The Road to Darkness

What Have They Done to You?

No point of view:

A half-naked sun god and son of Poseidon sat at the bar, drinking a Fantá each. Apollo was watching a few girls he was going to try and get into his pants later on, while Percy was oblivious to all of the girls ogling his six-pack and the muscles that built up on his arms and legs.

"So, where the Hades does you think the four can be hiding in this water park, Apollo?" Percy asked the sky blue eyed god, finishing off his Fantá.

"I don't have a clue, Perce. It's so hot I can barely concentrate." Apollo drooled, not taking his eyes off of a big, juicy ass.

"No wonder your sister hates you!" Percy chuckled, smacking the sun god round the back of the head.

"Sexist..." Apollo grumbled, reverting his steel gaze from the blonde's backside.

"Not really." Percy shrugged, turning back to the bartender to get another drink.

Out of the corner of his eye, Apollo caught sight of the very face he never wanted to see again: Eris, the goddess of strife.

"Percy, look." Apollo nudged Percy and nodded in the goddess' direction. She seemed to be walking towards the lazy river, which ran around the entire water park.

"Wait here a minute or two more - but do not lose her." Percy ordered in a hushed tone, not looking at the goddess in case she made eye contact with him and recognised him.

"Won't work, as this bitch is slippery as Hades. You go around the long way, and I take the short." Apollo disagreed, and began in the direction he had chosen for himself, a cocktail in his hand.

When did he even get that? Percy asked himself, but shrugged it off before snatching up his glass of orange Fantá and walked off, making sure that he was treading on ground that hadn't been above a trip wire bomb or something that was set up by Moros, Tartarus, Erebos and/or Eris.

When he was halfway, he bumped into a girl. They both fell backwards, Percy's Fantá spilling all over him.

"Oh my gods, I'm so, so, so sorry about that!" The girl rapidly apologised as Percy picked himself up and offered her a hand.

"Don't worry... About... It..." Percy trailed off and he was lost in memories as he saw her face.

He saw her die... Okay, he was there, when she died, but he didn't see the actual thing.

"Bianca?" Percy blurted out, his mind racing.

"Wait... Percy?" The girl asked, clarifying that it was Bianca.

Percy looked her all over. She was wearing a black bathing suit which went well with her onyx eyes, and her olive skin was just like it was before she died.

"But... How?" Percy asked, but he didn't care. Instead, he crushed the daughter of Hades in a tight embrace.

"I don't know, but-" she was cut off by another voice that Percy recognised, but this one defiantly was going to cut off his man-hood.

"Bianca di Angelo! Where in your father's name have you been?! And to see you so close to a nearly nude man?! A disgrace!" A fifteen year old girl with long, luscious black hair and volcanic eyes which contained emotion that reminded the son of Poseidon of a volcano.

Percy turned to her, a wide grin etched onto his face.

"I see that your well and healthy too, Zoë." Percy bowed lightly to the ex-lieutenant of the hunt.

Zoë's eyes flashed with anger as she was mocked by the mere boy. Then, she remembered the sea green eyes that only one person she knew had.

"Perseus... Is that you?" Zoë asked, a tear brimming in the corner of Percy's eye.

Deep down, he still blamed himself for the pair's deaths. Bianca's because he could've stopped her and protected the daughter of Hades. Zoë Nightshade, though, was because he should've taken the sky earlier on, so Artemis could beat Atlas before he got the chance to inflict the killing blow to his very own daughter.

He hugged the deceased two in a bear hug, tears leaking from his eyes as he hugged the two huntresses.

After a few minutes, he came to his senses and looked around, only to see Apollo running up to him.

Whoops, Percy visibly gulped, and Apollo's anger written eyes met with Percy's.

"Look, Percy, I know that two lovely ladies wish to bed you - and vice versa - but we should continue on the real reason on why we're here." Apollo lectured, swinging his arms around Bianca's and Zoë's shoulders.

"You can talk Apollo, and these. Are actually old friends." The son of Poseidon rolled his eyes at the blue eyed god, and his eyes widened as he leaned forward so Apollo could see their faces.

