The Road to Darkness

Great! Deformed Attackers!

No point of view:

The two vanished in a bright silver flash of light. A puddle of crimson blood stained then ground, and a pile of arrows clattered to the ground next to it - all of them coated in a thick layer of fresh blood.

With a roar of the held in pain, he was engulfed in dense purple flames.

The deformed monster in front of him was burnt and killed, its insides cooking. It exploded, and the boy in purple flames glared at the one who killed his sister.

All he saw was red, and he charged forwards. He was a blur of purple.

But then, a small voice entered the back of his mind... His one and only true love... She was coaxing him... Soothing him in fact...

The flames died down, but that didn't stop him from unleashing his wrath upon his twisted sibling.

When he was beaten and bloody, he was pulled off of the figure beaten to a pulp.

Silver eyes met with his.

The girl kissed him... But it was not real... It was an illusion... A mere false projection of the mind.

But it only made his need for her stronger.



"Remind me to never say 'no' to you two again..." Percy grumbled as he massaged his bloodstained bandaged arm from where the two girls maimed him.

"Get over it, kelp head!" Thalia and Zoë just laughed.

The son of Poseidon hadn't stopped complaining ever since their little trip to Olympus begun an hour or so ago.

After an agonizing long wait, Argus pulled up to the curb and let the three partly immortal teens out a block away from the Empire State Building.

He still carried strong amounts of anger within him, but Zoë and Thalia were now beginning to feel it affect them. And neither of them liked it.

The stroll to Olympus was slow, a minute seeming like an hour, a second like a minute... Well, you get the idea.

"So, Perce... Who exactly gave you the chance to save Artemis?" Thalia piped up, getting bored with the never-ending silence.

"Chronos, the true lord of time. He gave me two options: stay here, become a demon and save the world; or I go to the Void and save Artemis." Percy answered. He wasn't exactly in the mood to go explain in any more detail.

"And you chose to save Artemis..." Zoë blurted out, a looking off into the distance.

"No, Zoë, Percy wouldn't let the world fall just like that. He will find a way to do both, as he's too loyal to let the world burn or allow Artemis to remain faded any longer." Thalia argued, and the son of Poseidon had to hold back the smirk tearing its way onto his face. Thalia would always stick up for him and acted like the sister he never had, even when they'd been arguing 24/7 beforehand.

"Is that a smile I see, kelp head?" the daughter of Zeus mocked, noticing Percy's smirk. It then broke into a smile.

"Yeah, it's the smile where I'm thinking of a few ways on how to shut a certain pinecone face up." Percy joked, only to get an electrical charge run through his body, and his left arm to go into a mini spasm.

The three continued talking, and before they knew it, they were at the Empire State building.

Well... It was just across the street. A jolt of uneasiness ran throughout Percy's mind, before a distant growl caught the attention of his ears.

It was deep and menacing, and then a glint of gold caught his eye.

"Thalia, get out Aegis and both of you get your weapons ready..." Percy's eyes followed the gold blur.

A loud roar cut through the air, silencing the street. Then, screams of terror erupted.

Multiple innocents were tossed into the air, as the monster charged at the three.

"Took it long enough to crawl out of Tartarus." Percy growled, and pulled his two female companions as a lion the size of a garbage truck leapt over them.

The son of Poseidon would've called it the Nemean Lion, but it was seriously deformed. It's teeth seemed to be all over its muzzle, the tail seemed to be split into many thin strings of flesh and fur, and golden bones were on the outside of its body, making it look quite a bit like an arachnid (just the skeleton on the outside). Its claws were nonexistent, instead sharp bristles made up its legs, not even forming the legs properly.

Percy couldn't help but feel a tiny bit sorry for its deformed state, but all of that was thrown out of the metaphorical window when it tossed over a bus full off school children.

Then sea spawn whipped out his handgun and fired the entire mag of twelve bullets upon the beast.

Immense pain entered his heart, and before either Thalia or Zoë could even summon their bows and arrows, Percy pushed them away, and the Nemean Lion charged the son of the sea.

He tried to find another mag, but came up empty. He tossed his duffle bag and gun to Thalia, and ordered "Find a mag of bullets for that gun, and shoot this son of a birch!"

He wouldn't dare say anymore, as a gold blur rammed into his gut, driving the wind from his lungs. Specks of dark red blood fled from Percy's lips, and he grabbed a hold of the first thing he could reach. And it made him feel extremely sick.

He plunged his hand deep into its eye sockets, feeling the remains of the eyes explode and drip blood and water all over his hands. He certainly won't be having an appetite for supper tonight.

