up." He kissed his mother on the forehead, and she flashed away.

An evil grin was etched upon Percy's face as he ran after his abusive ex-stepfather, but careful to not be heard.

Multiple voices kept on ringing through his mind like Christmas bells got on his nerves (long story).

Anyway, he had been tailing Gabe for around ten minutes now, and was itching to plunge a knife through the fat lard's cold, black heart and put a bullet in his nonexistent brain that would make a goldfish look smarter than Einstein.

He hadn't killed his target yet, which was strange. But, the reason for it was because his instincts were screaming at him to follow the sick bastard. And he is glad that he didn't kill the sick, twisted man. And that is for many reasons.

After a while, Percy's inner demon was screaming at him, trying to get the son of Poseidon to kill Gabe.

But he wouldn't crack. He was determined to find out what Gabe was up to. And when he found out, he was sickened.

The place he'd followed Gabe to be a normal house, from what he got eavesdropping on a conversation.

"So, Bob, how's the system going?" Gabe asked a bloke sitting outside. Percy could instantly tell that the guy wasn't someone he'd want to pick a fight with.

"Doing great actually, Gabe. Just got two new girls from the states. Grace and Nightshade are their names. They haven't had a turn yet, but once this trafficking system gets underway, we will make a shit load more money." The bloke replied, and Gabe entered with a nod.

Grace and Nightshade? Percy asked himself. Why do they sound so familiar...? Wait a second... THALIA AND ZOË! He mentally screamed, and jumped down from the side of the building, both of his hidden blades out.

And damn was he pissed.

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