New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Nightmare & Memories

At the village in the Northeastern Lands, the shard hunters were taking a break from hunting shards and searching for rumors on Naraku's whereabouts.

Six years has passed and the group was now distant from one another since Kagome's disappearance. Sango would try to patch things up with Miroku, but he would not even look at her, let alone acknowledge her existence. Even Kirara ignored her, which broke her heart at the loss of her companion. Shippo still acted his same old mischievous self, but at times became very serious when Inuyasha came around to bug him.

Hunting for jewels shards became more of a difficult task for them even though Inuyasha persuaded Kikyo to join the group, not telling her his new affair with Sango. Neither Miroku or Shippo said anything. They both agreed to let Inuyasha deal with his own problem while they dealt with their own problems, which wasn't much. They both stood far away from them, which Kikyo asked Inuyasha why and he just said they had issues, which Kikyo didn't believe at all. She proceeded then to asked where her reincarnation was. This was when Miroku butted in saying "Lady Kagome, for one, is not your reincarnation since she is never tainted by hatred or vengeance. Two, we don't know where her current location is since she left years ago from something she saw, which we will not mention or name."

After he said that, Kikyo never asked again where her rein-Kagome was or why Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara traveled in a long distance away from them.

Shippo walked over to Miroku, who was sitting on a boulder in a lotus position with his hands laid together in front of him. Shippo stopped right in front of the boulder, "Miroku," he said softly. Miroku slowly opened his eyes to see Shippo's bright emerald green eyes.

Miroku saw Shippo had aged over the years, his fire reddish orange hair now reached his mid-back. It was tied up with a crimson hair ribbon that had a golden trim, it was given to him by Kagome just two years ago.

Yes, they did stay in contact with Kagome, but never told Inuyasha, Sango, or Kikyo about it. They were both glad that Kagome came to visit them, they never asked her about the jewel shards and she never asks about how their search was going. They always have a nice conversation at either the Geisha House or somewhere else where they could get food and drinks. It was like seeing old friends again and it was.

"What is it Shippo?" Miroku asked curiously.

Shippo shifted his weight to this other leg, "do you think Kagome will come visit us today?"

"Mew," mewled Kirara.

Miroku closed his eyes and meditated again, "you know Shippo that Kagome only comes to visit us on a new moon, when Inuyasha goes through his human transformation."

"Yeah, I know, but what if she comes to visit us early?" he said with enthusiasm, Miroku opened his eyes again and looked into Shippo's sparkling eyes. Not wanting to break his hopes, he said with a sigh, "maybe Shippo, maybe."

Somewhere in the Southern Lands, a girl who looked to be sixteen years old was standing on a bridge looking down at the clear waters of the river flowing down below it. Surrounding the area were healthy green trees and grass, fallen branches, and a boulder at the other side of the bridge.

The area looked similar to the ikebana garden seen in temples. The girl stared at her own reflection as though wondering why on earth she was doing there in the first place, as though looking for a purpose within God's Tear River. After a while staring at the waters, she sighed and turned away. Her silky raven black tresses flowed in the air as the wind blew pass her, running its invisible fingers through her envied hair that other women would have killed for.

"Lady Kagome," came a feminine voice.

Turning her head to the left, she saw a spirit demoness with long dark brown hair, that reached her rear, and caramel colored eyes standing right there beside her.

"Lady Kikari," she bowed her head a bit showing her respects to the deceased demoness.

The demoness's long black fox tail swayed a bit behind her, "there is no need to call me that," she told Kagome with a small soft smile.

"But you are the second lady who ruled these lands," said Kagome.

"True, but I do not rule these lands anymore, now do I?" Lady Kikari smile turned teasing.

Kagome sighed then shook her head, "no, you now wander them. As well as the other lords and ladies who use to have reign over these lands that were once known as the Lands of the Dead," she said. She looked around at the luscious and lively garden that sparkled with life and serenity.

"Ah, so you have met them?" Kikari tilted her head.

"Hai (yes), they said the same thing as you did and passed their knowledge onto me then left. However, I can still feel their presence wandering around," looking over to the doorway that lead to the landscaping garden that were filled with sand, stones, and rocks. The sand was formed into a wave while the stones and rocks were formed as a pathway to the next realm, just like monks have them when doing the training of balance, like when jumping to one rock to another rock and doing an air kick before landing on the other rock, it kind of looked similar to the Zen Garden.

Kikari had to admit that the human did well with the lands, she made the desolate dead looking lands look alive once more, "so, what are you here for?" Kagome's voice brought the demoness out of her little daze to memory lane.

She blinked a few times before looking at her "huh? What? OH! I just came here to pass down my all knowing knowledge, then ask a few questions, you knowm" she waved her hand like it was no big deal.

Kagome inwardly sighed.

