New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Never Returned Only Appeared

Quote #14: Intimidate to Annihilate

They never saw it coming they never expected it to happen they were never prepared for what was just happening at that very moment. All the civilians and soldiers came running towards the Lord Daimyo and Lord Oscuro and their armies without even making sound, not even a cry of battle.

Lord Daimyo took one step back and growled as he saw the civilians and soldiers charging at them "alright men, attack!" he shouted loudly, the soldiers let out a battle cry and charged towards the approaching Southern army with their weapons raised for attack. "You too men, attack!" the Northern army let out a battle cry as well and followed behind the Eastern soldiers. The southern army did not carry any weapons, which made the men feel confident that they will win this little battle easily, but their confidence was instantly deflated as at the last minute before they reached the southern army, the civilians and soldiers lifted their hands outward to the side and in a flash of energy, swords, spears, and such appeared in their outstretched hand.

They grasped it firmly then brought it out in front of them and swiped it at the soldiers closest to them; some of the soldiers jumped out the way just in time, but some of them had not and were injured severely from the southern civilians attack. Through the mass of fighting soldiers Kagome swerved her way they the battlefield towards the two lords with unimaginable stealth that not even a demon possessed.


"Yes father?" a little girl with sapphire like eyes looked up at a tall man who looked to be in his mid-forties. The man had shoulder length raven black hair that was tied in a low ponytail and had the warmest Carmel colored eyes that held kindness and wisdom in them. The man stood tall, yet he did not look as though he was pretending to be as though he was of high status in the community world.

The man looked down at the little girl beside him then up at to where mount Fuji where he could see the sun setting just behind it. "In life, there will be many challenges up ahead; I think you have already heard from me and your mother's fight last night that there will be a war arising soon." The little girl looked down in shame from being discovered about over hearing her parent's argument of her father going to war to protect them.

Nodding her head, the man did not speak for a good a whole two minutes causing the little girl to look up she gasped in awe as she saw the man's body glow from the dim light that came off from the sun. "Do you think it is wise of me to leave?" he asked, though it sounded like he was asking himself that question then towards the little girl. The little girl looked at the man for a while before looking out in the same direction the man was looking in. "It does not matter if it is you who think it is wise to go into a battle that you think you are not going to come back from, but it does matter if you think it is wise to leave your whole life behind to fight in battle the does not involve you specifically." The man looked at the little girl beside him with shock in his eyes for a brief moment he thought he saw a woman. With long flowing black hair with a crimson tint to it standing there before him with both her elbows on the ledge just staring out at the sunset, as though time had just stopped.

"Like you said father" the little girl turned her head to look at him and for a second her eyes flashed to a silver tinted iced blue color "in life, there will be many challenges up ahead."

Lord Daimyo was just about to strike of the village generals to his death when Kagome jumped up from among the mass of fighting soldiers. She pulled out the sword that was on her back and swung it fiercely, the sword cut through the air causing it to send wind blades towards Lord Daimyo.

The air cut hit Lord Daimyo directly on the back "ah!" he screamed out in pain then fell to the ground, accidentally dropping his sword where it slid across the ground about a foot away from him. Kagome's foot slowly descended upon the hard solid ground, her cloak flowing openly around her from an unknown current wind as she had one arm slightly away from her that she held her sword in. Lord Daimyo winced and hissed from the pain that wracked his body as he moved his head up to look at the person who dared strike him, his body instantly froze when he met with narrowed steel silver tinted black eyes.

The scent of blood caught Inuyasha's senses "hey guys we're almost there!" he shouted back to his group which were only Shippo, Miroku and Kirara. They didn't say anything but nodded anyways, Shippo suddenly sensed something and looked around the area to see anything out of the ordinary. At first he saw nothing but trees and some creeks, but as he looked around a bit longer he saw some dark figures running far away from them, he squinted his eyes then gasp "hey look, its Sesshomaru!" he exclaimed.

