The Road to Darkness

Get Ready for It

No point of view:

Percy just sat there, twiddling his thumbs, Thalia, Nico, Zoë and Bianca sitting around him in the centre of the Olympian throne room. Then, all of the minor gods (both Greek and Roman) were sat as well. On one side, were all of the gods, whom were going to join Hades to keep the Underworld in check, while on the opposite side Poseidon stood with everyone helping to defend his domain? In between the two sides were the ones staying with Percy and the other demigods to defend Olympus.

So far Zeus, Hera, Demeter, Persephone, Ares the minor Roman gods and Hecate were joining Hades and Thanatos to make sure the Underworld doesn't go out of control; and all of the other gods (Athena, Dionysus, Hermes, Aphrodite and that) would go underwater and support aid to Poseidon, the sea god's family and army to make sure Typhon and the Kraken don't break free from their prisons.

Jason soon marched into the throne room in full battle armour; Leo, Frank, Hazel, Piper and Reyna flanking him.

"Percy, you’re going to want to see this." Jason kept a straight face, trying not to show fear.

"What is it?" The son of Poseidon asked, picking himself up off of the floor.

"You want to see what we're up against." Jason stated, and walked with Percy over to the edge of Olympus.

Even without binoculars, the child of the sea could see that the small army of demigods were going to have a tough challenge up against them.

"Jason... Get the demigods ready and down onto the Island of Manhattan. Also request Morpheus to put the island into a deep slumber. I don't want a single mortal casualty - only the death of monsters." Percy ordered, and the Roman son of Jupiter sprinted off in a flash to send out the message.

Percy spun on his heel and made a dash for the throne room.

But when he went through the images in his head, he didn't see Erebos, Moros or Eris... Oh... Crap... Hopefully it wasn't her.

Back in the throne room, the Olympians were fully sorted out.

The two teams of gods and goddesses flashed away, leaving only the demigods, Artemis, Apollo and Hestia in there.

Percy ran in, a dark look written across his face.

"What's wrong?" Artemis asked, walking up to her fiancé.

"Get prepped up for the battle of our lives. We have a rather large army coming to rain destruction across us." Percy ordered, and each of the demigods and Apollo left the Olympian throne room.

Hestia walked over to her son and soon to be daughter-in-law.

"Who is leading -" Artemis began, but Percy cut her off.

"No one for as far as I know. But that doesn't mean that they won't jump out when the time is right. Go get ready, we will plan the second we are all ready." Artemis nodded in acknowledgment and flashed away.

"Perseus." Hestia smiled, brushing a lock of hair away from Percy's majestic crimson red and sea green eyes.

"Yeah, mom?" Percy returned the smile.

"I think my son should have a gift... An engagement gift from me, to help you survive the war unless you want to be brought back alive to be castrated by your fiancé." Hestia stated. Percy just grinned even more, and his mother flashed them both to Percy's bedroom.

Hestia opened up Percy's weapon wardrobe, and Percy's jaw hit the ground.

Black armour stood in the wardrobe, all new vambraces and equipment as well.

Then, next to the armour, was Percy's favourite set of clothes he had destroyed.

"... Thank you mother! Love you!" Percy grinned and pulled his adoptive mother into a tight hug, before pecking her on the cheek.

Hestia just childishly giggled.

Percy threw off most of his clothes after Hestia left to allow him to change, and slipped on his brand new clothes: jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt. Percy placed on his armour, before grabbing his new black leather jacket and beanie hat and slipping them on.

Percy stepped out into the corridor and made his way down to the lounge, where Hestia was stoking the fire as she usually was.

"That armour was worn by one of the world's most famous assassins, and thought to of been lost shortly afterwards. And only the blood line of him could ever wear that armour." Hestia said out of nowhere.

"Who did it belong to?" Percy asked, curious.

"Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, a Syrian master assassin with abilities like none other. He was just like you: ambitious and cheeky, but he carried a lot of anger, just like you do. The part that makes you better, Percy, is this." Hestia explained, placing a hand over Percy's heart.

