The Road to Darkness

The Rising of Foes

No point of view:

A small, lone pebble rolled across one of the many streets of the island of Manhattan.

Gusts of wind blew a news paper as well, adding to the eerie aura the area.

Manhattan was equivalent to a ghost town; a barren wasteland.

Well, everyone was just asleep in their beds, as a small army of demigods, dryads, satyrs, nymphs, a god and a goddess would defend the island with their lives, fighting to save Olympus - their true home.

An enormous army of a few tens of thousands monsters surrounded the island, trying to find flaws in the demigod's plans.

And that was very difficult, as there was a small cluster of demigods every few hundred metres. None of the monsters wanted to take the rush of being cut down by the arrows from the hunters of Artemis and descendants of Apollo.

An ear-shattering roar filled up the night sky, signalling that Íta Trópidos was even closer than it was yesterday. The next day, the planetary sized dragon will reach Earth, and then dismantle it, starting with Olympus and all of the other Pantheons' places of worship or habitats.

The sky was lit up with mesmerizing colours such as red, orange and pink. A deep shade of blue rolled over the sky, signalling that the night chariot was doing its nightly ride like the sun and moon chariots did. The sun disappeared under the horizon, and then a war horn was sounded.

The army of monsters roared, and instantly ran across the bridges, through the tunnels and across the rivers using row boats or jet-skis they stole from mortals.

One horde of seventeen monsters even managed to steal a yacht! Then again, nothing was as crazy as a group of twenty flying over in fighter jets!

From Olympus, a lone seventeen year old stood at the edge of Olympus, surrounded by many Iris Messages he used as CCTVs all over the island.

Percy shook his head in disbelief. He had known that Erebos was hell-bent on killing Percy and the rest of the demigods, but the son of Poseidon wasn't aware of the face that Erebos had wanted them eradicated this badly.

Percy was just confused on the fact 'why did Erebos go through all of this just to finish us off'. It really bugged the sea spawn.

Then, the shit hit the fan and flew all over the place.

From each corner of the city, came a leader.

Eris, Moros and a fully reformed Gaea and a strange warrior in black armour. The only thing Percy noticed was the glowing golden eyes.

Oh, holy mother freaking crap... Percy paled whiter than snow when he recognized those malice-filled glowing golden eyes which pulsed with the rage the figure held towards Olympus.

Kronos... Percy gulped before out stretching his wings. He would rather to use Blackjack right now, but he needs to be quicker than the Pegasus could take him.

"And where do you think you’re going, Percy?" Artemis asked from behind.

"To get someone long dead. I think good ol' grandfather time needs to learn his lesson about staying dead." Percy's face was grim, his lips pulled in a thin line.

"Then I go with me you - no buts or ifs. We do this together." Artemis snatched her fiancé's hand, and Percy tried not to look into her huge, most beautiful silver eyes.

And then he did.

And then Percy gave in.

"Fine..." Percy grumbled, and hugged Artemis tightly.

The sea spawn then fell backwards, and over the edge of Olympus, Artemis in his arms.

His wings caught the wind, and the son of Poseidon flew off to the South West end of Manhattan.

Fires raged throughout the city, a few torrents of flames reaching out and threatening to burn both Artemis and Percy to a crisp.

Well, Percy should be fine, thanks to being the champion and adoptive son of Hestia. But this was a monster army with many beings gazillions times stronger than his mother, so they could probably just cancel the abilities out with a mere flick of the wrist.

Not that he meant to offend Hestia in any shape or form.

The Moon began to glow wildly, a harsh red to be exact. Percy snuck a glance at Artemis, and saw her watching the group fighting Kronos.

Three of her hunters seemed to of died by the Titan's hands, and was currently in an extreme game of ruffle 'n' tumble with a boy which looked like a son of Apollo.

But Apollo had gone missing a few hours ago, the second the south side began weakening...

Oh no... Was the only thought that crossed her mind when the child of Apollo was thrown across the street, and Kronos prepared to deliver the final blow?

Percy recognized who it was instantly.

"Fire away!" Percy yelled, and Artemis summoned her bow.

The goddess of the Moon pulled back the string and fired, giving Artemis a clear shot.

The arrow soured through the air, and hit Kronos' scythe, veering it off course to decapitate an empousa.

"Jackson..." Kronos snarled his head turning towards the flying son of Poseidon.

"So, how did death treat you this time granddad?" Percy halted in the air, his grip on Artemis tightening.

