The Road to Darkness

Demons and a Demigod-Demon Hybrid

No point of view:

A loud crash was heard from the infirmary.

It seemed that Percy had just woken up from his nightmare, so Thalia and Zoë dashed into the room.

He was awake and standing up - but barely. Leaning on the bed, Percy just about managed to stand.

"How do you feel?" Thalia asked, walking over to him. Apollo was in the background, watching the scene unravel.

"Like I got hit by train, run over by a tank, and the swallowed up by a certain dragon I have come to hate..." Percy complained, stretching his back until he heard a satisfying crack.

"Chronos is here you know. So you might want to get to the throne room." Apollo announced, before flashing out.

Zoë muttered multiple curses about dim-witted sun gods.

As fast as they could, the three dashed over to the throne room. When they got there, Percy and that weren't all to surprise to see the entire council gathered together, as well as all of the minor gods and goddesses. Even Terminus was there, his head glued onto his body the wrong way round.

Thirteen of the Olympians were sat on their thrones, and Percy had to bite back a sniffle when he noticed that Artemis' throne was nothing... Didn't even exist. Apollo glared hard at the son of Poseidon, still resenting him for the death of his twin sister. Zeus, on the other hand, was loathing Percy. The temptation to smite the immortal demigod was pretty tempting, but Zeus really didn't look forward to an angry Poseidon, Hestia and that trying to kill him... Probably most of Olympus would be after his ass.

Chronos stood in the middle of the throne room, leaning on his staff for extra support.

"Say goodbye, as this may be the last time you see them." Chronos warned. Only Percy listened, as he said farewell to his father and motherly figure. Both crushed him in a tight embrace, before releasing him.

Zeus was slightly hurt for the fact that his own daughter just glared at him, as if a piece of gum she had found on the bottom of her shoe.

Chronos then rammed the butt of his staff members into the golden floor of the Olympian throne room, and the four melted away into golden sand...


Now, a luxury swim through sand was something that Percy never will want to do again. Sand crawled into his mouth, and slowly choked him.

Then, he was unexpectedly dragged underneath the surface of the sand, only to get spat out onto a stone platform. An eerie purple glow illuminated the area around him.

Percy slowly rose to his feet, and took in the area around him. Torrents of purple flames were spewed up into the sky, and black mountains that cried evil lurked around the horizon. The sky was a dark blue, with a blood-red moon lighting up the night sky.

As if on cue, a cry of fright came from above Percy. Looking up, he saw two girls get whisked out of the sky by two flying figures. Zoë and Thalia!

Chronos materialized next to him, an angry expression written across his face.

"Stupid gargoyles, don't know when to stop..." The old man snarled, seeming to age with every single second.

"What the Hades just happened?!" Percy growled, grabbing the Protengoi of time by the collar of his shirt.

"I am sorry, Perseus, but you must rush if you wish to get them back alive... Speaking of which, your first part of the demonic transformation begins... Now!" Chronos announced, and then a burning pain entered the sea spawn's back.

The son of Poseidon hunched over, and a warm liquid began to trickle down his back. Something began to emerge from where his shoulder blades were.

After five long, agonizing minutes, the pain began to gradually dull down to a stinging sensation. Percy began to rise up, but not too quickly as the pain still lingered there.

The second he was fully up on my feet, (and the pain had died down) the demon rolled his shoulders.

There was a heavy weight on his back. Percy couldn't tell what it was, but when he turned his head, Percy probably had a heart attack. There, were two leathery bat-like wings, both faintly flapping about.

"Now, I'll take my leave Perseus Jackson. You better hurry up if you wish to save your friends." Chronos then vanished into a vortex of sand.

Looking up, he saw that the closest demon was only a mile away, high in the sky.

Thinking about stretching out his wings, the bat wings did. Now this is a good time for a test flight! He mentally shrugged, and ran in the direction of the closest gargoyle.

Diving over the edge of the platform, demigod-turned-demon flew after it, narrowly missing numerous torrents and vortexes of purple flames.

He began to rise up into the air, and turned out to be only a hundred or so metres behind the gargoyle.

Silver arrows seemed to shoot any incoming demons, and multiple flashes of silver lit up, so neither Zoë nor Thalia was not going to give up so easily.

Then again, Thalia would be screaming her head off - not to mention that she would be zapping her capturer with bolts of lightning. So it was Zoë he was going after.

The son of Poseidon shot upwards, and narrowly missed the gargoyle.

With an ear-splitting screech, the demon spat multiple pellets of purple fire at Percy. He dodged them, swooping low and rolling out of the fireballs' way.

Outstretching his hand, the champion of Hestia launched a bright orange flame straight at the demon. He had to be careful not to burn Zoë. He really didn't fancy losing his family jewels so soon into his life.

It hit home, and screwed up the gargoyle's disproportioned face even more.

It roared in pain, and released the disowned daughter of Atlas from its taloned grasp.

All Percy could do was watch as she plunged down into the fiery depths of the distorted world. Faster than light itself, Percy dived straight down after his friend.

Many hollers and cries came from behind him, but for the first time ever, Percy's mind was only set on one thing: saving Zoë. He snatched her out of the air just before they reached the purple flames. Outstretching his wings, Percy broke their fall, flapping his wings in huge arcs.

Zoë looked at him, her eyes the size of dinner plates.

"Percy..." She began, "thank you."

"No problem... Now, let’s kick some demon ass!" Percy grinned, throwing another fireball at a gargoyle.

"Hopefully you can shoot like this..." Before Zoë could retort, Percy flipped her over, holding her around the waist with his right hand.

