New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Secret behind Wisdom & Secret Love

"Have you ever watched a body be buried without a coffin?"


"Have you ever heard the screams of someone being cremated alive?"


"Have you ever been force to see someone being kidnapped, then raped, stabbed, humiliated. To be treated as slaves then have their clothes ripped right off their bodies and dragged to a river where the person whispers to the person. Whisper that, that place, in that very river is where they will cut their throat and throw them in. To never see their family ever again?"


"One more question," silver reddish eyes that instantly turned blackish silver looked up to meet traditional brown eyes.

"Are you lying?"


They couldn't really believe it, nor did some of them want to.

Kagome had her back facing them and her long raven black hair swayed in a hypnotizing way behind her. They noticed that she wore a plain black kimono with heelless shoes and a black cloak that went over the whole outfit.

Shippo and Miroku stared at the woman before them with shock, they couldn't believe it, Kagome still looked…the same. As though six years had not ever passed, but only one.

In slow like motion, Kagome turned her head to look at them from over her shoulder. Her liquid vortex blue eyes flashed to reddish silver then to brown with blue and silver flexes in them that everyone remembered so well. Eyes drooping a bit and a frowned started to form on her plumped kissable looking lips, "he who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it."

With that said Kagome turned her head back around and walked away towards the forest but before she even entered the forest. she slowly vanished. Almost like a ghost, leaving a confused and kind of scared group at her wake.

At the Western Palace, Rin was humming to herself as she picked some flowers from the gardens. Some strands of her hair blew back from the wind that was blowing in from the East. She smiled then tucked the strands behind her hair and continue on with her flower picking.

'Lord Sesshomaru will love these for sure,' she thought, giggling to herself in delight of seeing her lord's eyes as they glowed with warmth.

'And only for me,' she sighed dreamily and giggled again.

Yes, after years of traveling with her lord, she had suddenly fell in love with him, not in a fatherly way, but in a lover kind of way. She could just imagine what their children will look like, this made her blush then shake her head while smiling.

She touched her cheek and looked up at the sky with a dreamy sigh, 'I hope that we will be together.'

"Rin!" called an annoying voice that belong to none other than Jaken, Sesshomaru's loyal servant also his brief entertainer.

She sighed, but with a annoyance and irritation this time, and rolled her eyes then went back to pick her flowers as though she didn't hear him, the sounds of Jaken's footsteps came closer.

"Rin, can't you hear me calling you impudent child!" Rin sighed once again, closing her eyes as she tried to refrain herself from whacking the annoying kappa demon.

"Yes, I heard you Jaken," she finally answered, "I just don't feel like listening to you and oh, I am not a child anymore."

Jaken stopped right behind her and hmphed, "well by human law, you are until you reach your fourteenth summer," he informed her. At the sound of this, the sound of the truth, Rin held the flowers that she held in her hand tighter that it made the flower bend a little.

'That's true, I am not a woman until I reach my maturity year. Does Lord Sesshomaru still see me as a child?' she pondered about this until she heard the rich baritone voice of her secret love.

"Rin what are you still doing out here, it is time to go eat dinner," Rin stood up on her feet and looked at her lord.

She gazed into her golden eyes then quickly looked down to hide, feeling her cheek warm up which knew her lord would see as they turned red.

"I'm sorry Lord Sesshomaru, I guess I lost track of time," she said in a soft voice.

"Hn, its fine, now go inside and change then come down to eat dinner," he told her.

Rin nodded her head, "okay Lord Sesshomaru," Rin started to walk towards the palace when she remembered the flowers that she picked for him. She turned back and ran towards him, "oh, I almost forgot, I picked these for you," she lifted the bouquet of flowers to him while looking away shyly.

Sesshomaru looked at the beautiful variety of flowers that were in the small hands of his ward that he came to see as his daughter. A ghost of a smile appeared on his face as he grabbed the flowers from her small hands. With his sensitive hearing, he could hear her heart beat faster and blood rush more quickly under the thin layer of skin of her face.

He gave a curt nod, "thank you Rin, now go inside and wash up," Rin quickly nodded then ran off inside the palace to do what her lord has told her to do.

Wet, she felt wet and she smelled…water?

'What in God's name?' groaning a bit Kagome slowly opened her eyes with some difficulties, it was as though someone had put sticky paste in her eyelids. When she finally opened her eyes, she met a black mineral ceiling.

Blinking a few times, she turned her head to her right, wincing when her neck cracked, 'holy hell, how long have I been asleep? Oh, I can only imagine how much paperwork I have to do, also patrolling the lands, seeing the villages, the crops. Oh shit! I was supposed to have a meeting with the Emperor in Beijing,' Kagome swore up a storm in her mind that even the oldest foul mouthed sailor would be stunned.