Miroku turned his head in the direction where Shippo was looking towards to see it was indeed Sesshomaru and he also noticed an army of people the followed up behind him wearing armor and holding weapons within their hands. "Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha yelled "where?" he looked around quickly until he saw Sesshomaru running far away from them with his army behind him. He growled and narrowed his eyes at his elder brother "Sesshomaru!" he shouted loudly enough that it could be heard all throughout the area.

Hearing someone call his name, Sesshomaru turned his head to see his half-breed of a brother and group running not so far off in the same direction he was running to. He frowned then narrowed his eyes at his idiotic brother then turned his head to ignore the imbecile, which was sadly his blood sibling.

Seeing Sesshomaru ignore him and run faster Inuyasha growled and ran faster as well then ran to get closer to him, but Kikyo suddenly grabbed his ears like their were horse reins or something. "Ow!" Inuyasha howled out in pain of his ears being abused in such way "are you crazy, what are you doing, trying to get us killed?" Kikyo hissed in anger "I think it's a little late for you" she heard Sango mumble. Looking down at Sango, who was within Inuyasha's arms, she narrowed her eyes "do you not start with me" she said then turned back to Inuyasha then noticed they were almost close to Sesshomaru, if she had a heart she would have felt it completely stop at that moment in pure terror of being near a demon that was rumored to be merciless.

"Hey, what's the big deal in trying to attack the Southern Lands?" Inuyasha yelled when he got close enough to Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru inwardly growled in frustration and glared at his brother from the side of his eye "it is none of your business half-breed" he said coldly Inuyasha glared at him even more. "None of my business none of my business, you're attacking a land that probably has my jewel shards in them and you're saying it's none of my business?" he glowered.

"I do not repeat myself" Sesshomaru stated simply "why are you and your little lord buddies attacking the southern territory?" asked Miroku. Miroku looked at Sesshomaru and his men critically as though searching for answer through the body language, which he learned from Kagome about three years ago. Sesshomaru looked back at him with the same emotionless expression that sent chills down everyone's spine, though it did not affect him.

He was about to answer but was interrupted by one of his men "milord, look" everyone turned their attention back straight up ahead again to see demons and humans alike fighting the Eastern and Northern army, and to them it looked like the demons and humans were winning. They slowed their pace until they came to a complete stop and they just stood there watching the whole scene play before them. They couldn't believe that the southern civilians and soldiers were actually defeating the two most highly trained armies, not which highly trained against Sesshomaru's army, of the North and East.

Suddenly the ground shook violently thought briefly, turning their heads to the left they saw a giant bear like demon with glowing crimson eyes swinging its enormous paw at something. The focused on what it was to see it was. Inuyasha's eyes widened with shock 'no it can't be' "Kagome" that named sounded foreign upon his lips as he said it aloud.

Kagome dodged the fully transformed Lord Daimyo's paw by just a hair, she landed on the ground once again and jumped back a couple time before crouching down a bit and pushing herself up into the air towards the demon lord. Lord Daimyo growled and thrust his paw forward once again towards Kagome, kicking her legs up then bringing them back up quickly, Kagome went a bit higher and the paw passed by underneath her. Landing on Lord's Daimyo's arm, she started to run up his arm with her sword held to the side with both hands, as she passed his elbow she leaped into the air again, dodging his other hands just in time and swung her sword.

The sword slashed deeply into the demon lord's shoulder where his neck and shoulder connected. The demon lord let out another howl of pain then started to fall to the ground from the loss of blood and the pain of the injuries that were inflicted on him through his demon rage. As his body hit the ground the earth trembled once again, the army heard their lord's howl in pain in stopped in their pursue in battle to see their mighty lord fall to the ground.

Everything seemed to have frozen at that very moment; everyone stopped and was now looking over at the fallen lord. The civilians just watched with disinterest though they were smirking slightly at the sight of who landed right in front of the lord's fallen body, the soldiers watched with horror shock and rage as the person who caused their lord to fall stood in front of him. Their grips tightened on their weapons, ready to run towards the person and strike them down when the western men quickly appeared in front of them with their weapons ready to block their attempts of doing anything else. The soldiers faltered a bit at the sight of the western army in front of them then they turned to the side where they saw Sesshomaru approaching the fallen lord and the person who beaten him down.

