The Road to Darkness

A Post-Apocalyptic Supernova

No point of view:

You are probably currently wondering why the freaking hell Percy didn't go straight back to Artemis, but finding his two sisterly figures kind of was the top of his priority list.

Also, because Artemis was perfectly fine... Not that it matters much.

Anyway, Percy dashed straight into the elevator in the Empire State building and slammed the 600th floor button millions of times.

They shot up at the speed of sound, and Percy collapsed against the side of the elevator.

A loud roar shook through the elevator.

"Not you again..." Percy groaned, making sure that the two girls were snug in the elevator.

With an all-lightly shoulder barge, Percy smashed through the wall lf the elevator, wings fully extended, and charged straight for the dragon head.

"You son of a BITCH!" Percy snarled, and unleashed a hay-maker straight onto the dragon's snout.

"That's right... I'm ready to kick your ass to the Void!" Percy yelled, and the dragon roared in challenge.

"Really? Heh, with pleasure." Percy tightened his grip around Erebos' sword, and awaited the dragon's charge.

"STAY AWAY FROM MY HOME!" Percy roared, and brought the sword down.


A chunk of flesh was ripped from the dragon's snout, black tar-like substance oozing from the wound.

With a cry of pain, the dragon retreated back to the heavens.

"And stay away, Íta Trópidos." Percy challenged, only to get no response other than a huge ass tail swing at him and knock him out of the sky.

Percy flew downwards, in a daze, his wings refusing to support him.

"Ouch..." Percy grumbled, and shot a column of both fire and water up at the planetary sized dragon.

"Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon and Sally Jackson, adopted son of Hestia. Slayer of Kronos, Gaea, and the majority of the giants. Then, the slayer of Erebos and Tartarus themselves. And then, the self-proclaimed destroyer of me... HAH! We finally meet, face to face. And now, I have over infinite reasons to rip you to shreds...!" Íta Trópidos roared in a mocking tone.

"Just shut up..." Percy snarled, extending his wings to try to catch the wind and regain his balance.

"Well... Crap..." Percy cursed, and collided with 5th avenue with a catastrophic impact.

As if had the Achilles Heel all over again, Percy seemed to stay completely unscathed... Well, the road just had a five metre wide pothole / sinkhole (whichever is more suitable).

"So... Dirty is how you play, huh?" Percy asked, heaving himself out of the crater.

Percy just glared up at the sky and pulled out Erebos' sword, grasping it in both hands. Releasing his right hand, Percy held it up at the sky.

Tendrils of black lightning soured through the air, colliding with numerous buildings and lighting them up with black flames.

All of a sudden, a roar drove the world to silence, and the eclipsed sun seemed to reach its peak, directly above Íta Trópidos.


A colossal explosion seemed to shake the universe, and an explosion lit up the sky.

No... It can't be...

Chunks of rock through across the sky, and then the moon seemed to blow up. The sun was revealed, with a wide black hole cutting straight through the centre.

"Oh, crap..." Percy cursed, and his was send flying backwards.

Percy was send flying into the direction of the Empire State building, howling winds knocking him backwards like twenty Mike Tysons pumped up on steroids punching him.

Demigods were thrown through the air, and building structures seemed to crumble under the sheer pressure of the supernova explosion from the sun.

Artemis' arrows were useless as the arrows never reached a metre away from her.

Percy was clawing away at lampposts as garbage trucks Land Rovers and some over vehicles were thrown across Manhattan.

Percy even saw a brand spanking new Porsche flung through the air, only to collide with a Lamborghini Gallardo in an explosion.

They all seemed to collide with the lone-standing skyscraper, their bodies pressed tightly against the building.

"Artemis! Apollo! We need to get up onto Olympus!" Percy roared over the wind, and flashes of many different colours lit up the area, only to get thrown into the Empire State building.

"Seriously!? We come back to get that?!" Hades groaned in annoyance, the di Angelos rolling their eyes at their father's level of maturity.

"Not my fault the sun and moon blew up!" Percy yelled out, his voice drained out by the groan of the island.

A sinkhole seemed to open up, and the roar of the earth crumbling filled their ears.

It seemed to go on forever... Probably up to a few minutes.

"Defend Olympus when this is over! We have a bone to pick!" Percy told his father, Poseidon, and let go of his grip so he could go into the Empire state building.

