The Road to Darkness

Strife is a Bitch - My Bitch

Percy's point of view:

I tossed and turned in my slumber, trying to escape a never ending nightmare I was in.

All of a sudden, I jolted upwards, my eyes wide with fear.

I had to raise an arm to block out the bright, golden light that blinded me.

Once I got used to the light, I looked around to take in my surroundings.

"Where the Hades am I?" I asked myself, and a bright golden light erupted from my left.

I was forced covered up my eyes so I wouldn't be incinerated, and once the light died down, I saw an all too familiar god standing there.

"Apollo..." I breathed, and the god of the Sun smiled.

"Percy! You’re finally awake!" Apollo cheered, clapping me on the back, and I grunted slightly in pain.

"Yeah... How long was I out?" I asked, scratching my head.

"Oh... A day or two. We're still trying to find my sister, but we have a rough idea where she is." Apollo answered a distant look in his eyes as he mentioned Artemis.

"Where...?" I asked a pang of hurt in my heart that I was never there to protect her, my... Friend...?

"Tartarus or somewhere very dark. Why do you want to know...? Unless..." Apollo trailed off, knowing what I was getting at.

"I'm not that stupid!" I complained, knowing what Apollo was implying.

"You are, Percy." Apollo said in a rarest moment of seriousness.

I just cursed multiple times under my breath about stupid Sun gods.

"When can I go?" I asked, wanting to save Apollo's older twin.

"When you feel like it, duh!" Was Apollo's cheeky remark, and I rolled my eyes at the sun gods' immature behaviour.

"Yeah... But... Oh, forget it." I stammered, before hopping off the stretcher and landing on my feet with a thud.

"By the way, Hestia wants to meet. You for some reason... Not too sure, but it's most likely important." I nodded and Apollo flashed me out of his palace infirmary so I could run to Hestia's palace.

It didn't take me long... Okay, it took me ten to twenty minutes, but that is rather quick for Olympus, considering that it is big enough for each god at their full heights to walk around. Did I mention that I was exhausted, as it was probably half a mile or so?

I hammered my hand on the front door of Hestia's palace, and she swung it open as if she was not in the mood. I looked up at the sky, and realised that it was night, and the sun was just rising.


"Why are you here so early, Percy?" I could tell that Hestia was trying to stay calm and not go rage and burn me... Guess mother and son are just alike, harbouring an ever so similar hatred for mornings.

"Apollo... Said... You wanted... Me..." I panted, struggling to catch my breath.

"Yeah, later on - not when I'm sleeping." Hestia huffed, but opened her door up wide so I could go in.

I walked in, and Hestia closed the door behind me before leading me to the lounge.

"Percy... What exactly did you see when Moros cursed you?" She asked me, and I paled as I was dreading the question.

"Annabeth killing me multiple times... All of my friends and family lying at my feet, dead... Someone I've drawn close to being stabbed by me and all I could hear was my laughter as Riptide stabbed her - repeatedly..." My voice cracked as I recalled me stabbing the one with those beautiful silver eyes many times.

"Who was it, exactly? The one you stabbed?" My adoptive mother asked me, and a tear slid down my cheek as I remembered the hurt look in her silver eyes as I slaughtered her, her last words 'I thought you loved me like I love you'.

Anger began to well up within me as the images kept haunting me, swirling around my head.

I shook my head, to say that I wouldn't tell, and Hestia began to age so that she was in her thirties, before roughly grabbing me by each side of the face and her crimson eyes glowing violently.

I could feel her searching through my memories, and when Hestia saw her, she fell back, a shocked look clearly written on her face.

"And you want to save her?" Hestia asked. How did she...? Oh wait; she searched ALL of my memories... Talk about lack of trust.

"Mom, I would give up my life to keep her safe." I said without thinking, and Hestia smirked.

"Then I think it's time for my little assassin son to get down to business, is it not?" Hestia smiled at me, and I returned it with my classic lop-sided grin.

"I agree, mom." I said, and Hestia glowed again as she shrunk back to her eight year old form.

"Alright, but first, let me get some sleep as you did wake me up way too early." Hestia yawned, then lay down on the couch and drifted off to sleep. I then got off and kissed my mother on the forehead.

"Night, mom." She smiled in her sleep, so I settled down on another couch before drifting off to sleep as well...


Thalia's point of view:


I put yet another bullet in a monster's brain.

The hunters and I were in the war room, popping in to say hello and a very polite 'thank-you' gift to the monsters that locked us up.

In other words, we were putting bullets into their heads.

But still, there were no signs of the bitches that had the audacity to betray the hunt; their sisters in arms!

Phoebe fired from right behind me, sending an empousa straight to the highway to Tartarus.

"I see that you are enjoying yourselves down here. I think that even if you get out of this prison, you won't get out of hell... Will you?" Eris asked, and I looked up at Eris looking at the battle scene from a sky-walk.

I aimed my gun at the goddess of strife.

"Where is Lady Artemis?" I snarled, my finger itching to pull the trigger and send bitch number one straight to her home.

Eris then did and said something that pissed me off higher than Zeus.

