The Road to Darkness

Even the Moon Fades

No point of view:

Getting woken up by the sound of a cannon going off wasn't on Percy's 'what to do' list.

Then again, nor was camper's blood-curdling cries of pain and agony. Monstrous battle cries filled the late summer/early autumn air.

The son of Poseidon rolled out of bed, and hit the wooden floorboards with a rather loud THUD!

"What on freaking hell...?" Percy cursed, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"PERCY!" A girl screamed from outside his cabin, only to kick down the door seconds later. There, stood Thalia and Zoë, both in their hunting parkas.

"Come on, and get up! We need you on the frontline!" Zoë barked. Percy didn't even notice that his brother and sister were already up. Instead, they were right behind the huntresses.

"What's going on then? I know there are monsters there, so don't bother with telling me that." He shot up to his feet and threw on the clothes he had on yesterday, and his assassin gear on top.

"Ryse is trying to make camp's army march to their deaths by saying that we wait for camp borders to fall." Thalia answered. Why wasn't Percy surprised?

"Then let's get going!" Percy pushed past the two huntresses, but turned back to them. "Keep an eye on these two for me," Percy asked, referring to the little Andy and Izzy, "and make sure that they stay out of trouble and away from the fighting."

"You got it kelp head." Thalia grinned, which Percy returned without a second thought.

Now, let's see what monsters have death written at the top of their birthday list. Percy ran off to Thalia's pine, only to be greeted with a rather unpleasant sight.

There was an army of many monsters, and they were going to have some fun.

Then, a figure that still caused Percy nightmares entered the battlefield. There, stood Tartarus, his void-like face sucking in all light from around him.

"Now, my army, we fight for vengeance, and to help free our master from its demonic prison, so it may rain hell down upon the Olympians and their children!" Tartarus bellowed, and monstrous roars and crackles of laughter filled the air.

Percy pushed his way to the frontline, only to be greeted with a certain half-blood he distastes - Ryse.

"And the coward reveals himself!" Ryse jeered, not caring that his knee was in a bloody bandage dressing from last night’s 'disagreement'.

"Yeah, I've heard that one plenty of times." The son of the sea grumbled, and uncapped Riptide.

"Now, for those who don't know me, my name is Perseus Jackson, but I prefer 'Percy'." He announced, punching his idiotic brother in the face. Multiple 'who's and 'what's filled the air, and the sea spawn huffed. "Now, I am not one to brag, but I as well as two half-bloods and a satyr, killed Kronos. Then, eight of us, Roman and Greek, sent Gaea back into another millennia-long slumber after I failed to save the life of Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena." The members Athena cabin who knew her looked down in despair at the mention of the deceased sibling. "And now, a brand new threat threatens us. A small number of forty to fifty demigods stood by my side and we defended Manhattan from the savage army of Kronos. And then, 300 Spartans stood and took out a huge chunk out of the Persian army. Now we stand, and we will win! Also, I heard that Tartarus is rather nice this time of year to spend with your family and friends, so why don't we send them back for a little vacation with their family and friends. Now, enough of my ranting. EVERYONE WHO WILL STAND AND FIGHT FOR THEIR HOME, RAISE YOUR WEAPONS AND GIVE ME YOUR BATTLE CRY!" Percy roared.

His heart filled with pride when he heard all of their roars, eager to defend their home.

"WELL THEN... LET'S TAKE THE BATTLE TO THEM!" Percy bellowed, and turned to face the monster army.

Clarisse came up behind Percy and gave him a pat on the shoulder.

"Nice speech." The daughter of Ares complemented, and he grinned.

"Tell the archers to unleash the warm welcome. Then, we charge them using the Spartan phalanx formation. We will not lose a single camper today." With a nod, the child of war went back into the army and Percy followed, with the frontline going into phalanx formation. Clarisse began barking orders, and soon a barrage of arrows that blocked out the morning sun came down upon the army of hell.

"CHARGE!" Clarisse roared, and the Ares cabin led the phalanx formation, with Percy, the Hermes, Hephaestus and the minor god cabins right behind them. The hunters and Apollo cabins backed those up, with the Demeter, Dionysus and Aphrodite cabin (don't ask) at the back in case any monsters got through. Even Chiron was there in full battle armour that covered the majority of his horse of a lower body.

"Now I can have some FUN!" Tartarus pulled his enormous fist back and punched the barrier, shattering it. "CHARGE!" He bellowed, and the monster army met the demigod's charge, pushing the half-bloods back a few inches.

"HOLD!" Clarisse barked, not wanting to lose a sibling or camper.

Percy backed up; preparing to do something he does best - something completely insane. He looked back, and saw Artemis standing with Andy and Izzy, keeping an eye on the personification of the abyss and her boyfriend.

Giving his love a small nod, the son of Poseidon grabbed Ryse.

"Do me a quick favour, and I'll forgive you for being a dick to Andy and Izzy." Percy offered.

