The Road to Darkness

Slipped Through Her Fingertips

The throne room of Olympus was in an uproar.

Zeus was threatening to smite Hades, visa versa; Poseidon and Athena were having a shouting match; Demeter was lecturing Apollo and Hermes on why they should eat cereal; Ares and Aphrodite were making out; Hera was ranting on to Hephaestus on how much of a disgrace his was, and so on. The only two not involved were Artemis and Hestia, whom were both in deep thought.

"What exactly happened, Aunt Hestia?" Artemis was having a telepathic conversation with the goddess of home.

"Perseus just walked out... Well, snuck out. He was long gone by the time I arrived to check up on him." Was Hestia's reply.

"But, one thing still bothers me: how can one demigod cause so much havoc, and escape Olympus without any of us knowing?" She asked her aunt.

"It's easy: he had an immortal's help." Hestia's glowing red eyes shone brightly.

"But who..." Artemis looked around the throne room, but Hestia was the only one with a tiny, warm smile on her face.

"It was you, wasn't it?" Artemis asked Hestia, and the goddess of the Hearth nodded in reply. "Why?"

"Because he and I are close-"

"YOU GAVE UP YOUR OATH?!" Artemis screamed at Hestia through the mental conversation. Hestia flinched at the silver eyed goddess' tone.

"No I did not, Phoebe Artemis! I can't believe that you think so lowly of me! We are most certainly NOT lovers!" Artemis flinched at her full name. Hestia was the most level headed goddess - she did NEVER snap at anyone (let alone show her anger).

Artemis stared wide eyed at the Hestia, who was currently glaring at Artemis.

"SILENCE!" Artemis screamed at the other twelve members of the council.

The Olympian Council fell silent, with Zeus glaring angrily at his daughter (well, one of them). Artemis glared back at her father, her silver eyes glowing as her rage built up and up.

"What is it, Artemis?" Zeus growled. He was incredibly ticked off with the fact that Percy had managed to get away from right under their noses.

"Can I go? It seems this meeting's going nowhere." Artemis asked, itching to go and hunt down the son of Poseidon.

"Whatever. Meeting dismissed." Zeus waved his hand as if he wasn't bothered, but he was. He was worried about her daughter. She seemed to be getting more and more involved with finding the sea spawn. It was disturbing, as she may be falling for the son of Poseidon... Could she?

Zeus shrugged off the thoughts, and flashed back to his palace.

Back with Artemis, she had just flashed back to Oregon, where her hunters were currently camping.

"Girls! Pack up!" Artemis barked, and Thalia came running up to her.

"What happened, milady?" Thalia asked her mistress.

"Perseus escaped. We shall find him and take him back to Olympus." Artemis said, careful not to slip up about Hestia helping with Percy's escape. Artemis was indeed quite confused on why, but soon, it would all come together.

"Time..." A person in black robes muttered to himself as he perched on a tree branch, "One thing Perseus Jackson is running out of; as the Demon of Apocalypse shall walk the earth once again." The figure then melted into the darkness, keen to find the sea spawn before the hunters could.

All he needed was a few hours, and his task should be complete. And Earth shall meet its end once and for all.


Percy was bored. And that was the understatement of the year.

He was currently sitting down on a park bench, in the middle of Central Park.

Why is it always me? The son of Poseidon continuously asked himself, staring off into space.

He looked up at the sky to see the full moon, glowing dangerously bright.

He couldn't allow the hunters to find him - he just couldn't. If he were to stay on Olympus, two of the strongest Protogenoi going would tear Olympus apart to get to him.

Then, a hooded female figure sat next to Percy, who tugged at his trench coat to help cover up his throwing knives.

It seems Ares took his firearms for his own personal use.

"The night is beautiful, is it not?" The woman asked, pulling back her hood. She had bright, glowing silver eyes and luscious black hair which cascaded down to mid-back.

"Nyx." Percy simply said, grasping Riptide tightly. He'd seen enough Protogenoi in one life time.

"Perseus." Nyx simply said, and the two continued to watch the night sky.

"Why are you here?" Percy asked, breaking the awkward silence.