"Holy Zeus... They're dead you know!" Apollo stammered, trying to get over the fact that he was hugging two dead girls.

"No, you don't say!" Percy grumbled, a waterfall of sarcasm cascading from each word.

"B-b-but HOW?!" Apollo nearly yelled, but Zoë rammed her elbow into the sun god's abdomen.

"I was dragged from the sky two years ago, and dragged to Elysium to live; until we were both dragged up here to live again. The person who dragged us up here was-" Zoë was cut off by something.

"Me, you toss pots." A deep, dark, menacing voice cut through the air. The four looked around with haste, looking for whomever the voice belonged to.

But, all that was standing there was a boy who couldn't off been any older than five or six.

But Apollo wasn't fooled like the others. He could see a shimmering image of a grown man around the boy, but all four could still sense the huge waves of energy rolling off of the young, innocent-looking child.

"You’re joking me, right?" Zoë snickered, looking like she was on the edge of hysterics.

"If you think that I am joking, Zoë Nightshade, I am not. And as for whom I am, my identity is for me, and only me to know." The boy cracked a grin, and seemed to explode.

Waves of destruction swept through the air, knocking each of the four backwards as if they were getting pushed back in a charge from New Zealand's rugby team.

Then, a shot of pain erupted in Percy's abdomen, as if Mike Tyson just used his gut as a punch bag.

"Oomph!" The son of Poseidon grunted in pain as he collided into a stack of twenty or so sun beds.

Apollo had hit the deep end of a swimming pool, while Zoë and Bianca got to land on soft, straw umbrellas. Joking, they crashed into something quite a bit away.

"I don't think I want to come back here for a vacation... Ouch..." Percy groaned in pain as he picked himself up and out of the pile of broken sun beds.

"Then allow me to give you a ticket straight to oblivion, Perseus Jackson! Destruction shall be your doom!" The boy roared, and shifted into a fully grown man.

Apollo's eyes widened with realisation as he recognised the scar running down the side of his face.

Perses, the Titan of destruction, had joined the enemy, and now would aid in the destruction of Olympus and the gods.

The sun god swam over to the edge of the pool and grasped it, heaving himself out of the strangely icy cold water.

"Perses..." Apollo snarled as he crawled out of the swimming pool and coughed up a bit of water.

Perses just grinned evilly, and a two-handed, dark grey sword shimmered into existence in the Titan's hands.

He swung the sword in a huge arc at Apollo, sending the sun god sprawling into the pool.

Perses looked around for Zoë and Bianca, but couldn't find them, so the Titan of destruction turned to Percy.

The son of Poseidon's hand subconsciously slipped into his pocket and pulled out Riptide in its ball-tip form. He then uncapped the pen, and it elongated into a three foot long, leaf-shaped, bronze sword.

"Come on then, Perses." Percy challenged, and with a war cry, Perses charged him, swinging his sword in a huge, power-filled strike at the son of Poseidon, but he rolled under the sword and stabbed at the Titan.

Perses doubled over in pain as golden ichor dripped from the shallow wound in his abdomen.

"You... YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!" Perses gritted his teeth and swung many times at Percy, only for the son of Poseidon to block or dodge each swing.

"Is that all you've got, Perses?" Percy taunted, hopping over a low swipe for Perses.

"Percy! It's me, Apollo! Listen, Perses can't be defeated without an immortal's help as he is one of the strongest Titans, just under the big four Titans. In other words, distract him so I can send him back to Tartarus!" Apollo mentally yelled at Percy, and a grin etched itself on Percy's face.

"Hey! Destruction's gay, just like your wife!" Percy randomly spurted out, but it defiantly pissed off the Titan.

"What... Did... You... JUST SAY?!" Perses roared, and a crimson aura crackled to life around the Titan of destruction's sword.

"Oh... Well... Crap..." Percy cursed, and was about to turn on his heel and run for his life, when Apollo snuck up behind the Titan of destruction and wrapped his bow around his neck. With a sickening crunch, Apollo crushed Perses' wind pipe and snapped his neck.

The Titan's glowing eyes dimmed to nothing, before he crumbled to dark red and black dust and was swept away in a zephyr.

