The Road to Darkness

Hunters and Assasins

No point of view:


Clouds of thunder rolled above the state of Maine. Forks of lightning reached down for the dense forest below.

Deep within the forest, ran a horde of Hell Hounds. Right behind them, were girls in silver cameo chasing the monsters down? Each and every one of them were armed with duel wield hunting knives, a bow and a quiver full of glowing silver arrows.

"Don't let them escape!" The supposed leader barked at the group.

She appeared to be a young, beautiful twelve year old girl. She had her long, auburn hair tied into a pony tail, helping her bright, glowing silver eyes stand out.

Artemis, Olympian goddess of the Moon notched an arrow in her bow, and fired to projectile at a hell hound.

As the arrow soared through the air, its silver feathers fluttering as the wind cut through each hair on each feather.


The arrow hit its target in the left flank, sinking deep within the hell hound's flesh. The monster let out a shrill cry of pain before crumbling into golden dust, and scattering away in a cool zephyr.

A punk-like girl stood next to the goddess, a silver tiara in her raven black hair.

She pulled back on the string and fired an arrow at the last hell hound, ending its miserable, waste of a life with a soft thud.

"Excellent work, Thalia. Let's return to camp." Artemis praised her lieutenant, Thalia Grace.

Thalia nodded, and the Hunters of Artemis vanished in a bright flash of silver light.


The second they returned to camp, Artemis and Thalia went into the latter's tent.

"Any news on him?" Thalia asked, her electric blue eyes glistening slightly, on the verge of tears.

Artemis shook her head, and Thalia let a small tear fall.

"Why did he even go? Doesn't he care?" Thalia asked as Artemis pulled her half-sister into an embrace.

"He probably does, Thalia... He just needed some time to sort himself out; that's all." Artemis soothed the punk-girl.

"It's been two years, though milady! He would care if he came back!" Thalia argued slightly, but it was hard because of the hurt that her heart was full of.

"But, this isn't the main reason I'm talking to you alone." Artemis said, and Thalia pulled back.

"Then what is it, milady?" Thalia asked, wiping her eyes free of her tears.

"Zeus demands we call off the search. Personally, I wish to continue searching for him." Artemis said gravely, and Thalia began to crackle with electricity.

The hunt has never - and will never - fail a hunt. Artemis assured herself, wanting to find their target.

"I don't care. I'll search for him solo if I have to." Thalia said, determined to find her friend.

"Then tell the hunters that the search for Perseus Jackson resumes, and we will succeed." Weight lifted off of Artemis' shoulders as she saw the fiery determination burning within her electric blue eyes.


It has now been another year or so since the Hunters of Artemis resumed their non-stop search for the infamous Perseus Jackson.

Back at Camp Half-Blood, the name 'Perseus Jackson' would be used as the name for the greatest hero in existence. He was a myth - a legend, if not - and was forever immortalised. Each tale of the hero's deeds was passed down through each generation. Young children around camp wanted to be just like the Hero of Olympus, idolising Perseus.

But, right on the other side of the states, in Oregon, was the hunter's current camp.

They searched high and low all day, every day, waiting for a sign that each Demigod's hero was there.

"Milady," Thalia begun, walking up to her mistress, "don't you think that this is strange?" She asked.

"What, Thalia?" Artemis turned to her lieutenant.

"Those monsters seem to be in groups around here, as if patrolling something - or even worse, targeting someone." The daughter of Zeus said.

It was true, though. One of the look-outs reported groups of rouge Cyclops, hell hounds, dracaene and empousai all wondering around a certain spot in the forest, only for a few to be killed by a hooded figure in black.

Obviously, the hunters never noticed the black cloaked figure assassinating numerous hordes of monsters.



A cloaked figure dashed through the tree tops, running away from its pursuers.

