The Road to Darkness

Getting Back into It

Percy's point of view:

"How come this place is so boring?" I grumbled, sharpening my hidden blades.

"Your boring, kelp head." Thalia chuckled from my left, and I smiled a bit.

I've been back for two weeks, and all that Thalia did was cling to me. Nico came and stuck around a bit before going off somewhere.

"When's the hunt going off next?" I asked, turning to my electric blue eyed cousin.

"Not sure. Lady Artemis is acting rather strangely at the moment, so probably not until you disappear once more." Thalia shrugged, and I rolled my eyes.

"I'm done running for the time being. I need to fight, do I not? Another prophecy has come, and I am most likely the one to have to take the world on my shoulders... Again." I said, looking my cousin in the eyes.

"You better are done running," Thalia growled in a threatening tone, "as if you do again, I'll kill you and make sure no one ever finds your body." She threatened. I have a really nice family, don't I?

I just smiled a bit and wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

"Love you kelp head." She mumbled, and I froze.

"As a brother?" I asked, and I could feel her nod.

"Why?" She asked, and eyebrow arched.

"Nothing... Love you too, sis." Thalia smiled and gave me a childish peck on the cheek.

"Got to go, Perce. Milady is probably wondering where I am at the minute." Thalia said, got up and ran off to Zeus knows.

I got up to my feet and strolled over to the edge of Olympus so I could see the New York skyline.

"Perseus." Someone said behind me, and I froze.

Oh crap... Was my first thought.

"Lady Artemis, please, just call me 'Percy'." I turned around to see two mesmerising silver eyes.

"Whatever." Artemis said quickly, and stepped up so she was next to me looking over at New York.

"Why did you run in the first place, Percy?" Artemis asked after a bit of time.

"I was attracting evil. After Annabeth's death, I was purged with endless nightmares about the very images, and then my friends dying slowly and painfully all around me if I stayed any longer... You were with them..." I choked up, careful to not be turned into a jackelope.

"Still, the gods could've helped you, could we not?" Artemis turned to me, an eyebrow raised.

"One did. Lady Hestia helped me cope with them. She is basically like a mother to me." I smiled at the thought of Hestia being my adoptive mother.

"What of your mortal parents?" Artemis asked, and my expressions darkened instantly.

"Dead. I stayed with them for a bit, got a job to by an apartment nearby to live in, and I walked in, to find them dead on the ground..." I trailed off, choking up at the image that swirled around my head continuously.

"What killed them?" Artemis asked, putting a small hand on my shoulder. I turned to her, only to be shocked.

Artemis was in her 16/17 year old form, and... Well... She was beautiful. Her Auburn hair was let down, and fell to the near to the bottom of her back. Her silver eyes had more a shine to them. Now, before anyone goes ranting things like 'she's a maiden goddess, idiot', 'she'll never think that back', weirdo', blah blah blah; it's just me saying. It's not like I'm in love with her... Right?

I shrugged the thoughts off.

"Don't know for sure, but all I know so far is that it was a demigod under Tartarus' and Erebos' wing." I really wasn't sure of what it was.

"..." Artemis just nodded in reply, and removed her hand from my shoulder.

"Any news about Athena's daughter?" She asked me, and my expressions darkened considerably.

I stuffed my hand into my jeans pocket and pulled out a note, handing it to Artemis afterwards.

"Read it. It's a threat and promise given to me by Tartarus himself." I said, and Artemis opened it up.

"'Perseus Jackson,

As you can see, I've killed your parents... Well, I got them killed. Are you mad yet?

I'll make you a deal, actually: join me, and I'll give you everyone you love back to you. Consider our offer, as you'll be with your ever so precious Annabeth Chase for the rest of time.

From all residents within the Pit.'" Artemis read out. I could see a wave of rage and sadness wash over the Moon goddess, but she soon went back to normal before handing it to me.

"What did you do when you got the letter?" She asked me, a bit more closely towards me.

"I wanted to go to Tartarus, jump back in, and tear the place apart until I get Annabeth, my mother and Paul back. But, then again, it was impossible. Hestia grabbed me before I could do anything reckless, and soothed me. I then ran, and hid, travelling around the US to find who killed my mortal parents. That caused monsters to group up as I killed all of the others that got in my way and got on my nerves." I replied, a tear forming in the corner of my eye once I mentioned Annabeth and my mortal parents.

"Percy, I'm sorry-"

"I'm partly over it." I cut her off. Artemis just glared at me before nodding in understanding.

"Do you even mind being the centre of another prophecy?" Artemis suddenly asked out of the blue.

"One was enough, two was overboard, but three? That's just taking the piss." I grumbled, annoyed with the fact that I've got to be involved in another prophecy.

