New Ruler of the Southern Lands

First Laying Out Low Now Coming Out High

We fight with honor, we die with honor.
We fight war to protect.
We may die, but at least our loved ones survived.

"That's it!" Daimyo yelled with outrage, "we have waited over two months and still nothing about this person who now rules the Southern Lands, everyone is silent, even the demons around there keep their mouth sealed about this person. Hell, not even the snitching warlocks say anything" "I have to agree with Daimyo on this, no one, everyone has their lips sealed about their new ruler and they don't even seemed worried about it" an artic fox demon said.

The artic fox demon was in his humanoid form, he had the bluest colored hair that seemed to glow in the dark that was tied in a low ponytail and had the most amazing topaz colored eyes that anyone had ever seen. His pale cream colored skin was flawless, almost like a baby's bottom. He was about a 6'0" feet tall, he wore a black haori with a blue one under it and black hakama, on the kimono were icy teal snowflakes designs on them with a navy like blue color mist around it.

"I told you we should have went over there Oscuro, but two months has passed and we have not a single word about this new ruler" Daimyo said glaring at the artic fox known as Oscuro. Oscuro glared back at him not liking where this is going, his mate sat up taller right beside him "do not point fault at my mate Daimyo, what do you expect us to do, go straight to the southern lands and cause havoc to bring out this new ruler?"

Oscuro mentally groaned, he loved his mate really much, but sometimes she had SUCH a MOUTH. When his mate finally realized what she said she instantly covered her mouth, Daimyo grinned sadistically "you know, I always loved your mouth" he said Oscuro glared at him with fire burning his eyes then growled a bit.

His mate was about a his height but an inch or two shorter than he was, she had reddish orange hair that reached to her mid-back and looked like fire when the sun's rays touched it, though right now it was winter white since it was now winter. Her forest emerald green eyes always sparkled, when she had something mischievous up her sleeve also when she's happy or his favorite, ecstasy. She wore a seven layered kimono; one layer was white four layers were different colors of blue another layer was a weird bluish violet color and the last layer was black.

Oscuro never understood why his mate wore such colors though never asked since she was not an artic fox she needed to wear dark color for that the sun will absorb its heat. Daimyo stood up from the cushion mat and looked at the other rulers "gather up your men, we're going to pay the south a little visit" he said with a smirk that made canine fang poke from within his mouth. The other rulers nodded then stood up; they bowed to each other in farewell then left the room to go back to their lands and gather their men leaving on Oscuro and his mate.

The room was silent for about five minutes until Oscuro let out a sigh and closed his eyes his mate looked at him with a sad expression. "My apologies mate, I did not mean to give Daimyo" "it is alright Xellia," Oscuro interrupted, "I know you did not mean to give Daimyo such an idea to attack the south so blindly, but something told me he would have done so sooner or later." He opened his eyes and looked at his beautiful mate then gave her a small reassuring smile, his mate, or known as Xellia, returned it with her own small smile. He sighed again then stretched his back a bit "well, we better gather up the men, don't want Daimyo to die on us for his stupidity, as much as it pains me to not see that stubborn bear get his hide kick" he grumbled, Xellia giggled.

So many deaths that breaks our hearts,

So many tears that are still left to shed,

Some watch them go, and see them dead.

Like the Titanic as it sank down into the frozen waters

And with it the people also sunk to depths of deep sleep,

As the rest of us fall to our knees and weep.

We cry to show our inner turmoil,

We scream to release our pain,

We smile to hide our hurt,

Since we know we will do this again.

At the Eastern Palace, Daimyo was at the training grounds where half an army of men stood and listened as he told them what they were suppose to do for the upcoming attack on the Southern Lands. "Now listen up men, since I won't repeat myself, you are to attack any civilians that live in the Southern Territory."

"Do as you wish, but do not fail me, if you do there will be severe consequences" Oscuro told his men with a strict voice and a dead serious expression, he glared at his army of men that stood within the Northern Lands dojo.