"Now where do we go?" Percy asked Apollo, and he looked around.

"It's obvious: find the girls and get to the lazy river. I heard that Eris is there." Apollo simply answered, and he ran off, only to slip and fall onto his back.

Percy laughed a bit before diving into the nearest pool to him in case the two were in there or something.


Percy's point of view:

Finding the two ex-hunters of Artemis wasn't all that hard actually.

They just landed right near the entrance to the lazy river, so it was rather easy.

Now, I don't think I'll ever have trouble with water again, but I don't think that I'd want to touch it.

All four of us were on rubber rings, and Eris was a little bit ahead of us, lobbing dark purple, rotting apples at us that stunk worse than the Minotaur. Zoë then warned me they were her primary weapon, dubbed the 'Apples of Discord', which could apparently drive you more insane than the Stoll twins (and they were completely bonkers).

I mean, what goddess throws around apples? And what does she say when they hit their target? 'You just got appled!' Or something?

Either way, it was completely retarded.

"Percy! Duck!" Zoë yelled at me, so I did what she told, only for me to see an Apple of Discord sail over my head and land in the water with a loud 'PLOP'.

"Gods DAMN it!" Eris rampaged from her rubber ring, "Why can't you just stay STILL?!" The goddess of strife conjured up another pile of apples and began tossing them at the four and others around them.

Apollo just summoned his bow, pulled back the string, and shot an arrow at the menace. The projectile hit and popped her rubber ring, so with a scream, Eris fell into the icy cold water.

"We got her!" We cheered, and paddled over to the goddess. We looked around for any sign of Eris, only for a whirlpool to appear and suck only us four in.

"What the Hades?!" We cursed as we seemed to be going down rapids.

I tried to gain control of us, but the currents seemed to be just ignoring me - as if I lost my connection to the sea.

Eventually, we hit rough, concrete ground. And it hurt; a lot. Especially with two girls landing on your back.

"Get... Off... Me... Please... You... Weigh... A... Lot..." I croaked out, and the two girls shot up and kicked me in the side.

"Did you just call me fat?!" Zoë snarled, and I instantly rolled over to avoid another kick.

"What I meant to say was that you both landed... On my pressure point! Yeah, that!" I stammered (careful not to give the abusive ex-hunter another reason to beat me up), rubbing the back of my neck sheepishly.

In the distance, faint voice echoed through my mind, but one stuck out - Thalia.

"Apollo! Clothes, now!" I turned to the sun god, and a rucksack full of my clothes appeared, as Apollo could flash on his own clothes.

I pulled out my vambraces and handed them to Zoë. She seemed to help herself and grab my hooded jacket, and Bianca snatched my spare as well as my hunting knives.

"A please and thank you would've been nice..." I grumbled as I slipped on a dark green t-shirt.

I handed the remaining knife to Zoë, knowing that the hidden blades would be useless at some point during the next possible conflict.

"Thank you!" Zoë said in a sickly sweet tone, causing me to roll my eyes at her.

"Just pull up the hood and get ready to make Assassin's Creed reality." I messed with her, and we reached the source of the shouting.

A lookalike me was about to kill Artemis, and Zoë and Apollo gritted their teeth in annoyance.

"I think Artemis would rather die another day." Zoë snarled, and leapt down below.

I then saw someone I thought I'd never see again in my lifetime.

My wise girl.

I pushed the thoughts out of my head as Zoë charged the imposter.

I nodded at Bianca, and we leapt down into the tunnel below. Bianca and I ran forwards, right behind Zoë, and I uncapped Riptide.

Dragging the blade along the floor as I ran to create sparks; I soon raised it above my head as I came into distance and brought the sword down on the imposter me.

He flew backwards, and I turned to Zoë, only to see her standing there with a bronze dagger at her throat.

"What the...?" I asked myself, and then I noticed Annabeth's now dark, emotionless, cold obsidian eyes that filled anyone's heart with terror.

"Hello seaweed brain." Annabeth smiled darkly at me, and a tear trickled down my face.

"Wise girl... What did they do to you?" I asked, only for a sharp pain to go through my shoulder...

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