The Road to Darkness


No point of view:

"Perseus freaking Jackson! How the freaking Hades are we meant to survive with a freaking rubbish bag as a parachute?!" Thalia screamed over the sound of howling winds.

"You're a daughter of Zeus for crying out loud! You take Zoë and I have Artemis!" Percy shouted back, clutching Artemis tightly.

Thalia just grabbed Zoë and began praying to her father.

We were about two minutes from crashing into New York.

Thalia seemed to suddenly fly upwards, screaming 'Percy'.

The son of Poseidon turned his head, to see Olympus right below him.

"Arty... Prepare for a rough landing!" Percy yelled and wrapped them both in his leathery wings.


Percy crashed into a statue of Ares, gold flying everywhere.

Percy unwrapped the secure goddess and himself from his own wings, and lay there groaning in pain.

"You idiot..." Artemis grumbled.

Then, a sharp pain hit his groin. "And that's for calling me Arty."

"Point taken..." Percy grumbled, clutching his family jewels.

Another loud roar could be heard from above.

"We should prepare for war." Thalia called as her and Zoë ran over.

"And greet the gods. I think we'll be fine from here on out." Percy pulled himself up off of the ground, yanking a few remaining shards of gold from his back.


The throne room doors swung open, to reveal four people.

The Poseidon and Apollo ran up to greet someone, Apollo to greet his sister and Poseidon to greet his demonized son.

Percy was pulled into one of the tightest hugs imaginable by his father, cracking a few ribs.

"Uh... Dad? I'm kind of dying right here you know!" Percy complained, and was released. The freedom did not last long, as he was crushed into an even worse hug from Hestia.

"Gah! Mom... Can't... Breath..." He tapped his adoptive mother's arm as if to say 'I give up'.

"Sorry Percy... It's just that you have been gone for over a month..." Hestia trailed off.

"... What happened?" Artemis demanded, noticing that all of the gods and goddesses were deadpanned.

"Erebos snuck into Olympus and killed Chronos. He was about to kill Hestia..." Percy had heard enough.

"Anything else?" He cut Zeus off.

"We have decided to bring both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter onto Olympus for the duration of the war. Attacks were getting too vicious on the camps." Zeus explained. Percy was quite shocked that the god of thunder had not zapped him with his thunderbolt.

"Alright. The Demon of Destroying Things is drawing in as we speak within the next week, it will be here to kill us all. It will then dismantle the Earth, before moving to devour the entire thingamajig that keeps the universe together. In other words, losing is not an option." Percy declared. He couldn't remember what the stuff that holds the universe together, and thingamajig was the first word that came to his mind so... He said it.

"Don't you mean Dark Matter?" Athena inquired an inquisitive look written on her face.

"Err... I think that's it..." The son of Poseidon rubbed his chin in a very bad attempt to think.

"We should prepare for war like Percy suggested. It's the best bet of winning we have." Artemis took Percy's hand in her own.

Apollo and Zeus nearly blew a fuse there and then.

"And I think that the hunter's should be reassembled, should they not?" Percy grinned, and Artemis kissed him on the cheek.

Then, both gods exploded. Not really, but they did try to kill Percy for 'attempting to deflower his baby girl / little sister'.

"Can we wait until after the war, unless you all have a death wish?

"Now, we're off to camp!" Percy, Artemis, Thalia and Zoë vanished in a flash of silver light.

"COUNCIL DISMISSED!" Zeus thundered, and vanished in a bolt of lightning. Apollo was next to leave, planning Percy's very inhumane death involving carrot sticks, a pickle, and Swiss cheese (don't even bother asking).


"Home sweet home." Percy grinned as they appeared just outside Camp borders.

Percy began to grin like a Cheshire cat high on marijuana when he saw the campers at lunch.

The mess hall was full of noise, so Percy decided to give them a surprise.

"How do you guys feel about giving the hunters and campers a scare?" All three of them were grinning.

Percy snuck up to Chiron's table, and slipped a note onto the table. He then crept away unnoticed.

Artemis fired an arrow at the note, alerting Chiron to it.

The trainer of heroes read through it, and smiled. So the mission was a success. He did as instructed, and called out.

"Campers!" Chiron roared, silencing the chattering campers. He rose to his full height and made his announcement.

"Both us and Camp Jupiter move to Olympus for the duration of the war!" He announced.

