New Ruler of the Southern Lands

One Thing Gone, Another Disaster Comes

I don't cry because I see it, I cry because I realize it.

The sounds of the rising morning woke up the three sleeping members of the Inu-tachi, they groaned a bit at the sun shined down upon their faces. Finding it impossible to escape the sun's rays they slowly sat up on a comfortable futon and let out a wide yawn. Finally coming to the world of awareness they finally realized that they were in average looking room, but held some fancy to it. Like the beautifully carved bureau that looked to be made out of some kind of oak tree from how light it was and it had a bit of gold paint on it on the carved vines and leaves.

Beside bureau was a wooden chest that was painted blue with a light shard of blue painted around the edges. "Wow" Shippo said in awe as he looked around the average yet beautiful room Miroku was thinking the same thing that Shippo said as he observed the luxuriously looking room.

There attention was pulled away when the sound of the sliding open caught their attention, looking over to the door they saw a human maiden wearing a beautiful shade of blue silk kimono standing right there with a small smile on her face on her thin pink lips. Her dark wavy brown hair was clipped up to the back of her head causing the ends of her hair to cascade down like a ponytail, two pieces of her was let loose causing it to frame her face. Her onyx colored eyes seemed to shine with joy as she smiled "ah, you are awake, my ruler has told me to bring you to lunch since you have already missed breakfast" she said softly. Miroku smiled then got up off the futon then bowed "my apologies for sleeping for so long" the human maiden giggled "it's quite alright my ruler said you have been through a lot and must need a lot of rest to recuperate. Now if you will follow me, I will take you to the dining room" "oh, of course but" Miroku trailed off then looked down at his now wrinkled up monk robe.

The human maiden saw this and blush "oh my, I almost forgot, my ruler requested for new clothing to be made for you and the kit when you awaken. They should be in that chest over there" she pointed to the blue chest right beside the bureau, Miroku bowed again "thank you" "its no problem, I'll be out here while you dress" with that said she bowed and walked out of the room, closing the shoji door behind her.

As the human maiden left the room Miroku turned to Shippo who was sitting on the bed rubbing his crusty feeling eyes. He smiled "well, we better hurry up, don't want to keep the maiden waiting" Shippo rolled his eyes then got up off the futon and walked over to the chest where he overheard the maiden said their new clothes were. He opened the chest, which was surprisingly light; to see a white fur vest like the one he was wearing with a white haori and hakama, both of them had a light bluish tint to it that almost looks unnoticeable. Also it had some faint turquoise colored leaves on the edges of the sleeve and the bottom of the hakama leg.

Pulling his new clothes out he marveled at how soft the fur felt, it almost felt like water. Miroku was awed by how beautiful Shippo's new clothing looked then walked over to the chest and looked into it to something similar to the Chinese monk robes, the top part was a sky bluish color while the pants were a plain white color that matched the color of snow and on the top of the clothes were black heelless shoes and white cotton stocking.

Pulling them out he blinked in pure awe then quickly put down the heelless shoes and cotton stocking with the white pants and toping robe and started undressing as well as Shippo, who did the same.

About fifteen minutes later both Miroku and Shippo came out wearing their new clothes they stopped in front of the door and looked down at their wonderfully made clothes, the maiden looked at them and smiled 'well, won't Lady be happy to see that her clothes looked wonderful on her guest' she thought happily. "If you will please follow me, I will take you to the dining room where you may eat" she said politely Miroku and Shippo, also Kirara who appeared out of nowhere, looked at the maiden then nodded then followed her down the hall.

Somewhere in the back of the castle, far away, there was a mountain that had a cave at the back of a waterfall. The cave was dark and kind of damp, the only thing you could have heard were the roar of the waterfall and some dripping sounds. Deep within the cave, all the way to the center of the whole mountain was a huge pool of crystal clear water that had a round platform at the center of it. Standing on the platform was Kagome who was sitting in a lotus position meditating.

Around the platform there were slight ripples that went up to the shore then disappeared, waves after waves of ripples appeared in the water as Kagome slowly levitated up into the air. Her energy slowly seeped out of her body like a fog then swished around swished around her then suddenly on the four corners of the pool, the water roes up like water columns. As it reached its highest peak the top of the waters slowly spread out into a circle, connecting to one another.

Oblivious to what was going on around her, Kagome's hands slowly slid down in front of her then overlapped one another like one of those Buddha statues in China. She could hear whispers in her ears telling her of the what horrible truth of what's to come in the future, she could see fires behind her lids as though seeing everything through God's eyes.