""Thanks mom... Now, stay in the throne room unless otherwise. Okay?" Percy grinned, and Hestia flashed the two of them to the throne room, where Artemis, Apollo, the hunters and Roman and Greek campers were stood, waiting in anticipation.

"Alright, so, for starters, what is the perimeter of the island of Manhattan?" Percy instantly asked, and all eyes turned towards the son of Poseidon.

"36 miles, why?" Malcolm, councillor of the Athena cabin answered.

"Alright then, so, here's a plan. We all split into groups of three: all needing an archer and two close-range fighters. And judging by how many of us there is... Every 300 metres a group of three shall stand and cut down any monsters in sight. If so, spread out to form a crappy ring around the edge of the island to beat off any monsters. Sound good?" Percy suggested the gears in his head working overtime by decades.

Questions like "Then how will we know where and when the army strikes?" and "What if the barrier falls?" were asked from the crowd of demigods.

"It's obvious: we fall back to the Empire State building if things get too rough, or back enough until we all have each other’s backs. All of us use Iris Messaging to communicate with each other, as we have unlimited calls to each other, thanks to a bit of... Uh... Persuasion..." Percy trailed off.

With Fleecy...

"Gods darn it. Iris is going to kill me after this..." Fleecy cursed, but smiled when she remembered what she would get in return. Hermes' hand in marriage... Oh it would be most lovely.

Back on Olympus...

"Just say 'O Fleecy, do me a solid. Show me' blah blah blah. Just say whoever you want after the show me'." Percy added.

All of the other occupants in the throne room nodded.

"So, I suggest you all treble up. One child of Apollo and Hunters of Artemis would be the archers, as well as some others from numerous cabins and cohorts. There will be a spear wielder and a sword or knife fighter as well, and by guessing how many of us there is, we should not have much of an issue. Now, I will be up here ready to aid anyone in need in help, but I am going to need all I've got to ensure that a certain monster don't eat us all alive. Artemis and Apollo will also support aid to those who need it, and preferably use their chariots during their daily routine to roast or hunt any monsters they can. Any questions?" Percy explained, trying not to explain a lot about Íta Trópidos, as it would result with fear in the demigods' hearts and they may flee or feel pressured to join the enemy.

And nobody wanted that.

"Is that the thing we hear every single freaking night of our lives?! You know the roaring thing that won’t shut up!" Someone shouted out from the group of Romans soldiers.

"Yeah, it’s a creature that I am destined to cross paths with. We will end the fight with Erebos, Tartarus, Moros and Eris as soon as we can, and then we take the fight to the monster that threatens our futures with one another, who wants to raze our home and every single freaking thing we care for. We will win no matter what, as numbers do not matter. Forty demigods defended Olympus against an army of thousands - and won. Now we are in the hundreds, possibly outnumbered quite a bit, but still, our friendship will aid us - it gives us a strong enough reason to fight and survive. Now, we will show those monsters who is stronger, who has the will of survival and dominance, but most importantly, that we will mark ourselves in the books of history for the rest of eternity!" Percy wouldn't let the armies' spirits fail them. Together, victory would be embraced until the end.


"Stupid dimwits! They will never see the truth all the while they fight like this! Perseus has become much wiser over the years, making him near enough impossible to get the better of!" A clocked figure cursed, tensing on his throne. He clutched the armrests so much that his knuckles were beginning to turn white.

"Calm down, master. We have victory in our wake, as Íta Trópidos will be here soon, and it will send Perseus Jackson to oblivion." A female sneered. Her obsidian eyes were narrowed into slits as she glared at the image showing the son of Poseidon.

"Yes... You are correct, Annabeth. But you will lead the final charge against Olympus as I ride the Spirit of Apocalypse into battle. You will get to be in charge of Perseus' tortures in Tartarus, while I get to kill him." The man grinned, flashing off pearly white teeth.

