New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Home Welcoming & Strip Fight Night

"Watching someone you love die is not easy to watch nor is it easy to take in."

"Then why do you do it?"

"…Because," silver red eyes turned and plumped chapped lips lifted up into a grin, "it's so easy to do."

The Southern Kingdom was once again filled with silence.

A black orb slowly descended down onto the ground in front of the kingdom. The black orb opened and swooped away and around the mysterious girl's form as it transformed into a cloak when the black orb reached the ground.

Tinotsu opened his eyes and blinked a couple times to clear his vision. He looked up and his jaw dropped, he has never seen the kingdom but now that he is…there no words to describe what he was feeling or what he was seeing.

The kingdom was huge! No, huger than huge. It was bigger than Inutaisho in his true form.

The kingdom was in the middle of the ocean, a few miles away from the land. There were black marbled platforms that worked as a path to lead straight to the front door. He noticed how the kingdom looked as though it disappeared as the sun slowly went down, the kingdom was made to what looks to be black marble as well. The whole front was about the length of two or five in a half dog demons in their true forms. The height of the kingdom seemed like it could reach the moon, from where he was standing anyways. The roofs still had their traditional Japanese slope but the tiles were not turquoise or red, they looked to be a silvery-grey and sparkled when the light touched it. He would have to assume it was some kind of granite, or is it quartz?

The outlining of the kingdom had slates of coral, if he was not mistaken. He looked at the girl to see her take off her hood revealing Kagome.

She sighed with relief clear on her face, "that's better," he heard her mumble to herself and smiled a bit.

"You have a beautiful home," he complimented.

Kagome looked at him then at the kingdom then back him and shrugged with a slight blush on her cheeks.

"Thanks," was all she said before starting to walk across the marble platforms towards the kingdom entrance. Tinotsu watched her for a moment then looked at the kingdom and then quickly followed after her. He really had to concentrate on trying not to let his foot fall into the foot inch space in between each platform. As they reached the door, Tinotsu had to crane his neck all the way back to see the top of the doorway, 'this is unbelievable,' he thought to himself in awe. He couldn't imagine a human or demon opening this door without their head exploding first from the sheer force they would have to use to open it.

On both sides of the doorway were jade stone statues, one was a dragon while the other one was a phoenix. They both looked like they were just sitting there watching the forest across the ocean. Kagome stretched out her arms and touched both of the statue heads, but only barely. Her hand hovered about an inch above it.

She close her eyes and let out a long calming breath. Tinotsu watched her curiously as she slowly lowered her head and that was when he saw both the statues eyes shoot open.

The phoenix's eyes were like lava and the dragons were like moving storm clouds, a swirl of different shades of grey. Black lightning shot out from the dragon's body and wrapped itself around Kagome making her hair start to rise and flow a bit. Red and black flames shot out of the phoenix and did the same as the lightning, making Kagome's hair go all the way up and flow around madly.

Tinotsu was surprised by this and was about to jump in and move Kagome out of the way when the lightning bolts and flames quickly sucked back into the statue. Kagome wavered a bit but quickly caught herself before she fell.

Tinotsu blinked in shock, not exactly not knowing what to think of that display.

"Are you okay?" he asked with worry showing on his face.

He heard Kagome's labored breathing, he stepped toward her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

Her shoulders raised up as they tensed but then fell as she relaxed. She lifted her arm revealing one blazing red inferno shaped in a ball in her right hand and a black lightning sphere in her left hand.

Tinotsu, on instinct, pulled his hand back. He watched with wide eyes as the spheres of two different energies started to swirl around Kagome's arm like it was really on fire. He never saw her eyes go reddish silver as she let out a small growl and slammed both hands onto the sphere indents that were on the surface of the left and right side of the door.

The energy seeped into the door and followed a trail of a hidden design. He watched as it went all through out the door, one power doing one door and the other one doing the other door. As the energy finally reached the middle part of the upper door, it glowed brightly that Tinotsu had to turn his head as the try block it.

The glow dimmed after a few seconds and Tinotsu opened one eye then the other as he saw that there was no bright glow and looked back at Kagome to see her still standing there with her hands on the door. She slowly pulled her hands back and he looked around the door to see if anything happened. He was about to ask Kagome why the door wasn't opening when the ground suddenly shook, causing the waters to ripple slightly, and the doors started to slide to the side like shoji doors.

As the doors opened wider and wider, Tinotsu started to hear some kind of classy music that he has never heard before in his life. Kagome walked into the kingdom when the doors opened wide enough to walk through, "sorry for the music. Some of the people here love to play their instruments to give the kingdom more of a…welcoming feeling."

Tinotsu couldn't say anything, he just nodded and followed her in.

At a village, Inuyasha and the others were able to get themselves into an INN before they closed up for the night. Miroku, Shippo and Kirara were able to get another room while Inuyasha, Kikyo, and Sango stayed in another. The night wasn't filled with peaceful silence or a sense of tranquility that would lull you to sleep in an instant.

Sango and Kikyo were pulling on each other's hairs, screaming at each other. They somehow managed to get soaked in sake also ended up ripping each other's clothes off. Inuyasha was off on the side watching them with billiard ball eyes, and if it was invented now, he would have pulled up a chair, get some popcorn and start drinking some whisky.

"I get the bed! At least I need sleep unlike the living dead who are already asleep but somehow walking around talking!" screamed Sango.

Kikyo punched Sango on the breasts, 'ooo,' Inuyasha mentally winced as he saw this and grabbed another shrimp from the bowl and popped it in his mouth.

"I get the bed, bitch!" she screamed, Sango growled at her while holding her hurting breasts. Like seriously, those weren't fucking punching bags that had a sign that says "Hit Me!"

She grabbed Kikyo's long black hair again and pulled her down to start pounding on her chest repeatedly with her fists.

Kikyo, by some miracle, was able to turn the tables by rolling Sango off of her so she could straddle the demon slayer and started to slap her face with all the force she could. Sango screamed as those hard dead clay hands abused her sensitive human flesh. When she finally managed to grip one of Kikyo's wrists, Sango flipped Kikyo over, and she grabbed Kikyo's head and banged it against the floor hard. Inuyasha was still watching, now scarfing down a bowl of white rice.

Outside their room was Miroku and Shippo standing there with exhausted and angry expressions on their faces. Miroku had his staff in his hands while Shippo had a sturdy branch he found somewhere in his hand and even Kirara had one in her mouth.

They looked at each other, "ready?" whispered Miroku.

Shippo nodded and Kirara let out a soft muffled mew. Miroku reached out his hand and quickly slid open the door and they all quickly ran into the room.

For a while, the sound of banging, cries of pain, and shouts could be heard from within the room until it finally ended in eerie silence ten minutes later. Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara stepped out of the room with satisfied and triumphant expressions. Miroku and Shippo gave each other high-fives then headed back to their given room with Kirara following close behind, her tails swaying happily.

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