The Road to Darkness

A Change of Fate

No point of view:

Percy and the army of demigods stood in the throne room of Olympus, listening to Zeus carry out an ongoing three hour speech.

The son of Poseidon couldn't help but constantly look around the throne room, strong waves of insecurity eating away his sanity.

"Now, to reward the heroes of this war." The god of thunder announced, and everyone cheered that Zeus was done with his speech.

Ignoring them, Zeus called forth the demigods.

"Nico and Bianca di Angelo, children of Hades!" The siblings stepped forward, and knelt before the council of Olympians.

"For your bravery, we offer you both immortality, for Nico to serve his father and for Bianca to serve Artemis." Zeus offered, and both gratefully accepted.

A few more rewards were given, and only one was left.

"Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon; slayer of Hyperion, Iapetus, Kronos, Gaea, Tartarus, the Giants, Erebos and Íta Trópidos. For your never-ending loyalty, and aid for saving the world for the third time in a row, we can never fully repay you and shall forever be in your debt." Zeus thundered, and a hopeful look entered Artemis' eyes.

Percy looked at the limp forms of Zoë and Thalia, and then Artemis, before back to Zeus.

"We offer you a place among us, the Olympians and a place within our council, with many titles. Do you accept, sea spawn?" Zeus offered, and all of the demigods were whispering to each other.

"No." Percy simply answered.

Gasps of shock echoed throughout the room.

Artemis looked hurt that Percy didn't want to be a god, but his next words were chosen very carefully.

"Forgive me Zeus, but I cannot be bound by the ancient laws. Instead, I want the souls of Zoë Nightshade and Thalia Grace returned to them, a proper burial to both my mother and Paul Blofis, and Artemis' hand in marriage." Percy said with a straight face.

The entire room was deadly silent.

"Their souls are somewhere other than the Underworld, Percy." Hades answered from behind.

"Their shrouds will be burnt tomorrow at dawn, son." Poseidon noted.

"And it shall be done! Your wedding... Whenever you two want. Just don't harm my daughter, or I'll make sure that you suffer worse than Tartarus..." Zeus threatened, and Percy had a stare off with the King of the gods.

"I wouldn't dream of it." Percy answered simply, and Zeus smiled.

"Good. Council dismissed!" Zeus flashed out, the majority of the council following.

Artemis hopped off of her throne, and the demigods filed out of the throne room and out to the city of immortals to party.

"So, about the ring..." Percy smiled weakly as Artemis shrunk back to her mortal height, and kissed the sea spawn on the lips.

"Just get me a new one. But I don't want to get married without my lieutenants here though..." Artemis trailed off, and Percy scratched his head.

"Yeah - I'm not getting married without them two." Percy agreed, and a zephyr of cold air brushed against Percy, as if trying to drag him somewhere.

"Perseus..." A voice echoed from the wind. It was just like the one after the battle: the sound of nails clawing down a blackboard.

"I can take you to Thalia and Zoë... Meet me at the edge of Olympus soon..." The voice seemed so familiar, but why?

Percy shrugged it off, and finished his conversation with Artemis.

"Where are you going, Percy?" Artemis asked as the son of Poseidon walked away.

"I'm going to blow off some steam, Arty. I'll catch up to you later." Percy left the throne room with Artemis, and parted ways with her.

The voice kept on taunting him, and it got louder the closer to the party he got.

Percy walked through the huddle of people, and saw a figure in a black cloak in the middle of the crowd.

The air contracted around his lungs, and Percy struggled not to kill the figure.

Dirty blonde hair cascaded from the shadows, and a typical Californian tan graced her skin, and a pair of obsidian eyes met Percy's.

He didn't say a word as he followed the insane daughter of Athena to the very border of Olympus.