She saw a few people running around the burning village screaming in fear, some of them were covered in blood or scratches. Something pulled her attention to the left, turning her head to saw a couple village men charging towards something, looking beyond the men she saw a tall dark figure about an inch or two taller than her standing there not moving. She saw a sword glistening from the reflection of the flames in the mysterious person's hand also something else she couldn't make it out from the distance she was in. Squinting her eyes a bit she tried to identify the object, her eyes widened when she realized it was an S&W 460XVR revolver gun, she opened her mouth to warn the men but nothing came out. 'My voice, I can't talk, what the hell is going on' the sound of a fired gun brought her out of her thoughts back to the scene before her, she watched as the village men slowly fall to the ground, all of them with bullet holes in the middle of their foreheads.

As they fell to the ground she got saw the person walk out of the shadows as his body was slowly revealed to the light her eyes slowly widened with pure shock and disbelief. The mysterious was a man with shoulder length raven black hair with chocolate brown eyes that had a tint of cinnamon color around the pupil. He was about a 6'1"½ feet tall, wore a black outfit that looked like it came from the matrix movie, to the boots all the way to the black shades.

One name passed Kagome's lips as the man slowly looked up as though knowing she was there "Sen." A smirk slowly made its way upon the man's face as he looked back down at the fleeting villagers, which Kagome instantly recognized, it was Kaede "no!" she screamed, but it was too late, she could not stop the inevitable. Never in her life did she think that the sound of a gunshot sounded like the swishing whistle of the reapers scythe. Kaede's body jolted forward as the bullet hit her directly on the back, her wise brown eyes widened with shock, then dulled with death.

The sound of a thud made Kagome sick to her stomach; she stared on with wide eyes as Kaede's body lay on the ground unmoving, not even a twitch or an after effect jolt of body shock. 'Kaede' she whispered in her mind 'no, my brother wouldn't…how is he…' many questions swirled around in Kagome's head but it was all gone when she heard a very familiar laugh.

"Ku, ku, ku, good work Sen" Kagome slowly turned her head to the right to see Naraku walking through the flames towards the killer that was her suppose to be dead little brother. He had the same sadistic smile on his face that she always remembered him having on his sickening face, he stopped right in front of Sen and patted his shoulders, Sen put on the same sadistic smile and bowed "it was my pleasure my lord" he said, his voice monotone yet not like a uncaring cold voice that make your voice sound deep.

Naraku smiled at the boy then looked down at the dead old priestess lying beside him and kicked it "I must say killing a miko is something I would have thought of you never doing since after all, your sister is a miko." Sen looked up at him with a blank expression "I have no sister" this time his voice was completely emotionless, never giving a clue if he was angry, hesitant, or nervous.

Those words echoed in Kagome's head 'I have no sister I have no sister I have no sister I have no sister' "he has no sister" she whispered to herself her eyes turned to a silver tinted black color, her face completely drained of any emotions, her eyes lowered and her lips loosened until it showed neither smile or frown. The sounds of screeching demons was heard, looking up she saw dozens after dozens of demons coming towards the village but that was not all she saw, she saw the army of which she killed many years ago.

"Come my boy, we have a war to plan out for we may finally rule this world into darkness" both Sen and Naraku disappeared in a fog of miasma. As they disappeared the demons came down onto the village killing any villagers that were left behind or found hiding within the huts. Kagome watched the village be demolished and listened to the screams of the villagers and children with a uncaring and emotionless expression, the flames became brighter as it engulfed the whole village, it reflected on Kagome's form as her skin became pale, her eyes become depthless, and her hair that became more silky and glossy.

"So the war of Evil has begun."

"Wow! That was delicious" Shippo exclaimed as he patted his full stomach with a look of satisfaction on his face. Miroku looked at the maid that stood at the door way with a tray in her hand "thank you very much, may you give the chef out compliments" he said kindly. The maid nodded then quickly walked over to the table and picked up the empty bowls then put them on the tray "you may wander the castle if you wish" she said as she was finished putting the bowls on the tray "thank you, one more thing" "yes?" "Has our friend awakened yet?" he asked curiously.

The maid thought for a minute "your friend?" "Yeah, Kagome, she brought us here after all" Shippo said happily the maid then knew who they were talking about 'I almost forgot' "oh yes, she awoken at sun rise then went out for a walk. I haven't seen her since then" she said. Miroku looked at the maid suspiciously then smiled and nodded "thank you" the maid nodded then left the room, leaving Miroku, Kirara, and a stuff Shippo by themselves.

