The Road to Darkness

Love is in the Air!

No point of view:

Percy was nervous, he does admit that. Then again, who wouldn't be with the fact that they were going out on the date with the man-despising goddess (who was apparently his girlfriend too).

He was about to place his weapon belts on himself, when he remembered that he was going out on a date, not an assassination mission.

It wasn't like they were going to be attacked... Right?

Snatching up a jacket, Percy left his room in his mother's temple and ran down to the lounge.

Hestia was there, stoking a log burner as the flames roared.

"Am I alright now?" Percy asked, and his mother turned and smiled.

"I don't think Artemis would mind what you look like, as long as it isn't too formal or informal, as I don't fancy trying to catch a jackelope anytime soon." Hestia chuckled and stood up before walking over to her adoptive son.

"So, when you collecting the ring?" Hestia swung an arm over Percy's shoulder.

"MOM!" Percy yelled, and Hestia let out a hearty laugh.

"Too slutty, too Aphrodite - too screwed up... There is no way I am wearing that!" Artemis yelled, tossing a dress that was way too revealing.

She couldn't even believe that she of all people had turned to Aphrodite for something to wear. Artemis would rather let Apollo run her over in his sun chariot in garbage truck form.

"Aw, come on Arty." Aphrodite pouted, pulling out a dress that didn't even cover Artemis' rear end!

The stench of perfume filled the air, even coming from the carpet.

"How about this?" Aphrodite pulled out a gown someone would have worn to a ball.

"Aphrodite... I'm going on a date; not a freaking BALL!" Artemis folded her arms in annoyance.

Gods, this goddess literally drove her up the wall.

"Fine..." Aphrodite ran deeper into the maze she called a walk-in wardrobe.

"How about this?" She tossed out a combination of silver skinny jeans and baby blue tank top. She then threw out a silver jacket afterwards along with some silver high-heels.

"The outfit... But not the shoes!" Artemis yelled, and threw the shoes back into the wardrobe.


The shoes had hit Aphrodite straight on the head, yelping as they did.

Then how about these?" Aphrodite walked out with a pair of black jeans and boots with silver trimmings.

"You can keep everything but the boots, as they are one of my many favourites." Aphrodite said, and Artemis had of a ghost of a smile grace her lips.

"Now, go try them on. I need to know how they look on you!" Aphrodite squealed. After five minutes, Artemis left the bright, sickening pink changing room in her clothes.

Aphrodite's smile broadened as she saw Artemis.

"Hold up! Change your shirt into this!" Aphrodite ran into her walk-in wardrobe and came out with a dark red tank top. She threw it to her great-niece and Artemis went back in to change again.

Percy's done her good, Aphrodite mused to herself, she is a lot more calmer and level headed than before, and usually always has a smile on her face instead of trying to kill me.

"How do I look?" Artemis called and left.

Aphrodite's jaw dropped lower than the floor itself.

"Tha... Bla...!" Aphrodite could only speak gibberish as she was so stunned.

Artemis was probably the only goddess in existence who could be more beautiful than Aphrodite herself without any makeup on.

"Oh... My... GODS! ARTY! You are BEAUTIFUL!" Aphrodite squealed, crushing Artemis in the tightest hug imaginable.

"Thanks... Aphrodite, but... Can you... Uh... Let go? I'm dying here..." Artemis gasped as she was crushed by her great-aunt.

"Now, go on! Percy's probably waiting for you!" Aphrodite pushed Artemis out of her palace, and Artemis flashed over to the first place Percy would be: Hestia's palace.

A knock was heard from outside.

"Go get her Percy." Hestia kissed his forehead, in her thirty-year-old form.

"Sure mom." Percy opened up the door, to see Artemis there.

And his jaw probably hit the ground there and then.

She was more beautiful than the word itself. A small smile lit up her face.

"Something wrong?" She asked, and Percy cracked a grin.

"Naa, only good as my girlfriend is more beautiful than anyone in existence." The son of Poseidon gave the goddess of the moon a peck on the lips.