"Percy, you should give your battle up now. Face it - not even you stand a chance. Íta Trópidos was bound to die that day. But you didn't kill it. Something else - the beast's true form is not even known to me, but he will rise, as well as your brother. Come alone to the throne room in one hour, and make sure you lock the room. We will need privacy if you truly wish for Zoë Nightshade and Thalia Grace to walk the Earth once again.

"Choose wisely, seaweed brain." Annabeth melted away, and Percy just stared at the area she had just stood.

"Annabeth... Why do this...?" Percy asked nobody in particular, and left the area he was just stood.

Unknown to him, a pair of silver eyes had narrowed through a bush.

"Seriously? When will this all end?" She asked herself, following her fiancé.

The son of Poseidon just wondered around the area, completely oblivious to the fact that his fiancée Artemis was following him the entire time.

"Artemis, I know your there." Percy simply spoke aloud, and Artemis exited the bushes she used as a hiding spot.

"Why trust that thing, Percy? It isn't Annabeth anymore-"

"IT IS, ALRIGHT?! I KNOW SHE'S IN THERE, AND I NEED HER BACK! SHE'S MY BEST FRIEND, ARTEMIS, AND I'M NEVER GONNA LEAVE HER BEHIND!" Percy roared, saliva flying. He was severely pissed off now, and so was Artemis.


"Snap out of it, Perseus! Annabeth Chase died in the hands of Gaea three and a half years ago! Let her go!" Artemis yelled, and Percy raised his hand to punch Artemis.

With a deep sigh, the son of Poseidon dropped his hand and ran to the throne room.

He had to remain calm, and finish what he started. He was always loyal to Annabeth... But his heart is choosing Artemis. He just needed time... And to make sure Annabeth's body rests in piece this time.

Percy slammed the throne room doors open, and there stood Annabeth in the centre of the room, watching the burning hearth.

"Alright, seaweed brain. In return for Thalia and Zoë, you've got to give me Erebos' sword." The twisted daughter of Athena ordered, and Percy slid the black sword across the marble floor.

Annabeth smiled as she hefted it up onto her shoulder.

"Now, half of my end of the deal." Annabeth snapped her fingers, and a cage surrounded the unconscious Thalia and Zoë.

The two gasped in deeply, and a two pairs of electric blue and volcanic eyes opened up wide.

"Ωρίων αγάπη μου, εγώ θα καλέσει εμπρός με τη λεπίδα του Χάους. Είθε αυτή η πύλη σας απαλλάξει από την καταδίκη, και μπορεί να σας χειριστεί αυτό το ξίφος για να κυβερνήσουν τον κόσμο με μια ακόμη φορά!" Annabeth drew an circle in the ground out of black flames using the sword, before stabbing it in the centre of the circle.

Black lightning rocketed out of it, and an ear splitting scream stretched through the air, shattering loads of glass.

A dark crimson red light shone from the ground, and the floor of the Olympian throne room seemed to open up into a huge vortex.

"What the Hades is going on?!" Percy yelled, and Annabeth cackled an evil laugh.

"The beginning of the end, that's what! I just used what was once the spirit of Íta Trópidos to form a portal to my master's and lover's prison. He still seeks vengeance from when you used him as the sacrifice for the portal back home!" Annabeth laughed over the roar of the vortex, reminding Percy of the Evil Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz.

"Err, Annabeth, His kind of fell into the fire... And how was I supposed to know that a sacrifice was needed?!" Percy argued, and a hand grabbed the edge of the portal.

Another hand followed, and then a disfigured head.

Half of it was burnt to a crisp, some parts even still smouldering, with few tuffs of jet black hair still remaining.

The lips were cracked and dryer than a bone, holding a dark greyish colour. The ears were burnt off, making Percy feel sick. The nose though, had sections of cartilage missing, and the fingernails of the burnt hands were all intact... Well, most of them were. One was hanging off, another was half missing, and... Well, you get the idea.

The body heaved itself up and out of the portal, grasping Erebos' sword in a tight grip.

The breath hitched in Percy's throat as fear gripped him.

"Brother..." The disfigured man rasped, "I am back..."