Okay!" Kikari said cheerfully, reminding Kagome of Akitoki Hojo, she inwardly shuddered, what a freaky health stalker.

"Where are you originally from?" Kikari began her questioning.

"Tokyo Japan, 1997, five hundred years from now, well, four hundred ninety-four years," Kagome answered without pause.

"Okay" Kikari drawled, looking Kagome up and down suspiciously, "place of dwelling?"

"Higurashi, or Eastern Shrine," "cares for riches?" "No," "find tranquility in small simplest things?" "Yes."

"Benevolent person?" "I guess," Kagome shrugs her shoulders.

"Who's your father?" "Satan," "…okay, who do have as a general in the Southern Kingdom?"

"Kouga, the prince of the Northeastern Lands," Kagome said simply.

"That wolf that has his eyes out on you?" Kikari gasped with shock.

"Correct," Kagome nodded in confirmation.

"You're crazy," Kikari said with a shake of her head.

"I'm getting there," Kagome smirked deviously at her.

The demoness stuck her tongue out at her then continued on, "anyways, who's your healer?"

"Jinenji, his mother died the day the palace was finished being rebuilt and he so happen to pass, well more run, by me when the villagers came with pitch forks and torches."

"Oh, how tragic, give him my greatest sympathies," Kikari said softly, a sad look in her eyes.

"I will," Kagome gave her a small smile.

"Alright, who is your head keeper of the household?" Kikari asked.

"The what?" Kagome gave her a look as though she was speaking in tongue.

"Dear Lord," Kikari rolled her eyes, "who watches over things while you're away?" she elaborated.

"Oh, Shiori," "you mean that bat half-" she trailed off when she saw the side glare Kagome was giving her "sorry," she ducked her head.

Kagome gave a curt nod, accepting her apology, 'but I seriously wonder why everyone hates half-breed,' she wondered to herself.

"How old are you?" "Sixteen," "how old are you?" "Sixteen," "how old are you?" Kikari asked once again.

Turning her head to glare at her Kagome repeated once again, "sixteen," she emphasized slowly.

"Honey, I'm not that stupid, six years ago you were fifteen," Kikari gave her a dubious look.

"So?" Kagome arched one brow.

"So, how in the world are you sixteen when six years passed?"

"The time flow works in mysterious ways," was Kagome's only answer.

Kikari gave her a deadpan look, "what?" she then shook her head, "you know what, never mind," she sighed.

In the distance, there was a low rumbling sound of thunder signaling an up coming storm. Kagome pulled back away from the bridge rail and turned to walk towards the beautiful rebuilt marble palace. Suddenly, she felt pain rush through her mind then everything went dark.

Screaming, she heard screaming, who was screaming? Forcing her eyes to open, she gasped, now wishing she left her eyes closed.

Flames surrounded her, the fire reflected in her eyes like a mirror. 'No, not again,' she thought in half panic. She jumped a bit when she heard a gunshot, a young looking woman fell right in front of her with a bullet wound on the back of the head. Blood started to pool around her head and Kagome took one step back from shock, horror, and confusion.

She stared into the woman's dead glazed eyes to see her own reflection in them, but she gasped when she saw an older version of herself, about twenty-one years old, in her own reflection. Spinning around she bumped into the older version of herself.

Letting out a small scream in shock, Kagome slowly stepped back trying to put some distance between her and her older self. All the while, her older version watched her with dead-like predator eyes. Due to not watching where she was going, Kagome tripped over the dead body and fell backwards into the puddle of blood.

Though not noticing that she was now covered in blood, Kagome kept staring at her other self that was staring back. The older Kagome had longer that reached past her knees and had blood dripping down from the ends. She could see her glowing fire-like eyes from behind her bangs that was in front of her face like a curtain. She was about five feet, nine inches tall, wearing a white tang top that was covered in blood, black cargo pants, and wore no footwear.

"Why…Why am I seeing this again? I don't want to see this again!" exclaimed Kagome; she glared up at her older self.

Her older self slowly blinked then slowly lowered the sword in her right hand and put the silver stainless steel pistol away in the holster that was connected to the sheath.

"Tell me why I am here?" Kagome yelled demandingly, she covered her ears as to try and block out all the screaming and gun shooting.

The older Kagome watched her carefully as her present self sat on the ground covered in blood whimpering like a wounded puppy. She suddenly appeared right in front of her and Kagome gasped loudly, almost screaming bloody murder as her older self stared straight into her eyes, fire red met brown.

"The war had came out as a victory, but the blood bath has now only begun" Kagome now stared at her with confusion 'what?'

Kagome shot up from a soft comfortable futon (floor bed), panting a little.

"Kagome, are you okay?" asked a soft concerned male voice.

