The Road to Darkness

And One Shall Rot in Hell

No point of view:

Percy howled in pain as he was bit on the leg. Fighting a fully grown demon was much harder than it seemed, with him only being a demi-demon for the past few hours.

Percy tore at his opponent's chest, only to miss... But, he did manage to gouge a decent chunk of flesh out of the demon's arm.

The pair savagely tore each other to shreds for long, agonizing hours, all of them Percy hoping for Zoë to not increase the chances of him dying even more.

There already was the pit of purple flames, spikes, a massive stew pot filled with boiling blood, a fridge, a portal (Zeus knows where it leads to), the webs of a million Black Widow and False Widow spiders and a yo-yo or two (don't ask how they are deadly).

Zoë flipped yet another switch, and a spiked sledge hammer came down.

Percy dived out of the way, but the other one... Not so lucky. The spike ripped the head from the body, leaving the torso and limbs to fall into the fiery pit below. The head just casually swung on the hammer, a face of pain and shock written all over it.

"Thank you!" Percy panted, clinging to a ledge in a very bad attempt to catch his breath.

"No problem, but can you please help me get Thalia down?" Zoë yelled up at her friend.

"Sure, just give me a few minutes..."


"Okay... Yeah, we're lost... In hell of all freaking places..." Percy grumbled, trying to read a map he found on the devil's desk.

"I swear Percy, I'm going to rip your off and shove up your own ass if we win the war!" Thalia shouted at her cousin.

Zoë felt the exact same way as Thalia did.

Looking both left and right, Percy tried to find the pathway that led them to the portal.

"You know, Perseus, the path has fully crumbled, right?" A deep laugh came from the dark sky above them.

"Who are you?!" The son of Poseidon yelled upwards. He was seriously not in the mood to be ticked anymore that day.

"Me? Oh, I'm just someone trying to get my fiancé's ex-boyfriend out the way so I can rule the world with her..." The voice laughed.

"Orion... You touch her..." Percy growled. He couldn't imagine what that sick minded brother of his was getting up to.

"Too late, Perce. She's already begging for me, not you." The grin on his face was obvious.

"After all, you are in the Void. Just to the part the demon's rule. Chronos believed that this was the entrance to the original Void. There is none, only when you get the blood of a demi-demon/angel hybrid and the Tear of Life, the portal will shimmer into existence. Same goes for the portal back to Earth.

"I have the tear right in front of me. You have the blood. Meet me at the co-ordinates I'll put into your mind, and I will allow your girlfriend and friends go free. But, to open the portal, one of us to have to stay behind. And it shall be you. Do we have a deal, Perseus?" Orion offered, and Percy felt numb all over.

How could he win the war while in the Demon Realm?

"On one condition." Percy snarled.

The two girls could hear the entire conversation. But they couldn't understand it. It was more or less gibberish to them.

"Name it, brother." Orion snapped, obviously not happy with the fact he had to bargain with Percy Jackson.

"You make sure that none of my loved ones die, and that both Erebos and Íta Trópidos die slowly and most painfully." Percy wouldn't meet either one of the girl's eyes.

"It shall be done. I'll see you soon, brother." Orion cut the transmission.

"What the Hades was that about?!" Both of them snapped when Percy fully turned to both of the girls.

"Orion has Artemis. We're going to get her back, and go back home. Simple as." He simply answered and kicked a loose stone.

"Where?" Zoë asked.

Percy looked around. A blue arrow was pointing in the direction they had to go in.

"That way, I guess." Percy pointed in the same direction of the arrows.

"Then let's go!" Thalia cheered, and began in the direction.

With a roll of his eyes, Percy followed along with Zoë at his heels.


Never before had Olympus been in so much turmoil.

The Olympians were all in battle armour and on Olympus other than Hades and Poseidon, who were back in their own domains.

Hestia just sat at the hearth as usual, stoking the flames.

Camp Jupiter was forced to merge with Camp Half-Blood as attacks were getting more frequent, and the Greek camp needed all the defence it could get.

The Golden Fleece's power was beginning to wan, which also meant that the camp borders were failing.

The other night a group of Cyclops seeking to take out Chiron and the camp / cabin leaders and Praetors were caught and killed without a second thought.

Then another army of Shades attacked camp the following night - only to get sent back to their master with their balls in their mouths.

Chronos' powers were also beginning to fade, and the Spirit of Apocalypse broke through the time barrier. With each passing day, around ten demigods were slaughtered in the bombardments which occurred in camp.

The gods were even considering bringing them up to Olympus for the duration of the war.

Atlas was checked regularly from under the sky by Hermes, Athena or Zeus himself, both the Kraken and Typhon's watery prisons were checked frequently by Poseidon while Hades increased Nico's and Thanatos' work hours on keeping the Underworld under control. He even went on patrol himself and sent Persephone up to Olympus because of the dangers in the Underworld.

"We cannot waste anymore time, Father!" Athena snapped. "Demigods are dying as we speak, and all of the gods and goddesses need to prepare themselves for the upcoming war! The possibilities of us losing are very high, so high that the world itself is being affected!" She ranted.

They all knew she was right, but the ego-filled Zeus wouldn't listen.

"Silence Athena! We shall win, no matter what!" Zeus thundered (pun intended).

