New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Don't Find Me, I'll Find You

Some secrets are to be revealed, but other secrets should remain in the dark.

A few days passed since Kagome and them, had came to the castle and Miroku was starting to get suspicious of Kagome. Even though she act the same then when she use to travel with Inuyasha and the others, she seemed a bit off in some occasions, but what really bothered him was that she looked as though she just aged one year instead of six years. The other thing that struck him was that all the maids, servants, and soldiers seem to hold high respect for her as though she were their ruler of some sort, which he was starting to wonder who the ruler of the castle was.

Wandering around the empty halls of the castle deep in thought as he looked at the walls searching for any portrait of who the ruler of the castle might be, but he found none, not even a timeline of past rulers. All the walls were cleared of any sorts of paintings the only thing he saw were small scrolls hanging on the wall that had weird sort of poems on them they would some times be like a foot away from each other. He stopped in front of one scroll that was right beside a shoji door and read it.

Memories are your treasure and your scars; don't hide them, no matter how much you want to. Or they come back to you three times worse then what you felt before.

He silently read it to himself wondering curiously where it sounded familiar from, he shifted his gaze to the shoji door that was cracked opened a bit, enough to peek into the room. Finding the temptation too hard to resist he moved in front of the door and peeked through the crack door, at first he saw nothing but a desk with a mountain of scrolls but when he shifted a bit to the side he saw Kagome with her head leaned down a bit as she wrote on one of the scrolls. He blinked in surprise 'Kagome?'

Kagome was just finished with the last scroll of the day when she suddenly heard the shoji door slide open. She looked up expecting it to be one of the maids here to tell her it was time for lunch, but was surprise to see an expectant looking Miroku leaning again the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest. He raised one brow as he spoke "so, are you going to explain to me what is going on or do I need to guess?" Kagome blinked a few times before sighing and shaking her head. She waved her hand to the cushion mat in front of the low table silently telling him to sit down.

Understanding the gesture he pushed himself off the door frame and walked over to the cushion mat and sat down. He stared at Kagome, who had her chin laid upon the back of her hand with her eyes closed. A few more seconds passed before Kagome started to speak "well, I guess you are curious as to why I'm here signing land documents where the ruler is suppose to be doing so, hm?" Miroku nodded. Kagome may still have her eyes closed though she heard the rustle of his clothes telling her that he nodded.

"You have many times heard of the New Ruler of the Southern Lands, right?" Again Miroku nodded. Kagome slowly opened her eyes "well…" she paused, Miroku gulped with anticipation as he stared into Kagome's cinnamon colored eyes "the ruler sent on of his messengers here today and gave me this scroll" she pulled out a black scroll and placed it onto the low desk. Miroku reached out and grab the scroll and unrolled it "I was assigned by the ruler to take over for a while when they came back" Miroku read the scroll as Kagome explain everything.

Looking at the very bottom of the scroll where a signature should be he was surprise to see the signature signed as S.R for Southern Ruler. "Why is it that this ruler does not show themselves or give their people their name?" he asked Kagome just shrugged "don't know, now…since this discussion has been discussed I think it is time we go the dining room for our evening meal" she said standing up off the cushion.

Somewhere near the borders of the Southern Territory were Inuyasha, Sango, and Kikyo sitting around a fire quietly staring at the flames that licked the air above it. Inuyasha was sitting above them in the tree watching the two girls he got himself involved into and quietly sigh to himself. He leaned back against the trunk of the tree and stared off into the pinkish purple and orange colored mixed sky an image of Kagome appeared in the sky where he stared off to. Shaking his head, ridding himself of the image, he growled a bit 'how is she still here, I thought she went back home years ago.

'It would seem she hasn't if she is still here'he thought scornfully. Remembering the time when Kagome stood above the bear Taiyoukai looking fiercer then she, use to look six years ago. 'Wait…she didn't look a day old since then day she left the group…how is that possible?' Keeping his mind on one memory he thought more deeply into the situation. 'It couldn't be someone else, but it could be, her scent did not smell the same as it did all those years ago, it smell more smoky, kind of like burning cinnamon and her eyes looked more wiser also calculating, as though planning everything out from beginning to end. And she never used a sword before, only bows and arrows, I never saw her once wielding a sword before and her mother never said anything about Kagome being a master of swordsmanship. What the hell is going on?' "Inuyasha, the fish is done" called Sango, Inuyasha looking down at her and nodded "okay" he said, Sango gave a faint smile then went back the spot where she was sitting before, he then noticed Kikyo glaring at Sango heatedly.

Inuyasha was now starting to wonder what ever made him pick those two, he knew it was not only for sex or mates, or even because he was lonely. Closing his eyes he let out a sigh then leapt down from his branch then walked over to the fire for he could grab his fried fish. He picked it out from near the fire then plopped down onto the ground and took a bite out of it, not caring if it was hot.

As he chewed his piece of fish he saw Kikyo crawl over to him then sit close to him then on his other side eye he saw Sango glare at Kikyo then crawl closer to him until she was only a millimeter away then lay her head on his shoulder. Both girls glaring at each other from across him, Inuyasha mentally sighed and tried to ignore both girls glaring contest and rethink on where he left off. 'What was Kagome doing on that battlefield anyways?'

"Oh contraire, I actually live in my own cozy home in the middle of the Southern Lands. Since I am, after all, the head priestess of all the villages within the Southern Boundaries."

'Wait, high priestess of the southern lands? How long has she been there?' Not noticing that he finished off his fried fish he bit onto the bone and a wave of shock went through his whole mouth making his eye twitch. Pulling his mouth away he looked down at the now bone fish, glaring at it for a moment he threw it in the fire with a bit of aggravation then quickly got up, almost causing both girl to fly over, then jumped up back into his branch.