Kagome turned her head to meet kind, worried blue eyes. Letting out a soft sigh, she relaxed a bit, "I'm fine Jinenji" she assured.

"Are you certain? When the general brought you in here unconscious, I was worried. You were so pale and hardly even breathing, I thought you were dying!" exclaimed the half-demon known as Jinenji.

Jinenji was about a eight, or nine in a half, feet tall tanned skinned half-demon, with large blue eyes as around as Chinese dinner plates. He was bald on the top of his head, though had hair around his side to the back, which was tied in a ponytail. The shape of his head was horse shaped, but without the snout. He wore a large white haori and hakama with red edges and on the back of it was a black and dark blue mist that had black angel like wings coming out of it, symbolizing to everyone that he was the head healer of the Southern Lands.

Kagome softly sighed once again, "I apologize for scaring you Jinenji, I sometimes have these…strange moments, if you know what I mean," she said with a weak smile.

Jinenji gave her a concerned look, "is it curable or treatable?" he asked.

Kagome shrugged, "don't know and don't really care at the moment," she said airily and the room became quiet.

After a while, a knock was heard. Looking over at the door, Kagome told the person to come in. The sound of the shoji doors sliding open was heard, leaning to the side a bit she saw a wolf demon with long black hair that was tied up in a ponytail and striking blue eyes.

"Yo," she said with a smirk and the demon looked relieved to see that she was okay, "Kagome, what the hell were you thinking..."

As the demon was scolding her, Kagome was mocking the demon by making a mouth on her hand and copying the demon's mouth movements. Jinenji chuckled and shook his head at Kagome's childishness.

"...Going outside to the gardens all sick!" the demon exclaimed his eyes flashing with anger, worry, hurt, and guilt.

Kagome sighed rolled her eyes then raised one hand in defense "hey, it wasn't my idea to fall unconscious in the middle of the garden. Plus, I didn't know I was sick," she said trying to placade the demon.

"But still," "Kouga," Kagome cut him off, "you know I'm not that stupid as to walk around while ill," she said flatly.

The demon known as Kouga sighed, "yeah, I know, that sounds more like what Inuyasha might do," he smirked.

"Hn," Kagome gave a curt nod then turned her head to look straight at the wall across from her bed.

The room was once again filled with silence, Kouga looked up and looked at Kagome more carefully. Years has passed and Kagome still looked the same as she did back then.

However, the only change was her hair and eyes, also her skin color. Her eyes were more narrowe and sometimes changed to pure frosted ice blue that glowed in the shadows of the night and other times they would change to steel stormy silver that glowed when the sun shined down upon them.

Her hair was straighter with a bits of waves here and there, also one side of her bangs covered her left eye leaving on the right eyes out for the world to see. Her skin, now that was something even Kouga was unsure of.

About two years ago, when the Southern Kingdom was almost finished being rebuilt, the whole Southern Villagers came and started an all out war against Kagome. That was the day she assigned Kouga as the Southern Lands General. They both fought against the villagers, some villagers were surprisingly demons, though that didn't stop Kagome from fighting them. Everything got intense when suddenly Kagome was struck in the abdomen, Kouga was so scared then. He was scared that he would lose the only thing that brought peace into his life, he was also pissed that he almost went into a demonic rage.

However, what stopped him was the lonely and frightening aura that swooped all over the Southern Lands, scaring everything that was living. The animals ran far away from the Southern Lands as they could, the trees seemed to shriveled up as to just get away from the frightening feeling. It was as though you were trapped in an abandon mansion that had families murdered there.

The whole village army froze in place, unable to move. The demon that injured Kagome still had its hands in her stomach and sticking out from the other side. The demon was so scared, Kouga thought it would piss itself and die from terror and that was when he saw the change in Kagome. Her skin was an ashy pale color, her hair was pin straight and silky-like that it looked like the finest water silk. On the side of her face was grayish fire like markings and her arms had also weird marking that he never seen in his life, they looks like vines, yet fire. He couldn't even describe it. On the back of her palm was an upside down crescent moon.

Her ears were long and pointy; it was longer than any demon's ears he had ever seen, when she raised her head, his first thought was that it wasn't Kagome, but when he saw her eyes he instantly knew it was her. Her eyes were a light lavender color, her pupils were like a snake slit eyes, and her eyebrows were like a think ink brush sweep. Her mouth was small and black, but feminine looking, as she growled he saw that all her incisors were longer and sharper.

He had to admit she look sexy and deadly at the same time, but mostly scary. The demon that still has its hand in her stomach didn't even have a chance to scream before Kagome cut it to shreds with her newly sharp black painted claws. The whole army watched in terror as the demon's shredded body hit the ground with a sickening thump, that was when they realized who they messing with.