"Somewhere, but I couldn't care less to be honest." Eris shrugged as if she wasn't bothered.

With a scream of rage, I unleashed probably fifty rounds upon the goddess of strife, but her sadistic laughter still rung through my ears.

"You can't kill me, daughter of Zeus!" Eris cracked up with laughter, and then Artemis' screams began to fill the chamber.

"Where... Is... ARTEMIS!" I screamed, and a spot light lit up at the other end of a corridor. There was a chair there, and in the seat was Artemis, her clothes in tatters, her auburn hair full of dirt and grime and her silver eyes were wide with fright.

To her left, was a robed figure that looked very familiar... Raven black hair; glowing, demonic, purple eyes... Percy? No... His eyes were crimson red and sea green, not a dark, evil purple.

To the right of Artemis, was someone I saw dying by the hands of Gaea... Long, princess-like blonde hair and stormy grey eyes... No, wait... They were obsidian now... It couldn't be... Annabeth?

"Percy?! Annabeth?!" I called out, and both of the two looked at me dead in the eyes, both wearing an evil smile on their lips.

"Good to see you, Thals." Annabeth's voice dripped with evil, but nothing compared to Percy's.

"So, anything to say before they die, Arty?" Percy spat, and Artemis just yelled out a few simple words.

"Run! Trap!" She yelled, and Percy punched her across the jaw.

"Silence, bitch! Now girls!" Percy roared, and twenty or so girls in black armour leapt out from the shadows, Kate leading them.

"You..." I snarled, aiming my gun at her.

"Yes, me, Thalia. Well then, let's see how many people it will take to kill you." Kate grinned, aiming her own assault rifle at me.

"Fight me then, one on one, close range weapons only." I challenged my ex-sister, slapping my bracelet and turning the canister of mace into my electric spear.

"Challenge accepted, Thalia Grace." Kate spat, and she drew a pair of hunting knives.

She charged me, but I simply dodged the blow, and slammed my shield into the daughter of Hermes' face.

Kate grunted in pain as her nose broke, but that didn't stop her from charging me again.

I thrust my spear forwards, impaling Kate through the stomach.

"Rain hell... On them...!" She choked out as blood tricked down her face. She then fell limp, and I kicked the corpse off of my spear.

"Who'se next?" I snarled, and my sisters shot at the other traitors, killing a few of them.

"Fall back!" I heard Atlanta yell, and the surviving seventeen hunters melted into the shadows.

I then turned back to Percy and Annabeth, only to see them sitting in movie theatre seats, sharing toffee popcorn and a pint of blood each.

"Boo! Boring! Let's just kill Artemis already, and make her fade!" Annabeth complained, and Percy nodded in agree, drawing a sword.

But, I noticed something different about it.

It was pure black, and radiated a strong, blood red glow.

"You're not Percy..." I muttered, and he was about to slit Artemis' throat until a voice cut through the tension filled air.

"I think Artemis would rather die another day, idiots." The voice said, and a hooded figure wearing a trench coat leapt down from above.

"You..." The fake Percy snarled, and the hooded figure grinned.

"Yes, me, get over it..." The hooded figure laughed, before charging.


Percy's point of view:

Mom led me to my room, and there was something changed... All there was, was a black trench coat with a hood, the diagonal belt I used to carry my throwing knives, gun and stuff, my pair of metal combats and then my vambraces with hidden blades.

"What's this, mom?" I asked her, walking up to the clothes.

"Well, you would want to wear something to go with the twenty first century, wouldn't you, Percy?" Mom asked.

"What about armour?" I turned to her, an eyebrow raised.

"You doubt me that much?" Hestia said with mock hurt, which caused me to roll my eyes. She knows that I don't, as I love her.

"Anyway, the armour is within your clothing. Shoot it if you want, it won't damage." Mom smiled at me, before leaving.

I shrugged before changing into the new set of assassin gear that Hestia had given me.

Once changed and I left my room to say farewell to Hestia, I found her in the lounge stoking a fire.

"Good luck, Percy, and don't get killed. We wouldn't want Artemis to be hurt now, would we?" Mom teased, kissing me on the cheek.

"Mother..." I groaned, rolling my eyes at her.

"I'm serious. She will bring you back, only to kill you again - so be careful." Hestia warned, pulling me in a tight hug.

After a few minutes, she released me from the embrace.

"See you later, mom." I waved goodbye to my mother and left her palace.

I flipped my hood up and made my way to the elevator, only to see Apollo standing there, as if he was waiting for someone.

"Percy!" He hissed, and I walked over to him.

"What?" I asked him, impatient and itching to go.

"I want to go with you! Just let me! I want to find and rescue my sister just as much as you do!" Apollo rapidly pleaded, but I somehow understood.

"Fine... But where, exactly, are they?" I replied, leaning against the same wall Apollo was leaning against.

"I have an idea." Apollo suggested, and I looked him in the eye.

"Where?" I demanded, itching to get started.

"Fassouri Watermania Water Park, Cyprus." Was Apollo's simple reply, and I grinned.

"Well then, let's trash a water park then!" I cheered, and Apollo placed his hand on my shoulder and flashed us away to our destination.

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