Oh, come on! Percy mentally screamed, Can they just stay dead for once?!

"Orion..." Percy gritted his teeth in frustration.

Orion grinned, his blackened teeth contrasting against the golden walls of Olympus.

"Now, Annabeth, the final half, and then you can go." Percy demanded, glaring at the daughter of Athena.

"I'm sorry seaweed brain, but it is kind of out ticket out of here since you and they will try to stop us with the rest of the Olympians, which I'm guessing your girlfriend summoned." Annabeth pulled out her bone sword and grinned.

Percy cursed under his breath. How could he be so stupid? He should've known that this was coming.

"Let them go, and then you can leave Annabeth. Same goes to Orion." Percy got into a fighting stance, and Orion's grin widened.

"Very well, brother. Let's see who wins this time around!" Orion vanished into thin air, and reappeared behind the son of Poseidon.

"Peek-a-boo..." Orion teased, "You can't see me!"

A cut opened up on Percy's back, and he growled in resentment.

"You want to play dirty... COME ON THEN!" Percy roared in challenge, and the throne room doors were swung open.

Artemis and the rest of the Olympians stood there, the minor and major gods as well as the army of demigods’ right behind them.

They all seemed to run into an invisible force field though.

"PERSEUS JACKSON!" Artemis screamed, firing a bombardment of arrows at the force field.

Percy paid them no heed as he continued to fight with Orion.

Annabeth was by the cage of Thalia and Zoë, mocking the pair of huntresses continuously.

"Oh, shut up Annabeth! Both of us could kill you with a simple blow!" Thalia snarled, and Annabeth reached in with her sword and cut the daughter of Zeus' left cheek open.

Bolts of static sparked around Thalia, giving Zoë a minor shock.

"Your going to wish you had stayed dead when I get out of here you dirty little BITCH!" Thalia threw herself against the bars of the cage, on a full out rampage.

Annabeth shook her head in annoyance, her ex-best friend pestering her beyond belief.

"Shut up, will you? I'm finding your so called 'brother' getting beaten up highly amusing." Annabeth snapped, turning her mind to focus on the sons of Poseidon.

Percy jumped over a low swing, and attempted to take Orion's head off as the two continued to party, jump, dodge and duck under each swing and stab of each sword.

Percy parried a wild swing from his half brother, before kicking him straight in the chest and sending him sprawling across the polished marble ground.

The portal continued to grow, as if Erebos' sword was the only object that could keep the swirling vortex under control.

"Give up, Perseus Jackson! This can all end now, and your death shall be quick and painless." The charred son of Poseidon grinned evilly, his burnt flesh tearing slightly.

"When I give up, it will be when I have nothing to fight for. But at the minute..." Percy had to bite his tongue to stop from crying out in pain and agony as a black blade was impaled through his sword arm.

Percy grinned, licking his lips. "I have to fight for my soon-to-be wife. And with me dead, as much as the world would be a better place, I have a family, unlike you two..."

Percy flung Riptide into his other hand, and brought the sword in a massive arc behind him - severing the wrist of Annabeth off.

The daughter of Athena screamed out in clear pain, her limp hand in a spasm as it twitched in the floor.

Annabeth screamed in pain, clutching her bleeding wrist as a fountain of crimson erupted into the air.

"Now, how about we sort this out the old fashion way? No weapons what-so-ever; only our bodies." Percy challenged, throwing Riptide down and ripping the Drakon tooth sword out of his shoulder.

Orion threw his sword down as well, accepting the challenge.

"Sounds good to me, Perseus." Orion ran at his younger brother, fists clenched and legs tensed.

Percy was the complete opposite.

He was relaxed, and remained still as if he was embracing the upcoming death of himself.

Orion threw a right jab at Percy, and the sea green eyed teen pushed the punch to the side, and hooking Orion square in the face with his other hand.

Orion fell backwards, and kicked his brother straight in the sternum, winding Percy.

