The Road to Darkness

Night and Doom Don't Get Along

No point of view:

"Now, Olympus! Watch your hero fall!" Moros yelled out, and raised his sword above Percy's neck.

He brought it down, and a voice that Percy loved filled his mind.

"Percy... Help me..." Artemis' voice pleaded, and Percy closed his eyes as Riptide clattered to the ground at his feet.

I'm sorry... Everyone... I'm sorry... Artemis... I love you..." Percy thought to himself as a tear trickled from the corner of his eye, and he closed his sea green orbs in defeat, and let his head hang.

The sword was then brought down.

The sound of blade against blade rung through Percy's ears, and he looked up.

Above him, was Nyx's sword blocking Moros' sword.

"Mother..." Moros spat, his eyes glowing dangerously.

"Don't even bother with that, Moros. This time, I'll make sure you'll never awaken from you eternal punishment!" Nyx snarled at her son, and brought her sword up, creating an opening to stab Moros.

The Protogenoi of doom growled in annoyance as he glared at his mother.

"Well then, son, let's see if you have the guts to hurt little old me." Nyx taunted, increasing the growl coming from Moros' throat.

"Just shut up and DIE!" Moros roared, and hacked away at Nyx, but she blocked nearly all of the strikes other than one that nicked her sword arm.

Nyx dodged his next blow, and Percy rolled out of the way. By the way things were looking; Nyx wouldn't last much longer as her son had been given a major energy boost by his father and Tartarus.

The second Percy remembered Artemis' plea for help, his eyes snapped open, and he flicked his wrists, and his hidden blades sprung out.

His eyes resembled sea green flames, and he gritted his teeth in anger. Red filled his vision like what happened when Annabeth was torn in half by Gaea.

A low growl emitted from Percy's throat as he saw Nyx get shoved to the ground by Moros, and the sword was raised directly above her heart.


Percy lunged at the opposing Protogenoi, murder in his eyes.

The son of Poseidon shoulder barged into Moros' side, and rammed his hidden blades into the Protogenoi of doom's lower side. Moros grunted in pain, and wildly slashed at Percy, but he rolled under the shot and managed to nick Moros on the thigh.

"Why you little..." Moros snarled at Percy, and brought his sword down in a power-filled swing, but the assassin dodged the blade that nearly sliced him in half.

The hidden blades around Percy's wrist then retracted, and Percy pulled a ball-tip pen from his pocket, and uncapped it; revealing the three foot sword with a leaf-shaped blade.

Percy then raised Riptide to block numerous wild slashes at Percy's neck, chest and abdomen.

"Just die!" Moros was grinding his teeth to ash in rage. A mere demigod, to overpower him? The Protogenoi of Doom? BAH! Over his dead body would he fall to Perseus Jackson! He may of slaughtered his auntie Gaea at her full height, but she was nothing compared to the power Moros contained within himself!

A dark, crimson red glow began to emit from Moros' right hand - the hand not holding his sword.

When Percy tried to strike at Moros, the Protogenoi flicked his wrist and disarmed Percy. With his non-sword hand, he grabbed Percy round the throat and lifted the son of Poseidon off of his feet.

"Now, you have REALLY pissed me off, Perseus Jackson..." Moros snarled a deadly edge on his voice. The glow began to grow stronger until it had fully engulfed Percy, causing the saviour of Olympus' sea green and bright red eyes to glaze over in a demonic purple.

Creepy voices that reminded Percy of the Oracle of Delphi's voice filled his ears, all whispering things like 'death', 'her blood is on your hands', 'she never loved you', 'she shall kill you in the end' and 'the Moon will never love you'.

Then, he snapped.

Percy began thrashing as images of every one of his loved ones and friends dying, just like what happened when he met Phobos and Deimos - and what Phobos showed him. Then, the images began to shift to show that he was the one killing them all in the most brutal and sadistic methods going. The scene changed again, to show Artemis and Thalia chained to a wall covered in deep cuts and bruises, their clothes in tatters.

Percy then saw arrows fly at the pair and completely covered the girls so they looked like screwed up mummies.

"The one you love most shall die at you command..." An evil voice that filled Percy's mind, which reminded him of his wise girl - Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena.

