The Road to Darkness

Stars are Falling Down

No point of view:

A roar of flames shook the son of Poseidon awake.

He rolled out of bed, only to see that he is in a field of never-ending purple flames, as they reached out like tortured souls.

The sea green eyed boy felt around for his weapons, only to find that he had nothing. He was only in a t-shirt, jeans and black and red NIKE high-tops

"Where am I?" Percy's voice echoed over the roar of flames, and images shimmered into existence in the closest flames.

Chris, the Stoll twins, Clarisse, Katie, Piper, Jason, Leo, Nico, Andy, Lily, Thalia, Artemis... All of them were calling out at him, all of them covered in cuts and bruises.

Percy was scared, he would admit that.

He looked up, only to see a blood red sky that reminded him of Tartarus - but there was a moon here... Well, a deep purple moon.

Turning back to his surroundings, he noticed a faint walkway leading away from his current standing point.

The images of his friends and loved ones to people like Annabeth, Luke, Erebos, Tartarus, Phobos, Deimos, Eris, Moros and that imposter prick.

"The Road to Darkness... Walk it, hero, and meet your destiny... Shall you discover it...? You will have to fulfil it to ensure your victory... Against yourself..." A cold, chilling voice rasped from every crack in the pathway, sending shivers down the son of Poseidon's spine.

"What's going on?!" Percy asked himself as he walked the path, ignoring the burning pain pulsing in the back of his mind.

"Perseus Jackson... Your destiny is still a mystery... To us all... Only you know what it is... As we are leaving you clues..." It rasped, and Percy turned around, trying to find the voice.

Grains of sand were tossed into the air, dosing the flames to mere sparks of demonic light.

"Who are you?" Percy asked, but there was no reply.

Instead, he got a rather pleasant kick up the backside and was sent sprawling forewords, only for a torrent of purple flames to blow up where he was just standing.

Percy picked himself up and ran for his life as purple fire engulfed the pathway, nipping at the son of Poseidon's heels.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me!" The sea-green eyed boy cursed as another harsh blast of purple flames engulfed the pathway in front of him.

A deep, chilling laugh echoed from the fire. "It seems that the flames have taken a huge hatred for you. Let's add a bit of darkness to help your relationship with them."

"Wait... What?!" The son of Poseidon barely got a chance to think before he was tossed into the air by a torrent of dark purple fire.

Wind whipped against Percy's skin as he plummeted down, and into the sea of purple flames.

He was instantly hit by pain, so bad that it made him rather live in the Styx forever.

Voices and images swirled around Percy as the flames licked him, the screaming voice of Thalia yelling 'I hate you's, same as everyone else. But the one that stung the most was Artemis' words.

"I should never have loved you!" And "I hate you!" She repeatedly screamed... Over... And over... And over again.

Percy clutched his head in pain and curled up into a ball.

He could feel it... The pain was too unbearable.

"How does it feel, Jackson?" The voice mocked, "I wonder that if you ever go back to Earth, if you'll be DEAD!"

"Just go away..." Percy pleaded over and over, rocking himself somehow.

"What was that?" The voice snarled.

"JUST FUCK OOOOOOOOOOOOFF!" Percy roared, the winds picking up big time around him.

The flames were pushed away, and kept on receding until nothing but an empty, barren wasteland of obsidian was left.

What is wrong with me? Percy asked himself, and hugged his knees and buried his head. Then, the son of Poseidon let the barrier fall, and let the tears out.

He could feel the darkness eating away at his heart... Slowly consuming his soul up until nothing was left.

"Just let me out, Perseus... After all, I am you..." An all too familiar voice echoed through Percy's mind. It was his twisted counterpart.

"My proper name is Perseus EXE, but I prefer the name Orion." A figure shimmered into existence, revealing Percy's evil doppelganger.

"Orion... The pervert who raped a few maidens and got killed by Artemis?" Percy asked, lifting his head up.

After all, he couldn't attack Orion as he was weapon less.

"You could say that... But I am reborn in some aspects. You see, when a star constellation is snuffed out, whatever it was before is back down on Earth.

But, let me warn you here: all of the stars are vanishing as we speak, as a greater war is approaching us. A monster that can overpower all of the Olympians, the Titans, Primordials and Chaos itself at once.

I cannot say its name, but you, Perseus Jackson, are its host. Soon, our life forces shall all vanish into nothingness as the Spirit of Apocalypse ravages across the world, and dismantles the universe, feeding off of the dark matter that binds this very dimension together." Orion explained, and multiple chills ran down Percy's spine.

"Is that why I'm getting more evil? And hearing voices echoing throughout my mind until I break down in pain?" The son of Poseidon ranted.

"It seems that it has already cursed you, Perseus..." Orion thought aloud, a distant look in his murky green eyes.

"Why are you helping me all of a sudden?" Percy asked out of nowhere.

"Because, Perseus, I don't want the Spirit of Apocalypse destroying us just as much as you do. Now, wake up, as I'll suspect that Artemis is slapping you to death." The world around Percy began to fade away.

"And don't forget! Look after Artemis!" Orion called, and the world vanished from existence...