As he gasped for breath, Orion jumped back up onto his feet and clicked both his nose and jaw back into place.

"Is that all? I expected more from Olympus' greatest hero." Orion jeered, and Percy hissed in pain.

"Shut up..." Percy breathed, and attempted to punch his brother in the face, only to get grabbed by the collar of his shirt.

"Now listen here-"


Orion was cut off by Percy head butting him, and the twisted son of Poseidon blew his nose, what cartilage and gristle left flying out.

Percy was given a sharp punch to the mouth, and he laughed when he saw Orion's nose.

"What's so funny?" Orion demanded, and Percy laughed harder.

"Y-y-you l-look like Vo-Voldemort!" Percy stuttered, and Orion growled.

"Apologise, you unmannered son a bitch!" Orion demanded, and Percy spat a mouthful of blood at his half-brother.

"Kiss my ass." Blood leaked down the corner of Percy's mouth, staining his teeth in an orangey-red colour.

With a scream of rage, Percy was thrown upwards and through the roof.

A huge crack opened up on the gold ceiling, and shards of gold fell down into the expanding vortex.

He fell down, and his half-brother raised his foot, and -


Orion had kicked Percy right where Apollo doesn't shine, most likely ruining Percy's chance of having children.

Percy fell to the floor, clutching the area in between his legs.

Orion gazed at the whimpering Annabeth, and turned back to Percy rolling around on the floor.

The son of Poseidon called the huge black sword to him, and prepared to kill Percy with the sword raised high.

On the outside, the breath of Artemis left her lungs as Percy was about to die.

"Not so fair..." Percy grumbled, and kicked Orion straight in the lower area.

"Ugh..." Orion grunted in pain, before getting sucker punched straight in the face.

Percy jumped up to his feet, ignoring the horrid sensation coming from his private area.

Orion attempted to punch his brother, but Percy rolled under it and delivered a hook into the side of Orion's head.

A small earpiece flew out of his hear, and Percy trod on it.

"IDIOT!" Orion roared, and kicked Percy in the chest.

"Orion..." A female voice was heard behind the son of Poseidon.

"What?" Orion turned his attention from Percy at the edge of the growing vortex, only to get his head sliced off by a black blade.

Annabeth stood there, her eyes back to their stormy grey colour, holding Erebos' sword as it dripped blood.

Orion's body though, in one last spasm, tore the daughter of Athena's abdomen open.

"Annabeth!" Percy yelled, rolling out of the way as Orion's body plunged into the growing vortex.

Annabeth fell into Percy's open arms, bleeding considerably.

"No, no, no, no no, no, NO!" Percy let a tear fall as Annabeth died once again.

"Percy..." She managed out, "I'm sorry... And I love you..."

"I'm sorry I couldn't save you, Annabeth... I'm so so sorry..." Percy sobbed, clutching her body tight.

"Percy... Let go of me... I need to finish this... And repay... Repay for all of my... Sins..." Annabeth coughed violently, blood rising up and into her mouth.

She was drowning in her own blood somehow.

Percy saw that her stitches were coming undone.

"Annabeth... I love you... Don't go..." Percy cried, and Annabeth smiled weakly.

"Look after him Thals, and Percy..." Annabeth snapped her fingers, and both Zoë and Thalia were set free from their cage.

"Treat Artemis well... Have children... Start a family away from all of this... Sayonara, Percy Jackson..." The grey eyed girl pushed Percy, clutched Erebos' sword, and rolled into the portal.

Percy was thrown backwards, straight into Artemis' throne, as an explosion shook the city of Olympus. The vortex caved in on itself, leaving no trace of behind. Not even a scar... Well, other than a damaged roof and thrones.

Percy spat out some blood, and grinned a little as the force field around the throne room was let down.

Artemis ran straight for her fiancé, and he just gave a thumbs up before his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

"Perseus...!" A distant voice was heard, and the world went black...

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