"The main objective to this attack is to bring out this new ruler of the southern lands that everyone speaks so highly of" Daimyo said looking around at half his army, he only called on half his men since he thought the Southern Ruler will not be so hard to defeat.

"Now gather your weapons and armor and get ready to attack the Southern Lands" both Oscuro and Daimyo said to their men, the army of demons bowed then turned to gather their weapons and armor.

"So, Daimyo and Oscuro are starting an upcoming attack on the Southern Lands, hm?" Sesshomaru said to himself as he leaned forwards in his low desk. One of his messengers came to him and told him of the Northern and Eastern rulers plans to attack the Southern Territory without showing any mercy to civilians that lived there to either demons nor humans. 'Fools, they will only start a war with the Southern Lands, I must see that this will not happen' "Sumi, tell the men to gather their weapons and armor and to wait out in the front for further orders" the messenger looked up at him then nodded and gave one more bow before getting up then backing away out Sesshomaru's studies. When the messenger was gone Sesshomaru let out a sigh and rubbed his head feeling a headache coming on "idiots" he mumbled to himself in the empty room.

"-Pant-pant-pant" 'I have to inform Lady Kagome immediately' a maid said, she ran around the corridor then down the hall around another corridor. To anyone else it would seem like a maze though the people who work around the palace were specifically taught on how to get around without getting lost. Skidding to a stop in front of kind of large door the maid immediately opened it making everyone in the room look towards the door over at her with curious and shocked expression, minus one.

"Lady-pant-Kagome-gasp" the maid panted out, Kagome, who was sitting in the middle of the room with a book in her hand looked at the out of breath maid. Her lips slowly went downward as she closed the book and stood up from her seat "Mira, is there something wrong" "I'm sorry to intrude my lady but I was just informed that the Eastern Lord was coming this was with his army of men and some of the Northern soldiers as well." Everyone gasped/screamed; Kagome's expression turned to an angry one "what? What is the meaning of this, I do not remember causing any trouble around the Eastern or Northern Territory" "I don't know my lady, but the lord and his army will arrive when the sun disappears behind the mountains" "that is less than an hour" Kagome growled in frustration then remembered where she was.

She looked around the room to see the children she was just reading to just a few moments ago looked at her with unshed tears in their now wide like eyes that held fear in them. She turned to them and put on a comforting smile "do not worry young ones, everything will be fine" she said reassuringly one child shook their head "no it won't, mama always said nothing ever comes out good when there is a fight with another territory." Kagome looked at the child "with me around, there better be something good that comes out of this or by the name of god I swear, the lords of the Eastern and Northern Territory will feel my wrath for this outrageous attempt of attack" Kagome's eyes flashed silver tinted red.

The children stared at Kagome with awe, in there eyes they did not see a ruler, a woman, a human, or a miko, that stood before them, they saw a goddess of war that which her wings flapped widely when she is ready to fight to protect her people. "Wow" a little wolf demon whispered as they were held in their eldest sibling's arms. Kagome turned from the children at the maid who regained her breath from running a dozen flights of stairs and dizzying hallways.

"Mira stay here and finish reading to the children, I must go and inform the village generals" "why the village generals, why not the soldiers?" Kagome walked passed her but stopped with only one foot out the door "I see no reason to" she then continued on out the door. The maid stood there quiet then looked at the children who were now looking at her expectantly she looked at the seat in the middle of the room to see the book on it "oh" she blushed then quickly walked over to the seat, grabbed the book and sat down "now what page did she leave off on?"

Outside Shippo was gathering up some wood that Kaede requested of him to get since she ran out from within the hut, suddenly he heard someone whispering something, stopping for a minute he listened in to what they were saying. "Hey did you hear, the Eastern lord is going to attack the Southern Territory" "-gasp- how come?" "No one knows yet, but I find it quite ridiculous to attack the Southern Territory, I heard those lands are now the most peaceful place for everyone."

"Yeah, I heard that as well, I only hope everyone will be okay over there" "I'm positive that their new ruler will not let anyone be harmed" "yeah, but I also heard the Western Lord was going there as well" there was pause "well, lets get back inside, there is no point in staying out here all night talking about this." Shippo heard the people's footsteps walking away quickly gathering up the wood Shippo ran back inside the hut.