Percy grasped onto the insides of the eye sockets, trying his best to ignore the gross slime in his hands and the awful stench that wafted into his nostrils.

It reminded Percy of Ladon's breath... And that was unpleasant. He was still trying to get that smell out of his clothes he wore when he encountered the dragon on mount Tamaulipas, AKA mount Tam.

Now isn't the time to defocus, he scolded himself, I have to keep this thing distracted long enough for Thalia to find a bullet to shoot it with.


Three arrows buried themselves deep into the deformed monster's left flank.

With a sharp growl, Percy removed his right hand, flicked his wrist, and drove his hidden blade deep into the Nemean Lion's skull.

With a cry of pain, it ran into a brick wall in an attempt to get the son of Poseidon off of it.

"Anytime soon, Thals!" Percy yelled, grunting in pain as Zoë missed a shot at the deformed beast's head and grazed his side. It didn't look bad, but Percy felt like he was about to die. Multiple sharp teeth penetrated his lower abdomen. He could feel the blood slowly slithering out of his wounds and down his body.


A gun shot was fired. But it wasn't his gun. It was too high pitched for his gun.

Thalia was now shooting multiple projectiles at a figure who looked a lot like Percy... Orion.

Orion shared look with Percy, and it was a complete contrast to Percy's look. Well, both had the killer's intent and an evil shine within them.

The twisted half-brother of Percy pulled out three throwing knives and a dagger. With a sharp movement, he stabbed Zoë in the leg, preventing her from moving.

"Zoë!" Thalia yelled, and unleashed many arrows onto Orion. The fallen constellation just grinned, and all of them stopped in mid-air. They all seemed to turn around so they were facing the lieutenant of the now disbanded hunt.

"THALIA!" Percy roared, but it was too late. Before the arrows could come into contact with her body, she and Zoë both vanished in a flash of silver light.

A burning hit Percy like a lorry driving over his 'special place'.

No! This... Is... The... Last... TIME! Percy mentally screamed, and all too familiar deep purple flames engulfed the son of Poseidon.

All colour drained from Percy's vision, leaving the world he saw in black and white. Blue people were dotted around the place, in buildings, but his eyes were focused on the red figure. The deformed Nemean Lion was dead at his feet, and melted away into golden dust.

Orion's grin turned into a frown, his eyes gave up their shine for blood to glistening with fear.

The smell of it filled his nostrils.

Percy ran towards Orion. A nagging at the back of his mind was begging him to stop.

Percy remembered the voice, and the aura of purple flames slowly died down. But he still pulled his fist back and pummelled it into Orion's face. He didn't stop there though.

Percy continued to wail punches upon Orion's stunned form, not allowing him to regain his senses.

Eventually, Percy was pulled off by strong hands. He looked up, to see Artemis. He was about to kiss her, when he saw that it was Apollo.

"Whoa, dude! Don't you even think about turning gay! Arty would kill us both, and I don't fancy spending an extended vacation in Tartarus!" Apollo yelled, and flashed the him and Percy away from the ruined street.

"What... What happened to the mist? The mortals... They saw it all..." Percy muttered, feeling slightly weak.

"It's fading, Perseus. Now, sleep, I need to stitch you up as I did to your two lady friends." The sun god answered, and knocked Percy out.

At least their fine... Percy was relieved that the two were alive, but he still new that he wouldn't get the peaceful sleep he needed... He would only see blood and carnage, before seeing a dragon darker than night with golden eyes glowing so bright that the sun would look like a ball of black.

"Sleep..." Percy muttered weakly, before the darkness overcame him.

In the distance, within deep space 7.9 light years away, a black dragon slowly flew towards the Earth, bloodlust gleaming brightly in its glowing golden eyes.

Next to it; hovered a man wrapped in a black cloak. Erebos.

"Soon, Perseus Jackson, your precious little world will crumble as will you. In the end, despite all of your efforts, you shall fall! My brother made a worthy sacrifice, and a foolish mistake. I WILL CRUSH YOU!" The primordial of darkness whipped out his sword, and made a tear through space.

"I'll meet you there. I have some… Err… Business to attend to…" Erebos barked at the black dragon. It puffed out black smoke as its master entered the wormhole and closed behind him.

"I would love to face this Perseus Jackson myself... But in time, as I am still weak from my eternal imprisonment. I am Íta Trópidos, Katastroféas ton Kósmon! I will shake the foundations of the universe! I… AM… APOCALYPSE!" It roared, shaking the very foundations of the Milky Way Galaxy, and the rest of the universe.

And that was only a very small portion of its power…

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