The Road to Darkness

Borderline & Tough Decisions

No point of view:

When they were nearing the end of the Tunnel of Love, Percy turned Artemis to face him.

"Artemis... I love every second I ever spend with you, and want to stay with you for all entireties as you are my mortal anchor, and the very reason why I am not dead today.

So, Artemis, Goddess of the Moon, Hunt, Maidenhood, and Childbirth..." Percy began a hopeful gleam in his eyes. He pulled out a ring made out of Olympian silver with sea green and clear diamonds lacing around the ring.

Artemis' breath hitched in her throat as she saw the ring.

"Will you marry me?" Percy asked.

Tears welled up in Artemis' eyes, but they were tears of joy.

"YES!" Artemis leapt into her new fiancé's arms, hugging the dear life out of him.

She smashed her lips onto his, an endless smile plastered on both of their faces as Percy subconsciously slid the engagement ring onto Artemis' ring finger.

Percy picked them both up off of the ground, Artemis still in his arms.

Artemis flashed the two of them back to Olympus, but not to tell the others about their engagement. But to rest, as in three days, the war for Olympus began.

Percy then realised something: how were the two going to hide their relationship for much longer?


Stars twinkled in the distance far above. He exhaled the breath he had never known that he had been holding in.

Out of the shadows, stepped two of his cousins: Bianca and Nico di Angelo, both wearing a grim look.

Percy and Artemis had gone back to Camp Half-Blood the following day to help prepare them for their transportation to Olympus.

"Percy." Nico greeted his cousin, and joined Percy on the sandy shore.

"Was sup Nikky, B." Percy smirked. He wasn't surprised when Bianca denied her place back in the hunters, as she hadn't seen her cousin in like six years.

"Nothing much, other than the Underworld being in turmoil. The Fields of Punishment are getting out of control, as are the Fields of Asphodel. The Isle of the Blessed and Elysium are now starting to get out of control as many souls are vanishing from all four." Nico began.

Bianca then took over. "We're not all too sure, but we have a reason to believe that something is trying to take over the Underworld. Dad can't leave without the fear of his home being overrun by souls. Persephone is already up here permanently... Well, until the war is over that is."

"So, I'm guessing that you guys want my help, as well as Thalia's?" Percy asked, exhausted already.

"Pretty much, Perce. So, you up for it?" Nico shrugged.

"Why not, but I have a few conditions..." Percy grinned.

"And they are?" Bianca asked, rolling her eyes at her immortal cousin's immaturity.

"I can bring Zoë and Artemis along with us." Percy stated.

"Zoë I can understand... But Artemis...?" Nico wondered.

"You'll see when we go back down to hell." Percy grinned, and then stood up; Nico and Bianca following.

"I'm going to hit the bed, so yeah, see you tomorrow after we've transported both sets of campers up to Olympus." Percy stretched, hearing a few pops from his joints.

"See you later then."Nico and Bianca melted into the shadows and Percy strolled back to his cabin.

Tomorrow was going to be fun.


"Get up! Get up or we'll miss breakfast!" Two voices yelled as two people jumped on Percy's stomach, winding him.

"Ugh... Fine, whatever... Just let me get up and dressed you little rascals..." Percy groaned, and fell out of bed.

Andy and Lily high-fived each other.

The floorboards creaked under Percy's weight as he picked himself up.

Ryse was still not in the cabin, and still hiding out in the Big House.

After getting dressed, Percy led the young twins over to the mess hall.

They weren't late (thank the gods), but when Percy's and Artemis' eyes met, they both blushed as they recalled the proposal.

And they still had to arrange the wedding.

Eh, they'll do it after the war is won... Right?

Shaking head, he focused his mind onto the more important task at hand. Percy grimaced as images of what was left after the second Titan War and Giant War.

None of the images were pretty, full of flowers and people skipping through fields of lush, fresh green grass. There was only the carnage of what both wars had left in their wake. Both areas had quite a bit of damage dealt to them.

They sat at the Poseidon table, Ryse across from them. Percy ordered a massive breakfast (blame his demonic side) of bacon, sausages, hash browns, toast and... Well... Whatever you had with a cooked breakfast.

An explosion came from Thalia's pine.

A loud crash came from the opposite side of camp. Monstrous roars and ear-splitting screeches came from all direction.

