New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Letting Things Go

"Being blind does not mean I'm handicapped, it just means I can't see the lies and can only hear the truth."

At the first scent of approaching morning, Kagome has told all the maid and servants within the household about her departure and for them to just return to the villages, they agreed and left to their rooms where they will pack their stuff and then leave. Some of the workers there transformed into hell shadow demons and Kagome told them to report back to the kingdom.

When the afternoon came Miroku, Shippo and Kirara came out of their rooms and were going to head to the dining room when they saw Kagome walk across the hall with a sword in her hand. Curious as to what was going on, they quickly walked down the hall and followed silently behind Kagome's quick walking form down the hall. When they were losing her they started to jog until they broke out into a run down the hall, turning left to right, right to left, they finally ran to end of the confusing halls to the door to outside.

Squinting, their eyes from the sun light they looked around to find Kagome and they saw her lowering the seat to a weird black contraption on two wheels. It looked almost similar to her bike that they usually saw her riding on their travels except this one was bigger also more…shiny.

"Mama?" lifting her head, Kagome looked over towards them down at Shippo who took one step closer towards her though still stood on the porch. She smiled then looked at Miroku "good morning you guys had a good nights rest?" "Yes we did, but could you explain where you are going?" Miroku asked curiously while looking at the shining black bike contraption. Kagome frowned slightly thinking on what she should say to them 'they are your friends Kagome, there is no reason to lie to them or hide anything' came a small voice in the back of her mind.

Mentally sighing, she agreed with the voice in the back of her mind "I'm going to the Southern Kingdom" Miroku raised one brow "the Southern Kingdom, you know where it is?" he asked. Kagome turned her head and but kept her eyes on him "of course I do, after all, if I'm the ruler of the Southern Territory, I'm going to need to know where it is right?" Three pairs of eyes went ROUND; Kagome chuckled then looked up at the sky to the sun slowly rising from behind the mountains 'I have to go now' "as much as I love to talk about my confession of me being ruler, I have to go."

"May we come?" Miroku stepped up, Kagome shrugs "I don't see why now, though I'm still trying to keep a low profile, meaning if anyone saw you flying on Kirara they will get kind of suspicious and follow you." "Then what do you suggest we do?" he asked curiously then looked around to see if there was any stables which horses would be, but found none, as a matter of fact he saw no kind of transportation. Kagome lifted her leg and put it on the other side of the bike and got on the seat "Shippo, come over here, please" she said softly.

Shippo quickly ran off the porch over to her, when he reached her he let out a yelp when Kagome bent down and lifted him up then sat him in front of her. He looked around for a moment then looked up at her to see her smile at him reassuring him, he smiled back then looked up ahead amazed at high they were, well to him it was high.

Looking over at Miroku, she raised one brow as though asking him if he was going to stand there all day. Seeing her expectant look, Miroku cautiously walked over to her, he stopped right beside her and looked at the bike as though it will bite him or something "get on" came, Kagome's voice. Miroku looked at her then slowly copied how Kagome got on the bike, when he got on he was surprised when Kagome grabbed his arms and wrapped them around her waist. When she was sure his arms were around her waist she leaned forward a bit to grab the handles and the bike suddenly came to life scaring Shippo and Miroku, Kirara's hair rose as she let out a hiss.

Tapping the side of her head black shades quickly appeared in front of her eyes "hold on tight" she said before she turned the handle a bit making a loud room sound, she lifted her foot that was on the ground and placed it on pedal on the side and the bike jolted forward. Miroku jolted back, almost falling backwards, though he quickly held on tighter onto Kagome's waist, Kagome felt Miroku's grip tighten after it slacken for a brief moment and looked at him in the rear view mirror making sure he was okay. When she saw he was okay she looked back up ahead where a cave was, right across a wide river that had an earth made bridge.

As they cross the bridge the bike jumped a bit though not that much, Shippo stared ahead in amazement as everything passed in a blur. Sure it was dark, which he wondered how Kagome could see where they were going, but he could see the stone wall pass by quickly. His ear hummed as the roar that the bike was making bounced of the walls, causing echoes.

The rush of the wind that was caused by the speed they were going made Kagome's hair blow back. She quickly moved the left then right to dodge some big rocks that would cause some damage to her bike also cause an accident, which she did not need, behind her shades she could files appearing then disappear after the other one left. The shades were connected to a network back in the present time that kept her updated on what is going on, which specifically meant if anything changed from any causes that occurred here in the past that changed the future.