Thank Zeus that the streets of Olympus were dead, all of the godlings, nymphs and dryads preparing for the next battle, and places for the demigods to stay.

No unwanted attention was needed to separate the two from each other.

"So, where are we going?" Artemis asked as they walked over to the edge of Olympus. The elevator was just across the stone bridge.

"Somewhere around the world. I found it during my detour around the world as I remained hidden for three years." Percy spread his wings, wrapped his arms around Artemis and jumped off of the edge of Olympus.

"PERSEUS JACKSON, I'M GOING TO BLOODY KILL YOU IF WE SURVIVE THIS!" Artemis screamed at the top of her lungs.

The son of Poseidon couldn't help but grin. That was the Artemis he knew and loved.


"Okay Arty! We're nearly there!" Percy huffed in impatience. Artemis continuously found ways to punch her boyfriend as they flew over the North Pacific Ocean.

He still couldn't believe that he had found that place, but, oh well, it was going to be an awesome date over the globe.

It took a few more hours, and they were at Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan.

The two simply walked in, Percy greeting anyone who greeted them in fluent Japanese.

"And when did you learn Japanese?" Artemis asked as they wondered through the gardens, amazed by the beautiful flower displays.

"I got bored with Google translate so I decided to learn during my first year of being in hiding. I covered Europe, Asia and Africa in that year, just so that you know." Percy grinned.

Some young woman with a camera wrapped around her neck ran up to the two, and asked something. Percy replied, and hugged Artemis closer.

"Smile." He whispered into Artemis' ear.

The girl snapped a photo of the two hugging, and smiled.

A picture was printed from the bottom of the camera, and she handed it to Percy. He handed her a bill of 504.98¥, but Artemis obviously didn't see.

"How much was that?" Artemis asked after the girl left, curious.

"Around five hundred yen." Percy shrugged as if it was nothing.

Artemis went red.

"What?!" Artemis nearly yelled.

"Relax, it's only five dollars." Percy laughed, and Artemis blushed with embarrassment. "Yen has the lowest worth going, one yen not even equal to a single dime." Percy explained as they entered a tunnel.

The area above them was covered in flowers hanging from trees, all of them a different colour from the next.

"Wow..." Artemis breathed, taken back by the beauty.

"The Wisteria Tunnel." Percy smiled at his girlfriend.

Percy was pretty taken back himself, he would admit that. Then again, they did get there at the start of spring, when the flowers had only really begun to grow.

A mixture of many colours such as blue, indigo, violet, lilac, yellow, white, red and pink hung down from the curved tree trunks.

Percy laughed as a petal flew into Artemis' open mouth. She coughed and spluttered, sending the leaf spiralling out of her gob. That was truly a perfect moment.

But he would wait until their day was over.

They wondered through the pathway, hand in hand, smiling as they walked the pathway.

An image came to Percy's mind of Artemis walking down an idle, flowers flying all around her. She looked even more beautiful than she did today; a white strapless dress clung tightly to her body. Patterns of the moon in silver diamonds and crystals dotted around the dress, making her look even more radiant.

Her eyes only held a few things: love and joy. Her lips were curved upwards in a wide smile, which sent a gust of warmth straight to Percy's heart.

He was thrown back into reality when he tripped over, causing Artemis to laugh. It was like music to his ears - much better than those bloodcurdling cries of pain and agony.

After an hour of more giggles and strolling through the tunnel, they reached the end and Percy asked for Artemis to take them to a set of co-ordinates.

She flashed the pair of them there - but when Artemis looked below them she paled rapidly.


They crashed into the sea below them.

One of the bustling cities of Australia was above them (well, at the shore).

A bubble of air formed around Artemis, and she was beyond amazed.

"Where are we, Percy?" Artemis asked, shocked that she had never came across that place before in her many years of life.

"The Great Barrier Reef." Percy smiled, a few fish swimming around, all of them calling him lord and that.

