New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Finally Accepting How Things Are

"Oh my- sweetie, why are you out here in the cemetery in the middle of the rain?"

Grayish silver eyes that glowed in the shadows stared at the three tombstones, "to say goodbye."

"Miroku, I'm starting to worry," Shippo whispered in Miroku's ear.

Miroku looked down at him with a curious expression, "why's that?"

"Because Kagome hasn't come to see us yet and the new moon already passed" Shippo whimpered a bit, his eyes started to look glassy from the tears that built up in his eyes.

Miroku patted his shoulder to try and comfort him, "don't worry, she must have been caught up on something. She'll come by again," he tried to reassure the young kit. Shippo just rubbed his eye and nodded then continued on walking, Miroku's comforting expression changed to that of worry as he watched him.

'At least, I hope so,' he told himself in his mind.

In a room that was dimly lit, Kouga was pacing back and forth growling here in there with frustration and impatience. In a comfy looking chair, Shiori was reading one of the poetry scrolls that the kingdom receive from Beijing.

Kouga growled again, making Shiori look up from the scroll with slight exasperation as the wolf demon has been doing that for almost five hours. "Kouga calm down, this pacing back and forth will not make time go quicker," she lifted the scroll and began silently reading again. The room was once again filled with silence, minus Kouga's growling and shuffling feet.

Hours passed since the incident in the temple, the workers went back to what they were suppose to do and they would stop by to see how Kagome was fairing. Just when Shiori was about to trap Kouga in a soundproof barrier, a tiger demon came walking into the room.

The male tiger demon was tall, about 6'2", wore a kimono that was similar to Jinenji's except it was black with silver on the edges. He had short black hair with a bit of orange highlights here and there and golden like eyes that turned bluish green when any kind of light touched it. He had a strong built body and on his right hip was a normal looking katana (sword).

Shiori placed down the scroll on the table in front of her then stood up gracefully, Kouga stopped his pacing and narrowed his eyes at the tiger demon, "how is she?" he asked though it sounded more like a demand.

The demon looked at him with a straight face, not showing any annoyance from his disrespectful tone. The tiger demon was aware of everyone's worry and anxiousness to know of their Lady's condition after the way they found her.

"She lost a lot of blood, but is perfectly fine. Right now she is asleep," he told them calmly.

"Did you find anything that caused Kagome's…" the tiger demon shook his head, stopping Shiori from asking her question.

"No, we didn't find anything that would have caused her to be in such critical condition, though we did find something odd," the demon brows furrowed. He himself was trying to figure the thing that he found odd with their Lady.

"What is it?" the tiger demon jumped a bit then blinked, he looked up at Shiori then remembered what he was about to say, "well," he cleared his throat to regain some composure.

"We found some strange scars on Lady Kagome's right ribcage and it appeared to be fading in and out of sight. As though it were covered by some spell of some kind," he explained slowly as he couldn't make complete sense of it.

Kouga frowned in confusion, 'scars, how could she have scars? Sure she ran into some dangers while traveling with Inuyasha and the others, but never enough to leave scars.'

Seeing Kouga deep in thought, Shiori thank the tiger demon for his help. The demon gave her a curt nod with a warm look in his gold eyes, "it was our pleasure, especially mines, to assist our lady. You may go in to see her though I would highly recommend you don't make any sudden movements. It would seem Lady Kagome's powers are somehow released and flowing around the room," he warned before making his leave down the hall.

Shiori gave the retreating demon a confused look before she grabbed Kouga's arm and pulled him out of the waiting room.

The Healing Emergency Room, or the H.E.R., large room; on the left side of the room were pots filled with many different types of liquids. Above it were shelves that had unmixed powder and medical potions, something that Kagome taught the healers to make on their own. On the opposite wall was another shelf that had small knife-like implements, beside that was low bed covered in royal blue sheets. In the middle of the room was a pool, the size of a normal modern pool, and in it was a few tadpoles and lotus flowers in all different kinds of colors, but the thing that was in the middle of the pool was a sleeping Kagome.

Walking into the room, Shiori and Kouga looked over to Kagome's sleeping form floating above the silver like blue waters. They slowly walked up to the pool, trying not to make their movements quick in any sort of way. There were a few healers within the room that wore the same kinds of kimonos that the tiger demon did.