"ATTACK!" Percy heard of Moros roar from Thalia's pine.

Artemis and her hunters jumped up. Time for a final stand.

Three children of Hermes dashed off to grab armour.

"COME BACK!" Percy yelled as he saw monsters on the horizon. But it was too late.

One by one, the three demigods were cut down by some Keres.

That was it.

"FLIP THE TABLES!" Percy yelled at the top of his voice, and the campers flipped them all, using them each as a shield.

Campers drew their weapons.

"Artemis! Flash the campers to Olympus with Dionysus, starting with the younger ones!" Percy barked, carrying Andy and Lily over to his fiancé.

Thirty of the youngest and least experienced campers were huddled around Artemis and Dionysus, and the two Olympians flashed them over to Olympus.

Arrows from the hunters and Apollo cabin cut through the air, tearing down a few monsters on the frontline. They were actually prepared this time though.

Artemis along with the rest of the Olympian Council (minus Hermes) began flashing campers to and from camp, until Percy was the last camper other than Nico, Bianca, Zoë, Thalia and Chiron

Artemis flashed in, and grabbed Percy.

"Take them and don't come back. I can't just leave the party I'm the star of, can I?" Percy kissed Artemis passionately on the lips for five seconds, before pushing away from her.

Artemis frowned in disapproval, but fulfilled his wish. She knew one thing: don't piss Perseus Jackson off.

"Just don't die." She ordered a sharp edge on her voice. She flashed off her ring before flashing away.

Percy smirked slightly, before pulling out his two guns from their holsters.

No monster was going to take over his home.

Percy unleashed an entire magazine at monsters, and threw the empty mags at the closing in monsters.

Flipping out two others, Percy slammed both guns together in a bright light.

An HK57 Assault Rifle formed from the two hand guns, and Percy began firing like a madman at the monsters.

Did you think he stopped there?


The sea spawn began summoning Greek fire and burning away at the sea of monsters.

"Oh, fuck this shit..." Percy grumbled, and did the most retarded thing ever - he threw his gun at the monsters.

The semi-immortal son of Poseidon pulled out a ball tip pen, and uncapped it.

A majestic, three foot sword sprung out, the blade shaped like a leaf. The bronze metal shimmered in the harsh early morning sun, and was engulfed in golden and red flames.

Anaklusmos. Or better known as, Riptide.

"Come on then, you ugly mother fuckers..." Percy taunted, and the monsters charged.

A memory instantly hit Percy.

One day when he was actually paying attention in chemistry or physics (didn't have a clue which one it was), but they made a fire tornado.

All he needed was a hurricane, fire, and ethanol.

Mr. D... Well Dionysus if you want his real name.

"You, Mr. D! A tonne or two of ethanol will be useful!" Percy yelled upwards, and as if on cue, it began raining.

A strong stench of alcohol filled Percy's nostrils as they wrinkled in disgust, reminding him of Gabe Ugliano.

Percy ran a monster through with his sword, and a cyclone began to form around Percy, picking up as much of the strong alcohol it could.

Now, all he needed was fire.

Percy grinned.

This was going to be AWESOME!

Percy snapped his fingers, and a spark sent the cyclone bursting into flames.

The ethanol began to evaporate into gas, and the hurricane acted like a flamethrower, spewing fire from all over the place.

The winds spun faster and faster, picking up monsters as it grew.

Through the flames, Percy saw Moros retreat as well as a few monsters.

After the cyclone began to dissipate, it began to rain golden dust from all of the monsters Percy had killed on his own. Then again, he had torn camp apart.

"Oops..." Percy paled.

Then, a high pitched squeal came from the forest.

The Minotaur charged in surrounded by... By... Little baby Minotaurs.

The Minotaur had a questioning look, asking 'what did I miss'.

Percy just used his water powers to pick up some left over ethanol and doused the eight (one fully grown, seven babies) in the highly flammable substance.

The Minotaur roared in anger, and Percy only made a circle with his index finger and thumb, and blew gently.

A bubble of fire came from the air, and floated over to the young baby Minotaurs.

The seven young monsters ran towards the bubble, and the second one of their horns popped it, they all burst into flames.

Their screams of pain filled the air, and a tear slid down Percy's cheek.

They may have been very young, but they were monsters meant to harm and kill others.