The figure was dressed like an assassin, with a black, hooded cloak, black leather gloves, a dark red under shirt; dark, faded metal combats and black, steel toed combat boots. It had vambraces on the wrists, a hidden blade attached to both of them. On a diagonal belt wrapped across the figure's torso, were a selection of throwing knives, with a Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol and a small pouch of 5 gun magazines.

Behind the assassin, were the Hunters of Artemis, the goddess herself leading the chase.

"I order you to stop!" Artemis yelled at the fleeing figure, drawing another arrow of moonlight on her silver, crescent Moon shaped bow.

"..." The figure never replied - just ran faster.

Artemis fired her arrow, as did all of her hunters. Each arrow had different feathers at the tail - each colour represented their godly parent.

A single arrow nicked the figure on the arm, tearing part of the cloak off in the process.

The figure grunted in pain, but didn't stop. He couldn't be caught. Especially by the Hunters of Artemis. Nobody would want to know the torture that they will put him through.

He risked a look behind him, and he saw how close they were to him.

They won't catch me alive, he thought and made a hard left, and began to continuously make sharp turns to throw the hunters off his tail.

What game is this boy playing at? Artemis asked herself, and fired a few more projectiles at the fleeing assassin.

He ducked and dodged two of them, while a third buried itself deep in his shoulder.

The assassin bit back a cry of pain, and snapped the shaft, so only the tip remained embedded within his shoulder. He'd get it out when he got back to his temporary camp.

After at least another hour of running and throwing the huntresses off track, the Assassin left the tree tops, and landed as graceful as a cat on the ground beneath his feet.

"Stupid Hunters of Artemis." He grumbled, reaching to his left shoulder and snatching the arrow out. He then walked over to a wooden bowl of water. He dumped it over himself, and his numerous wounds healed themselves.

The assassin then reached up to his hood, and pulled it down.

The first noticeable feature was the scar that marred down the side of his face. His raven black hair was long and messy, some of it in knots. The assassin's crimson red and sea green eyes were dull, and showed that he was long past his time of happiness.

As if on cue, a soft thud hit the ground. By a normal person, the sound wouldn't have been heard. But, this man had radar ears and eyes.

"Why do you continuously search for me, Lady Artemis? All I want is to be left alone." He simply said, turning his head the slightest mini metre so he could just about see the Goddess of the Hunt.

"What do you speak of, boy?" Artemis spat, "Why don't you turn around so I can see your face before I turn you into a jackelope."

"I would rather not, Lady Artemis." Was his simply reply as he reached for his hood.

Artemis raised her bow at him, another arrow ready to fire. "Pull that hood up and I fire." Artemis threatened ever so calmly, drawing her arrow back, taking aim.

"I'm afraid that that will not come true." The assassin replied, and pulled up his hood.

Artemis fired the arrow, and the assassin ducked. Knowing that she was weak in close range, he charged the goddess - hidden blades out.

Artemis growled slightly and her bow vanished in a silver light, and in its place were a pair of duel wield silver hunting knives.

She aimed a kick at the assassin, but he ducked under it and jabbed out a fist at his opponent. Artemis dodged, and brought a knife down upon the assassin. He blocked with his vambraces, and pushed her back, buying him some time to re-compose himself.

Artemis charged the assassin, and both of them swung their selected weapons at each other. The blades connected with sparks of bronze and silver.

"Give up, boy!" Artemis snarled, her silver eyes flashing with anger.

"Over my dead body." The assassin gritted his teeth in frustration. There were so many people out to get him, it was unreal.

First that Protogenoi, now this? I am seriously loved! Was the assassin's sarcasm laced thoughts.

"That can be arranged, boy!" Artemis snapped, seething with uncontainable rage.

A blunt arrow then whizzed past the assassin's head. He looked up to see a hunter of Artemis in trees above. He could only guess that the others were around the perimeter.

"You’re outnumbered. Give up, and we will just take you to Olympus - nothing more." Artemis somersaulted backwards, morphing her hunting knives into her bow and quiver of arrows once again.