The scene changed one last time to Annabeth standing over him... But it wasn't the Annabeth he knew and loved.

This imposter had deep, obsidian eyes; pale lips and ghostly pale skin. Behind her, were Tartarus, Erebos, Kronos, Gaea, Moros and Eris - all cheering her on.

Annabeth then raised her bone sword, and brought the blade down on his heart. She then tore the sword out, but not before twisting it a full 360 degree turn. Annabeth reached down and tore his heart out, a sickening evil glint in her eyes.

"What's wrong, seaweed brain?" She asked in a sickening sweet tone, "Are you missing something?"

For some odd reason, Percy felt the sudden urge to punch Annabeth in the face as she took a bite out of his heart, warm, crimson blood trickling from her cold lips and down her chin.

He then screamed. And not any ordinary scream. It was a scream of pure rage, sadness and sorrow, so loud it probably shook the entire world.

Moros then dropped Percy onto the ground, but the nightmares didn't stop there. They continued for an extended amount of time, and the Protogenoi of doom grinned evilly at the Olympians and his mother.

"See you soon, when I come to finish this sea spawn off. For now, sayonara." Moros then drove his sword into the ground - which caused a massive fissure to open up in the pathway - and Moros dissolved into a dark red sludge, escaping through the crack in the ground. The crack then closed up, and Moros' sword vanished in a puff of smoke.

Then, Apollo flashed in, on his hands and knees as if he was surrendering.

"Apollo, where was you?!" Zeus demanded, and Apollo looked grimly at his father.

"Artemis was captured by Eris, goddess of Strife. The majority of the hunt betrayed Artemis, Thalia, Phoebe and a few others, while I escaped to Artemis' command." Apollo explained, catching his breath.

Then, he noticed the withering Percy on the ground as the immortal demigod let out a blood curdling cry of pain.

"What happened to him?" Apollo asked, dashing over to Percy.

"Moros happened, Apollo. He seemed to curse Perseus with fear and doom, showing him ways that his life will end or how he shall end others. The main curse though is Impending Doom. And that, is the most fatal curse ever existed." Nyx explained, crouching down next to Apollo as the Sun god analysed Percy.

"And why is that?" Poseidon asked, also crouching down next to his son and trying to hold him still.

"It's the worst on the people with the fatal flaw of loyalty. It is also deadly and lethal as the curse of Impending Doom always causes the cursed one to become insane with the fear of bringing doom to all of their loved ones, only to die in the end from someone they love. It causes them to isolate themselves from the world around them so they won't trust anyone, and then death comes and collects him." Nyx explained a grave look in her silver eyes.

"Can we overcome it?" Poseidon asked, a pleading look written in his eyes.

"Probably... If he can find love sooner or later... He may have already found it with a certain goddess." Nyx simply said, and Apollo's eyes widened in realisation.

"You mean...?" Apollo asked his icy blue eyes wide.

"He may, but no killing him. You will have to face her wrath if you kill him." Nyx laughed a bit, and Apollo paled as he remembered the amount of times that his twin nearly killed him. He lost count after 6 or so million... Definitely a lot more.

"Don't plan on it, as he's awesome." Apollo just flashed a grin, but on the inside he wanted to leave Percy to die as he and his sister may love.

Within Percy's mind, he was chasing someone.

That someone was Annabeth. He was given a choice on which he would rather have: the world, or Annabeth.

He got a bit selfish and wanted the 'love of his life' back, so he could hug and kiss her once more.

Then, he was thrown to the ground by a strong force on his chest.

There, stood Annabeth above him like the vision he was shown by one of the Lords of Pricks, Moros.

But, there was only him and her.

"Annabeth..." Percy muttered, tears welling up in his eyes, but Annabeth only stared at him as if he was a piece of gum she had trod on.

"Shut it, seaweed brain." Annabeth snapped an evil glint in her eyes.

Then she raised a familiar sword - Riptide.

"Even though we're in your conscience, you can still die, Percy." Annabeth sneered, "And you wanted to say goodbye? Well then, sayonara." The sword then came down, right above where Percy's heart should be.


No point of view:

She snapped open her eyes and looked around her, trying to find whoever attacked her.