"Very well... A bit too well if I may recall. I'm now backing thanks to my uncles Erebos and Tartarus. So, now, let's play a game of sea food sushi!" Kronos snapped his fingers, and made a very bad attempt to mock the sea spawn.

Time seemed to slow down around Percy, making him feel like he was walking through a substance thicker than tar.

"Now, time for some fun." Kronos grinned, and sliced open a gaping wound on Percy's side.

A bone sword ran through Kronos' arm, and his helmet was yanked off.

A man who greatly resembled Poseidon and Zeus stood there, with long black hair combed backwards in a similar fashion to what Hades' hair was like.

Two golden orbs shone brightly like lava, the malice and evil held within them most obvious.

The person who had the balls to stab Kronos wasn't Artemis, as she was on the floor behind Percy. Apollo was sprawled across the floor too, throwing him out of the image. None of the demigods would have done it either.

Princess-like blonde, curly hair bounced as the figure kicked Kronos to the ground.

"I warned you, Percy was my target. No one else can take him down other than me." She snarled, her obsidian eyes draining the light out of the world around her.

All she wore was a sports bra and denim jeans, but had her bone sword in one hand, while a hideous black sword was in her other. The scar that showed her being torn apart were visible as day.

"Annabeth... Why are you helping...?" Per y breathed as he was released from Kronos' time field.

"I still am going to kill you - just not today. Kronos here needs punishment for disobeying my orders. Now, Το Χάος λεπίδα will be the end of you." Annabeth pulled out the Black Sword and decapitated Kronos. The Chaos Blade...

Instead of turning to golden dust, the Titan Lord just melted into a dark golden sludge and was absorbed into the blade.

"Until next time, seaweed brain." Annabeth winked at her ex-boyfriend, and Percy mentally threw up.

He still couldn't believe on how he fell in love with such a first-class bitch.

"You know, I really don't know how you fell for her Perce..." Apollo groaned, rubbing his head as he groaned in pain.

"Neither can I Apollo, neither can I..." Percy trailed off when an Iris Message appeared in front of the three immortals.

"Percy!" It was Thalia. A small cut had opened up just above her right eye, but was bleeding profusely. A look of panic was written across her face.

Tendrils of earth flew around the place, tossing many nature spirits, nymphs, satyrs and demigods into the air. A few hotdog stands were caught in the fray, as were some undergarments from Victoria's Secret (don't bother asking).

"Thals! What's going on other than your ass is being whooped?!" Percy asked, spreading his wings out wide.

"Gaea is more powerful than before... And I mean like... Well... More powerful than Moros was when he attacked Olympus! She seems to be at full power already, which means that you didn't kill her properly!" Thalia yelled, and shot a few arrows at attacking monsters.

"How many casualties?" Percy demanded, dreading the answer already.

"Around fifty-" Thalia couldn't say anything else as she was yanked away by a huge hand.

"Thalia!" Percy yelled, and took off without warning.

Gaea had taken it too far this time. First Annabeth... That old hag won’t take anyone else close to the son of Poseidon's heart away from him ever again. And that was a promise he intended to keel for the rest of eternity.


Unknown point of view:

I slammed my fist down on the floor so hard that it cracked.

I narrowed my eyes at the cloud of mist, taking in all of the information.

"Then kill the damn thing! How are we supposed to enslave Earth if there is no Earth to return to?" I barked, my patience narrowing by the second.

"Should I give the sword to the Chosen One then?" My informer asked me.

"No. Do not make your betrayal obvious yet, give it until I can be freed to hand it over. If not, kill it yourself. Hopefully though, the Chosen One dies of his wounds after his final battle." I mused to myself.

"And then the world is ours." She grinned, her pearly white teeth gleaming in the faint light.

"Yes... So, shall one week until I am freeing correct?" I had to clarify what was happening.

"Don't you worry, master. You will be back to the world of the living soon enough. But first, I think I may need to kill off my two resurrected to ensure your freedom." I smiled in agreement as her reassuring tone.

"Well then, we could get on with it. I don't think that they will like waiting for their deaths for too long." I grinned demonically, and she cut the transmission.

I then glared at the blazing flame I was supposed to of died in. I rubbed the scars which took up half of my face.

Perseus Jackson would pay most dearly. But not with money, or his body. But his heart and soul.

A hero's blood, sweat and tears shall be spilt, and Earth will be enslaved my me, and me only. Now, to kill that despicable son of Poseidon... I mentally grinned, and turned back to my plans, the only source of the light the black flames which once nearly took my own life.

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