The blonde only nodded in agreement. "I look forward to it, Erebos." She walked away and back to her chambers, while Erebos rose from his throne.

Soon, Perseus... Erebos promised to himself, Very soon you shall perish by my hand... Mark my words, you shall!


A trident soured through the water and sent a monster to its watery grave.

Poseidon continued to cut down numerous henchmen of Oceanus, as he waited for the Titan himself so the two could fight it out once again for control over the seas.

Triton, Amphitrite, Athena and all of the other gods and goddesses which decided to aid Poseidon were also involved in the carnage, cutting down many humanoid shark-like creatures. And the second Poseidon spotted Oceanus, the god of the sea charged the titan of the sea.

Poseidon knocked Oceanus off of his chariot and stabbed at him multiple times with his trident.

"Father!" Triton yelled out.

Ever so foolishly, Poseidon turned to his son, and nearly died from the shock that washed over him.

Amphitrite was lying dead in Triton's arms as he wore a sadistic grin.

"No..." Poseidon muttered, only for Athena to run the heir to the sea through with her spear.

Poseidon, getting over the hurt, turned back to a groaning Oceanus. With a cry of rage, Poseidon slammed his trident through the throat of his long-time rival.

"Never thing about coming back, you worthless scum. Same to you, traitor." Poseidon hissed, and Athena sent Triton straight to oblivion, just where Oceanus went.

Amphitrite melted away into nothing, meaning that she had gone to the Void.

Poseidon refused to shed a tear, even as the remains of Oceanus' army fled the battle ground.

"Curse you all to Tartarus..." Poseidon snarled, and marched back into his palace. Athena, the army and the gods and goddesses followed, to prepare them to go and aid the war currently raging along the island of Manhattan.

Athena rested a hand on her rival.

"We'll make sure Olympus survives, Poseidon. She would want that." Athena soothed, and Poseidon shook her hand off of him.

"We will, but that doesn't mean that she wanted any of this." Poseidon growled, and stormed off into his chambers to grieve over the death of his wife.


Lightning bolts and flack fire obliterated numerous of souls as a small group of gods and goddesses defended Hades' palace.

Hades and Zeus stood back to back; blasting any dead spirit that dare tried to attack them.

Persephone and Demeter also fought wildly, trapping the un-dead in vines so Nemesis or anyone else could kill them.

The Fields of Punishment, Tartarus and Fields of Asphodel had opened up wide, freeing anyone and anything. Thanatos flew through the air, tearing down the un-dead as if he were one of the Keres.

Ares cut through the un-dead too, Hephaestus by his side as the two brothers tore through anything that got in their way.

Hera and Aphrodite stood at the sidelines, not being able to join in because of their domains. They would be useless in a battle like this.

Geyron popped out, and began barking orders.

"Attack! Kill them!" The sheep herder yelled, only to get a pitchfork through his chest, curtsey of Hades.

The god of the Underworld then pulled out his sword and began hacking at any un-dead creature who dared to oppose him.

None of the un-dead was going to survive. None of them...


Erebos grinned widely.

"And finally, we shall fight. Beware, Perseus, as you shall meet your end." Erebos' grin widened as he imagined the look of horror on Percy's face when he dies.

"Shall I lead the charge, master?" The blonde offered, ready to face whatever danger is ahead of her.

"I think it is sufficient that you lead the army into battle. Now, time for some blood." Erebos snapped, and was wrapped up in a blanket of darkness and shadows.

"Is it done...?" A weak voice rasped from the shadows.

"No, but it shall be done soon. We shall be reunited in the end." Her obsidian eyes gleamed with love.

"Good... Make me proud, Annabeth..." It rasped, and the room began warming up a little bit, the evil presence leaving with it.

We will be together in the end... Like it or not... The world shall be ours! Annabeth promised herself, and she left the throne room as well to prepare for the deadly battle ahead of her and the most tragic outcomes possible: the death of her lover and herself.

He will be free, no matter what. No one was going to stand in her way.

No one.

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