"Oh please, Ares is dumber than Aphrodite and he knows that we're screwed! Even Apollo knows, and he hasn't got a single ounce of brain!" Athena argued.

"Huh...?" Apollo grumbled, pausing his iPod, "Who mentioned me?"

"See! If we lose, this goes on you, father." Athena hissed, and flashed away.

Once all the gods other than Zeus and Hestia had left, the eight year old goddess decided to speak up.

"Athena's got a point, brother. If you continue on like this, Olympus will fall - the world joining us." Hestia spoke up, and Zeus for once joined his sister at the hearth.

"Then what do I do, sister?" Zeus asked. His sister was the wisest god of them all, and the most intelligent.

"Personally, Zeus, I think that the demigods should be brought up here for the time being. Both camps are unsafe as it is. We can easily build another few palaces on Olympus for both Roman and Greek demigods. Think about it brother." Hestia reasoned.

"Thank you, Hestia..." Zeus summoned an eagle, and sacrificed it to her. "I love you..." He managed out.

"Same to you." Hestia pulled her brother in for a hug, embracing the sudden change of demeanour the god of thunder just had.


"You know, I never really thought that a prick like Orion could own a place like this." Percy complimented.

They were currently outside of Orion's palace.

It was a huge building, probably as tall as the Empire State Building, and the width of two Buckingham Palaces. It was a dark green colour, as well as a dark icy grey and blue.

The drawbridge was down, so we just strolled in.

At the other end of the hall, sat Orion in a throne. In a throne next to him, was Artemis, bound and gagged.

"So, Perseus, I see that you turned up. Now, girls, put those parachute packs onto your backs." Orion ordered, a slick grin seen from where Percy stood.

Two backpacks landed at their feet. They put them on, knowing that Percy would use his wings for whatever reason they needed the parachutes.

"Come over here then. Let our ceremony begin..."

Percy was silent like a robot. He knew something, and neither Thalia nor Zoë liked it.

When they were in front of Orion, he pulled out a small test tube of a glowing blue liquid.

"Follow me, Perseus." Orion barked, and Percy mouthed to Thalia and Zoë 'cut Artemis loose'.

He followed Orion to an altar, and the twisted son of Poseidon poured the Tear of Life into a basin.

Percy cracked a grin. Shallowly cutting the palm of his hand, he bit back a hiss of pain as his blood dropped into the basin with the icy blue water.

Now was his time to shine.

Outstretching his wings, the angel / demon hybrid knocked his brother over.

The son of Poseidon stumbled a bit, but charged his younger brother.

The basin tipped over, bathing both of the immortals in a thick, gooey purple liquid.

Percy punched Orion in the face, a sharp kick to the abdomen. Anticipating the knee, Orion blocked it and elbowed his younger brother in the windpipe, winding him.

Gasping for air, Percy was kicked over closer to the altar.

Light began to rotate around the altar.

Regaining his balance, Percy roughly grabbed Orion and head butted him. The two continued to exchange punches, elbows, and kicks, knees and head butts for a few more minutes, until Percy ended up under Orion's foot.

"Now, take your sacrifice like a man!" Orion grinned wickedly.

"I will! But I am not to be sacrificed for this!" Percy growled, and squirmed.


Artemis' bonds snapped, and she instantly ran at Orion.

"Oh, and watch your back." Percy grinned, and Artemis gave him a power-filled thrust kick to the side.

Orion tumbled into the basin, and was bathed in light.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Orion screamed in pain and agony as he was burned alive by the light.

Eyes going wide, Percy tackled Artemis and shielded them both from the incoming blast with his wings. Thalia and Zoë were safe behind the thrones.

"Well, this is a nice reunion..." Percy grinned.

"Just shut it, Percy." Artemis punched her boyfriend softly on the chest.

"Love you Arty." Percy helped her up.

"Love you too, Perseus..." She crashed her lips onto Percy's, and he wrapped his wings around them.

It may have been a perfect moment, but they had a world to save.

The four of them then jumped through the portal.

They were instantly met with a cloud to the face.

The moon seemed to come back to life above them, as if celebrating their most recent victory.

But that didn't last long.

A distant roar reached Percy's ears. It wouldn't be long until Íta Trópidos and he fought against one another for the fate of the universe.


Erebos growled in annoyance.

The pest was free from the Demon Realm already? Oh well, he will eventually die anyway.

"Íta Trópidos, prepare for battle. I shall deal with Chronos, and you can then have the pleasure of dismantling Earth." Erebos growled, and faded away into darkness.

He reappeared on Olympus.

Chronos was alone in the throne room... Wait, Hestia was at the hearth.

Erebos grinned.

Pulling out his sword, he stabbed Chronos through the stomach with ease. Hestia was immediately alerted, and screamed.

All of the Olympian gods appeared, only to see the dying body of Chronos.

"Erebos... That coward!" Hestia rapidly explained.

"Soon... The world you love shall fall... Say your prayers, Olympians, as these may be our last moments together..." Erebos mocked as Chronos' body turned to mere ash.

Zeus trembled in anger. They had better hurry up rescuing Artemis.

A ghost of a smile then made its way onto Hestia's lips.

"He's back..." She breathed, "Perseus Jackson is back!" She announced, and Olympus' spirits were instantly raised.

"Now then," Zeus began, "let's bring the demigods onto Olympus!" He declared.

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