The Road to Darkness

A Father's Betrayal

No point of view:

A day soon passed. And then another. And another. Soon days turned into weeks, and weeks into months.

Many claimed them to of died. Others said that they abandoned them. But the most realistic one was that they were on their quest still, but struggling quite a lot.

He watched them through a sphere of light, but soon is dissolved into dust as the throne room doors were slammed open.

One of the many men within his army stood there, panting heavily.

"What is it, soldier?" The man demanded, rising from his throne.

"Sir," The guard wheezed, "You eldest son is attacking, killing the others with a mere flick of the wrist."

Fear was laced in the soldier's voice. Fear filled the man's deep grey eyes. Running a hand through his dark hair, he sighed deeply. He was hoping that he would never have to fight again, but his time of retirement would have to wait.

"Lieutenant, where is my armour?" The man demanded. He was seriously going to regret this.

"Milord, it is highly recommended that you take the next flight out of here! I am sorry for my tone of voice, but the Dark One will kill you!" The soldier cried.

"It's not my life you should be concerned about - you should your own. Take the next space ship out of here. I need to have a few words with my son..." The king pushed past his lieutenant and marched towards the armoury.

The sounds of battle filled the colony of Chaotica. Chaotica was a floating island with seven others floating around it, each and every one of them connected by dark matter.

But the central city was in turmoil. Smouldering craters loomed the area; dark shadow-like creatures lurked through the dark corners, killing anyone who came near them.

Then again, an army of angels marched through the city. Both sets of creatures had a leader.

One had bright blonde hair and icy blue eyes. He radiated so much light that not even Apollo in his sun chariot could suppress it. He had huge angelic wings protruding from his back, and wielded a spear made out of light.

The other one wore a hooded black cloak, but the burning blood red eyes gave who it was away.

"Father, when can we destroy Chaos?" The bright boy asked, eager to slay his grandfather.

"Soon, Aether. He shall be here in little time, and then we may destroy him for banishing us from Chaotica, our islands with it." Erebos soothed his son, leaning on his well overly large sword.

Chaos knew of their plans. But he never expected Aether to turn his back on him so soon into the war.

Like father, like son... But where did I go wrong with Erebos? Chaos asked himself as he slammed on some armour and smashed his glass cabinet which contained his sword.

But for some reason, Chaos had a feeling that he will not survive the battle to come with him verses his own flesh and blood - his son and grandson.

A space was awaiting the creator in case the fight got out of hand and he was forced to retreat.

Chaos marched out into the courtyard, leaning over slightly thanks to the weight of his sword.

"So, Chaos," Greeted Erebos, a sadistic grin plastered upon his face, "you finally decided to join the party."

"Erebos... Where did I ever go wrong with you?" Chaos asked, tears threatening to spill.

"You went wrong at every single method! Now Aether, make your father proud." Erebos sneered, and the protengoi of the upper heavens charged his grandfather.

"I'm sorry, Aether..." Chaos muttered, and swung his sword at him.

Aether simply blocked it and sliced Chaos's left cheek open. Platinum ichor bled from the wound.

With the flat of his blade, Aether smacked the creator upside the head, sending him sprawling across the courtyard.

Aether kicked off Chaos' helmet.

"Do you want the honours, fa-URRRGGGHHHH!" Aether spluttered, and coughed up ichor. He looked down to see his father's sword running right through his body, his heart on the tip of the sword.

"Erebos... W-wh-why...?" Aether rasped, and grunted in pain as his father kicked him off of his sword.

"You disgust me, Aether. I am ashamed to ever call you son." He decapitated the personification of the upper heavens, and watched as his son's head rolled away in joy.

"Now father, any last words?" Erebos sneered, his sword point at his father's throat.

"A few actually... You’re a fucking twat!" Chaos snarled through gritted teeth.

With a roar of anger, Erebos rammed his sword all the way to the hilt through his father's body.

Then, the body morphed into a manikin.

"You slimy... GAH! I'll get him and that army of Chaos later. I have some lives to haunt..." Erebos cursed, before dropping a small pill onto the ground.

The second the protengoi of darkness had melted into the shadows, the pill began to expand before it exploded, causing a supernova explosion.

Luckily, Chaos and his escape pod were a good distance away.

"Where to, milord?" One man asked.

"Earth, men. We will help the Olympians stop Íta Trópidos, Katastroféas ton Kósmon one and for all." Chaos ordered, and the ship shot off faster than the speed of light.


Percy wasn't having a good day. First of all, he gets beaten up by Thalia and Zoë, then they got assaulted by a deformed Nemean Lion and Orion, then Orion injures both of the girls (which resulted in Percy going rage mode and beating his brother to a pulp). To top it all off, he nearly kissed Apollo - but the sun god did look just like Artemis.

Then again, he was currently having a spaz attack. Apollo and Chronos had injected the demon blood into Percy's veins, and they were both shocked that Percy's reactions were this quick.

Zoë and Thalia had recovered fairly quickly and were up and jumping around in no time.

Percy though, was a complete and utter different story. Instead, he was locked and sealed away within an endless nightmare.

He was currently wondering around a dense forest. The sun glared down at the son of Poseidon, blasting wave after wave of heat at him.

Slowly, though, the sunlight began to vanish. But it wasn't behind a cloud... Or the moon.

Instead, a small black dot appeared on the sun, and began to grow. An eerie light was cast over the world, and all of the wildlife seemed to drop down dead.

Percy's head snapped upwards as a deep rumble came from above.