Kagome almost screamed as someone spoke close into her ear, "I see you are finally awake."

Turning her head to look upward, she saw one of her best healers, Shinzo. He was one of the greatest that not even doctors in her time, which had a degree in medicine, could surpass in knowledge and tactic.

Shinzo was not much of a fighter though he had a brilliant mind in telling which area in the body that could kill an immortal demon instantly or painfully slow. He even knew how to do surgery, which took Kagome a months of not sleeping just to teach him where to cut first and where not to cut. Also how deeply he should cut parts of the body that it would be easy to stitch back together.

Blinking a few times again, seeming to remember her current situation, she focused her attention back on her medical pupil.

"Shinzo," she started then began to cough by how dry her throat was, it felt like she drank a whole bucket of sand. Shinzo instantly went over to the other side of the room where the pots were, he opened one of the pots then grabbed a cup and dunked it into it. Taking a good amount of the liquid, he put the lid back on and ran over to where the coughing Kagome was without ever spilling a drop.

"Here, drink this," he said gently, he pressed the cup to Kagome's dried chapped lips. Her hand came up to grab the side of the cup and started to drink the liquid as though she hadn't drank in years. The sweet tropical taste of coconut hit her taste buds, 'delicious,' she downed the drink in two big gulps.

Shinzo looked at her with amazement, since that liquid had some other herbs in it that it could knock out even a dog demon with one lick.

"Ah, that tasted good and my throat feels a lot better," Kagome said in a light voice that it was like wind whispers to Shinzo's ears.

He took the cup from Kagome's hands, she turned and looked at him, "may I ask how long I was unconscious?"she asked.

Shinzo walked over to the other side of the room to put the cup away, "about a month" he answered calmly.

"A month?" Kagome groaned, "that makes the whole situation worse," she lay back down on the bed and closed her eyes, letting out a light sigh.

Shinzo looked over at her from over his shoulder feeling sympathy for the poor girl who was like a victim to society. It was true that the Southern people respected Lady Kagome greatly, but some from other lands despised her for reasons that they didn't even know.

Putting the cup away on the shelf, he walked back over towards Kagome then kneeled down right beside the bed where her head was turned to him. She opened one eye to look at him then the other one.

He put on a small reassuring smile in hopes to ease her stress, "no worries Lady Kagome. Kouga and Shiori have been keeping everything in order. Also the Village Generals has been taking care of the farm lands and crops," he told her. He did not want his lady to be in distress again, heck even the paperwork that were sent to her were kept to a minimal amount.

Kagome sighed with relief, happy that she didn't have to do much than she first thought 'thank you to whatever god that was listening to me up there' she mentally praised.

Shinzo patted her arm comfortingly, "you get a bit more rest then later on some of the healers will examine you to see if you are well enough to wander off again." An anime sweat drop appeared behind Kagome's head, 'what am I, four?' she thought bitterly but nodded to the healer anyways, "thanks." Letting out one more sigh, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Shinzo watched as his lady fell to sleep, he stood there watching her for a while then stood up and walked towards the door to inform everyone of her condition also go meet with Jinenji to ask him about the effects of that herbal coconut drink.

Shinzo looked to around his mid-forties, light brown hair that reached his lower back and had a red sheen to it when any kind of light shined on it. His cinnamon colored eyes shined with knowledge and warmth, but turned to a dark maroon color when his eyes grow hard when he's hearing bad news or have to fight or argue with someone.

He had a scar on his right cheek from when he was just a teenager in human years; he was a red wolf demon, when he fought to defend his clan, though only a few remain now. He wore the healer kimono but a bit different, instead of black and silver it was a black haori and hakama with red silk edges and black heelless boots. Behind him his red tail swished about as he thought deeply about this whole situation. He may not be an expert in the arts of the human miko power design, but he could tell that something was off about his lady. She talked as though she was older, her eyes looked as though she was expecting something to happen at any given time, and her expression seemed too calm and peaceful for comfort.

"What has happened to you Lady Kagome?" he whispered aloud to himself, not know that the real question he was really supposed to ask was, "What had happened?"

Back in the H.E.R, Kagome was actually wide awake and sitting on the bed with her legs tucked under her chin, she had moved when she was certain that Shinzo was too far away to hear her. Her eyes stared at the unmoving waters in the middle of the room. Her mind was completely blank while her body was completely numb that she didn't even know if she was even breathing though she didn't care at the moment. Right now she was worrying about the upcoming event that was going to take place soon in the near future, something that might be the end of Japan or the end of her.

Her lips pressed together making a tight thin line and her brows furrowed together making a V, 'whatever the situation might be, I'll be prepared for it. It's time I stop being the hunted and become the hunter,' a light gust of wind blew into the room out of nowhere and blew out the lit candles, enveloping the whole room in complete darkness.

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