"To warn you. My husband, Erebos, and Tartarus are slowly crawling out of their prisons throughout the void. And they want blood." Nyx replied, an emotionless mask written across her face.

"I gathered that. I ran into them last night." Percy chuckled a bit, and Nyx turned to him.

"No, not even you understand. They want your body, Perseus, nothing more." Nyx said a nervous edge on her voice.

"Either way, I'm not going onto their side. Why do they want my body though?" Percy asked, turning to the Protogenoi of Night.

Nyx sighed, as if dreading the question. "The Demon of Apocalypse; ever heard of it?" She asked, licking her lips.

"No... Why?" Percy asked, and pulled out Riptide.

"Calm down, Perseus. The Demon of Apocalypse is a monster created by Chaos - my father/mother." Nyx began.

Percy mumbled something about Greek families being screwed up - especially the gods.

Nyx growled a bit before continuing. "Anyway, the Demon of Apocalypse is a being created by Chaos to serve us - the Protogenoi."

"Not getting anywhere." Percy groaned, and Nyx had the growing urge to obliterate the sea spawn.

"Just shut up, will you?!" Nyx snapped, before continuing, "The Demon of Apocalypse was created to serve us, but it soon turned rouge. It destroyed a few galaxies, then a few dimensions. When Chaos chose us to put it to sleep, the original four - Gaea, Tartarus, Erebos and I - pursued the monster, and we sealed it away once and for all. But, it cost our sanity. Erebos, Gaea and Tartarus were driven to insanity. They then turned evil. Chaos then visited me, and I told her that the three had gone insane. Gaea had gone off and married Ouranus, while Erebos and I had multiple children together. I then created a few others to help Chaos and I put the three rouge Protogenoi into a deep slumber. We started with Erebos, who crumbled into a substance known as the black sands. After Gaea got Kronos to castrate her husband, she turned to Tartarus. When the gods over threw Kronos, she became enraged, leading to her and Tartarus having the Gigantes. After the gods defeated the giants, Chaos and I put Gaea into a long slumber and imprisoned Tartarus deep within his own domain - before putting him to sleep too. Now, the two others are stirring, and they want you to be the host of the Demon of Apocalypse. If you do become the host, you will not have much time until your soul is eradicated from existence and turned into food for the Demon of Apocalypse. Then, you'll destroy the world - and to make it worse, you'll be watching; powerless to stop it." Nyx explained.

The words swam through Percy's mind, trying to pick out the important parts and throw out the rest to save him from a mental overload.

"So, what I become the host for the Demon of Apocalypse - how will I get out of it?" Percy asked, nervous a bit.

"It's possible, but it's so close to impossible that it's classed as impossible." Nyx said, paling a shade lighter if possible.

"What do I have to do?" Percy asked a determined look in his crimson red and sea green eyes.

"You must fight it yourself. But, that actually is how it kills you. It chains your consciousness up, and leaves it to rot before devouring your soul." Nyx explained, before looking around the place nervously, as if expecting someone or something to pop out.

"What's wrong, Nyx?" Percy asked, uncapping Riptide.

"Erebos and Tartarus. They’re on their way here. We must leave not. We need to go to Olympus, and warn them." Nyx hissed, and got into a battle stance; as did Percy.

"Then let's go... I'm only going to get my head ripped off by an angry cousin and Moon goddess." Percy grumbled, and Erebos and Tartarus broke out of the bushes.

"I'll hold them off. You do what you can, Nyx." Percy ordered, and stepped forward.

"This shall be fun..." Erebos grinned, his black eyes twinkling with hell fire.

Shades then began to form out of the darkness, and they all charged Percy and Nyx.

"I don't think so!" Percy growled, and charged the nearest shade. He sliced it in half as if Riptide was a hot knife, and the shade was butter.

More shades began to jump Percy, who was surrounded in a black aura. Percy ducked under a shade's spear - which impaled the shade behind Percy - and stabbed another one in the lower abdomen.

Percy shot to his feet and kicked the shade off of his sword, and then multiple screeches could be heard all around him.

Is that... Monkeys? The son of Poseidon asked himself, and a monkey the size of a smart car barged into him.

