The Road to Darkness

Darkness has Fallen

No point of view:

A knife flicked out from the darkness, impaling an empousai.

Multiple others forged out of Stygian Iron sprung out, and then arrows followed.

Two siblings then stepped out of the shadows, a scrawny boy who was only skin and bone, probably around the age of sixteen, while the girl next to him was around fourteen and packed with muscle.

Both shared similar features other than skin colour (the girl had olive skin, the boy had ghostly pale skin), which were obsidian eyes and jet black hair. Both of them radiated a strange aura of death.

The male heaved a four-foot Stygian Iron on his shoulder, a belt of throwing knives strapped around his waist. His sister, on the other hand, had a silver bow in one hand, a quiver full of Stygian Iron, silver and Cesterial Bronze arrows strapped to her back, as well as a silver hunting knife strapped to each of her thighs. A loose belt of throwing knives was also wrapped around her waist, a lot like her brother's.

Nico and Bianca di Angelo, the children of Hades.

"So, where is Percy and that?" Nico asked, his black eyes darting around the shadows for any servants of Erebos.

"I'm not all too sure, Nico. Perhaps New York would be helpful, not bloody London!" Bianca turned to her brother, an eyebrow arched when she noticed a double Decker red bus driving through the streets during the rush hour.

Big Ben stood tall and proud in the distance, the London Eye a little to the left.

The pair of siblings just walked towards the two historic monuments, and on the way, decided to take a stroll through Hyde Park.

"Wait a second... Why are we still here, sis?" Nico just stopped in his tracks, before grabbing Bianca and running into the nearest shadow.

They reappeared back at the Empire State Building, to see Artemis standing at the entrance, Apollo by her side.

It was abnormal to see her without Percy lately, but when Nico saw the red eyes of Artemis, he knew the inevitable had occurred.

"Don't tell me... He died, didn't he...?" Nico's voice cracked slightly.

Artemis faintly nodded, before looking distantly into the sky.

"Erebos is using his body as a puppet, but do not kill the puppet. If we could find a way to bring Percy back to me-us."

Nico caught Artemis' slip up.

Hestia flashed down, her crimson red eyes shining with fear.

"What is wrong, Hestia?" Artemis asked, trying not to cry as she recalled last night’s dream.

"Erebos... He is coming straight for Olympus. And Íta Trópidos is on a collision course towards us as we speak. It is over - Olympus will not survive the upcoming events. The dragon has the equivalent mass of a star, making it impossible to stop l. We would be sent to the Void after a simple strike from the beast." Hestia explained hastily.

Karma's a bitch, Arty. A distant voice joked, and the dragon shot towards Olympus, jaws wide.

A bright white light shone through the sky, lighting up the Earth once more.

"No way..." Apollo grinned, and Artemis had tears of joy in her eyes.


Sea green eyes snapped open. No trace of crimson red was in them whatsoever.

A groan of pain escaped his lips, and he sat up. He was in a white space, similar to the same space he warned Artemis in.

"Ouch... I'm never going to try invade Artemis' dreams again..." Percy grumbled, picking himself up off of the ground. Space seemed to begin to darken and mould itself so it became the battle field. Percy stood in the middle of it, looking around.

The Empire State Building seemed to glow faintly, calling the son of Poseidon in, so he walked in.

Demigods were crammed onto the floor of the lobby, trying to catch some sleep.

Percy had to stop himself from running up to them when he was Andy and Izzy trying to catch s few rays of sleep.

Percy continued on, and then saw Apollo snoring louder than a pig (very funny, by the way).

Then, Percy's heart broke.

Artemis was leaning against the wall, a small photo of her and Percy laughing, one of her favourite moments with him.

Then, came up one after the night of Percy's proposal, as the sea spawn recalled.

"Artemis... I'm sorry..." Percy's hand subconsciously placed her hair behind her left ear, and his lips brushed her forehead.

Artemis smiled, before putting the pictures away and nodding off to sleep, a sad smile on her face.