Light was slowly drained from the world, and inhaled by the black dot. It soon covered the entire sun, but continued to grow.

A deep, menacing, ancient laugh filled the air.

"So... This is the fabled son of Poseidon? Don't look like much... Oh well... Perseus Jackson, as we speak you slowly become like me: a demon. The blood that now runs through your veins is my own. I have a very rare generous offer to give you though... Join me, Perseus, and we shall rule the cosmos together! I will give you your precious Artemis back, and give you your own galaxy to rule! Slay Chronos, and I shall grant your deepest desires... What do you say?" The voice offered. Percy knew who it was instantly.

The Spirit of Apocalypse.

"How about this: shove that deal up your mother fucking ass you over sized wank stain!" Percy yelled up at the sky, and the world around him dissolved into nothing, only for Percy to fall through black clouds.

The black sun was little above him, tearing up chunks of cement, soil and metals. Not even 12 tonne Lorries were safe, as they were heaved up and into it.

"This is what you call a Black Hole, Perseus Jackson. This is what will happen to your world as you denied my most generous offer. Now, you will watch everyone you love burn!" It the beast roared, and a dragon head darker than night itself slithered out of the black hole.

Its eyes shone brighter than any star - brighter than light itself.

Percy came into collision with the ground. He saw puddles of golden ichor littering the streets of Manhattan. The Empire State building burned, nearly all collapsed in on itself. Not a single soul was alive in the barren wasteland of what the proud city of Manhattan used to stand.

It was obvious that Olympus wasn't in the sky. Market stalls he remembered seeing during his occasional stroll through the streets of Olympus littered the ground or floated high in the air, all of the rubble sharing the same fate: to be crushed by the catastrophic gravitational field that the black hole had surrounding it.

The son of Poseidon slowly stood up, and glared daggers at the Spirit of Apocalypse.

"If this world dies, then I will avenge it. As long as I live and breathe, not even death will stop me from tearing you apart..." Percy snarled, and uncapped his trusty sword - Riptide.

Well, he thought that it was Riptide.

It was shaped just like Riptide, but instead of celestial bronze, it was forged with an alloy of gold and silver... Electrum.

He just shrugged it off, as the dragon head looked like it was ready to retreat.

"Where did you get that?!" It demanded.

"Don't have a freaking clue, but it's going to be the last thing you see or feel!" Percy threatened, and the dragon fully swooped out of the black hole.

It was probably the size of the moon, but that didn't stop it from maintaining its altitude.

With an ear-splitting roar, it dived down at the son of Poseidon.

Percy brought his sword back, and at the last second he unleashed a battle cry and swung his sword in a huge arc.

His sword didn't make contact with Íta Trópidos, but the dragon recoiled and retreated back to the black hole.

"Grrrrrr... I have two immortals wanting a pick at you, so why not now? In your dream?" The monster grinned, trying not to show its fear of the sword Percy wields.

"Awww, is little Íta Trópidos scared of my brand spanking new sword?" The son of Poseidon teased the Spirit of Apocalypse.

With a snarl of anger, the dragon summoned the last two people Percy thought he would see there.

"Phobos! Deimos! He's all yours!" The two said gods flashed in, both of them standing on platforms of black energy.

"Now, Perseus Jackson, it's time for round two!" Phobos challenged, drawing his sword. Deimos copied his brother's example, and the twins charged the waiting son of Poseidon.

"Never gets old..." Percy grunted and leapt backwards, right to the edge of the flying platform he was on. The twin gods of horror and fear strode towards Percy, both swinging their swords in a figure of eight.

Knowing that if he didn't get off of the chunk of road soon, he would be crushed by the sheer mass and gravitational pull of the black hole, Percy leapt off of it and crashed into a pile of rubble which once was a part of the Empire State building.

Deimos and Phobos followed the sea spawn, but instead they just floated down like a feather.

Scrambling out of the rubble, Percy scampered off to a good 100 metres away from the twins.

"Come and play, Perseus... We will give you a real reason to be scared..." They said simultaneously, proper creeping said immortal demigod out.

Images began to flash through Percy's mind, showing him what he feared most.

He was surrounded by black flames, which stole all of the light around them from the air. A dragon was a little bit less than a kilometre from him, and in its jaws was a limp Artemis, crimson blood spilling from every single wound that the daggers caused.

Then, spotlights lit up the area. Thalia, Zoë, Nico, Poseidon, Hestia, Nyx, Sally and all of his other friends littered the ground, all looking at the son of Poseidon. Each and every single one of the corpses was ghostly white from no blood, all laying in a pool of their own blood.

Percy trembled in anger, but then he saw something else. The images changed, showing Percy another fear. For some reason, it felt greater than the first set of images.

Annabeth and he were back together, in love, with a world of nothing but darkness, fire, and lightning and dead bodies. There was the same black hole behind them, as well as an army of demons.

He was tossed out of his biggest fear, but when he left, he only felt anger - and the desire to kill.

Phobos charged Percy, only to get cut down by a wild slash from Percy.

Deimos then charged. Nobody killed his twin brother and got away with it.

Percy rolled under the swing, and parried a shot coming down upon his head. He sprung up and delivered an almighty kick to Deimos' chest.

The god was sent sprawling across the dusty ground, only to end up with his head amputated. It rolled off and into a pile of debris.

The demigod then turned back to Íta Trópidos, only to see a huge golden eye in front of him.

"Now, you die!" The planetary sized dragon then ate Percy - whole...

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