New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Accepting the Past, Accepting Thy Self

"Now tell me, why do you think killing is so dangerous?"

"…You must think that I will say because it kills people and make people lose their love ones don't you?"


"Wrong, killing is so dangerous because it's so easy."

The morning sun slowly risen up into the sky and shined down upon the castle. The castle turned white as though a blanket had been pulled off revealing the true beauty of the castle. The sun shined within a dark room making the water sparkle. Over at a bed, a dark figure moved a bit then sat up on the bed.

They got off the bed to walk over to the closet; they slid the door aside and got a pair of black baggy pants that said "Live in Love" on the left side of the hip, and a black wife beater.

When they put the clothes on, they wrapped some kind of black tape around their hands and flexed their fingers a bit to test how much movement they head. Luminous eyes shifted to look up at where a Chinese lamp was hanging and quickly stood up to rush forward and jumped. They spun their body around and kicked the lamp right off from where it was hanging from. The lamp hurled towards the wall and smashed into pieces.

The person landed on the ground in a crouched position with one knee bent and the other stretched out to the side and one hand touching the ground in front of them to keep them balanced. Slowly, they stood up on their feet.

The door opened and the person walked out letting the door close behind them. The halls were dark, it was hard to see what was in front of your face no matter how close your hand was in front of your face, you still wouldn't see it. The person stepped out into the middle of the halls where there were different halls in eight different direction. The person stood there for a second before the floor suddenly moved. It rose up like an elevator.

As the round floor elevator rose, the person was hit by the light showing it was Kagome, but it wasn't really, this Kagome looked a lot older.

Her hair reached her lower leg and her bangs covered her left eye. Her body was filled out in all the right places and it looked built, she was taller, about 5'7", also she looked to be around her late twenties.

As the moving floor finally came a stop a certain level, the older looking Kagome stepped off of it and started walking down another dimly lit hallway. The halls was silent; the only sound filling the air was Kagome's barely audible footsteps tapping against the rug floor.

Fifteen minutes later, Kagome reached her intended destination. Her eyes lifted up to look at the separate building that was not attached to the man building, the Temple of the Buddhist of Darkness. She opened the doors and walked inside.

The doors closed on their own behind her and she plunged into thick darkness though she was not deterred as she walked to the center of the room. Kagome sat down the same way as the gold Buddhist did then closed her eyes. She did not feel anything for a while until a cold feeling caressed the exposed skin of her arms.

"Hm, what do owe this unexpected appearance?" came a cold feminine voice, Kagome kept her eyes closed and her expressions calm and blank.

"I want to be one again, I accept who I am and who I was in the past," she slowly opened her eyes to meet reddish silver ones, those eyes instantly sent ablaze, those eyes moved like fire burning. Kagome's own eyes glowed, except, they moved like lava.

The sounds of beeping were all she could hear within the capsule filled with chemically green water. Air bubbles rose up as it came out of her mouth, though somehow, she wasn't drowning. Her eyes were half opened, only enough to see a person's body, but not their head.

'What's going on? Why…Why am I in here?' she asked herself and then she saw someone walk up in front of the capsule. She could see they were wearing a black uniform, like agents from the U.S. government wore completed with shined black shoes.

She tried to open her eyes a bit wider to see their face, but it was no use, it was as though her eyes did not have the strength to open wider than they were already.

"Agent U.S. Assassin, Kagome Musha," it was a male, she identified. She watched as the man moved a little to the side then right back to where he was before.

Few more bubbles came out of her mouth as her lips tried to move, she heard the man faintly gasp. She watched one of his feet move back and his body turned slightly to the side as he addressed someone, "is she awake?"

"Yes, she has been awake for quite some time now, though it would seem her eyes have yet to fully open," another male voice informed, 'smart ass' Kagome mentally grumbled.

"Hmm, interesting, tell me AGENT Musha..." the man turned his body back towards her, "...why is it that won't open your eyes? Are you ashamed that you have finally been shown who is your superior or that you finally realized that you are nothing but a worthless female who has no place in the male societ. To realize that maybe you should have stayed at home cooking and cleaning and doing things your husband tells you to do," the man chuckled maliciously as he taunted her.

Kagome felt her brows knit together, 'why that…how dare he say that!' exclaimed another voice in her mind that came out of nowhere. If she had the actual strength, Kagome would have gasped.

That was when she felt her body suddenly move, though it was not her will that was moving it. Her head moved side to side, thrashing around in the body sized capsule, it was then that Kagome felt herself totally bare.

'Oh my god, I'm naked!'

She felt something thin and kind of rubbery hit her body as she thrashed around that caused needle sensations of pain hit that certain spot.

"What's happening!" demanded the unknown man's voice, she could see his feet moving back.

Sounds of sirens rang all throughout the room as though the building was about to self destruct, she could see red light flashing behind her eyelids.

"I don't know! Her blood levels have suddenly dropped!" screamed another voice that sounded a bit farther away as it sounded more muffled.

"WHAT! How is that possible?" yelled the man.

'They will pay, I trusted them, but they have deceived me! I gave them my loyalty, but they have used me! I gave them my life, BUT THEY HAVE TRIED TO KILL ME!!'

Her mouth opened and mighty roared ripped out of her throat and passed her lips causing a mass of bubbles to rise up.

The sound of people screaming, running, and the sirens going all seemed muffled, as though someone was covering her ears. With a new-found strength, her eyes shot opened and all she was able to see was red, nothing more. Not multicolored sight, but red, as if she had blood in her eyes. She saw people that looked to be scientists and doctors running around the room, messing with the computers and other stuff that she couldn't identify, but only jumped back when it suddenly exploded.

She closed her eyes and let out another roar but this time the glass cracked then shattered into pieces. The water came pouring out like a waterfall and spread all over the floors.

All the sounds still sounded muffled in her ears as she stepped forward out of the capsule, the wires on her body were forcefully pulled out from her naked body making blood flow out of the new wounds.

Ignoring the glass that pierced the bottom of her feet, Kagome slowly started to walk away from the capsule where she had stood in for god knows how long. Her head quickly move to the side where she saw movement from her, it was the man in the black suit. He was about her height, if not an inch or two taller than her, gel back black hair and black eyes that now held fear and shock.

Her lips lifted up into a slight snarl, 'traitor,' that same voice in her mind hissed. Her body slowly turned toward the man and she started to walk towards him with slow measured steps that gave the illusion that time around her was slow and the rest of the room was in fast motion.

The man backed away, looking around trying to look for any way of escape but Kagome won't let him. Oh no, she was going to teach this traitor what it was like to mess with fire, and she's going to make sure he burns. It would seem the man found an escape route because he quickly ran to the right; Kagome just turned her head, watching him as he ran towards an opening.

That was until she lifted her hand and a sword with about a foot long hilt and a five foot in a half long blade appeared. The blue ripped looking ribbon attached to the hilt of the sword glided in front of her before she crouched back a little bit and pushed herself forward to charge at the guy. The man's heart raced faster and faster as he got closer and closer to his escape. That was when he felt excruciating pain on his left shoulder; his body was slammed onto the wall beside the doorway to his escape. He closed his eyes and hissed in pain.

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