The Road to Darkness

Finale: Epilogue

No point of view:

Percy, for the fifth time in the past few minutes, checked that his tie was perfect and that his shirt was actually done up properly.

Percy would rather wear jeans and his Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, but Aphrodite and Apollo forced him to wear the outfit.

Percy's hand slipped, and he gave himself a peanut.

With some very colourful language, Percy ripped the black tie off and undid the top two buttons of his white shirt.

The son of Poseidon sighed in frustration, and sat down on his bed, head in hands.

"Percy Jackson! No swearing in this palace!" Hestia yelled up at Percy, and he sighed.

"Sorry mom!" Percy called back, and looked at himself in the mirror.

So much for the 'perfect' wedding. Aphrodite's original idea was to make both him and Artemis look like a rainbow had puked all over them, but Artemis shot at her and Percy both set fire to her and drenched her in water.

A knock came from his bedroom door before it opened, revealing Hestia in a thirty year old form.

"Percy, why did you take your tie and undo your shirt again?" Hestia asked sternly, her hands on her hips.

"Peanut... Again..." Percy grumbled, and picked up the tie and redid his top buttons.

After some more cursing, Percy got the tie on and then Hestia gave him his blazer.

So simple clothing, for probably the best and worst day of Percy's life.

Best if all goes according to planned, worst if Artemis says 'no' to the vows.

To make him even more scared - Artemis and her hunters turn him into a pincushion.

"Don't worry about it, Percy. The wedding's going to go smoothly, I promise. Now, go make your wife's day." Hestia smiled warmly, and Percy couldn't help but grab her in a tight, warm hug.

"I love you, mom..." Percy said, and Hestia smiled warmly.

"I love you too, Percy." She returned the embrace, before pushing her son away.

"Now, go enjoy your day." Hestia smiled, pushing her adoptive son away.

"Alright then, see you later." Hestia flashed out, and Percy paled a bit.

Knowing his luck, things were going to go horribly wrong.

Percy left his mother's palace, and he was instantly met by Olympus' very own living mayhem: Apollo and Hermes.

"So, Perce, you and my lil' sis, eh?" Apollo swung his hand around Percy's neck.

The son of Poseidon let out a nervous laugh.

"I know she loves you, but if you hurt her... Well, I'll make your life worse than Tartarus..." Hermes burst out laughing at Apollo's threat, Percy paled even more.

"I don't plan to hurt her, Apollo. Trust me; she'll be the one hurting me in the end."

Apollo's smile broadened at Percy's statement.

"Good! That means more attempts at killing you, assassins after your ass or smiting you!" The sea spawn paled even more (if it was even possible).

"Err, Apollo, I think you meant no more attempts, as I think a pissed off Artemis is at the bottom of both of our lists on methods to die." Hermes corrected the sun god, and Percy sighed deeply in relief.

Apollo frowned.

"Screw you Hermes..." Apollo grumbled at Hermes for killing his attempt at making the son of Poseidon pass out from freight because of death and an angry Artemis (neither one a good thing).

"So, umm... When's the wedding?" Percy asked, already forgetting the date.

"In about... Half an hour... I think... Hermes, check your watch." Apollo shrugged, and Hermes checked his phone.

"Oh... Crap... We have about twelve minutes until it begins..." Hermes grinned sheepishly, and Percy swore... A lot.

He pegged it, only to run back.

"Where is it?"

"Ugh... Throne room, dumbass!" Apollo and Hermes flashed away, and Percy scowled at where they just stood.

"Jerks..." Percy grumbled, and set off sprinting in the direction of the throne room... With only like ten minutes to go.

The son of Poseidon dashed through the empty streets of Olympus, meaning that everybody was in the throne room for the wedding.

I did not expect to be this behind on time! Percy mentally scolded himself, making a hard right.

If he remembered correctly, Zeus said that he will time the wedding so that they kissed at exactly Midnight, and on a full moon.

So, then, judging by the moon, it was about nine o'clock at night... Alright, why in the name of Hades did it take three hours to get to the kissing part?

Eh, Percy's had worse times... Just kidding, this one of his worst nightmares.

Percy ran into the Olympian throne room, and over to the other side... Only Zeus could make the walk around the room around a mile and still manage to fit all of Olympus and all of the inhabitants from both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter into the throne room.

You can guess it - he decided to shrink the thrones of each of the Olympians; not to mention move them.

But, then again, it would only be for this wedding.

Percy made it to the other side of the throne room, Zeus giving him a warning glare.

Nico, his best man, just quietly chuckled at the sight of Percy.

Beads of sweat trickled down Percy's back, and then Zeus flashed out, all of the demigods turning away.

Then, music decided to play, and Percy felt faint.

"Oi, don't screw up again!" Nico warned, and Percy shot him a glare.

Percy then noticed two people in the front row... He thought that they were literally dead... No soul either.

Sally Jackson-Blofis and Paul Blofis sat there, tears in Sally's eyes as she sat next to Hestia.

Percy smiled at his birth mother, and she smiled warmly back.

Artemis then stepped into the throne room, arm entwined with Zeus', and he walked her along the isle... Okay, walk about a mile.

Percy felt like he was dying.

Artemis was wearing a snow white gown, with silver glitter shining off of it.

A veil was over her face, but Percy couldn't help but notice the tears in her she walked up to him.

To Percy, she was beyond beautiful. There were no words to describe either her beauty or her wedding dress.

