The Road to Darkness

Silver Medals for Betrayal

Artemis' point of view:

"You've got to be kidding me." Thalia grumbled loading and shooting another arrow at the incoming hell hound.

"How many monsters are there?! Another hunter called out from across the battlefield.

"Roughly fifty to a hundred! Not all too sure!" Phoebe yelled from behind me. I spun around to see her kill a dark, shadowy creature that resembled a well-trained assassin - a shade, a servant of Erebos.

"Apollo... Help me... Please..." I pleaded, seeing another hunter fall to the over-powered monsters.

"Hang tight then, lil' sis." Was Apollo's ever so annoying reply. The sun chariot in the form of a tank then landed on the ground, crushing about six or seven monsters under the war machine's weight. The cannon then turned and aimed at the Minotaur, and shot it, sending it back to Tartarus.

My dim-witted brother then opened up the hatch and hopped out in military gear, a grim smile on his face.

"Well then, Arty, let's have some fun avenging some hunters, shall we?" He grinned, summoning his golden bow. I smiled at my younger brother and summoned my silver bow.

"The Twin Archers fight side by side once more. Feels like our first days into the world, doesn't it Apollo?" I asked the Sun god, shooting an arrow behind him at a shade sneaking up behind him.

We continued watching each other's backs, killing a good portion of the monster's army.

"Back to back!" I barked at Apollo, and we pressed our backs up against each other, arrows at the ready to fire.

"Kiss my ass, you ugly bastards!" Apollo jeered as he shot a few other arrows. Then, Apollo whipped out his IPod and put on a song that I recognised from something Thalia had listened to a few times in the past.

Devour, by Shinedown I think it was called.

"Will you turn that crap off?" I asked my brother, and unleashed another barrage of arrows upon six or so more monsters.

"No! It's to get your adrenaline pumping!" Was Apollo's snarky remark and I felt him run off.

I spun around to see Apollo in a blade lock against a hooded, feminine figure. Her hood was then burnt off by a blast of lightning.

"Eris." I growled, as I saw her face.

"Hello, Artemis." Eris grinned, and shards of darkness shimmered into existence around her.

"Why have you betrayed us to Erebos and Tartarus this time, Eris?" I demanded, notching an arrow in my bow to shoot the goddess of strife. Apollo followed my lead, as did Thalia and the rest of my hunters in the crew. There were around thirty hunters (not including myself, Thalia or Phoebe) in total, so about thirty five arrows aimed at Eris.

"I joined them as your rule must end. The fifth age must come at some point, and that some point is within the fifty years. It doesn't really matter how long it takes - as long as we get to kill you, we are fine." Eris grinned wickedly, her purple eyes glinting dangerously as if she knew something I didn't.

"Surrender, Eris, and we will see to your punishment for not remaining loyal to Olympus. If not... Well, you cannot attack us as there are above thirty arrows trained at you - all ready to fire." I snarled, gritting my teeth in annoyance.

Eris just laughed, as if she was enjoying this.

"Oh, my dear Artemis, you have no idea on what's going on. Did you even stop to think that someone close to you would betray you in the end?" Eris grinned, and snapped her fingers.

Twelve of my hunters including Phoebe and Thalia were brought to their knees, two or three arrows aimed at their heads.

Behind Phoebe and Thalia, were Katie, Monica, Brittany, Ellie and Yasmin - my most faithful hunters. Tears were in Phoebe’s eyes as she was forced to surrender by the traitors - the daughter of Honos' family she gave her heart and soul to two and a half thousand years ago.

"You traitorous bitches." I snarled as I was kicked in the back of my knees and forced down to the ground.

I sent Apollo a pledging look, and he nodded in understanding.

He flashed out to get help from the other Olympians, knowing that I would stay with my hunters until I knew that they were safe.

I don't know why, but I then sent a prayer to a certain hero of Olympus I've grown quite fond of.

Percy... Help me... I prayed/pleaded to the son of Poseidon, and a strange mist filled my lungs and I fell into the realm of unconsciousness...


Percy's point of view:

I pulled against the handcuffs, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible.

I was sitting down in a chair, and across from me, sat Triton - my godly half brother.

"Remind me on why we're here, dear brother." Triton hissed, trying to break free and flash out. He couldn't even summon his divine form, or use any of his powers - just like I couldn't.

"I don't have a clue, Lord Triton." I spat, adding as much venom as I could. I returned every ounce of hatred the messenger of the sea harboured towards me.

"I can tell you two why." Father's voice echoed from above.

Both of us looked up, expecting to see our father's smug look written across his face.

"Let me out of this, father!" Triton spat, pulling at his chains again.

"It's useless, son. The chains were constructed with an alloy containing Stygian Iron, Stygian Ice, Cesterial Bronze, Imperial Gold and Olympian Silver. In other words, they are impossible to break." Dad grinned from above, Hermes and Apollo either side of him with a prankster's smile written across their faces.

"Just you wait until I get my hands on you three..." I growled, and tugged against the chains.

Then, sirens began to wail, and all four gods in the room paled.

