The Road to Darkness

A Request for Death

No point of view:

Nobody bothered to speak to him other than Thalia, Zoë, Andy and Izzy (Clarisse tried once, but failed - miserably).

The hunt had been disbanded, but none of them gave up their beliefs about males.

But nobody took it harder than Percy. He was getting more and more violent and continuously disappeared from camp for hours.

After a week, Percy didn't return. The pain had gotten too much. He couldn't handle it, so instead he went to the Olympian council.

"Why are you here, Perseus?" Zeus demanded, and Percy looked down. Quite a lot of gods and goddesses held a massive grudge against the son of Poseidon.

"You'll love my request, Zeus, as will Apollo." He began, "I wish to go to the Void, and rescue Artemis from there. If not, make me fade and send me to the Void. Either way, I'm doing you a favour."

Zeus just grinned. He raised his Master Bolt, and the smell of ozone filled the air.

"Very well... You shall DIE!" Zeus fired the bolt at Percy, but the lightning changed course and hit Apollo dead in the groin.

"WHO DARES-!?" Zeus began, but a voice containing so much power, that the king of the gods felt intense pressure on his back and shoulders bring him off of his throne and onto his hands and knees.

"I dare, Zeus."

Golden sand seeped in from the many cracks around the throne room, and began to take form of an old man with a six foot wooden staff. A small hour glass was fixed at the top of it, the same glowing golden sand that created the man.

"Lord Chronos..." The twelve Olympians got out of their seats and bowed before the newcomer.

"Get back to your seats, Olympians." The man waved them off, and all of them did as asked. None of them had the courage to stand up to the personification of time.

"Now, the reason for that I'm here for... Percy Jackson." Chronos pointed his finger at the son of the sea.

Percy was too baffled to even think. All that came out were strange noises that would remind you of a zoo full of wild animals.

"As the boy is too stunned to think, I'll have to tell you Olympians. Anyway, Percy wishes to travel to the void, does he not? It is not all that advisable to go, but I can make it happen." Chronos chuckled.

"Why would it not be good to go, lord Chronos?" Poseidon asked.

"The Spirit of Apocalypse... But it's full and proper name is Íta Trópidos, Katastroféas ton Kósmon. Or as you would call it Eta Carina, Destroyer of Worlds. It will arrive here to destroy Earth during when Percy is in the Void, and will destroy all. But, if he doesn't go, he can train and beat the demon and make it fade, but the Void will be destroyed - Artemis with it." Chronos explained, and Percy snapped back into reality when he processed the information he and the Olympian council were just given.

"I don't care; I'll do both if I have to." Answered Percy, clenching his fist in anger.

"Son of Poseidon, please think over your words. The Spirit of Apocalypse is destined to be destroyed by a mere demigod-turned-demon. If you go to the Void, you will have no time to get used to your new demonic abilities." Chronos tried to reason with the sea spawn.

"Then turn me into a demon before I go. I can learn while I'm in the Void." Percy retorted. He was going to save Artemis, and he was going to save the world.

"Perseus, please be rational. The side effects of the potion are deadly, and could severely weaken you - not to mention take away your abilities over the sea. You may also undergo a very horrific transformation for a short period of time (meaning a week or two)." Chronos warned, and Percy flashed the immortal his deluxe death glare.

"It doesn't matter. None of you will stop me from doing both, and that is final." Percy stormed out of the throne room, harsh winds slamming away anyone who dared go close to him.

Poseidon attempted to run after his son to calm him down, but instead, he was slammed in the abdomen. The pain felt like an RPG missile barrelling into him with the force of a horde of charging elephants.

He attempted to get up and run after Percy, but Chronos held him back.

"Let him go, sea god. I wouldn't doubt your son's abilities so easily. He will go... But he'll need a quest. APOLLO! Make sure that camp half-blood gets a prophecy!" The true time lord soothed Percy's father before barking orders at Apollo.

Percy went straight back to camp and to his cabin. He snatched up a backpack, and rammed spare clothes into it. He grabbed his secret stash of mortal money and drachmas, and put them in the backpack too.

He sat down on his bed, and kicked a coca cola can across the Poseidon cabin.

He pulled out a small picture of Artemis and him laughing at the beach. He had met up with her after Thalia had left the beach, and they just lay there, talking. He loved that moment... His favourite of them all.

The cabin door opened, and in can Thalia.

"Don't tell me you planned on going without me, Percy!" She yelled, and Percy shot herbs look saying 'yeah, whatcha going to do about it?'.

"Well, I'm going too! And I think Zoë does too!" Thalia declared.

"No, you’re not coming Thals." Percy answered, and stuffed the picture into his pocket.

"Yes we are, Perseus bloody Jackson! Now, you let us go or you'll lose your manhood!" Zoë threatened as she walked in, carrying two small bags.

She gave one to Thalia, before swinging her own onto her back.

"No means no, you two! Just leave me alone and go back to the disbanded hunt!" Percy snapped, and Thalia cracked her knuckles, Zoë drew her hunting knife.