'Tomorrow I will find out, as of right now, I can't do anything right now' he thought to himself as he looked down at the two girls who were trying to kill each other. Letting out one final sigh he closed his eyes and went into a fitful sleep, though stood on high alert just incase something tried to come into camp and attack.

"And then after me and Miroku" "Miroku and I, sweetie" Kagome said lightly, Shippo smiled at her then continued on with his story "and then after Miroku and I, knocked Kikyo and Sango out cold, Miroku hit Inuyasha so hard I thought his eyeballs rolled around in his head" he laughed. Miroku and Kagome chuckled while Kirara mewed with a smile on her face, Kagome lifted her chopsticks with a small scoop of white rice on it to her lips "La-Kagome, General Kouga is here to bring you an urgent message" a maid said.

Lowering the chopsticks from her mouth, Kagome looked up at the maid to see her standing in front of the door with her head bowed down. She frowned a bit then nodded "alright, send him to the study, I will be there in just a moment" "alright" the maid gave one quick bow before quickly stepping out of the dining room to do what was ordered.

When the maid was gone Kagome sighed and bowed her head, laying it in her weaved fingers. Everyone at the table looked at Kagome curiously and with concern "Kagome" Shippo said softly, taking a deep breath, she lifted her head and smiled at him "don't worry. I'm fine" lowering her hands she gracefully stood up from her seat "well, excuse me, but Kouga is waiting for me, goodnight to you" she walked over to Shippo and kissed him on the head and ruffled his hair a bit. They watched as she walked out the door when the door closed they looked at each other both wondering why Kouga was here? And what was going on?

The halls were dim, almost dark, there were no sounds, not even footsteps from the maids, not that there were any in this hall at the moment. Kagome felt as though she was walking towards Death's door, shaking her shoulders a bit, she kept on walking to her study where Kouga was waiting for her. Her whole body felt as though someone was holding her door, trying to stop her, kind of like the time when she was held down by some weird demons when Inuyasha was with his fake undead faceless mother. 'Oh now that was wrong' Kagome shook her head, trying to focus on the thing that was going on now.

Another few minutes passed and Kagome finally reached the study room, sliding the door to the side she walked into the room. Hearing the door open Kouga turned around to see Kagome walk into the room then slide the door close behind her, he stood up from his seat and gave a small smile. "I knew you would be here, I see your old gang is here" Kagome sighed "half of them, now what are you doing here, I would expect you to be visiting with some of your pack member up in the mountains."

Kouga's smile faltered a bit before he pulled out the scroll that he had tied to his sash and hesitated for a moment before lifting it up to Kagome. Looking at the scroll curiously, Kagome grabbed it from Kouga's hand then untied the string around it and unrolling it. She lifted it up for she could see it better, as she read the scroll Kouga was staring at the back of the scroll as though seeing through it and at Kagome. He was a bit nervous to see what Kagome's reaction will be, he didn't want her to be sad, he didn't want her to be angry, hell, he didn't even want to see her laughing like a complete maniac whose lost his mind.

As the seconds passed, it was like torture for Kouga as he waited for Kagome to finish reading the scroll. The sound of the shifting paper caused Kouga to jump a bit; he focused his attention back to Kagome to see her rolling up the scroll with her eyes close and her expression completely blank. He gulped audibly "Kagome" he started, "I'm sorry" it was the only thing he could think of to say to her. Kagome let out a soft sigh then squared her shoulders and opened her eyes which were a brighter cinnamon color "Kouga, I want you to go back to the kingdom and inform all the soldiers to start practicing on their skills and do this until my arrival." She handed the scroll back to Kouga then turned around, walking towards the door; Kouga stood there for a brief moment a bit shocked but quickly came out of it when he heard the shoji door open.

"Uh, where are you going?" he asked, Kagome pause, standing in between the door, she turned her head to the side "inform the soldiers of what is going on, I will arrive there by tomorrow morning" with that said she stepped out of the room and closed the door part way. Kouga heard her footsteps slowly growing faint as she walked away from the door, when he heard them no more he looked down at the scroll that he held in his hand, he suddenly saw a small wet spot. Lifting it up, he sniffed it a bit 'salt water?' looking back up towards the door where Kagome left he wondered how Kagome could have cried when he didn't see any tear streak marks on her face.

The sounds of Kagome's footsteps bounced off the empty walls as she walked down the halls. 'So brother, you really have joined forces with Naraku.'

"Lady Kagome, look, look" a little girl said with a smile.

'But how could he have lived, I thought he was assassinated back when I was fighting the war.'

"Um, Lady Kagome, are you really the reincarnation of Lady Kikyo, my pop said you were" a boy around the age of ten asked as he picked up another rosemary from the ground.

'Also how could he have gotten here?'

"Lady Kagome, will you protect us from evil like Lady Kikyo did?'

'So many questions unanswered, so many things that are not being seen.'

"Kagome child, do not do what ye think ye have to do. Do what ye want to do" Kaede said wisely as she looked up from the herbs she was picking at Kagome who looked up at her. She smiled at the look of curiosity and joy that swam in her eyes.

"Kaede" Kagome whispered quietly to herself, she stopped in front of a window and looked outside, beyond the mountain where she saw the sun slowly descending 'it does not matter anymore, my brother has killed innocent people and is after me, if he wants me, he doesn't need to kill people to get to me.' Kagome turned away from the window and started walking down the halls, her eyes turned silver tinted red as the shadows slowly engulfed her 'because I'm ready to go to him.'

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