The Road to Darkness

Blackmail's Out the Window

No point of view:

Snickering was one thing Percy hated waking up to. Especially if it is where it involves embarrassing him in some shape or form.

Opening his eyes, he saw Thalia and Zoë standing there, with a camera and video recorder.

"What do you two want?" Percy asked lowly, trying not to wake Artemis, who found a rather comfy pillow in Percy's chest.

"First class blackmail material, kelp head." Thalia grinned, zooming in with the video camera.

"Wearing anything by any chance?" Thalia teases as she noticed her cousin's chest from underneath Artemis.

"Yeah, we are... At least I think we are..." Percy trailed off, and lifted up the covers to check.

"Yeah, we are, so don't have another baby Zeus." Percy cheekily smiled, and Artemis stirred.

"Wha...? Percy? Oh wait, more sleep..." Artemis mumbled, lifting her head up for a split second, giving both girls a clear shot of Artemis' messy hair.

"I think you lied to us, Percy..." Zoë grinned, taking a few more pictures of her mistress and friend.

"Arty," the son of Poseidon whispered into his love's ear, "I think you might want to hear what Thals and Zoë got up to last night..." An evil grin etched its way onto Percy's eye, as he mouthed to his cousin and friend 'payback's a bitch'.

The two hunters paled, and slowly backed away.

"What?" Artemis slurred from Percy's chest.

"They got a bit... Errrr... Frisky with Ares and Apollo... But Thals was getting' it on with Nico more than anything." Percy smiled, and the two huntresses pegged it away as Artemis shot out of bed and summoned her bow (yes, she still had on her hunting clothes, you sick perverts!).

"Where?" She snarled.

"They’re still going from what I heard. You might want to hurry..." Percy didn't even bother finishing off his sentence, as Artemis was long gone.

But then, an arrow came through the flap of the tent, narrowly missing Percy's family jewels.

"And that's for calling me Arty!" Artemis yelled before continuing her hunt for Thalia and Zoë.

Percy just grumbled multiple curses under his breath about 'evil girlfriends'. Then he stopped cold. They were just friends... Right?

The son of Poseidon just shook the thoughts out of his head, and pulled on a shirt and a Lonsdale hoodie.

Making sure that Riptide was in his pocket and his vambraces were on, Percy left the tent.

He wondered around the hunter's camp for quite a bit, knowing that he was forgetting something.

Shrugging it off, Percy sat underneath a willow tree for Zeus knows how long, as Artemis soon flashed in next to him, sitting down as well.

"You might want to head to camp." Artemis suggested, looking at Percy in the eyes.

"How come, Arty?" Was his simple reply, only to get a punch in the gut.

"Don't... Call... Me... ARTY! Oh, and camp's being attacked. You have a few siblings there, do you not?"

Percy paled considerably. "Crap..." He cursed.

"I'll get my idiotic brother to take us there, don't worry. My hunters will probably be packing up for the next few minutes... On second thought they should be done!" Artemis assured her love, and the two left the shade of the willow tree.

"Apollo!" Artemis yelled into the sky, and the sun seemed to come shooting down at us.

A bright yellow Lamborghini Gallardo swerved into the forest clearing, and out jumped the sun god everyone's got to dislike.

"Sup lil' sis! Why'd you and your most beautiful followers call for me? Oh, and you." The god of the sun turned to glare at Percy.

"I wouldn't even think about harming him, Apollo, or not only Poseidon would be after your ass. You'll have me, Thalia, Hermes, and maybe a few other immortals and demigods too." Artemis threatened, not a single ounce of bluff in her words.

"Yeah, and I'm your little brother." Apollo rolled his eyes. Percy and the hunters couldn't help but laugh, as they knew what was coming up next.

"You are my little brother, you wittle twouble maka." Artemis pinched her younger twin's cheek and began pulling it about like a mother did to their new-born baby to make them giggle.

Apollo slapped his sister's hand away, but none of them noticed as they were all laughing their butts off.

The sun god muttered under his breath about Artemis being a hypocrite as he snapped his fingers. The sun chariot morphed into a school bus.

"All aboard! Perce! You’re driving!" Apollo announced, and Percy noticed that Thalia paled rapidly.