"I love you, Arty..." Percy smiled weakly, watching her sleep.

A breath of frosty air left her lips, signalling the presence of a ghost.


The son of Poseidon stood up, and let alone tear fall since nobody could see him.

Percy spun on his heel and left the sky scraper, and looked up at the sun.

No light radiated off of it. The only light in fact came from the street lamps, which flickered occasionally.

It was like a never ending eclipse.

Percy then saw an enormous dragon slither down from the sky, Erebos hovering next to him.

"Here goes nothing..." Percy muttered, and summoned his wings.

He jumped - only to fall down flat on his face.

"Seriously?! Now they go, when I die?!" Percy cursed many times under his breath as he waited for Erebos to get within reach of Riptide.

One metre left... Come on...

Percy uncapped Riptide and swung for Erebos.

A shallow gash opened up on the Protengoi of Darkness' leg, and Percy jumped for it. He entered Erebos' body, and then silver ichor began to leak from the wound.

Erebos hissed in pain, and the wound closed up.

A small headache began to form in the back of his mind, and he was forced to the ground, clutching his head in pain.

His sword clattered to the ground, revealing its form - the same sword Annabeth Chase had used to slay Kronos.

"Jackson... I should have known you would return..." Erebos growled in pain, and slipped back into his own mind.

Now, the ultimate fight was commencing.


Percy's point of view:

My surroundings were dark and gloomy... Demonic, if not.

I was in what seemed to be a dark, gloomy dungeon with pitch black chains of darkness hanging down from the ceiling, and the stone walls were all cracked and glistening with a sickly green substance.

In front of me, a shadowy figure slowly shimmered into existence, its blood red soulless eyes narrowed at my direction as they burned with hate and hellfire.

"So, Perseus, you decided to attempt to take over my body... In my own domain... Fool!" Erebos sneered, and I was thrown up against a wall, the chains of darkness trying to coil around my body.

I spat out a bit of blood.

"Not really. I just wanted to pop in and give the one who turned me into this a parting gift." I snarled, peeling myself off of the wall.

"BAH! You stand no chance at all, son of Poseidon! I will enjoy chewing on your muscles for my main course! Then that bitch of a girlfriend you have will be my play toy for all eternity!" Erebos jeered, and I growled, uncapping Riptide.

"Then rot in Tartarus along with the monsters of this war." I charged the Protengoi of darkness, and began slashing away, blinded by my rage.

"You are weaker than I thought. Your anger has full control over your actions, Perseus Jackson, and without your demonic abilities, your hopes of saving the universe are helpless." Erebos snorted, and rammed his fist into my gut.

I was sent sprawling across the ground, only to use Riptide to keep my composure by digging it in between two stone slabs and breaking my flight.

"Fight me like a man then, Erebos, the true personification of darkness! Prove that you are not any weaker than Nyx, Chaos, all of them!" I taunted, and Erebos summoned that strange black sword.

He ran at me, baring his pearly white teeth like a wolf did to bring fear into its opponents.

I just sidestepped Erebos' wild slash and punched him directly in the face.

Erebos' nose trickled with silver ichor, and a look of mortification appeared on his face.

So much for the strongest being in existence.

I just made a wild slash that should have cut Erebos in half, but he stepped backwards in a flash.

His eyes were burning brightly, as all of the shadows in the room seemed to be dragged towards him as he was emitting a gravitational pull.

I just stood there, waiting for Erebos to stop regenerating.

"You know, buddy, this is real life - not a fucked up RPG game!" I groaned, and Erebos paused.

"Just shut up!" Erebos threw a spear of darkness towards me.

"Lame." I groaned in boredom as I side stepped it.

Many other projectiles of darkness came my way, only for me to dodge them with an insult following each of them.

"I'm more bored than I was at school." I yawned, lying down on the ground.

Then, Erebos decided to attack.

"Heh... Still worse than Ares." I countered yet another strike, giving Erebos a nice gash across the arm.