A great white shark swam up to them, and when Artemis was about to summon her bow and arrow, Percy petted the shark with a grin.

He turned to Artemis.

"How come you’re so jumpy, Arty?" He asked cheekily.

"I'm not..." She denied, her face a bright red.

"Yeah, and I'm your cousin." Percy rolled his eyes.

"You kind of are in some aspects..." Artemis said, and Percy grumbled about being outsmarted by his girlfriend.

"Don't remind me on how screwed up Greek families are..." Percy grumbled, and Artemis whacked him upside the head.

The couple swam around the Great Barrier Reef for quite a lot of hours, swimming between the rainbow coloured corals. There more colours there than there were in a skittles packet.

They soon flashed away and back to New York... Well, Ontario, Canada actually. They were at the Niagara Falls.

Artemis was taken aback by the beauty of the area, and the steam created by the waterfalls kept them hidden.

There was a small picnic set out for them (Percy had to thank Aphrodite later on) on a small bit of land extending from the cliff face. Artemis smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the lips before they both sat down at the picnic basket.

A small note was attached to the handle, so Percy pulled it off and read it.

Hiya Percy,

Your mother (Sally) prepared all of the food with the help of Hestia. Hope you like the blue cookies.

Lots of love, your favourite goddess,


It read.

The demonized demigod smiled again before opening up the basket and fishing out five plates of blue chocolate chip cookies and sandwiches and a variety of chicken wings.

Artemis got the first bite, snatching a chicken sandwich and inhaling it.

Percy laughed, and ate a chicken sandwich himself.

He then picked up a jam sandwich, opened it up and slapped it onto Artemis' face.

In retaliation, Artemis threw of the jam sandwich before scooping up a handful of BBQ chicken wings and launching them at Percy.

They both were laughing and having fun, until Percy hugged her and pulled them both into the waterfall.

Artemis shrieked as she was pounded by the water, but Percy only laughed.

They fell into the plunge pool, and Percy surrounded the both of them in a thick bubble of air.

She smashed her lips on his, and Percy forgot all about the bubble of air.

They wouldn't be coming up for air for quite a while.


The couple laughed as Percy fed his girlfriend a blue cookie.

He had just explained to her about the blue food and then they had just eaten what was left of the food: two plates of Sally Jackson's signature blue cookies.

After a while more of laughing (and finishing off the cookies), Percy decided to pull Artemis back into the water.

At extremely high speeds, Percy transported them all the way over to Kleven, Ukraine.

Percy shot out of the water, both him and Artemis fully dry, and flashed over to the last place on his list for their world-wide date.

Percy hit the ground when they reached an abandoned train tunnel. In reality, you would just call it a load of trees standing next to train tracks, but it closely resembled a tunnel.

Artemis punched Percy as she regained her wits, before looking at the now setting sun in the West. In the East though, the Moon was steadily rising.

Percy just laughed and kissed her, cheering his girlfriend up.

They walked through the tunnel, hand in hand.

"What is this place called anyway?" She asked her boyfriend, smiling as she looked at the golden and silver light reflecting off of her lover's eyes.

"The Tunnel of Love, as the locals call it." Percy answered simply, and Artemis grinned, wondering if there is one place Percy had never been to (as he had even been to Tartarus and made it out alive)!

Knowing Percy, he would most likely say something really cheeky like "I've never been inside Kronos' gut!” Artemis smiled. He was her kelp head - and hers only.

When they were nearing the end of the Tunnel of Love, Percy turned Artemis to face him.

"Artemis... I love every second I ever spend with you, and want to stay with you for all entireties as you are my mortal anchor, and the very reason why I am not dead today.

So, Artemis, Goddess of the Moon, Hunt, Maidenhood, and Childbirth..." Percy began a hopeful gleam in his eyes. He pulled out a ring made out of Olympian silver with sea green and clear diamonds lacing around the ring.

Artemis' breath hitched in her throat as she saw the ring.

"Will you marry me?"

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