Artemis and Apollo flew in, followed by the di Angelo siblings.

"You two, stay here." Percy gave Nico and Bianca the evil eye, not wanting to see the two of them get hurt.

Bianca had already died once because of him, and he didn't fancy an angry Nico after his ass... Again...

Back to the current post-apocalypse world, Percy slammed his hand on the elevator door and it opened.

Artemis and Apollo only grabbed him, and teleported them to Olympus, but Bianca and Nico jumped in, getting there teleported too.

"You two! I told you to help down there!" Percy groaned, face palming.

"But we want to help! You need our help!" Nico yelled, but Percy just glared

"I'll take them back down, Perce. Just don't die, as I don't fancy having a pissy sister for the rest of eternity." Apollo grabbed the two children of Hades and flashed away before Artemis could shoot him with an arrow.

"So, Artemis... Do I get a good luck kiss?" Percy grinned, poking Artemis in her gut.

If he didn't have blood coated hands and a hideous sword covered in silver, gold and red blood; Artemis would have just laughed.

But she couldn't.

"After the battle, you better not turn into a fully fledged psycho, Perseus Jackson... I want you to walk away from the Road to Darkness... Right now... And we escape this life afterwards... After all of this is over. Please..." Artemis begged, her silver eyes shining brightly in the supernova.

"Just guide me... And I promise... Forever... I love you." Percy kissed her passionately on the lips for thirty seconds, the world around him seeming to disappear in a blitz.

"I love you too... Just don't die!" Artemis smiled, and Percy kissed her on the forehead.

"Thals and Zoë are at the elevator entrance to Olympus... Make sure they get down safely and to complete and utter safety. I don't want you or them two to be hurt... Please. Also, chain them up - their kind of puppets." Percy spread his wings wide, his eyes glowing sea green and crimson red.

"Now, time for some fun." Percy grinned, and pulled Erebos' sword off of his back, and uncapped Riptide.

"Later Arty." Percy flew away, and towards the giant dragon.

This is it...


Dark clouds rolled across the world, black lightning draining all of the light from the world.

In England, people watching the sunset was suddenly thrown backwards.

Most of the mortals were forced to their knees in a kneeling position, as if bowing to royalty.

All over the world, people were thrown down to their knees as buildings crumbled under a sheer amount of pressure.

Planes were dragged down from the skies and they crashed into the seas.

Well, places like Australia didn't see a supernova. They were in darkness. Other than streetlights. But they were still on their knees. The world was.

Over in Egypt, the gods of Egypt were forced to cower from the sheer amount of power that Íta Trópidos possessed.

The Norse gods such as Thor, Odin and Loki were forced to their knees as well. Even Thor's hammer was dented under the pressure.

Japanese deities attempted to stand up to the force, but were sending into a near-fading point state.

The Protengoi gods were each forced to their knees as a force field of energy seemed to stop everything from entering except debris and the sun's supernova.

Chaos just cursed in annoyance; as he, Hermana, Pontus, Uranus, the Ourea, Eros, Ananke, Hydros, Thesis, Phanes, Physis, the Nesoi, Thalassa and Ophion were forced down to them ground of any surface of any world.

Earth's end had come.

Nothing could save the peaceful world of life now.


A blood curdling cry echoed through the sky.

Two beings savagely fought for completely different things: the survival or destruction of the universe.

"DIE!" Íta Trópidos roared, wildly slashing at Percy.

The demigod dived out of the way of the strike, and savagely gouged out yet an other large chunk of the dragon's flesh.

"Just shut up and I might decide to!" Percy just yelled to the beast, and decided to make an attack of his own.

Percy threw Riptide at the dragon's left eye, and made a break for it as the Cesterial bronze sword sliced into its eye.

Percy rammed Erebos' sword into the dragon's thick skull in an attempt to break the bone or find a weak spot.

Nothing other than pissing the dragon off even more.

Percy felt something shred through his wings, and with a howl of pain, Percy just about managed to keep a grip on the demonic obsidian sword.

"Just give up and die?! Why deny your world's end? Why delay their suffering?!" Íta Trópidos notched, and Percy ground his teeth in annoyance.

How much he wanted to make this monster suffer was unbelievable.

But he couldn't and wouldn't.

