New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Secrets Left Unknown

"This is an outrage!" screamed a bear demon, he slammed his hands down onto the slow table making the tea cups rattle and almost tip over but surprisingly, they did not tip over and spill.

The cardinal lords and ladies were having a meeting about the letter they have just received about the new ruler of the Southern Lands. None of them were happy about that since years their families have been looking for the Southern Kingdom to rule it, but all failed miserably. Now they were all there talking about what they should do and who knew who, or what, the new ruler might be.

"We are all angry about this surprising news Daimyo, but you have to calm down. I just bought this table after you broke the last one in our last meeting," a fox demon said calmly as he inspected his low table to check for any damages. The bear demon, Daimyo, sat back down on the red cushion and huffed; the fox demon let out a small sigh then looked at the other lords and ladies that sat at the table.

"Now, we all received a letter saying that someone was now ruling the Southern Lands, but had no name correct?" everyone nodded in confirmation.

"Does anyone have any clues as to who this person might be?" everyone looked at each other and murmured to each other then a cold rich baritone voice spoke, silencing everyone and bringing their attention to that person. The person was none other than Lord Sesshomaru, the women sighed to themselves, 'he's so smart and handsome,' they inwardly purred in pleasure.

"What is it Lord Sesshomaru?" asked the fox demon.

Sesshomaru looked at him, "I've encountered this one demon while during my travels to solve the mystery of this unknown rule. A panther demon, if I am not mistaken, by the name of Tinotsu. He was with a unknown female who was hidden under a cloak, they both warned me that if I caused any problems in the Southern Lands that I would be hunted down and killed."

"Wait, Tinotsu, isn't that the powerful slayer known around Shimonoseki?" the fox demon asked with surprise clear on his face as his eyes widened.

"Yes. They say it is hard to hire him, that he would kill you before you even ask him to join forces. How is it possible that he is working for the Southern Lands?" wondered Daimyo.

Everyone went quiet, thinking how it was possible for the Southern Lands to have expanded greatly and gained the respects of those who they thought would never earn respects to.

"Well this is just beyond our knowledge," said the fox demon with a heavy sigh.

"I would have to agree, this new ruler is more of a mystery than the time when humans started to learn the arts of fighting tactics," grumbled Daimyo.

"I guess there is nothing we could do until we hear more of this new ruler or receive new news from them," everyone nodded in agreement. However, Sesshomaru just sat there in his seat silently thinking about what occurred the other day with the legendary slayer of Shimonoseki and that girl who was hidden beneath a black cloak. 'Now that I think about it, that girl spoke as though she knew me and that half-breed. Like she met us before. Hm, I should look into this later,' Sesshomaru mentally nodded in silent agreement.

Back at the Southern Lands, Kouga was currently looking for Kagome. He didn't find her in her room when he was about to give her a lecture about leaving the castle without taking a guard or even notifying him. Hours since then, he has been looking for her everywhere, the only place he hadn't look was the temple, which he was heading to right now.

'I swear when I get my hands on that woman, I am going give her a lecture she will never forget!' Kouga mentally proclaimed. Up ahead he saw the temple and anticipation started to build up in his body making his blood race and his feet move quicker. When he reached the doorway, he reached out his hand toward the door about to open it when he suddenly heard gasping sounds and jolting movements.

His brows knitted together in confusion before quickly opening the door, letting the light into the dark room. His heart stopped and his face paled faster than the wind could have made a girl's skirt fly up. Right there on the floor was Kagome, her body flailing around like a fish out of water and her chest arching up then falling hard on the ground. Her mouth had blood flowing out and her eyes were wide and filled with hatred, anger, and bloodlust. However, that was not what made his body paralyzed with fear, it was the fear that he saw deep within those eyes.

Quickly running across the room, Kouga slid down onto his knees and picked up Kagome. He tried to hold her body still, somehow hoping that whatever it was that causing her to react like this would stop, but nothing worked. Fear gripped his heart and worry twisted his gut. Another flow of blood came spurting out of her mouth, "holy Kami, help! Somebody help!" Kagome body started to arch up and down at a more violent pace.

Blood, screaming, fire, pain, reddish silver eyes that were dead to the world, plumped chapped lips moved.

"No more loyalty, no more pain, no more trust that you will gain. No more deceptions from your dishonorable actions, all traitors will die, as well as treason will become a reason you all beg, before you are dead."

Kouga looked around the empty room then back down at Kagome, her body started to stop moving and slowly went limp, her eyes started to dull out.

"Oh god, Kagome, SOMEBODY HELP ME!!" Kouga's voice echoed all throughout the empty dark temple.

In the distance, he could hear people come running towards the shrine and after seconds later, people started to come in. There were screams and shouts of, "holy shit!" but Kouga didn't hear them. All his senses were honed on those eyes that stared up at him, wide with an unknown emotion in them.

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