The Minotaur cried in rage and charged Percy, but with a quick flick of his sword, the Minotaur's head was rolling across the ground.

Percy looked around for any more monsters.

There weren't any.

But Moros was still out there, and could leak Percy's relationship with Artemis to Erebos. And there was NO way in Hades was anybody going to kill his love, his tie to life, and his guide, his soon to be wife...

Nothing was going to change that.

Not even Apollo and Zeus. They can kill him, but Artemis and he will never stop being together.

After all, rules and oaths are made to be broken, are they not?


Back on Olympus, in the throne room, Zeus and Apollo were seething. Perseus Jackson had just kissed Artemis, and she flashed off something to him... A ring.

The second Artemis flashed in and sat down on her throne, Apollo yelled at her.

"Why did you fall in love with him?! It's Orion all over again!" Apollo yelled, and before anyone could say shit, Artemis had leapt at her younger brother. She pummelled him with multiple punches to the face, breaking his nose and busting his lips in the process. With a kick to the temple, Artemis walked back over to her throne.

"How did this come to be, Artemis?" Zeus seethed. He was beyond furious that the two were together and that Orion could happen all over again - but the main reason was because he didn't want his baby girl hurt again.

"We fell for each other a while ago. That is why he was so broken when Tartarus sent me on vacation to the void." Zeus' eyes brimmed with tears as he recalled that fatal day.

"We just... Connected. There was a spark, and it filled both of our hearts. He proposed to me last night, father. We're getting married after we win the war, as they will never hurt me. Please except the fact that I'm growing up after a long time." Artemis explained, smiling slightly.

Zeus got off of his throne and walked over to his daughter.

Expecting a slap, Artemis recoiled slightly.

But she was just embraced in a tight hug by a crying Zeus.

Artemis returned the hug, both squeezing the life out of each other.

"I'm so happy that my baby girl found love... May you live in tranquillity with your future husband - you have my blessing to wed each other." Zeus cried, smiling widely.

Artemis grinned like a Cheshire cat and pecked her father on the cheek in a childish manner. Zeus returned the affection by kissing his daughter on the forehead.

Dionysus' attention wasn't focused on the argument. Instead, he had his eye peeled on Percy Jackson killing a bunch of monsters, and was curious on why Percy had wanted so much ethanol.

It was quite a smart idea to create a tornado of fire using the ethanol; he would give the sea spawn that.

Hestia smiled when she saw Percy use her powers to a wide extent. Her face shifted into a frown when she watched Percy kill the baby Minotaurs in cold blood. They may have been monsters, but to put something so innocent through so much pain was out of order. It was outrageous.

After five minutes, Artemis flashed away and came back with Percy.

She was happy that her fiancé was unscathed, but wasn't all too pleased with his method of killing the baby Minotaurs.

Still, she kissed him full on the lips the second she got the chance.

Then, the throne room doors were kicked open, and in flew Thanatos.

The god of peaceful death's robes were in tatters and numerous wounds leaked golden ichor across his body.

His scythe was stained with silver, golden and red blood, making him look even more frantic.

"Thanatos! Tartarus, what in my name happened to you?!" Hades asked, running over to his lieutenant.

"Erebos... Unleashing... Tartarus... Typhon and Kraken out too... And Spirit of Apocalypse... Shall be here... Tomorrow..." Thanatos groaned in pain, and collapsed from blood loss.

Hades caught Thanatos in his arms.

"When Apollo awakes, aid Thanatos back to health. I need to keep the Underworld in check." Hades barked, and went to shadow travel away.

"Hold up brother." Poseidon walked over to his elder brother. "We have to go down there with you. You will need as much help you can... UGH...!" Poseidon crumpled to the floor in a heap.

Then, shit hit the fan and spread all over the place.

"Atlantis is under attack..." Poseidon panted, and Percy cursed wildly.

"We have a lot of gods to help us, so we can split them in half and sent them to where they would be more helpful to help keep Atlantis and the Underworld domains safe. With Íta Trópidos just about a day away from us, we demigods can defend Olympus. Seem like a plan?" Percy suggested, challenging the council.

"Very well, it shall be done. I will join Hades as underwater, my powers are useless. Apollo and Artemis can stay here as they would not be useful in either of the two domains. We shall decide the rest after we call the rest of the gods." Zeus ordered, and Hermes flashed away.

This was going to be a long night.

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