They looked up from what they were doing, but when they saw that it was only them, they went back to what they were doing. Some of them were in the water inspecting Kagome's unconscious form then writing it down on a flat piece of wood. As they made their way closer, they saw the waters slightly rippling and could see that it wasn't caused by the healers already in the water. Once or twice a drop of waters would shoot up then drop back down into the pool. They both stopped at the edge of the pool where they started to feel waves of shock go through their whole system. Kouga's blue eyes started to mist over, turning into a grayish blue color, as he looked upon Kagome's unmoving and floating form.

Kagome only wore a white yukata that was see through due to the waters that touched her once in a while, his eyes widened when he saw her appearance shimmer, giving Kouga a brief second to see Kagome look more older and battle worn. When her appearance changed back into the same old Kagome he knew and fell in love with, he closed his eyes and shook his head.

Shiori looked at him with concern showing into her eyes, "hey are you going to be alright?" she asked softly, her tone filled with concern as she stared at him.

Kouga rubbed the bridge of his nose to ease the slight headache that suddenly appeared in his head. "Yeah, just seeing things is all," he said,though sounding like he was saying it more to himself than to her.

"Ehh, hem," the memories had stopped showing a long time ago, however Kagome could still see it, hear it within her mind as though it never really did stop. She was currently on her knees holding her head as it was bowed down, whimpering ever so softly.

Her eldest self was standing before her, watching her younger form carefully.

"Were you ready to accept all that or were you ready to accept the unknown when combining yourself to your past once again?" she said calmly. Her eyes held an almost knowing look as she stared at her present self, obviously aware of what Kagome's intentions were when she agreed to this.

Kagome's curled in more when she pressed her knuckles against her skull as if trying to squish everything out, "how was I able to live after all that?" she asked in between gasps.

Her eldest self let out a long breath through her nose and closed her eyes, "that...even I have no answers to," she shrugged lightly. "I would have to think that since living through death and battles for so long you don't really care if you live or not, you just keep moving on knowing that one way or another it will never end."

Kagome looked up at her older self to see her looking up at the shining sun up in the clear blue sky, she inspected her to see that she was wearing something different.

Instead of wearing black baggy pants with a black tang top, she now wore a black leather corset with low rider black leather pants that had a belt with a sliver dragon in the middle around it and black combat boots. The sword that had the gun connected to the sheath was in the belt and there was a hidden dagger on the side of the combat boots. She also took notice that her older self had neat comb back hair making it looking tame and silky.

Sensing that she was being examined, her older self looked back down at her and she raised one brow, "is there something you want to say or are you becoming a homosexual?"

Kagome blushed a pretty pink in embarrassment of being caught examining herself to blatantly, "oh, no, sorry. I was just noticing you don't look the same as you usually do for some reason," she told her with a questioning lilt in her tone.

Her elder form lowered her raised brow and hummed lowly, "hm, it was becoming a nuisance wearing the same bloody clothes," she told her as she turned her head to look back at the scenery before her.

"If you don't mind me asking, aren't those the clothes you wore when we were the Japanese mafia leader?" Kagome asked.

Her elder self looked at her from the side of her eye then up ahead, not giving a response as to tell her a yes or a no.

Kagome lowered her hands onto her lap and sighed before she looked to the left to a couple of wild deer looking for some food and the little ones just walking around the big deer, she smiled at the irony of it all. Of how the world could be changed so abrupt and so quickly to how she knew what it would become later in time.

She felt something cold touch her shoulder making her looked up to see the blank expression of her elder self, "do you think you could accept how the world really is and the people within it?" she heard her elder self ask.

Kagome's lips pulled down into a frown as she gave the question an honest thought, reminiscing the memories of fire, screaming, blood, water, people in white, gurgled pleas. Coming to a decision, her face hardened with resolve and determination as Kagome nodded her head.

"I accept the world and people for what it is," she said in a steely down.

Her older self smirked slightly in approval and pride, her gaze turning back to the scenery as the sun was setting, "no trust within the boundaries within your lands," she said.

"Within the boundaries within my lands" Kagome repeated.

"No loyalty to only your soldiers."

"No loyalty to only my soldiers."

"No traitors will leave without feeling our wrath."

"No traitors will leave without feeling my wrath."

Her eldest form looked down at her with a challenging look in her eyes, "no one shall live to see the night of day once again if you were to feel pain once again."

Kagome looked stared at her eldest form, a bit hesitant to say the last lines of past acceptance. Furrowing her brows together and letting out a huff of breath through her nose, she said in a calm and unwavering voice.

"No one shall live to see the night of day once again if I were to feel pain once again."

In one great blast of bright light, everything disappeared into complete nothingness.

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