The Road to Darkness

60 Second Makeovers - Blood Edition

No point of view:

The place he'd followed Gabe to wasn't a normal house, from what he got eavesdropping on a conversation.

"So, Bob, how's the system going?" Gabe asked a bloke sitting outside. Percy could instantly tell that the guy wasn't someone he'd want to pick a fight with.

"Doing great actually, Gabe. Just got two new girls from the states. Grace and Nightshade are their names. They haven't had a turn yet, but once this trafficking system gets underway, we will make a shit load more money." The bloke replied, and Gabe entered with a nod.

Grace and Nightshade? Percy asked himself. Why do they sound so familiar...? Wait a second... THALIA AND ZOË! He mentally screamed, and jumped down from the side of the building, both of his hidden blades out.

And damn was he pissed.

None of them would have expected it. And by none, he means none.

Percy just casually strode up to the house, his face well hidden by his hood.

"Hey, kid! Scram or I'll make you." Bob snarled at the son of Poseidon, and he showed his hidden blades.

"Go right ahead, but I'll still kill you for messing with my cousins." Percy snarled, and slit Bob's throat.

The fat lard then slumped down into his wooden chair, blood pouring from his throat.

Instead of opening the front door quietly, the son of Poseidon just kicked it down for the sake of it.

"Honey, I'm HOME!" He hollered, and a man can run at him.

SHINK! That was the sound of a hidden blade puncturing someone's eye and going into their brain.

With a cry of pain, the bloke collapsed down to the ground - dead as a doe-doe.

"Who's next?" Percy asked ever so innocently, pulling out a gun.

Something hit the back of his head with brutal force, only to show another bloke with a fire extinguisher. And guess who it was!

If you’re guessing Gabe, you’re an idiot as he won't have the balls to do that. It was Jim the faggot.

"You really have balls, don't you? Oh well, let's just check that they exist!" Percy growled through gritted teeth and kicked the fat shit in the groin.

Without remorse, Percy jumped and did a 360 in the air, slicing Jim across the chest and popping a bullet into his brain.

He fell down, dead - just like Bob. Percy stifled a laugh, remembered the irony of two partners being called Jim and Bob. If you don't get it, it's Jim Bob.

Percy used this time to observe the room he was in.

Well, if you want to get technical, you would call it a floor, as the entire down stairs was knocked into one massive room. An island stood up in the far corner with marble counter tops surrounding it. Near Percy, were two love seats and a four seater couch, with at least a 50 inch flat screen HD and 3D television. A set of circular steps spiralling up into the floor above rested in the corner nearest to Percy, and faint cries of help filled his ears. His eyes probably went blood red (not that it would make a difference as red lights illuminated most of the bottom floor, with the occasion yellow spot light).

Making sure that he had enough ammo left in his pistol, he then noticed a 10 gauge magnum shotgun sitting there on a stand, with a whole pack of thirty rounds.

Percy smiled in the most evil manner, and the demon within him broke free.

The son of Poseidon snatched up the shotgun and stuffed the rounds into his pocket except one, which he loaded into the gun.

Marching up the stairs with a gun in each hand, he wanted to blow up the house there and then.

There, stood Gabe and two other men groping a girl of their own, and six other girls lined up waiting for their turn of torture. Gabe on the other hand, had two to himself, and Percy recognised them both instantly.

Thalia and Zoë!

Raising his new shot gun, Percy made a motion to the witnessing girls to keep silent.

He then aimed his guns at Gabe's lackeys, and decided to let himself be noticed.

"Hey, fat fucks!" Percy hollered, and all three lards turned to him.

Gabe seemed to of put on an extra set of 500 rolls, making a sumo wrestler look anorexic.

The two lackeys pulled out hand guns, but Percy was too quick. With a quick squeeze and a loud brain, both of their brains were splattered across the room.

"Now, Gabe, what do we have here? Molesting girls, I see?" Percy taunted, striding over to his ex-stepfather.

"W-who are y-y-you?" Gabe sputtered, his blabber flapping about and the foundations of the house moving with it.

"Let's just say I put up with more than enough of your torture back in the day." Percy simple answered, and threw his hood off, revealing his handsome face.

"Ah, Percy, I see you've grown old. Tell me, how do those scars feel now days?" Gabe grinned, and images raced through his mind.

"How do they feel? Pretty good, actually. You see, there's this new way of calming down I've been dying to try for a few months now, so why not try it now? And it only goes especially to those who molest innocent, young girls - especially if one is my cousin and another is my friend." Answered Percy in a very sarcastic tone.

Gabe's non-existent brain tried to think over what the son of Poseidon just said, but it was too late. A shotgun had fired, but not in the head - it was right in the groin, demolishing Gabe Ugliano's crotch.

Sounds of vomiting filled the air, but Percy didn't care. He enjoyed watching the tears fall from Gabe's eyes as he clutched the place where his balls once existed.