Percy had the wind knocked out of him as he hit the floor, and multiple smaller monkeys began clawing and scratching away at his body.

"GET OFF!" Percy roared, and a blast of fire and water sent all of the monkey shades back to Tartarus.

Erebos and Tartarus smiled darkly, and prepared to blast their traitorous sister to the void.

"Percy!" Nyx yelled, and created a wall of darkness around her and Percy, protecting them both from the blasts of dark energy and hell fire coming from her brothers.

She then teleported them away to Olympus - safe from the two twisted and dark Protogenoi for the time being...


Apollo was in the throne room with Zeus, Poseidon and Athena, discussing what could've happened.

"Barnacle beard helped him, I know it!" Athena yelled, and said god glared at his long time rival.

"Get your facts right, owl head!" Poseidon retorted, "Look at how close Artemis is getting to Percy! She probably loves him for all we know, as she was broken when he ran away!"

"My daughter will not fall for that sea spawn! I'll blast him to Tartarus if he dares touch her!" Zeus roared at Poseidon, and the sea god growled dangerously.

"Touch my son, and I'll hunt and kill everything you ever loved: starting with the thing you can never keep in." Poseidon threatened, and his younger brother paled considerably.

Apollo massaged his temples in frustration. There was no way in Hades that his sister would date that sea spawn! He would do exactly what he did to Orion: trickery. He tricked Artemis to kill that bastard; he'll get her to kill the Hero of Olympus. But, then that would start war... Wouldn't it?

How could he kill Percy Jackson without causing war to break out on Olympus?

As if waiting for the words to be thought, a sharp stabbing pain entered the Sun god's head.

"Arrrrrrrrgh." Apollo grunted in pain as he hunched over.

"Apollo! What's wrong?!" Zeus asked, and Hermes flashed into the throne room for some reason.

Apollo couldn't reply as his head snapped upwards, his eyes glowing a sickly green. Dense green smoke billowed from the Sun god's mouth, and the smoke seemed to form into shapes.

"The sea shall find love again,

The Moon shall learn to love,

And a fallen one shall destroy.

The Pit and Darkness shall stir,

And raise the Demon of Apocalypse.

The sea shall be cursed,

And Night shall show the way.

Beware, as Wisdom shall break the Sea once more." Multiple voices rasped, and the smoke then dispersed, leaving four gods to rush to the god of prophecy's aid.

They helped him up, and a beam of darkness collided with the centre of the throne room.

Once the darkness died down, stood two people in ruined clothes.

The taller one was obviously male. He wore a hoodie underneath a trench coat, as well as metal combat jeans and combat boots. His face was masked by a hood, but the scent of the see rolled off of him.

The shorter one, on the other hand, was female. She had long, black hair that reached the middle of her back, with a pair of harsh, glowing silver eyes. Her ghostly pale skin stood out from her black clothes.

"Nyx, why are you here?" Zeus asked, trying to be polite. He knew much better than to tick off the Protogenoi of Night, and one of the original four immortals.

"I am here to warn you: the prophecy you just had will mean the end of Olympus if not followed carefully. Not one mistake can be made, or the world shall fall. Now, I shall leave you with my friend here, so I suggest calling Artemis and her lieutenant." Nyx explained, supporting the man leaning on her.

Hermes flashed out, only to reappear a few seconds later with Artemis and Thalia Grace at his side.

"Why are we here, father?" Artemis asked, her emotionless facade drawing to an end as she saw the figure leaning on Nyx.

"Percy?" Thalia asked, slowly walking towards the hooded figure.

Nyx then pulled back the hood, revealing a rather bloody and beaten up face of Percy Jackson.

"Hey Thals..." Percy croaked, a small lop-sided grin forming on his face as he was crushed into a hug by his cousin.

"I thought you were dead..." Thalia sobbed, tears slowly dripping down her cheeks.

Then, he was shocked by Thalia.

"What was that for?!" Percy yelled / asked, shaking the dizziness out of his head.

"For leaving without telling me. I took it hard too, you know!" Thalia yelled, punching Percy in the chest repeatedly.

He didn't even fight back - he deserved it. Instead, he just embraced his cousin, not wanting to ever let go again...

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