Artemis smiled a bit, "You never know, Percy."

I gaped at the man-hating goddess. "Did you just call me 'Percy'?!" I asked her, and Artemis paled a bit as she realised what she said.

"Never repeat it." She hissed at me.

"Sure, Lady Artemis." I stammered, paling a bit, knowing what the goddess would do to me if word got around.

"Anyway, Perseus, from what we gathered, the prophecy will be the last one most of us Olympians shall face. After that, we shall all begin to fade to Oblivion. Then, what shall we Olympians do?" Artemis turned once more to me, and our noses were nearly touching. I was a couple of inches taller than her.

"You know we are going to win, right?" I asked, turning to the goddess of the hunt.

"We don't know that for sure, Perseus. And for your sake, don't turn into one of them cocky, arrogant males." Artemis warned me, and I cracked a grin.

"Sure, Arty." Artemis summoned her hunting knives and pressed the blades against my throat, threatening to throw me over the edge of Olympus at the same time.

"What did you just call me?!" She hissed at me, pushing against me more so I leaned more over the edge of Olympus.

I gulped. "Err... Nothing, Lady Artemis." I said quickly, careful not to fire the man-hating goddess up, and not to add to the current jackelope population.

"It better has been, Perseus." She glared at me, making her hunting vanish.

"So... When do you and your hunters departure again?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"Tomorrow I am hoping. It's been a few weeks, and my girls are beginning to get restless and agitated. It won't be long until they'll be chaining up Apollo and shoot him for the giggles... Again." Artemis laughed again as she seemed to remember that memory.

"Oh..." I simply said, and continued to stare at the New York skyline, but I couldn't help but notice that how beautiful Artemis' voice and laugh sounded.

I shook my head in annoyance and tried to throw a nagging voice in the back of my head out. All I could hear it say was things like 'kiss her', 'say your feelings' and so on. In other words, it was really beginning to tick me off.

Thunder rumbled in the sky, and Artemis rolled her silver eyes in annoyance.

"I've got to go. Apparently father has another mission for me. I'll see you soon, Percy Jackson." Artemis smiled at me, which made my heart do somersaults.

I returned the smile, before covering my eyes so she could flash out.

Perseus Jackson, I scolded myself; you will most certainly NOT fall in love again! Not after Annabeth, as there may still be a chance to bring her back... Could there?


No point of view:

Somewhere a nut case would live...

Four figures sat at a table, surrounded by darkness. Each figure radiated a strong aura of darkness.

Three of the figures coated in darkness were male, making the last one female.

"When do the battles start, Erebos?" One of them asked. This one seemed to be heavy built, but also like he was built to bring doom upon every one of his opponents.

"Soon, Moros, soon." Erebos assured him, leaning back in his chair.

"Anything to report, Eris?" Tartarus asked, turning to the female.

She growled in annoyance.

"Not much, other than the Olympians have Perseus Jackson back, as well as Nyx aiding them." The goddess of Strife shrugged as if it was nothing.

"We know that, you dumb bitch!" Erebos roared, spit flying from his mouth.

"Well then, when are our plans going to be set in motion?" Moros asked, turning to void-faced god.

"Easy: when we learn Perseus' weakness. We have one of them, but we need another few to break him completely." Tartarus was probably grinning evilly now, and he waved a hand to the side of them.

A small spot light was switched on, to reveal a sacrifice alter with a blonde haired girl set on it, unconscious.

"And that is?" Moros asked, turning to his other three associates.

"Remember Gaea, my wife, ripping the girlfriend of Perseus Jackson in half?" Tartarus asked an evil tone in his hollow voice.

"Yeah... What about it?" Eris asked an evil grin on the daughter of Nyx's face.

"Well, that's her. And no, we're not going to hold her at ransom. Actually, we're going to do quite the opposite." Erebos grinned, the usual sadistic glint gleaming in his eyes.

"Then what shall we do with her, brother?" Tartarus, not sure about his brother's unknown and secret motives.

"Why don't we, you know... Use her to break Perseus? We give her a little dosage of mind control, and use her to kill Perseus. He wouldn't dare hurt her, so he'll die by the hands of his girlfriend. Good plan or what?" Erebos smiled darkly, his ghostly white skin glowing in the black flames illuminating the so called 'conference room'.

"Yes... Evil, sly and slick. I love the sound of that, Erebos, I really do. But first, I shall lead a small team to give the Olympians a taste of our power!" Moros grinned, his blood red eyes seeming to be dripping tears of blood from how jolly he was.

And by 'jolly', they mean that he is going to be causing some more doom upon more innocent souls.

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