"What?" Ryse replied, tightening his grip on his spear and shield.

"Get down on your knees, and prepare yourself with your shield to catapult me over the phalanx so I can get to Tartarus over there." He pointed at the giant, and Ryse paled.

"S-sure br-brother..." Ryse stuttered, and got down on the floor as Percy asked.

"By the way," Percy began, "I still won't forgive you."

Ryse raised his shield, but that helped make Percy's jump higher and further.

He soared over the army... Well, most of it. He fell short of Tartarus by at least 200 - 300 metres.

And guess who caught him! Alecto, one of the three furies.

"Now honey..." It said in a sickeningly sweet tone.

"Oh, I am so not erasing text books again!" He jumped high and stabbed her in the face with Riptide.

Creatures with crimson red skin began to surround Percy. Their eyes burned like coals in a furnace, and their long obsidian talons reach approximately a metre long. Ripped muscles lined their bodies, covering them from head to toe. A long, curved horn protruded from each of their temples, reminding him of his good old pal the Minotaur.

Percy had to stifle a laugh as he realised that they had no clothes on - or genitals - just strange tattoos that looked like runes of sort.

Strange noises left their throats, as if someone was hitting a sack of cats with a metal baseball bat.

"How do you like my ghost demons, Perseus Jackson?" Tartarus mocked from the back of the army.

"I love them." The sea spawn replied dryly, and each of the demons ran at him.

"Demented... Fucking... Retarded... Pieces... Of... Shit..." Percy cursed as he cut down a demon down with each pause.

Tartarus wasn't pleased, as Percy was supposed to of been cut down. Oh well, he thought, I'll just go with plan B.

The personification of the abyss looked at Artemis watching the Percy two young siblings and soothing them from thinking that Percy was going to die.

She was also telling them stories that Percy never would tell them - about his quests, including battling the god of war, convincing Luke to turn on Kronos, saving her from Atlas and his curse, and ending when he slew Gaea and cut her in half, sending her back into her slumber for another five or so thousand years.

Then, a dark and evil presence entered her mind, and she turned to where Tartarus should be. Instead, he was casually strolling towards her, spear ready to kill.

The goddess would have stood her ground, but she couldn't allow the two young, innocent children to be in harm's way.

"Come on, we're going to get a bit more away from the battlefield." She ushered the kids to move back, summoning her own bow and arrow in the process.

Back with Percy, he ran Riptide through an empousa, flicked his wrist, and slit another one's throat open, creating a sickening fountain of black blood.

The son of Poseidon then took the legs of the Minotaur out from underneath it, and then used his hidden blade to slice its side open.

He then spun around, and sliced the head off of another demon and cut another in half.

Even Peleus was fighting for camp, as he barrelled into a Laistrygonian giant, and tore it apart with his razor sharp teeth.

Percy made it to the frontline, and patted Clarisse on the shoulder.

"Send them home." He told her, and he pushed his way through the sea of demigods.

He ran after Tartarus, but was already too late.

The deity was holding Artemis by the scruff of her neck, his spear poised for the kill.

A black liquid dripped from the spearhead.

"I'll let her go if you take off your assassin robes and burn them in an offering to me." It offered, and Percy complied. He created a flame at the hearth, which were only a few metres away from him.

"Don't do it Percy!" Artemis yelled, but Percy didn't listen.

He tossed it into the flames, and made offerings to not just Tartarus, but to the entire Olympian council so they could help him kill Tartarus.

"Good... Now for my end of the deal." It grinned, and ran Artemis through with his spear.

"NO!" Percy roared, and Tartarus threw her body at him. Percy caught her.

"Don't die on me Arty... Don't die..." Tears leaked from Percy's eyes as he held his dying girlfriend.

"It’s... Poison... The one they... Use to... Kill... Immortals... Percy... I... Love... You..." Artemis rasped, the silver flow in her eye darkening with each second.

Percy just kissed her, muttering 'I love you' over and over. Her body then dissolved into silver dust, and was swept away in the harsh winds.

"No..." Percy slumped down, and Tartarus cackled with laughter.

"Now, you can join her in the Void!" It jeered, and summoned some hellfire to blast the son of Poseidon with.

Black flames slowly began to surround the sea spawn, bathing him in a demonic light.

"You're going to pay dearly for that..." Percy snarled, and before Tartarus could register what was going on, black blood leaked from his abdomen.

His blood then began to boil, and the immortal screamed in pain and agony.

"Now, go crawl back into your pit and don't come back..." Percy snarled, and flew into the air so he was level with Tartarus. He then hacked away, and with a blood-curdling cry of pain, Tartarus collapsed to the ground into a pile of black flames, before seeping into the ground.

But Percy's bloodlust still wanted more. He flew towards the monster army, who began to retreat, and he began picking them off one by one.

None of them would survive. Not when they are in alliance with the murderer of his one and only true love: Artemis, goddess of the moon, hunt and maidens...

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