The Artemis table broke into cheers, knowing that they could hunt once again. The campers, especially the younger ones, cheered in excitement.

The hearth then began to roar, and wild animals charged out from the forest.

The hunter's remained calm, but the campers laid an egg or two.

Thalia and Zoë were tossed out of the fire, minor burns littering them.

The hunters rushed over to them, only to scream in shock. They were dead.

Percy then tumbled out, dead.

That made the campers scream.

Ryse just grinned at his brother's failure, but Andy and Lily did not understand what had happened.

"We know we're loved and stuff, but I mean... Really?!" Came Percy's laugh. He fell out of the hearth, followed by Artemis, Zoë and Thalia.

"MILADY!" The hunter's bombarded Artemis and two children attacked Percy.

"Percy!" Andy cried, hugging his big brother. Lily mumbled something, and Percy grinned.

"Sorry Lily, but can you repeat that? I kind of went deft during my time in Hell." He grinned.

"I... Missed you..." She mumbled.

"Same here..." Percy chucked.

The 'dead bodies' glowed and turned into regular manikins covered in tomato ketchup.

"Now, THAT was a classic!" Thalia high-fived her cousin and left with Zoë and Artemis to go back to their table.

Percy went over to the Poseidon table with Lily and Andy, and Ryse went pale.

He was so screwed.


The moon cast a silvery glow upon the white beach as waves gently lapped the shore.

He put his hands behind his head as he let out a peaceful sigh.

The distant roars from a few days ago were now extremely loud. He would be surprised if the mortals didn't hear them, as not even the mist could hide them fully.

"I sometimes wondered who spoke to me through the moon some nights during the period of your disappearance..." Artemis mused as she sat down next to her boyfriend.

"Yeah... I was kind of lonely... I was hoping for my mother to reply..." Percy's lips pulled into a frown.

"Why the moon? Why not the sea?" Artemis asked.

"Dad would have found me and dragged my off back to camp. It just... Felt... Right... Know what I mean?" Percy shrugged.

The two just sat there in silence, before the goddess of the moon broke it.

"What about Íta Trópidos? When will it get here again?"

"Hopefully, never. But, judging by the sound of the roar, it's rather close. I still have no clue on how to beat it... And without knowing what it looks like?! I have a better chance as a jackelope!" Percy threw his arms up in the air for effect.

"That can be arranged..." Artemis smiled evilly.

"Err... I'd rather take my chances against a super-dimensional being that can destroy me with a mere flick of the wrist and eats universes for desert, me being the starter and the Milky Way being the main meal." Percy rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

Artemis' laughed a bit. It was like music to his ears, reminded him of the very reason he was still human.

"So... About before you died..." Percy began, and her laughter ended.

"Killjoy." Artemis grumbled as she punched her boyfriend on the arm.

"... I just... Can't stop seeing what happened to you then happening again... But by my hands..." Percy said, his throat tightening.

A lump formed in Artemis' throat when she heard those words. Percy saw himself killing her in cold blood. Now that hurt a lot.

Percy felt angry at himself. For all this time he had only found pleasure in harming and killing another, but when he plans to change himself, he most likely scares away the only reason he still lives to that day.

It wasn't just aggravating; it made him want to give up on life all together. The voices within his mind get louder and louder with each day, screaming at him to tear Artemis apart. His biggest fear was that he one day gave into them, and did harm to others... Artemis especially.

"Come to think of it, Arty, we haven't been out on a date yet..." Percy changed the subject in an attempt to lighten the tense atmosphere around the two.

"Yeah, so?" Artemis shrugged as if not bothered.

"Well, how about we go out tomorrow night?" Percy offered, hoping that she caught on.

"What are you getting at Perseus?" She groaned, leaning on her boyfriend.

"How about you and I go out tomorrow on a date? You know, just around Manhattan for the giggles and dinner and stuff." Percy grinned.

"That would be nice... Especially when we're on the brink of war..." Artemis smiled warmly, and Percy's gut pooled with heat.

"Yeah... Nothing can go wrong! Anyway, I'm going to hit the bed for the night, and I doubt either of us will have a pleasant morning if we're caught in each other’s beds." The son of Poseidon yawned, stretching his arms.

"Night then, Percy." Artemis and he stood up.

"Goodnight, Artemis. Love you." He gave her a quick kiss on lips before his girlfriend flashed away.

Percy sighed, his heart doing jumping jacks. Hopefully this lasts forever... He prayed to himself.

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