He had promised to not go insane... And he planned to keep this promise.

Percy pushed the sword in deeper, beyond the hilt and the planetary sized dragon screeched in pain.


Percy pulled the sword out, and jumped down to where its left eye was.

Pulling Riptide from the eye, Percy gouged it out with the huge ass sword he got from Erebos.

With an ear shattering cry of pain, the glowing dark golden eye the size of a tank was ripped from its socket.

"Sayonara, you son of a bitch!" Percy roared, and plunged the sword deep into the socket, straight into the brain.

The dragon screamed in pain and agony, and the dragon began to freeze over.

"Then you all die with me! Οικουμενική Καταστροφή!" Íta Trópidos roared, and seemed to cave in on itself.

Knowing what was going to happen, Percy pulled away and flew to the dragon's underbelly.

"This is for all of the innocents!" Percy roared as he plunged the sword of Erebos into the dragon's heart.

With a twist, Percy's eyes glowed brightly.

"And that was for Artemis." Percy snarled, and the dragon crumbled, its essence seeping into the sword of Erebos.

Percy turned to the raging supernova, barely able to maintain his composure.

Blood dropped from the corner of Percy's mouth, and a wide cut had opened up just above his eye.

"Nor will this stop the world." Percy grumbled, and held Erebos' sword with both hands.

He glared daggers, before closing his eyes and concentrating on using all of the immortal power inside of himself and the sword itself.

"Come on... Don't let it get through... Chaos..." Percy prayed to the creator, the waves of pure energy nearing the Earth.

"NO!" A voice thundered.

A force field shimmered in the air, and the entire supernova was dragged back in, and a blast of white light shook the world, starting the life of a new star.

The moon seemed to be pulled back together by an invisible force, and Percy cracked a grin.

"Heh... Take it Chaos... I can't stand this freaking sword..." Percy gave up, and fell through the clearing layer of clouds.

Percy was on the brink of death, only a small thread keeping him on the mortal world.

"Perseus!" A female called, and Percy fell unconscious, a cloak of darkness wrapping around him.

Artemis ran up to him, trying to shake him awake.

"No... Not now, Percy..." Artemis turned him over, and Percy groaned.

"Remind me... To punch Erebos in the... Face..." Percy chuckled, his eyes cracked open.

Artemis aimed broadly, her silver eyes brimming with tears.

"Get up, you lazy ass. We need to turn you into a full immortal." Artemis grinned, helping Percy up onto his feet.

"Yeah... I fancy just staying mortal." Percy grumbled, and Artemis smacked him around the back of the head.

"You need to be immortal before we can get married, dumbass." Artemis teleported the two of them over to the Empire State building, where the gods and demigods stood, all chattering about what had occurred.

"Sp, when's the party?" Percy asked, grinning broadly.

All eyes snapped towards him, and Percy was bombarded with hugs and kisses from the demigod army.

After Percy managed to calm them down, he turned to Artemis.

"What of Zoë and Thalia?" He asked, and the gods seemed downcast.

"They're just empty shells, Percy. Their souls are being held by a much stronger force." Hestia spoke up, and Percy ground his teeth in frustration.

"Then the war isn't over. Whoever it is is also the reason behind all of this. And, Annabeth's betrayal. She didn't fight in this battle, leaving my suspicions quite thin..." Percy's concentration wavered, landing on the thoughts of Annabeth being a traitor from the start.

"She wasn't..." A voice muttered, reminding Percy of nails on a black board. "I was!"

Percy said nothing other than shut the voice out, and steeled his emotions.

"Let's just go up to Olympus and check for damages." Percy suggested, and the gods flashed up to Olympus, the demigods in tow.

Artemis turned to Percy, them being the only ones left.

"What's wrong? And can I have my ring back?" Artemis asked, sliding her arms around Percy's neck.

"The battle... It was just too easy; as if Íta Trópidos was a fake - or never even existed. I have a gut feeling that there is a much more powerful being is the one behind all of this, from Annabeth's death to the battle here today." Percy explained, getting it off his chest.

"It was Erebos, Percy - nothing more. Come on, the ceremony cannot start without the Hero of Olympus." Artemis flashed the two of them away, but Percy couldn't help but have a vibe of curiosity.

Something much more sinister was behind it all.

And he was going to find out.

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