I was thrown into the chains of darkness. So much for my big mouth.

Erebos grinned sadistically.

"Now, Perseus Jackson, you will never leave this dungeon." Erebos raised his sword, all of his injuries healing themselves as the shadows wrapped around him.

The chains of darkness coiled up, tightening their grips around my limbs.

All of a sudden, a faint light erupted from Erebos' chest, right above his heart.

"No... Not NOW!" Erebos snarled, silver ichor erupting into the air.

I spat out some of it as I was caked in the blood of the Protengoi.

I was released from the chains, as both of us were thrown back into the dreamscape.

"I cannot lose! I shall not fall to you, Perseus Jackson!" Erebos' words were over flowing with rage, and I grinned.

I summoned a glob of fire in each of my two hands, only to clap them together.

I threw the enormous fireball at Erebos, knocking the immortal down to the ground.

"No... Burn in Tartarus!" Erebos roared, and exploded in a burst of hellfire.

I was thrown out of Erebos' mind, and sent rushing towards the ground.

"This is going to hurt." I braced for impact, and collided with the Manhattan Street.

I instantly rose up off of the ground, and set off in search of my body.

Then again, I saw Erebos' sword in the ground, as well as the immortal himself crouching down a little distance away.

"Come on." I smirked, and a being was sent barrelling into me.

"Come on!" I snapped as I saw that it was my own body beating me up.

Uncapping Riptide would in fact be useless as I would just destroy my chances of coming back to the world of the living.

"Die imposter!" I yelled at me. Okay... This is just confusing.

My body - evil Percy; me - me. Satisfied?

Back to the fight, Evil Percy kept on continuously clobbering me. I drove my knee into his stomach, and elbowed him in the face.

Kicking him off of me, I then took off running towards the sword. Whatever it was made of, it was the sword that killed Nyx - and that made it super awesome and powerful.

I only got a lovingly soft kick in the back, making me eat dirt.

I roundhouse kicked him in the face, and made another dash for the sword. Erebos picked himself up off of the ground, his black cloak on tatters.

Erebos stumbled during his first step, not that I cared.

I was pulled down to the ground, little away from the sword. Erebos was about to grab it.

I got Evil Percy to throw me towards the sword. It worked, and I grasped the hilt at the last second.

I rolled over, and made a clean cut on Erebos - slicing his hand off.

Erebos' eyes glowed like the fiery pits of Tartarus as he tried to stop the silver ichor from pouring out of his wound.

"Now, who wins?" I sneered, heaving the sword up.

It weighed quite a bit for a sword, not that I cared much. I held the hilt with both hands, and kicked him backwards.

"You will pay dearly for that..." Erebos snarled, all of the power held behind his voice draining away.

"Come on, we both know that you're death bed is right here." I hit him with the flat of the sword, sending Erebos to the floor.

I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, and made the Protengoi of darkness bite the curb.

"Rot in the Void for all eternity, you son of a bitch." I brought the sword down, taking his head clean off of his shoulders.

Erebos' body melted into darkness, so I picked up the head.

After making a small cut on my now unconscious body, I took over what was rightfully mine once more.

Once my senses were fully regained, I picked myself up off of the ground and snatched both the sword and Erebos' head up off of the ground.

I tried to summon my wings, and it worked for once.

"Don't worry Artemis, I'm back..." I murmured to myself before speeding off into the darkest day.

Now, to plan my funeral and get my coffin prepared.


No point of view:

Artemis fired many arrows at the incoming monsters.

A golden arrow soured over her head, impaling another Cyclops.

"Oi, sis! You seen or heard a peep from Tartarus and crap?!" Apollo asked, stabbing a Dracaene with a dagger.

"No, Apollo! The closest is these monsters! They need to go back to crying to their mommy." With a simple flick of a wrist, Artemis' hunting knives were through the throats of many monsters including Cyclops, hellhounds, dracaene and empousai.