As the maid heard the door close behind her she let out a sigh of relief that she didn't know that was there. Stepping forward she looked up and almost screamed and dropped the tray of empty bowls in her hand "Lady Kagome" she said formally with a bit of surprise. Kagome smiled at the maid apologetically "oh, sorry, I didn't mean to give you a fright" she said the maid blinked a couple times before smiling and shaking her head "oh no, not at all" "okay, are my friends awake?" she asked. "Oh yes, they just finished their evening meals" "okay, thank you" the maid nodded the bowed before walking off towards the kitchen.

Kagome watched the maid as she left then turned back to the door in front of her, letting out a long sigh she walked up to the door then slid it open. All heads turned to her "well, it's about time you sleepy heads woke up, you slept through half the day" she said with her normal cheerful smile. "KAGOME!" screamed Shippo before getting up and was hugging her in a flash; laughing a bit she patted him on the head "I see that you like your new kimonos" she said inspecting Shippo and Miroku a bit, seeing if there was anything wrong on them.

Miroku smiled then stood up "hai, they're wonderful, also they fit perfectly or, how you would put it, they fit like a glove" Kagome laughed whole heartedly at Miroku attempt to say one of her futuristic metaphors. "Well, I'm glad they fit and I must say, you look handsome" she said giving him a one over, Miroku grinned then spun around, giving Kagome a good look of himself. Kagome whistled loudly like those boys she usually sees doing when they see a hot girl. "What about me, mama?" Shippo jumped down from Kagome's hip then spun around showing off his kimono Kagome giggled "you look handsome as well honey. All the girls will be all over you, it would seem you beat Sesshomaru in looks" she said giving him a wink causing Shippo to blush a bit. Both Miroku and Kagome laughed at Shippo's embarrassment.

Back at the Southern Kingdom, Kouga was making his rounds around the inner walls of kingdom making sure everything was secure. Turning the corner he bumped into one of the messengers from the South eastern lands he quickly caught the jumpy mouse demon before he fell on the ground "hey, sorry man, you alright?" he asked, he let go of the mouse demon's hand when he was sure he had his balance back. The mouse demon blushed a bit then nodded "yeah, thanks, oh!" quickly scrambling into his messenger bag he pulled out a scroll, almost dropping it but quickly caught it. He laughed nervously then lifted it up to Kouga; he raised his brow at the mouse demon in amusement before taking the scroll from within his small hand, unwinding the string around it then unrolled it.

As the scroll was opened he quickly scanned it 'what the' Kouga reread the scroll, this time slowly. "This is not good" he mumbled to himself before quickly rolling up the scroll, he turned to the mouse demon that still stood in the same spot, nervously fidgeting with the bag strap on his shoulder. "Thank you, you may leave" the mouse demon nodded then quickly went away as fast as his legs could take him down the hall.

Kouga watched him before looking down at the black scroll within his clawed hand 'Inuyasha's Forest has been completely demolished including all the villages that are within and that surrounds around it, this is not good, Kagome is not going to be happy with this' he thought to himself, his hand tightened around the scroll causing it to almost snap the wood inside in half. Turning on the ball of his heel he walked in the opposite direction in where the mouse demon ran off to and towards the exit that is the back of the kingdom where he would report some of the men to go check out to see if the news of the destruction of Inuyasha's Forest is true. 'And if it is, then there is something big that is going to happen soon.'

Somewhere far in the east, was a dark looking castle that was surrounded by toxic miasma, everything around the castle was dead, there was brown grass, black withered hunched over trees, and animal bones that was half buried beneath the dirt ground. Within the castle in one the rooms sat a teenager, his chocolate/cinnamon colored eyes looked through the half cracked open window at the outside world. The dead elements that were not strong enough to fight of the miasma in the air did not seem to faze the boy as he stared on. On his chest was a shard that was hung around his neck like a necklace it raised then fell back down as the boy slowly breathed in and out, looking away from the window, he looked down at the innocent looking shard.

The shard glowed, a beautiful pink color and though he was only a teenager he knew that beauty held destruction, no matter how small and insignificant it might look. Reaching up he caressed with his finger then lifted it up to eye level and stared at it, turning it left to right gathering in every small detail of the broken part of the Shikon No Tama. Yes, he had heard many stories of the legendary myth artifact that allowed either, human or demon powers to increase tremendously. Humans it would have been a material object such as a demonic weapon or a painting with dark desires that the painter puts into it and demons it would have been their demonic powers, making them stronger than they were before.

'Soon Kagome, I will make you play for what you have done' the teenager thought before fisting his hand that had the jewel in it tightly until his knuckles were white. He stared back out the window at the dead planes around the dark castle.

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