He placed the wood beside the fire place then ran over to Miroku who sat on the left side of the wall. He tapped his knee and Miroku opened his eyes and looked at him "what is it?" he asked Shippo looked at him with wide eyes that were filled with worry "I just heard from one the villagers that the Eastern lands were going to attack the Southern Territory and hurt the villagers." Miroku smiled "don't worry, stuff like this is always resolved in the end" Shippo shook his head "no, I also heard that Sesshomaru was going as well" this made Miroku's smile disappear "oh, then this is definitely not good" "mew" "what about Sesshomaru attacking the Southern Lands?" came Kaede's voice. Miroku and Shippo looked up to see her sitting right in front of the fire poking the wood with a metal poker.

"The Eastern Lord is going to attack the Southern Lands and Sesshomaru is heading in the same direction with his men" "what?" yelled Inuyasha; he instantly stood up "that bastard is always causing trouble." "Also Inuyasha, I sensed the jewel shards, somewhere within the Southern Lands, though it was very faint that it took me only today to realize it" Kikyo spoke.

Inuyasha looked at her with disbelief then growled "come on you guys, we're going to the Southern Lands" Miroku gave him flat look "if you don't remember Inuyasha, we were specifically told to not go back to the Southern Lands" "feh, could've fooled me" a sweat drop appeared behind Miroku head 'he is truly an idiot' he closed his eyes and sighed, shaking his head in pity for Inuyasha sanity and knowledge.

Near the Southern Territory, Daimyo and his army, including Oscuro and his men, were marching towards the borders of the Southern lands "we're almost there men, prepare to attack!" Daimyo ordered "right!" the men said "you too men!" called out Oscuro "right!" his men shouted out. Oscuro smirked and Daimyo just stuck his nose in the air trying to look like he didn't care.

As they got nearer to the Southern Borders they saw a whole row of humans and demons alike standing at the edge of the forest, some of them look like villagers while a few other looks to be soldiers. The two lords slowed down their pace until they came to a stop, their men followed suit and looked at the LONG, very LONG row of people who stood at the border line.

Daimyo grunted "is this all this new ruler can come up with, pathetic," he said, "move or we'll move you ourselves" he threatened to prove his point his men stepped up and brought out their weapons though the civilians or soldiers looked the least bit phased by the lord's threat.

Quote #69: Tough looking people will sometimes be all bark and all bite, but they are not usually all, fight.

Daimyo growled in anger for the people's disobedience Oscuro stepped and looked at the people "remove yourselves from our way at once or be punished for your disrespect to your superiors" he said loudly, but still no one moved just stood there staring at them with blank looks on their faces, for a mere second Oscuro thought they were statues or something, but the way their clothes moves in the wind proved his theory wrong.

A gust of wind blew between them causing dust to fly by; in the front of the long row of people was a young woman, she raised her head both Daimyo and Oscuro gasped then took one step back as they gazed into her silver tinted red eyes. "You will pay for your treason of your inexcusable attempt of attack" the red tint her eyes slowly turned black then to a lavender like color, she shape of her eyes became more narrow and like a brush sweep. "Prepare yourself for this is a battle you might not come out alive from" the setting sun behind her made her, the forest and the row of people glow giving them an unearthly image.

"Come on you guys, hurry the hell up, we're almost there!" shouted Inuyasha as he ran with Kikyo on his back and Sango in her arms, since Kirara didn't allow her to ride on her anymore, Miroku and Shippo wondered how in the hell he could still be running so fast with both women in his arms.

Sesshomaru and his men were marching towards the Southern Borders "we're almost there men, get ready!" called Sesshomaru his men did not say a word though they did nod in acknowledgement to what he just told them 'almost there' both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru thought not know what lies just ahead of them.

The whole scene freezes with Inuyasha and Sesshomaru heads facing in different directions above the scene where Daimyo and Oscuro and their men about to face off with Kagome and the villagers and generals.

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