Percy had a wakeup call he didn't expect.

He was on the bed, Artemis sound asleep on top of him.

His body still burned with pain from his ever-so realistic nightmare.

Taking a deep sigh, Percy slid from underneath Artemis unnoticed, careful not to wake the goddess.

She stirred slightly, feeling slightly empty.

Percy left the tent, and saw the glowing embers of the fire. He smiled as it reminded him of his time on the run away from mythology and that.

"Well, well, well... I guess that you are awfully joyful even though we're so close to my master's awakening." A dark voice called out from the shadows.

Percy pulled out his pen and uncapped it, revealing Riptide in all of its glory.

"Hush, Mintaka, we must not annoy this boy. Remember, he holds great power." Another voice echoed.

"Let's just SMASH HIM!" A third voice echoed, and three figures darted into view.

"Alnitak, destroy Perseus Jackson!" The second goon yelled, and a huge, buff bloke charged the son of Poseidon.

"Freaking really?" Percy asked, and sliced his attacker in half. The man then crumbled into silver flakes onto the grass.

"Who's next?" Percy asked, but what was cut short by the silver flakes forming a RPG-7. Percy was blown backwards before he could curse, and was blown away into a dozen trees.

Blood trickled down from the corner of Percy's mouth.

"Alright... Let's get dirty then..." The son of Poseidon grinned in a somewhat sadistic manner and pulled out his hand gun.

Making sure that the silencer was on it, he fired at his three attackers with no avail, as the bullets just simply passed through them.

"Come on, Alnilam! Help out!" Two of them cried out to their leader - the second one who'd spoke.

"Fine... Does what metals does he have on him?" Alnilam replied.

"He doesn’t have any silver, Alnilam!" Mintaka replied, a cheery edge in his voice.

No silver, eh? I can piss them off for sure now... The son of Poseidon snickered mentally, and pulled out a magazine of 12 Olympian silver bullets.

Loading into his gun, Percy shot at the three of them like no tomorrow, four for each.

All four were blown to bits, and Percy made his way over to them. His jaw hit the ground in shock when he saw that only one was killed, one of the two had turned into emerald, ruby and sapphire flakes, the other stygian iron flakes.

That's got to be what material you need to kill them! Percy mentally shouted. Jeez, I wish that Hazel was here... This would be much easier.

As if on cue, the two creatures re-formed, and sucker-punched Percy in the abdomen.

He spat out blood as he doubled over, and collapsed to the ground. The two creatures stood over him, smiling evilly.

"You see, Perseus, we are all stars. Each constellation may be coming down and back to life, but so are the stars. Us three made up Orion's belt, but all of the stars who make up the constellation of Orion are on Earth, alive and well." Alnilam sneered, an evil grin plastered on his face.

"Let's smash them!" Alnitak snarled, and he planted his foot onto Percy's chest, ready to crush it.

He applied the pressure, slowly cutting off the son of Poseidon's air supply.

Percy began feeling numb, and his vision darkened at a rapid pace, but a pure black sword that glowed a demonic purple decapitated Alnitak.

Oxygen rushed down Percy's wind pipe and filled his lungs with a deep gasp of air.

"Nico..." Percy breathed, never more glad to see his gothic cousin standing over him, glaring murderously at him.

"I'm still going to kick your ass for not telling me you were back, kelp head." Nico glared, but soon fixed his gaze on Alnilam.

"What kills this guy?" The son of Hades asked.

"A mixture of sapphire, ruby and emerald..." The son of Poseidon replied.

"Then I'm going to kick some ass." The Goth grinned and whipped out a dagger made out of crushed emeralds, sapphires and rubies.

Alnilam's eyes widened as he turned and ran away.

"You won't kill me - ngh!" The third and final star of Orion's belt collapsed to the ground, dead, with Nico's mineral dagger sticking out of his back.

"Damn... Nice throw Nikki..." Percy laughed, picking himself up off of the ground, only to get a stygian iron sword aimed at him.

"Why didn't you tell me you were back?" Nico growled, aiming his sword at his cousin.

"Look, Nico, I've been busy..."

"Too busy to IM me?!"

"... Yes...?" Percy rubbed the back sheepishly.

"Idiotic kelp filled retard..." Nico snarled, and his sword vanished in a shadow, as did his dagger.

"How are we going to explain to the hunters and that about the noise and mess we caused?" Percy made a very bad attempt to change the subject.

"Just say that three stars walked in and you whopped their asses with the help of your awesome cousin, Nico di Angelo!" Sarcasm cascaded from Nico's mouth as he spoke.

"Good idea..." Percy began to walk back to Artemis' tent.

"And where are you going?" Nico asked.

"Back to bed. Night, Nikky." Percy waved and re-entered Artemis' tent.

"Still the same seaweed brain..." Nico chuckled to himself, and pulled out a small black pearl.

Why did he have that and not just simply shadow travel? Erebos was the Primordial of shadows and darkness, so if Nico shadow travelled he could easily be captured by Erebos and Tartarus.

"Hades' Palace, Underworld." The son of Hades muttered, and threw it to the ground. In a flash of black light, Nico was gone.

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