Then, she began to remember what happened before she was captured.

Those traitorous bitches! She hissed to herself, and she noticed one of her friends through the gloom.

"Phoebe... Phoebe... Phoebe!" She hissed, trying to get the daughter of Honos' attention.

Then, Phoebe’s head snapped up, her wild eyes darting around until they settled on the one who woke her up.

"Where's Artemis, Thalia?" Phoebe asked lowly, careful not to alert any guards that may be nearby.

"I don't know, Phoebe... That bitch Eris most likely has her with whoever she's working for." Thalia snarled, and looked around the two to only see that the other hunters of Artemis were all knocked out.

"Should we wake them?" Phoebe asked about to nudge the hunter next to her.

"No, as it may attract attention. We are majorly outnumbered, as most of the hunt betrayed us - remember? Some our most skilled huntresses did join them, so we'll have no chance of escape." Thalia reasoned, pulling slightly in her chains to see if they were weakened in any way at all.

"By how many then, Thalia?" She asked the daughter of Zeus, struggling against her chains like Thalia currently was.

"I don't know, it was two or three against one, but Zeus knows how many it has increased by!" Thalia remarked, her electric blue eyed glowing dangerously.

"Why can't we just kill them then?" A high-pitched voice asked from a distance, and Phoebe’s head snapped in the direction that the monsters were at.

"Because if we do, we can't lure Percy Jackson down here so he can be used as a minion for Erebos and Tartarus - that's as far as I've been told. Now, let's check on them to see if they are awake or not. Get your gun ready as well, as they may be awake and ready to attack." A much gruffer voice said a bit closer this time.

The only sound that filled the cell and corridor was the extremely faint screams of a girl, the stomping footsteps of the monsters and the low, shallow breathing of the remaining hunters of Artemis.

"That's Artemis!" Phoebe hissed to her friend, her dark red eyes wide in fear of what wicked kinds of torture they could perform on their patron.

"And they plan on kidnapping Percy! We've got to get out of here and warn him!" Thalia snapped at Phoebe in a low voice, her raven black hair flowing slightly in the light breeze that suddenly brushed past her.

The sound of a lock opening reached Thalia's ears, so she nudged Phoebe as if to say 'pretend to be asleep!

The two went limp and hung their heads as if they were still unconscious. It worked, as two Cyclops walked past them, one armed with a club and the other armed with a semi-automatic.

Thalia slowly raised her head when the two weren't looking, as did Phoebe, and a look in her eyes clearly said 'kick them out and take the keys'.

When the guards were on their way back out, and stepping over Thalia and Phoebe, the pair of hunters kicked the legs out of both of them, and kicked their Cyclops in the groin, and then one straight into the chin - knocking the opposing Cyclops out cold.

The older one was taken out by Thalia, while the younger was Phoebe’s latest victim.

A ring of keys were on the ground a little bit away from Thalia, so she reached out with her foot and pulled the keys over to her. She then used a bit sticking out of the belt on her combat boots to scoop up the keys and toss them into her hand.

Thalia then freed herself from her shackles, before freeing Phoebe.

"Now, we wake up the other hunters." Thalia grinned at Phoebe, helping the buff daughter of Honos to her feet.

"Then we turn the monsters and traitors into pin cushions." Phoebe returned the grin, and snatched the semi-automatic from the young, unconscious Cyclops.

Thalia then saw a closet in the corridor next to their cell, and she grinned.

The two went around, waking and freeing their fellow hunters. They then killed the pair of Cyclops, and Thalia led them over to the closet. She opened it, to see a collection of assault rifles, hand guns and semi-automatics.

"Well, I guess these will have to do." Thalia picked up an assault rifle, and cocked it after checking the ammo. The entire hunter's took their pick of a hand gun then a rapid fire, before taking their selection of bullets, flash bangs, smoke bombs and grenades.

Thalia slapped her bracelet to check if her shield, Aegis, was still in condition to protect her if necessary.

"Hunters, let's show why people shouldn't torture Lady Artemis!" Aegis returned to its bracelet mode, and they ran out of the cell hall to search for their patron - Artemis, goddess of the hunt and the Moon.

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