Percy remained speechless, even when Artemis was right in front of him.

"Percy, close that mouth before a fly or something gets in." Artemis whispered to her soon-to-be husband, and Percy closed his mouth.

"You look... Well... Wow..." Artemis smiled at the comment.

"Still, a bit late I see?" Artemis had an eyebrow arched underneath the veil.

"Uh... Blame Apollo and Hermes. They made me run!" Percy nodded his head in the direction of the godly version of the Stoll brothers.

"Now, ladies and gentlemen, gods and goddesses, satyrs, dryads, nymphs, demigods and demigoddesses; we are gathered her to day to celebrate the wedding of Artemis, goddess of the Moon and Hunt, and Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon, and a bunch of other titles like slayer of Erebos, Gaea, Tartarus and Kronos and bane of monsters... Blah, blah, blah..." Zeus droned. A long scroll brushed past the wedding couple's legs, and went into the crowd.

Percy nearly groaned. So this was why he had to stand for three hours!

Artemis ended up kicking Percy roughly five times, nodding off while remaining to stand up somehow.

The moon was right above them now, so Percy planned to stay awake... Well, try at least.

"Now, Perseus Jackson, do you take Phoebe Artemis as your wife?" Zeus thundered, eyeing his nephew.

Sweat rolled down the back of his neck, and his bottom lip trembled in fear.

"Yes..." He managed out, and he sighed in relief, before holding it.

"And do you, Phoebe Artemis, take Perseus Jackson as your lawfully wedded husband?" Zeus turned to Artemis, and she smiled.

"I do." She smirked at Percy, as if saying 'that's how you do it'.

"Now, I present you as husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!" Zeus announced, and Percy raised the veil above Artemis' face and placed it at the back of her head.

He gently kissed her lips, and Artemis instantly wrapped her arms around Percy's neck. Wrapping his arms around her waist, the two began making out in front of the audience.

"NOW!" Zeus began, and the married couple broke apart for air.

"Dionysus! Your ban is lifted for this one night only! Now, let's PART-AY!" Zeus threw his hands in the air for a dramatic effect, and everybody were raised to their feet as all seats were pushed over to the edge of the throne room with some marble tables.

A disco ball dropped from the ceiling, sparks of lightning lighting it up. A DJ stand seemed to pop out of nowhere, as well as strobe lights and a wedding cake around five feet tall.

Apollo and Hermes instantly dominated the DJ stand and lighting, as Dionysus summoned a few barrels of champagne, wine, whiskey, larger and cider as well as a bar.

On the other side of the room, Hestia and Sally seemed to be making some snacks and that like pizza, cheese burgers, and chips and... BLUE COOKIES!

Percy was instantly there, grabbed a plateful of blue cookies, and ran back over to Artemis.

Artemis went to take one, but Percy pulled away, only giving Artemis the smallest cookie there.

Artemis smiled and ate it, before stealing a few more of Percy's cookies.

After a few minutes, Percy walked over to his birth mother and Paul.

"Hey mom..." Percy managed out, before shedding a tear and pulling her into a tight hug.

"Percy... I'm proud of you..." Sally smiled, and so did Percy.

"Yeah, one heck of a war that was." Percy grinned, before snaking his arm around Artemis' waist.

"Mom, this is Arty." Percy rolled his eyes as Artemis smacked him upside the head.

Sally laughed a bit, before saying, "So you’re the one who stole my son's heart? Make sure he doesn’t hurt himself... We thought have so many stories to tell!" Sally was practically jumping, and Artemis grinned evilly at Percy.

"Mom! No need to scare me again!" Percy nearly yelled, and Sally rolled her eyes at her son.

"Nonsense! Now, on with the story telling!"

It went on for around and hour or so, and Artemis was laughing most of the time.

Zoë and Thalia had joined them eventually, all laughing as Sally told out some rather embarrassing tales of Percy when he was a baby.

Then, came the question Percy had been dying to ask.

"What happened when you... Err... Passed?" Percy asked, and Sally's face darkened before brushing a lock of brown hair behind her ear.

""I was cooking dinner, and Paul was helping me. We were expecting you, so I was preparing a warm dinner after I heard of what happened to Annabeth. Then, the front door was kicked down. A man and woman walked in and just killed us both. He claimed to be Moros, and the other threw some Apples, so I suspected it to be Eris. The last thing I remember was a baby crying-" Sally cut herself off there.

"A baby?" Percy asked, an eyebrow arched. He never found a baby in the house - no crib or clothes either.

"Never mind. So, when will I see some grand kids?" Sally asked, and Percy choked on a blue cookie.

"Now, for the newly wedded couple to dance, song chosen by Percy Jackson himself!" Apollo announced, and Hermes directed the spotlights at the choking Percy and pale Artemis.

Dragging her husband onto the dance floor, the two began to dance when Into the Blue by Kylie Minogue came on.

"Nice song choice, Percy." Artemis commented, and Percy chuckled.

At least Apollo covered it for him. He had forgotten yet another thing... Damn...

"Yeah... I know, right?" Percy grinned, and kissed her passionately for five seconds.

"Oi! No PDA, you two! Now, to HIT THE FLOOR!" Apollo cheered, putting a playlist on as both he and Hermes leapt from their posts to join the rave as everyone flowed out onto the dance floor.

Percy kissed Artemis' forehead, and whispered words that made her day into her ear: "Best day of my life!"


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