"Then we'll have to convince you then, wont we?" The two shared the same evil grin, which would make you think that they were twins.

The two closed in on their prey, to 'convince' Percy to let them join him on his quest to free Artemis from the Void.


Artemis' point of view:

All I remember was darkness consuming me as my boyfriend and I kissed one last time.

Long before, when I was young and ambitious, I would always wonder what then Void was like. If it was Elysium Immortals, or Hell for us.

It is quite a peaceful place.

Iapetus, Hyperion and that were there. Damasen too. They told me that we shared a common enemy - Tartarus, Erebos, Moros and Eris.

I told them that I'd talk when they found a female. It took them a week, but soon they came with someone. Nyx.

I asked her why she was here, and she simply replied with 'Erebos captured me and made me fade.'

I knew it wasn't the full story, but it had to do. Hope began to leave my heart when she told me of how broken Percy was, and that my hunters had been disbanded.

Then, I learnt that Percy was coming and my heart jumped for joy. I could see him again, but she then told me of the side effects.

He would be a demon... Forever...


The explosion rippled through the emptiness of the universe. A black bolt of lightning shot from the forming black hole, and towards one of the biggest star around - Eta Carina.

A hyper-giant star, the longest living of its kind. It is a hundred times the size of the Sun and four million times brighter too - not to mention that it's living on borrowed time. The constant supernova-like matter it ejected is the only thing keeping it alive, as well as forming a harsh, destructive nebula which stretched over twelve trillion kilometres. Heat poured from the star, reaching approximately sixty million degrees Celsius.

A figure stepped out of the lightning, carrying a woman in chains. He had deep, blood red eyes and raven black hair which contrasted quite well with his pale white skin.

The woman whom he dragged in chains had onyx black hair, pale white skin and bright, glowing silver eyes. And they were ALL silver. A tattered black dress hung loosely over her body as she struggled in the brute's grasp.

"Let go of me, Erebos!" She hissed, and the man chuckled. His voice felt like someone running their nails down a chalk board in her mind.

"Shut it, bitch!" He roared. "You've betrayed me for the last time, Nyx!"

"Why are we even here?" She didn't want to look at him. She already fears him more than enough.

"Before Chaos faded, he gave you his power, did he not?" The personification of darkness asked, changing the subject.

"Yes... Why do you ask?" Nyx inquired, but then Erebos pulled out a 7 foot long sword which screamed evil.

"You will go into that nebula and to Eta Carina. You will look say 'arise Íta Trópidos, Katastroféas ton Kósmon'. Got it?" Erebos ordered, and Nyx's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.

"NO! I will most certainly NOT raise that monster! It will tear us all apart!" Nyx refused.


He kicked her, and she flew right into the nebula. The hot air began to boil the platinum ichor that ran through her veins, so she used Chaos' blessing to create a force field around her to reject the heat.

Still, she could feel the scorching heat singing away the hairs on her legs and arms, which had grown after being in Erebos' prison for a few weeks.

She found the star, and muttered the words. The blue hyper-giant began to cave in on itself. A gaping black hole appeared, and a taloned hand the size of a Volkswagen transporter emerged.

Nyx took that as the hint to run.


A monstrous roar came from behind her. She risked a look, only to see a thing blacker than night charging after her, it's mangy yellow teeth bared and dark golden reptilian slits it had for eyes Glowing brighter than the sun.

The nasty jagged scar still ran diagonally across its left eye from when Nyx, Ouranus, Chaos and Chronos sealed it away, and Chaos cut it up for harming his baby girl.

She ran out of the nebula and lowered her force field so she could travel faster, and she flew over to her ex-husband.

"STOP!" He roared as the monster's head broke out of the nebula.

"Now, to deal with you..." A sadistic grin etched its way onto his face, and he sliced at her abdomen in a failed attempt to kill her, as she flew backwards.

The blade made a shallow cut, but her silver eyes glowed with hatred; she roundhouse kicked Erebos in the side of the head, and he flew into the forming black hole.

She teleported away, with the only person whom she could trust.


She flashed into his palace within the hourglass nebula, and she pulled out a small vial of red liquid so dark, that it made black look white.

As if knowing she would appear, she was flashed into the true time lord's palace where she was greeted by an elderly Chronos.

"Nyx! Oh Chaos, what happened to you?!" He demanded, helping her to his throne when he noticed her wound.

It didn't look fatal, but the platinum ichor was slowly draining from her body.

"Erebos..." She rasped, "Has sword... Created by father..." She swallowed deeply.

"Take your time." He soothed her, ripping off a sleeve of her dress to make a bandage and stop the bleeding.

"Íta Trópidos... Katastroféas ton... Kósmon is free..." She placed the vile in his hands. "Give it to Perseus Jackson... He must become... A demon... To save Artemis... And the... Universe... And tell him... That his... His mother was..." She didn't say no more.

Chronos shed his first tear in ten million years when he felt one stream of sand stop. The timeline of Nyx had ended... She was dead.

But one thing still bugged him. How come the Sands of Time in Artemis' stream still continue to grow, even though she is in the Void?

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