The Road to Darkness

One Way to Screw Up a Rescue Mission

No point of view:

Not a lot of people enjoy a surprise party. Especially Perseus Jackson.

Percy kicked down the door to the demon castle, and was instantly given a warm greeting involving blood, a few amputations and needs of a heart transplant. You could throw in swords; a few maces, spears, shields and a rubber ducky (don't even bother asking).

Nothing he couldn't handle. He even let Zoë handle the rubber ducky group... As... Well... She takes candy from babies (yes, he still goes on about it - problem?).

Another horde of demons charged out from the sky walk above... Okay, they more jumped... But what was the difference...?

Back to the fight - Zoë and Percy killed the demons within a few seconds.

Come on, seriously?! They dish out their weakest demons first (the welcoming committee were harder than them), but then the next in line? The leader, who turns out to make Typhon and Kronos look like playground bullies...? His arse was they.

"Come on, demons! Give us a challenge!" Percy yelled, his voice echoing throughout the castle.

A deep grunt was heard from below.

The pair of them looked down, and it seemed as if the floor itself had turned to glass.

Beady red eyes looked up at them. By the size of them, Percy could only guess that this thing was around the same size as Typhon.

Twenty or so demons broke out of the dark corners, each the size of each god in their godly heights.

Zoë drew back her bow, an arrow notched already. She shot one right between the eyes, but her next arrow narrowly missed her friend: Percy.

He seemed to be bending the laws of physics by his movements. He was moving at the speed of sound, and he carved apart four or five demons before Zoë could even blink.

The son of Poseidon then did the unpredictable: he launched his sword, impaling two demons through the throat.

Black talons seemed to grow from Percy's finger tips, and his wings seemed to expand from his shoulder blades.

Now the demons run for their lives.

Still, the demi-demon cut them all down but two. One he captured, the other ran back underground.

"Now, you have three chances... Tell me where Thalia Grace is, or I kill you..." Percy snarled, his eyes burning with dark crimson flames.

"G-g-go to h-h-he-hell..."The demon growled, and Percy edged his hand closer to the demon's throat.

"Two more chances." Zoë hissed, drawing her bow back.

"Fine then... She's begging for my master to stop from... You know... You should hear her screams, they are beautiful. We might even do the same to your girlfriend next... Artemis, was it? You may have taken her, but we will make her beg..." The demon sneered, but didn't register him getting slammed into the wall.

"Wait... WHAT?!" Zoë aimed her bow at Percy, but he didn't acknowledge it as he was too busy punching and kicking the demon to near-death.

"I'm going to seriously enjoy tearing you apart, limb for limb..." Percy's grin was pure evil, as he pulled Riptide out of his pocket, and rammed it all the way through the demon's shoulder.

Twisting the sword, he ripped the arm from the body with a sickening rip.

Screams were all that Percy could hear. It was like music to his ears, playing over and over again.

All he wanted to do is kill the demon slowly and painfully. Make him pay for his evil deeds and words.

And it scared the son of Poseidon.

After very little time, the demon's guts, blood and brains scattered the hall, his limbs all burning in a fire.

A scream was heard from down below. THALIA!

Not even Chaos him/herself could have stopped Percy.

He kicked down the nearest door to him (also where he thought that the screams came from), taking out a decent portion of demons - whom were all crushed and / or taken out by the door sliding down the stairwell.

Percy barrelled down the stairs, ignoring the revolting stench of blood, rotting flesh and stagnant water.

Zoë was close behind, prepared for any surprise attacks from the demons.

Percy was soon lost in the darkness, the only light coming from his burning crimson and sea green eyes and Zoë's arrows.

"So, Perseus Jackson, you decided to show yourself." A deep voice echoed from the darkness.

The son of Poseidon couldn't tell when the stairs ended, resulting with him face planting on the obsidian ground.

A spotlight lit up the ceiling and an alone demon.

He had a cleanly shaven head, with dark red skin. His form was a lot like Percy's current demonic state, just that the demigod didn't have red skin and horns.

Oh gods, the horns... They seemed sharper than the Minotaur's horns - and they were the definition of sharp.

Above him, in a tiny little box-cage, was Thalia.

"Percy! Zoë!" She yelled, trying to reach towards them.

"Thalia!" Percy yelled, his teeth sharpening as his blood boiled. His beloved cousin was covered in numerous cuts and bruises - blood still dipping from a few of the deep wounds.

"Who are you...?" Percy rested his eyes on the demon. Zoë was right behind her friend, an arrow notched and ready to fire.

"I am a demon. That is all you shall know, other than the fact that I'll be the one to sever your spirit from your body!" The demon grinned, two huge dragon-like wings spreading out from his back.

Percy's leathery wings sprung out from his shoulder blades with a stinging sensation.

The two flew at each other, their claws ready to tear each other apart. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Zoë made a dash for Thalia's cage.

The daughter of Atlas searched the desktop for anything to free her fellow ex-huntress.

She soon found a lever, and pulled it.

It didn't free Thalia - instead, it opened up a huge pit of purple flames below the clashing pair of demons.

Both girls paled. Zoë had just added to the current stakes.

She had just put all of the three's lives on the line.


Artemis was seriously bored.

She may have only been stuck in the Void for a month, but she wanted to get out of there. She wanted to get back to her hunters, be back in his arms.

Nyx and she currently sat in front of a fire, the old moon Titaness / goddess Selene with them.

"Artemis, you shouldn't feel so down. Perseus will be here within the week." Nyx scolded, stoking the fire.

"It's not that, Nyx; it's just what you told me the other week. That he was going to turn into a demon. It's frightening in some aspects, as from what I heard, he may lose control over it, and aid Íta Trópidos in the war." Artemis said, a ghost of a tear sliding down the side of her face.

"Give it time, Artemis. This war will be over before we know it." Selene assured the current goddess of the moon (well, she is the ex but... Oh, forget it!).

Time... Artemis thought one thing that the world is running out of.

Later the same night, Artemis was just wondering around the Void.

She was slowly dying inside, dying to be with Percy. To be in his arms, hug him, kiss him. She was a fool for letting Tartarus get a hold of her, but the past is the past. None of them could change that.

A wave of anxiety washed over the moon goddess. Someone was watching her.

And she didn't like it. Summoning her bow, she pulled back the string (arrows automatically form the second she pulls back the string), and aimed it at her stalker.

She instantly dropped her bow and hugged him. Instead of the scent of the sea, there was only the scent of blood and everything dark and evil about the world.

"Percy...?" She asked, pulling back from the hug. Dark green eyes looked at her in amusement.

"Arty... Can't you remember me after a week or two?" He mocked, an evil grin plastered on his face.

She picked up her bow, and slowly edged away. Percy's eyes were a mixture of sea green and crimson red.

"Orion..." Artemis spat, shooting at the son of Poseidon she was glad she killed. Orion cracked a grin.

"Yes, Arty, I am here. Percy will be here within the next few days, so I'm going to sort out a little glitch in my plans. With Erebos dead, Íta Trópidos will dismantle the Earth and soon the universe, devouring any life source it sets its eyes upon. But we can change that.

"Marry me, Phoebe Artemis, and we shall slay the Spirit of Apocalypse, and rule the universe."

Artemis was about to shoot him, but she was suddenly frozen in time. She could only listen.

"I will then destroy Chaos itself, and then all of the other gods, so we may rule the universe - side by side! You will be my bride, give birth to my children, and then you will kill that god’s awful boyfriend of yours - Perseus Jackson! Now, sleep tight, as we have a wedding to attend, love..."

Orion then knocked the moon goddess unconscious.

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