"I don't think you’re screaming enough!" Percy laughed and tore the crying bloke's right shoulder apart.

"Like your mum screamed non-stop during your time at school..." Gabe growled through gritted teeth, still wishing for more pain.

"Now that is drawing the line, and for that, I think I'll give an extra special trip to hell! Sayonara, you fat piece of shit!" Percy snarled, and put his hand gun at Gabe's ear.

He fired at a slight angle, and the fatty's head began flying around as if the bullet was playing pin ball around Gabe's skull.

After a few more seconds, the bullet flew out of the other ear, carrying a few bits of brain sludge, which was also dripping from Gabe's ear.

Let's give this house a paint job. Percy mentally smiled, and blew the rest of Gabe's brains out with the shot gun, painting the walls in blood and brain.

"Thank fuck that's over with." Percy cut Thalia and Zoë's bonds before moving on with the other eight.

They repeatedly thanked him after their gags came off, but Percy only laughed and said that he didn't deserve thanking.

"So, how'd you find us, Perce?" Thalia asked, straightening out her jacket as the eleven left the house of horrors.

"Following Gabe. He put my new brother and sister through hell, so why not give him some?" Percy pulled the pin out of a frag grenade and tossed through the broken front door.

"You all American girls?" I asked them, and got a nod from all of them.

"They all half-bloods?" I asked Thalia in a hushed tone so no one other than us could hear.

"Last time I checked, yeah. They all want to join the hunt as well, so you might as well join us." Thalia suggested, and Percy paled.

"I kind of made a promise to be with my new bro and sis when they wake up in the morning, so yeah. I got to go to them." Percy rambled, and the two huntresses rolled their eyes at the son of Poseidon.

"Artemis is literally heartbroken by what happened between you two. Can you just come with us and sort her out? Pleeeeeaaaaassse?" Thalia gave him the puppy dog eyes - something she never gives to anyone.

Percy was torn between the two options. He couldn't bear to see Artemis again without breaking down, but neither can he leave her remaining like the way Zoë and Thalia described her current state.

"Fine, I'll go..." Percy groaned, giving in to them, "But on one condition."

Both girls shot him an odd look.

"I must be back at camp before dinner tomorrow." The son of Poseidon looked both Zoë and Thalia in the eyes.

"Deal!" The three shook hands, and Percy prayed to Hestia to get them back over to America and near the hunter's camp.


It wasn't top of Percy's list to get shot at by many arrows the second he approached the hunter's camp with Thalia, Zoë and the girls which were imprisoned in Gabe's house.

Then again, nothing is really is top other than Artemis. Getting shot at is at the bottom, along with dying, dating Aphrodite and getting attacked by crazed fan-girls (long story). Did he mention that Moros, Erebos, Eris, Tartarus and Ares (not that he is involved with the other four) were the furthest down the list, all the way at 4,639,205... We’ll probably, as Percy lost count about six times after a thousand or two.

Back to the son of Poseidon's current situation, he was hiding behind a tree as projectiles impaled themselves in the ground / trees around him.

"Three... Two... One... Run!" Percy mumbled to himself, and ran to the left. Thalia, Zoë and the other girls were trying to stop the hunters from shooting Percy.

After a few long, agonizing minutes, the huntresses stopped firing and lowered their bows.

"Kelp head! You can come out now!" Thalia called, and Percy came out from behind a tree.

"No shooting at me?" Percy arched an eyebrow as he strode into the hunter's camp.

"Don't worry, you wimp." Zoë rolled her eyes and the two huntresses led Percy and the other girls to their mistress' tent.

"Stay out here... I'll talk to her." Percy assured his two friends as they approached Artemis' tent, and he ducked inside - only to want to leave instantly.

Artemis was laying there, her eyes bright red and puffy from crying, her little nose red from all of the time she'd been sneezing, and her lips were quivering. Tear stains covered her cheeks, and Percy couldn't help but feel guilty.

She turned towards the entrance to her tent, only to roll over so she didn't have to look at Percy.

A pang of hurt entered the son of Poseidon's heart.

"Artemis..." Percy mumbled, but Artemis didn't budge.

"Just go away..." She mumbled, like a teenage girl did when a boy dumped them or someone they love hates them.

"Arty, you know I won't do that. Tell me, what's wrong." Percy sat down on the goddess' bed, staring at her weak form.

"You hate me..." Artemis muttered, and Percy just laughed.

"What's so funny? Are you mocking me?" Artemis snarled, sounding like she hated him.

"No, Arty, it's because I thought you hated me." Percy laughed, and the goddess of the Moon sat up.

"I couldn't come to hate you, Perseus..." Artemis mumbled, and Percy cracked a grin.

"Nor could I, Arty, nor could I..." Percy leaned in a crashed his lips upon hers.

His little brother and sister might have to wait a bit longer to see him, as he was making out with his love - Artemis, goddess of the hunt and Moon.

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