"What's wrong?" I asked, turning to my godly half brother.

"That is Olympus' new alarm system, to help protect this place against intruders such as the Titans or other monsters." Hermes explained from above, and snapped his fingers, making both Triton's and my bonds vanish.

"I guess that your bonding times should be rescheduled to after the war... Oh well, let's get geared up and ready for battle." My father grumbled, and a step ladder rolled down from the balcony the three were at.

Triton cursed under his breath and clambered up the step ladder, me right behind him.

"So, where's my armour, dad?" I asked the second I was over the top of the ladder and on the balcony.

"Follow me, Percy. Hestia knows - I think." Was his simple reply, gesturing me to follow him.


No point of view:

The shock wave of the explosion nearly knocked Percy off of his feet.

He was currently running through the streets of Olympus, racing towards the temple of Hestia.

Damn Erebos and Tartarus, can't wait until I'm ready to party... Percy grumbled in his mind as he dodged another falling pillar.

A statue of Ares then fell down before collapsing to rubble, causing Percy to bite back a laugh.

After a few more minutes of running, Percy was practically trying to knock down the front door to Hestia's temple.

The red eyed goddess opened the door, her eyes flaming, but instantly calmed when she saw Percy.

"Yes, Percy?" She asked, as if she was suddenly oblivious to the battle going on in Olympus at that very moment in time.

"Mom, do you have my gear?" Percy asked his adoptive mother, and Hestia smiled warmly at him when he called her 'mom'.

"Yes, Percy. Follow me." Hestia simply said, and Percy walked inside, the door slamming shut behind him.

He followed Hestia to a red, black and orange bedroom, and she opened up the wardrobe, to reveal Percy's black and crimson assassin's robes.

He opened up a cupboard next to the wardrobe, to reveal simple armour: his vambraces, shin guards, a chain mail shirt, his diagonal belt full of smoke bombs, flash bangs and throwing knives. Percy threw all of them on before checking that his hidden blades worked.

Then, Percy marched over to the wardrobe and snatched his robes from the coat hangers.

He slipped them on over his under clothes and armour.

"Don't die." Hestia warned, and gave her adoptive son a motherly kiss on the forehead.

"I can't promise." Percy smirked, and left his mother's palace to find the monster army.


"Come on puny mortals, can't you stand up and face me - little old Moros?" The said Protogenoi taunted the attacking demigods, who effortlessly swiped them away with a mere flick of his wrist.

"Where's the real challenge, as I'm dying for one!" Moros continued ranting, oblivious to the fact that his challenge was perched up upon the palace of Zeus, overlooking the battle.

The gods all seemed to be in the throne room, as there was a barrier of darkness surrounding the throne room.

Come on, you dim-witted fool of a Protogenoi, come closer... Percy prayed as he flicked out his hidden blades.

The second Moros was within jumping range, Percy stood up and took three steps backwards.

"Here's your challenge, you prick." Percy growled, and sprinted forward, jumping the second before he had no more room to run.

The assassin raised his hands above his head, and the second he was ready, he opened up his legs and landed on the back of Moros' neck.

"What the-?!" The Protogenoi of doom grunted in pain as Percy rammed his hidden blades into both of Moros' shoulders.

Percy back flipped from Moros' neck before he could be ripped off by the currently raging Protogenoi.

"So, you decide to show yourself, Perseus Jackson." Moros grinned as he turned to the son of Poseidon.

Percy just rolled his eyes at the Protogenoi level of stupidity.

"Oh well, let's just skip to the part where I send your sorry ass back to your uncle." Percy complained, pulling out and uncapping his trusty sword - Riptide.

"Then let's see who shall come out top, Perseus." Moros challenged, before summoning a demonic, black, double handed sword.

Percy thrust his sword at Moros, but he parried the strike and swung for Percy's ankles. The son of Poseidon anticipated this and jumped over the blade, using his time to make a sharp stab to Moros' ugly, scarred face. It cut a deep gash in the Protogenoi face, spilling silver blood over the floor of Olympus.

"Now, we play like real men, Perseus!" Moros snarled, and made multiple wild, power-filled strikes at the said son of Poseidon, and he found it hard to either block or dodge.

"Feel your doom!" Moros bellowed, and the scene around the two began to darken as if all of the light was being sucked into Moros' outstretched hand.

Percy then felt tonnes of weight put onto his shoulders, and he was forced onto his knees by the shear pressure the Protogenoi of doom was putting upon the son of Poseidon.

Moros then strolled over to a weakened Percy, and stopped the pressure so everyone could see their hero and saviour fall before his hands.

"Now, Olympus! Watch your hero fall!" Moros yelled out, and raised his sword above Percy's neck.

He brought it down, and a voice that Percy loved filled his mind.

"Percy... Help me..." Artemis' voice pleaded, and Percy closed his eyes as Riptide clattered to the ground at his feet.

I'm sorry... Everyone... I'm sorry... Artemis... I love you..." Percy thought to himself as a tear trickled from the corner of his eye, and he closed his sea green orbs in defeat, and let his head hang.

The sword was then brought down.

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