A small video crept into the back of her head, looking very real and bloody.

"So, you going to speak yet, or should you join your mother and most of your brothers? Where are Thalia and Zoë?"A man snarled, a hood covering him up.

"Puppets are supposed to be so much pain, but these two new ones are very fun. I heard Gration practicing on them what he would do to your beloved Artemis -" A man said who seemed to be currently in a torture chamber. Porphyrion, as Artemis remembered. The other one grabbed something from a desk behind him and turned back around so Artemis couldn't see.

"Wrong words, prick." The dark figure snarled, and made a pulling motion.

Screams filled the air, and Artemis was thrown from the scene of unimaginable torture.

The Hades was that? Artemis asked herself, shuddering slightly at the images before continuing to carve destruction through the army of darkness.

On the other side of town, in a butcher store, there was a little interrogation scene going on. Then again, there was a long line up.

Gaea was punched in the face, only to get a wild slash across the abdomen.

"Now, great grandma, where are Thalia and Zoë? I suggest you answer soon, or I'll just carve the truth out of you..." Percy pulled out a butterfly knife and placed in Gaea's left nostril.

"Go die in a hole." She hissed, and Percy grinned.

"With pleasure." He pulled, slicing her nose open.

Gaea screamed in pain, and Porphyrion struggled against his bonds once again.

"I don't think so, my friend. You've got to wait your turn like poor ol' Polybotes here." Percy threw the head of the bane of Poseidon at the Giant King's feet.

"I'll enjoy killing you, Perseus Jackson..." Porphyrion sneered, his marble like eyes glowing with anger.

"Funny, as I love killing your mother here. You'll probably scream just as much though." Percy shrugged, before running Erebos' sword through Gaea.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" Porphyrion roared, applying as much strain to his binds as he possibly could.

"Just shut up." Percy groaned and sliced one of his arms off.

"So, you going to speak yet, or should you join your mother and most of your brothers?" Percy's voice was colder than the Arctic, his eyes glowing blood red.

"Where are Thalia and Zoë?"

"Puppets are supposed to be so much pain, but these two new ones are very fun. I heard Gration practicing on them what he would do to your beloved Artemis -" Porphyrion said no more, as Percy grabbed some tongs from a desk behind him and clasped it on the giant's tongue.

"Wrong words, fuck tard." Percy snarled, and pulled.

The muscle was torn out of the giant's mouth and throat, and it flapped out slightly as silver ichor flowed out of the tongue.

Silver blood flowed out of the giant king's throat as he screamed in pure and utter pain and agony.

A gurgling sound filled the air, and Porphyrion chocked on his own blood.

"Enjoy death, you son of a bitch." Percy stabbed the giant through the lower abdomen, and watched as he crumbled to nothing but dust, only to get absorbed by the blade.

Percy turned to his last victim, and grinned.

"Get the two here now - alive and unharmed. If not, you will lose something of high importance to your body you vile piece of crap." Percy polished a butcher blade, and walked over to Gration.

"I won't do crap." Gration snarled, his rotten breath making Percy gag.

"Maybe this will change your mind." Percy raised the blade and brought it down, severing the giant's tree and apples from his body.

Percy just burnt the wound, drying up the blood.

"Convinced?" Percy grinned, twirling the blade in his left hand.

"Fine... Just give me a minute..." Gration hissed in pain, trying his best not to cry out loud.

"Φέρτε Θάλεια Γκρέις και η Ζωή Νύχτασκιά." Gration chanted, and with a clap of thunder, the daughters of Zeus and Atlas appeared.

"But, they are puppets for me now." Gration grinned, and Percy roared in rage. He swung around, and sliced the giant's head clean off with Erebos' sword.

"Thals... Zoë... It's me, Percy..." Percy said softly, turning to his two sisterly figures.

They only ran at him.

"Forgive me..." Percy knocked the two of them unconscious before picking the two of them up in his arms and taking off towards the Empire State Building.

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