Simple maths: Percy + driving = your worst nightmare. Artemis glared at Percy, as if to say 'you better not go too fast'.

He just gave her a cheeky grin, and mouthed 'don't worry, I will'.

The goddess of the Moon gave him a death glare, and then pointed to her hunting knife, and then his crotch.

Percy simply covered it up, and mouthed 'evil, abusive girlfriends'.

Artemis froze at that. Percy classed her as his girlfriend? Her heart was doing jumping jacks at the thoughts.

Why am I like this? Yeah, we love each other... What's the big deal...? It's not like we've French kissed or anything... Artemis trailed off.

Errrr... You kind of did last night... There were tongues flying everywhere... A little voice squeaked.

Just shut it! And now I'm talking to myself! Ugh!" Artemis just boarded the bus and travelled to the far back, away from her annoying twin brother.

Percy sat in the driver's seat, and Apollo told him what was the gas and break.

The son of Poseidon didn't bother to let Apollo brace himself, and slammed his foot down on the gas.

Apollo was sent flying, and collided with the door of the bus. Unfortunately, the ever-so-annoying god of crappy poetry didn't fall out of the door.

"Slow down, Perce! You’re burning up the Earth!" Apollo tried to make a move towards Percy, but the immortal demigod just sped up, his eyebrows furrowed in determination. Camp Half-Blood was his home, and he wouldn't allow some faggot monsters savagely burn the place down to the ground.

Soon, the camp showed through the clouds, and Percy decided it was time to try something.

He made the bus do a nose dive, and that was the final straw.

"PERSEUS JACKSON! IF YOU DON'T SLOW DOWN RIGHT NOW, I'LL POST THE VIDEO AND PICTURES OF YOU AND MILADY SLEEPING TOGETHER, SO FATHER, POSEIDON AND APOLLO CAN SEE THEM!" Thalia screamed, forgetting that the entire hunt was on the bus. To put the cherry on top, Apollo was there to, and heard it all.

"You... Did... WHAT?!" Apollo seethed, and Percy suddenly braked and landed on the ground, sending Apollo sprawling across the floor.

"Sorry sun shine, but I have my home to save!" Percy ran out of the bus, accidentally kicking Apollo where said god doesn't shine.

Apollo wheezed and curled up into a ball, cradling his damaged groin.

The hunters and Artemis all piled out, only to see that Percy was long gone and dashing towards the Poseidon cabin.

Artemis and Zoë both glared at a green Thalia whom was currently throwing up... All over Apollo.

"Why in Hades did you say that?" Artemis seethed, glaring at her lieutenant.

"Sorry... It just came out..." Thalia belched all over Apollo again (on purpose, obviously).

"You're lucky I won't shoot you for ruining decent, quality blackmail material." Zoë glared a hole through her sister in arms.

"Wait... There was a video and pictures?" Artemis paled.

"Errr... Yeah... Percy knew..." Zoë didn't even get a chance to finish, as Artemis had already ran after her boyfriend, with her special knife drawn.

And the reason it was special was because the knife's main purpose was to carve men's genitals off, and slowly torture them to death.

"He's a dead man." Zoë mused to herself, before slapping Thalia round the back of the head.

"And that's for ruining the blackmail material." The daughter of Atlas then walked away and after her other fellow hunters.

Thalia looked down at her feet, and ran after her mistress and cousin, not being able to stand and listen to Apollo keep on throwing up (as she threw up on him), as well as cursing and spluttering many things about disrespectful hunters and a repeat of Orion.

Father's going to love this info... And send another hit man after the son of Poseidon... On second thought, I'll do it myself... He is just like Orion... But I'll wait until after the war - when no one shall care or notice." Apollo grinned, before releasing another round of vomit.

He then flashed away, his sun chariot with him.

And one thing Apollo never, ever messed about - sick bastards who try to 'knock up' his little sister.


SMASH! The son of Poseidon kicked down the locked door to his father's cabin.

Andy and Izzy were clearing up rubbish as Ryse sat on his bed reading a magazine.

"Help those two, scum bag. I'm busy as you can see." Ryse didn't even pay Percy any attention, not even realising that it was him.

"I'd rather them not tidy up you’re..." Percy gave Andy and Izzy a look to say 'cover up your ears', "... Crap, and do it yourself you fucking lazy ass piece of shit."