She sensed another presence coming towards her; she could feel them through the blood lusting rage haze in her mind. Slowly closing her eyes, Kagome took a deep breath through her nose to calm her raging blood that pounding through her veins making her heart beat faster and faster from the adrenaline. Hearing the footsteps get closer to her without stopping her eyes shot open and turned to look at the person who dared get closer to her.

Through the dark haze she saw who the person was, it was Sesshomaru. She narrowed her eyes at him. Sesshomaru saw her sharp look and to tell the truth, it made his spine as though ice cold water was dripping down it, mentally shaking his head he growled at himself that it was pathetic to tell a mere mortal get to him. "I thought I warned you before LORD Sesshomaru, do not threaten the Southern Lands or you will become the prey."

Kagome's cold voice brought Sesshomaru out of his thoughts and he focused his attention back onto her. His eyes first show confusion before it turned to realization "you were the one under the cloak, I presume" he said emotionlessly, Kagome gave a brief nod "your presumption is correct. Now, since I'm not quite in the mood to lift my sword at the moment, would you mind explaining to me why you dare attack the Southern Territory, I do not remember anyone causing any problems with the other parts of the lands."

"Hm, this Sesshomaru does not need to explain himself to a human" Sesshomaru said as thought Kagome was some sort of lower class servant girl. Kagome slowly blinked, she started to hear her blood rushing and her heart pounding faster. The area was silent, taking her time to study her surroundings, she saw the soldiers of the other lords looking at her, more like glaring at her, and her people standing in the same spot with their weapons poised to attack if must. Looking towards the Northern Lord, who was not only but a few feet away, she saw him looking at the fallen lord with worry in his eyes, even though he tried to hide.

Closing her eyes, she snickered "pathetic" she mumbled, turning away from the fallen lord before her, she turned to the people of the Southern Lands "people of the Southern Lands, we will return back within the Southern Lands. The battle attempt here was nothing but a call out to our new ruler" though some of the civilians looked a bit confused the soldiers nodded in understanding then ordered all the civilians to report back to their village.

The civilians nodded then lowered their weapons and put them away then started walking towards the forest that lead back the village, which if the soldiers knew, they only fought with two village full of civilians with only two generals, and eighteen soldiers. As they disappeared within the forest's shadows, Kagome turned her attention to the damage that was done.

There wasn't much, only about some peeled off grass with some blood stains here and there, also, if she is seeing correctly, there were some dead animals that got caught in the crossfire. 'Well they don't deserve that' she thought sympathetically, her eyes flashing icy blue with a tint of white, the animals that use to be dead lying on the ground blink their doe like eyes then lifted their heads. The looked around for a second then stood up on their legs and continued on looking around, when their eyes landed on her they gave a head bow, she returned it with a slow blink. The animals turned around and walked into the forest.

She watched as they disappeared within the arms of the shadows then brought back to the world of awareness when something came crashing into her hip. Blinking a few times she looked down to see the top of a reddish orange hair "Kagome!" she heard, smiling, Kagome hugged the bundle of joy and kissed their head "hello Shippo, long time no meet, hm" she said softly.

The reddish orange bundle looked up revealing emerald green water eyes that were glazed with unshed tears. He sniffled then wiped his eyes from the bothering salt liquid "where have you been, you didn't come visit us" he said sadly, Kagome's expression went sad then she held him closer to her "I'm sorry sweetie, I became ill and was not able to go, believe me, if I could I would go see you even if I was sicker than sick, but Kouga tied me down and threw me in a room where I could not even escape" Kagome said with a bit of humor at the end.

Shippo laughed at Kagome's joke then laid his head on Kagome's stomach, breathing in her clean scent that smelled like nature and spring waters with a hint of April's rain. He would have been lulled to sleep by Kagome's scent but Inuyasha's loud mouth ruined his daze.