They turned and high tailed it out of them, but what they didn't know was that Kagome was not through with them because when they turned around she was right there in front of them with claws up, ready to shred them all. Kouga instantly went in front of the poor villagers with arms spread out. Kagome instantly stopped in her assault to kill the villagers, she knew Kouga was pack and would never harm him in any way.

Kouga told her stop, that if she killed them she would have no kingdom to rule. Kagome lowered her arm and tilted her head then spoke in an ancient kind of language that Kouga somehow understood, she said that they dared attack her and her pack and must be punished for their treason. Kouga answered, saying that they didn't know she was going to be their new ruler, they feared that if they had a ruler they would make them miserable. He didn't know that he was speaking in the same language that Kagome was speaking.

Kagome seemed mildly satisfied by Kouga's word and looked at the frightened villagers behind him that were trembling violently as though they were in the freezing cold. She narrowed her eyes at them then looked back at Kouga and told him if they ever attack again she would make sure they have the punishment they deserve and walked away without another word.

Since that day, everyone respected Kagome for who she was and what she has done for them. Not because they feared her, oh-no, they got over that long ago when they realized their mistake for attacking her in the first place.

A tap on the shoulder brought Kouga out of his thought, he turned his head to see Jinenji's white kimono.

He looked up to meet his face, "yes?" he asked curiously.

Jinenji gave him a small smile and pointed to Kagome. Kouga looked at Kagome on the bed to see her sleeping soundlessly under the covers, curled up into a ball. Times like these, Kouga sometimes felt like a father, he didn't know why and he didn't want to question it, but he did.

"Do you mind putting her in her room, she seems fine enough without staying in here. I have to go take care of some other sick people in the Southeast village," explained Jinenji.

Kouga nodded and walked over to Kagome, he pulled the covers off of her and carefully picked her up. He adjusted her in his arms then turned and started to walk out of the room.

The kingdom walls were quiet, since it was the middle of the night and everyone was asleep, well almost everyone. Kagome hired the best of the best shadow demons straight from the pits of hell. They wandered around the shadows like snakes and when there was someone they did not recognize they leap out of the shadows and drag them in. It was a scary experience that you would not want go through ever in your life. However, they are not allowed to kill you, only take you to the dungeon until Kagome or anyone else that is head of the kingdom security says that they are allowed to leave or not. If they are not allowed, well lets just say you won't being the light of day ever again.

The kingdom was more beautiful in the inside then it is outside, the floors were made of pure black marble that changes to white in the morning. The walls were made of the same thing. Every wing is made up of different elements, like the West wing had only black marble floors and the walls had water coming down it like a waterfall and sometimes the water would fall right in front of you, but when you go through it you feel like you got wet but you are dry.

The North wing, the floors were made of clear marble, there are light crystals that go down the halls the whole way. It was beautiful and entrancing that it will take someone hours just to get away from the hallway.

In the East was a forest path that had cherry blossom trees on the side and grass on the floor, it was as though you were walking through a forest, with a gentle breeze brushing against your skin.

The South wing, had white marble floors and as the pathway goes down, there's fire burning on the side and sometimes there would be lava going down the walls, but that only happens at night.

Finally reaching Kagome's room, Kouga chanted something under his breath and the doors automatically opened up. He stepped into the room making sure he didn't get hit by the door as it closed. Cold air brushed against Kouga's bare skin making Goosebumps appear on his skin, he was still amazed at how Kagome's room looks like, the floors were made of wood as well as the walls.

In the middle of the room was a huge square pool, when you go in it will reach to your waist, on the other side of the pool was Kagome's bed, it was western style queen sized bed. It had a wooden stand that laid flat on the ground, the sheets were mahogany colored. At the end of the bed near the pool was a rectangular length of a Zen Garden that was filled with grayish black dirt or something. On the side of the bed was a little shrine lamp. The ceiling was about the size to fit a giraffe in it.

It was amazing, on the other side of the bed, over by the wall was a secret hidden closet where Kagome kept her clothes and on the bottom of the closet were dressers that had more clothes. On the bottom of the drawers were weapons such as knives, swords, guns, that Kagome so nicely introduced him to.

Carefully stepping into the refreshing room pool, Kouga walked over to the other side. He was kind of shocked that the water didn't make any gurgling noises as the he walked across, 'it must have something to do with Kagome new spells' he mused to himself. He walked up the stone steps out of the water and over the Zen Garden over to the bed, Kouga walked around it then gently put Kagome down onto the bed, which she quickly curled into a ball.

Kouga smiled then bent down and kissed her on the head, "goodnight Kagome," he whispered lightly then turned around and walked away from the bed never noticing one of Kagome's eyes were open and watching him carefully. When she saw him disappear out of the room, she smiled and closed her eye, falling into a light sleep.

Around the kingdom and pink barrier appeared then disappeared from the human or demon eye, though it was still there.

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