"Yeeeaaaah... About that..." The assassin rolled his eyes at Artemis and her hunters.

"What about going to Olympus, boy?" Thalia demanded, striding up behind the assassin.

"If I reveal my identity, war will break out. I have to stay away from there. Not because of my alignment, as I’ll side with the Olympians over the Titans, Gigantes and Protogenoi. It's because of who I was cursed by during my time here." The assassin said.

Artemis could tell he was telling the truth, as her twin brother is the god of truth after all.

"Who cursed you, and who are you?" Artemis demanded, and all of the hunters took a step towards the assassin.

Thalia then reached out to grab the assassin's hood, and yanked it backwards.

Artemis stifled a gasp as she saw the assassin's face - especially his eyes.

Thalia stood there, motionless, tears brimming in the corner of her eyes.

"I am... Sorry Thals..." He said, and threw a smoke bomb onto the ground. He yanked up his hood, and dashed off into the trees.

Forgive me, Thals and Lady Artemis, were his thoughts as he dashed over and around the tree tops, careful to not be found by the Hunters of Artemis.

Multiple arrows flew past his head, burrowing themselves deep in the trees next to him, or the branches he was once perched on.

"How many hunters are there?" He cursed, making a hard right.

"Get back here, Perseus Jackson!" He heard Artemis yelled, and the assassin flinched.

Really? Why does every immortal who hates me have to use my full name? Perseus grumbled inwardly, dodging another arrow.

"Get back here, Percy!" Thalia yelled, and Percy pushed the thoughts to run towards his cousin and crush her in a tight bear hug.

But he couldn't go back. He couldn't face the guilt any longer.

Then, a beam of dark energy hit the tree he just leapt from, obliterating the tree.

"What the Hades?" Percy cursed, and a figure materialised out of the shadows of the forest.

It appeared to be a man, with long, greasy black hair; and wore the darkest shade of red robes over pale, ghostly white skin.

"Perseus Jackson..." He rasped, his black eyes shining dangerously in the sunset above.

"Who the Hades are you?!" Percy asked, his senses yelling 'danger'.

"I am Erebos, Primordial of Darkness and Shadows. Also, the destroyer of Perseus Jackson!" He grinned in a sadistic manner, and melted back into the shadows.

The shadows seemed to move around Percy; creating a small, unnoticeable shield of darkness to surround him.

"How does the darkness feel, Perseus?" A hollow voice echoed from the ground, "To see the one you love most fall before you? Because you was too weak to protect her?"

A small growl came from Percy's throat, as if he recognised the voice.

"I must ask it again then, mustn't I? Well, Perseus, how does it feel to watch Annabeth Chase die before your very eyes - powerless to stop it. And should I add, thrown into me?" The voice continued, and a small black aura began to surround Percy.

"..." Was Percy's simple reply. His eyes seemed to be slowly sharpening so they were vertical - like a reptile's eyes were. His eyes slowly changed between sea green, to blood red; as continuous rage from the past three years began to bubble up inside.

"Do you want to turn yourself peacefully into us, or shall we take you by force, Perseus? If you resist, we will dip you in the river Lethe, and you shall be reunited with that daughter of Athena. What do you choose, Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon?" Erebos asked from the darkness, his laughter joining the hollow voice's laughter.

"You know, I always wanted revenge on those who killed Annabeth, and keep her imprisoned within Tartarus. Now, I know who has her; I'll tear you apart with... My... Bare... Hands..." Percy growled, and before anyone could register it, he uncapped a pen - which turned into a three foot long, leaf shaped, bronze sword - and rammed it straight into the ground.

A colossal explosion sent the son of Poseidon backwards, shattering the wall of darkness with it.

The hunters of Artemis then broke into the clearing, and Percy hit the ground, sprawled out across the damp grass.

"It's time you came home, Perseus." Percy could hear Artemis say, and everything around him seemed to go black.

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