"Oh please, this is easier than taking candy from a baby." Zoë grinned, and a shocked look grew upon Percy's face.

"You steal candy from babies?! How evil can you get?!" Percy said, a mock ashamed look written across his face.

"We're forgetting Thalia, you idiotic male." Zoë rolled her eyes, and Percy dashed off in the direction he came from, after his beloved cousin.

Hold on Thals, we're coming for you... Percy thought, ignoring the strain on his wings because of the extra weight they had to carry.

It was not all that easy carrying Zoë while chasing a gargoyle a few miles up ahead of you. He wasn't calling her fat or anything, but he only just got them…And Zeus knows how he managed to fly not even a minute after he got them.

Anyway, he was right about what Thalia would be doing. She is currently zapping the living crap out of the gargoyle that carried her off to wherever its base was.

Waves of anxiety kept on washing over Percy. He was really worried about Thalia, and he seriously doubted that the demons would have a heart and not torture her.

All of a sudden, a sharp burning pain entered the son of Poseidon's back.

Above him, lurked six gargoyles, each uglier than the other.

"Zoë! Get ready for some high-speed target practice!" He warned, and tossed her up into the air. She landed on Percy's back, just above his waist.

"Shoot the ones chasing us and above! I have below and in front sorted!" Percy barked, and the daughter of Atlas spun around so she was facing the opposite direction.

Clamping her muscular legs around Percy's waist, she began shooting many arrows at the demons chasing them.

With every demon that died, two more seemed to take its place - a lot like a hydra.

Percy was also taking them out - blasting them with fireballs and torrents of water.

"HANG ON!" Percy roared over the blood-curdling sound of demons dying.

Zoë grabbed Percy's legs and leaned over. As if on cue, Percy suddenly dropped out of the sky. All Zoë saw was a massive explosion that eradicated every demon above them.

A distant cry of help reached the son of Poseidon's ears. Thalia!

Ending his dive, Percy swerved into the direction of his cousin's scream.

Percy could faintly make out a huge demonic castle in the direction of the scream.

"How do you feel about trashing a party, Zoë?" Percy asked as she spun around, so she was now resting in the crook between his wings.

"I don't see why not..." She commented, and with a grin, Percy darted off in the direction of the castle, hell-bent on saving his cousin from the demons' grasp.


Somewhere dark, and gloomy... In other words, a hellhole...

The mysterious figure slammed his hand against the iron table in front of him.

Nothing seemed to be going right. The demon blood was supposed to kill the son of Poseidon, not enhance his abilities.

Then, a huge glob of spit landed on the demon's shaven head, and dribbled down the side of his face.

He snapped upwards, and snarled at the prisoner in the cage above him.

"Your friends shall never find you, birch. They are currently rotting in the dark flames that take up the majority of this world." He sneered, and the prisoner spat again.

"Oh trust me, Percy's going to fucking rip you apart when he gets his hands on you..." She hissed, her teeth bore back into a snarl.

Her glowing electric blue eyes were the easiest way to identify her, both of them shining through her slick hair that hid most of her facial features; but with the punk clothing, lightly tanned skin and raven black hair; you would know who it was within seconds.

Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus and lieutenant of the hunt.

"I would love to see him try... But, then again... He will eventually give into his inner demon, and destroy the world he once loved. The last thing you'll ever remember is when your dear cousin carves you apart and drains you of your blood!" The demon laughed devilishly, before kicking off of the table as he sat in his wheeled, human-skin desk chair.

The chair was a variety of colours, from reds and yellows to black and grey. The armrests, wheels and leg of the chair were made from fresh human bones, which looked as if they were harvested from the mortal's body that very day.

Reaching the fridge, the demon opened it up wide and pulled out a bottle of a red substance. Blood.

Thalia nearly brought up her breakfast when the revolting scent reached her nostrils.

The demon got a can of something that had 'brain juice' engraved into the can. He got a pint glass from a cupboard, and poured the blood and brains into it.

After resealing the brain juice and putting both back in the fridge, he pulled out a jar of eyeballs.

Then, Thalia threw up. All over the desk.

"An eye-blood-brain, Miss Grace?" The demon asked in a sickly sweet tone, dropping five eyeballs into the evil concoction.

He put them back into the fridge before closing it. Gingerly grabbing his drink, the demon took a massive gulp of the drink.

He wheeled back over to his desk, and fished out an eyeball. You could see that it was blood shot, with a few veins still full of blood.

A bit of muscle and veins still dangled from the back of the eye, but the demon didn't seem to care. He just popped it into his mouth, and chewed it slowly, squashing the sclera, pupil and iris in his sharp choppers. Blood dribbled from his dark grey lips and a bit of muscle escaped. Without a care in the world, the demon just slurped it up like someone did when they ate Chinese noodles.

He then inhaled the last of the drink remaining eyeballs, when the prison door was slammed open. Screams filled the air above.

A demon stood there, panting heavily.

"Master... They have... Penetrated our... Base..." The demon panted. His golden Mohican were dripping with sweat, and his face was covered in black blood from other demons.

"Then destroy them!" The master barked, "We cannot afford to lose the prisoner!"

"I told you he would come for me..." Thalia snarled, her eyes narrowed as she glared daggers at the demon. She occasionally eyed her canister of made, which was on the master's desk. At least the demons were dumb enough to not take her bracelet.

"Silence, Thalia Grace! You will die if necessary, but you shall NOT leave alive!" The demon snarled, and the soldier left hesitantly.

And the demon master meant every word he said. Neither of the three would reach the Void - dead or alive.

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