"Who do you - oh... Crap..." Ryse looked around for a window, and when he found one, he made a runner for it.

Percy just flicked his wrist and stabbed Ryse through the knee.

"Now, you’re going to lead the front line and great our enemies whenever they get here. If you don't... Well, let's just say this: I'll drag your sorry fucking ass all the way to the front line, and make sure that you get run through by 10,000 spears, swords, arrows and maces. And trust me - I'm dead fucking serious..." Percy withdrew from his withering and crying brother.

"Now," Percy scooped up a shocked Andy and Izzy, "it's time for training."


As much as Percy wanted Izzy to talk, she wouldn't budge. She wouldn't even laugh - the young girl would just stare at him with a blank expression, as if she didn't know emotion and how to communicate.

"So... When's the monster army due?" Percy asked Zoë as they stood outside his cabin. Ryse had pleaded Chiron to stay in the Big House or the infirmary - anywhere but the Poseidon cabin with Percy.

Percy expected to be punished badly, but he only got a warning and a pat on the back in some aspects.

"Not until sunset tomorrow. Artemis is rather pissed at you for not telling her about the photos and video." Zoë replied, and Percy chuckled slightly.

"Oh well, she'll live... Well, hopefully." Percy laughed, but the daughter of Atlas just blankly stared at him.

"You won't. Apollo knows, and Zeus probably will by now. And then the hunt knows as well, and are currently going over their book of unimaginable methods of torture." Percy huffed and puffed and raised his eyebrows as his friend warned him.

"For just sleeping in the same bed as Artemis?! Fucking hell..." He leaned against the wall, and banged the back of his head against the sea shells.

"Well... You were shirtless..." Zoë added, pulling a strange face.

Percy just shook his head in annoyance.

"What happened with sparky?" He changed the subject.

"Don't have a clue. I slapped her; Artemis threatened to throw her out of the hunt for it. She's probably with the others, sulking." Zoë shrugged.

"Go tell her to meet me at the beach please, Zoë." Pleaded Percy.

"Sure... You know, Percy, you’re like the brother I never had. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Aw, I'm so touched." Percy mocked, "Wittle Zoë called me hew bwotha."

"Put a sock in it or I'll do it for you." Zoë snapped, her eyes shining dangerously in the moon light.

"With pleasure, Star face." Percy joked, and Zoë arched an eyebrow at him. "I'm bad with nicknames, alright!" Percy confessed. "Jeez..."

Zoë just smiled and dashed off, seeming to melt away into the night.

But Percy couldn't help but shake off the feeling that something bad was going to happen tomorrow... Like someone close to him was going to die...

In other words, like Artemis was going to die - and it would be all his thought, just like Annabeth's death was.


Thalia was nervous. When Zoë passed her the message from Percy, the daughter of Zeus froze in fear.

She thought that Percy would kill her for spouting her mouth off on the bus, but Zoë assured her that it was only to have a talk - nothing more than a 'catch up' session.

When Thalia got to Long Island Sound, she saw Percy on the white beach, which was emitting a silvery glow thanks to the moon light shining on it.

The lieutenant of the hunt shuffled through the sand, alerting Percy - not that she knew.

"Are you going to sit, Thals?" Percy offered, and laid back and closed his eyes to listen to the calm waves lapping the shore.

Thalia took a seat next to Percy, and asked in a very timid voice, "Why do you want me?"

"Pinecone face, I'm not going to hurt you or anything. I want to see my cousin. Anything illegal with that?" Percy arched an eyebrow at his cousin.

Thalia let out a short laugh before lying back so she was level with Percy.

"Listen, kelp head, about earlier-"

"Nothing is to forgive Thals. I mean, they were going to find out sooner or later, were they not?" Percy grinned. "And when I was flying, a very bad smell hit the air. Just thought I'd ask though, did you have any skid marks in your undies?" The son of Poseidon joked, and Thalia electrocuted him.

"I hate you sometimes Perce... I really do..." Thalia laughed, and it went on like that for a few more hours until they said their goodbyes and went back to their cabins.

Percy walked into his cabin, and lay down on his bunk. Before he knew it, he was away in another vivid demigod dream, and a horrific image of what could happen in the battle that the next day had in store for them...

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