"Bitch!" yelled Inuyasha "what the hell are you doing here?" Kagome looked up at him with a bored like expression "oh, hey Inuyasha" she said monotone as though not really interested by his appearance or haughty demand. Inuyasha's jaw almost dropped 'what, she not happy to see me?' he thought, shocked. Kagome turned her attention to Sango and Kikyo that stood next to him glaring at her as though she would jump and take Inuyasha or something among those thoughts, she inwardly scoffed 'the day I run to that mutt is the day when Naraku starts singing Oops, I did it again' she thought sarcastically.

"So, Inuyasha's wench has returned" said Sesshomaru baritone voice, feeling her muscles twitch a bit from the sound of 'Inuyasha's wench' Kagome turned her attention towards him. "How could I have returned when I have never left?" she asked coolly, Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed a bit though she was not the least affect by it.

The sound of a pained groaned brought everyone's attention the almost forgotten wounded Eastern Taiyoukai that lay on the ground before Kagome. Kagome looked down at the bear demon lord "hm, it would seem you have overestimated your opponent Lord Daimyo. It would seem the rumors of the Lord of the Eastern Lord being more" she drawled "how you say 'running head first instead awaiting your opponent's first move in battle' is true." Her only response was a pained groan followed by a growl of outrage.

One again ignoring the injured lord she noticed Miroku step out from behind the shadows with Kirara on his shoulder. She smiled at him "Miroku, Kirara, its both wonderful to see you both in perfect health" she said pleasantly now starting to walk towards him, Miroku returned the smile with his own brotherly one. "Kagome, I must say the same for you, I was worried at first when you did not come to visit us on the last moon cycle, but now it would seem I have nothing to worry about anymore" he said.

Kagome stopped before him and laughed full heartedly "it would seem so, now I must ask how you have been doing while traveling with Inuyasha and his two concubines" there were two gasps of outrage that was heard behind her, but she ignored, not really caring.

"Fine I guess, if you can say hearing argument after arguments every night" he said dramatically, catching onto his little game, Kagome smiled and played along "oh, my poor Miroku" this caused a growl from Sango, who glared at the back of Kagome's head as she hugged Miroku's head close to the bosoms. Shippo chuckled in the background watching the whole thing; stroking Miroku's hair affectionately she said. "I insist you stay with me" "he desists, your insistence of staying with you, anyways, you might probably live in some dirty damp cave or something" came Sango's snobby reply.

Looking at Sango slyly, Kagome smirked "oh contraire, I actually live in my own cozy home in the middle of the Southern Lands. Since I am, after all, the head priestess of all the villages within the Southern Boundaries" her smirked broadened as she saw Kikyo's glare intensify. She didn't really want anyone to know her true status, not with the three lords, who dared call her out, still there in the same clearing listening to everything that was going on 'eavesdroppers.'

Not wanting to stay any longer, feeling really bored with the conversation and irritated by the glared that were starting to bore holes through her brain. Kagome let loose a fake gasp "oh my, I almost forgot, I left the stew cooking" she said sounding like her mother when the cookies were about to burn in the oven.

"Feh, you still haven't changed a bit, still clueless as ever" snorted Inuyasha as he crossed his arm over his chest. Kagome looked over at him and narrowed her eyes slightly "well at least I don't go around fucking female pack members like a mutt in heat" she counters. Inuyasha started sputtering, then his face turned red and his fangs poked out from the side of his lips as he started growling "you better learn your place bitch" Kagome gave him a bored look as though she were letting out a fake yawn "I already have Inuyasha, and it is not below you nor under you"

Pulling out a highly advanced smoke bomb from her hidden pocket, Kagome threw it on the ground causing a smoky explosion throughout the whole clearing. Everyone quickly covered their noses and started coughing never noticing Kagome grabbing Shippo and Miroku then flying into the air, above the smoked covered area and heading directly towards the center of the Southern Lands, which no one knew, was the other side of the mountains, where a hidden paradise area lay, which she used as her second palace home, though more feudal era traditional.

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