Looking at the time above the shades she saw that she needed to her, accelerating her bike to maximum speed, up ahead she heard the roar of the waterfall that hid the entrance beyond the mountain. Thrusting forward a bit she lifted the front of the bike causing the bike to only to ride on one wheel "whoa!" Shippo exclaimed with shock and excitement Miroku yelped a bit and held on tighter to Kagome's waist with all his might. Kirara's claws dug into Miroku's robe as to not fall off.

They flew straight out of the cave and through the strong downpour of the waterfall; everything went in slow motion as the bike flew over the pool of water and over the flat ground over to the edge of the mountain. Miroku could not help but let out a scream of terror as they slowly fell, the back of the wheel touch the side of the mountain first then the front of the bike lowered and touch the solid part of the mountain.

The mountain side was steep, very steep but had a small slope that wouldn't cause then to fall forward. Dirt flew in the air behind them as Kagome rode straight down the mountain side leaving a trail of dust, concentrating on not flipping over onto a crack that stuck out from the mountain side; she swerved around some sticking out planes. At the bottom of the mountain was a forest with no was of entry, though she was not worried about that one bit since she knew she would get through unharmed one way or anything.

Not stopping a bit, the forest came, closer and closer "Kagome!" Miroku screamed as they got very close to the forest. Finally reaching the end of the slope mountain, the motorcycle rude straight in between the narrowed space trees and into the forest itself. Miroku felt as though his heart stopped, his whole body was rigid and his eyes were still wide like a deer caught in the headlights, his arms looked at though they would break Kagome's waist in two. Looking a the rear view mirror Kagome almost laughed aloud at how petrified Miroku looked at that moment, she glanced down at Shippo to see him having the time of his life as he looked around at the green and brown blurs that passed causing her to smile a bit. As she lifted her head to look back up onto where she was going the smile slowly disintegrated into a frown, the bike swerved around, avoiding crashing into any trees.

Flashing images of her second family's smiling faces passed by as she passed a tree, first it was her grandfather, then Souta, and last Kun-Loon Higurashi, and she didn't know why, but her fat lazy cat Buyo.

It was a rainy day; the sun was slowly descending down behind Mount. Fuji. At the cemetery the tombstones of graves made long shadows that gave the cemetery a slightly spooky look. Up on a small hill where a large tree were three graves, one young woman was kneeled before the three graves with her head bowed and her hand in her lap with only three roses in her hand, all in different colors. The first was red, the second was white, and the last one was yellow.

The rain poured down upon the young woman's body drenching her to the bone, though it didn't seem to faze the woman as she still stood kneeling before the three graves. As the rain drops fell from the sky, it landed upon the tombstones and slowly slid down the smooth stone and trace then engraves upon it.

Loonia Lee Senshi


Netsuke Raku Senshi


Sen Genji Senshi


Those are what were written upon the tombstones, slowly, almost mechanically; the young woman raised her hand and pulled out one rose from her hand then slowly lowered it in front of the first tombstone. As she placed the rose on the first tombstone, she placed another rose on the other tombstone then placed the last rose on the last tombstone.

Slowly pulled her hands back onto her lap she lowered her head to the ground 'I'm so sorry, that I wasn't here to protect you, mom, dad, Sen' she thought sadly. Her tears mixed with the rain drops, the sound of falling rain hitting the ground and the leaves rustling was all that was heard, besides the passing by cars. That was until she heard the gurgling sinking sound of the mud behind her, turning her eyes to look to the side, when another gurgling splotch sound was heard she quickly spun around, got up off her knees, pulled out a gun from her hip, and aimed it at the person who dared disturb her time of grief.

A gasp was heard followed along with a soft rustling thud. The woman glared hard at the person who stood before her shell shocked with wide eyes and slightly trembling hands. The woman before her stared at the young woman who was pointing a dangerous weapon at her, she looked into those haunting eyes that glared at her with great intensity that it almost made her fall to her knees, though they held no hatred, anger, or anything, it was just blank, a sign that this woman was grieving.

The sounds of the rain falling on the ground was the only that was heard between the two woman who stared at each other. On the ground laid a bouquet of flowers that was forgotten by the woman standing over it as she stared at the young before her, for some reason the young woman looked familiar from somewhere. Now carefully examining the young woman's features, it took her about a few moments until it finally hit her from where she looked familiar from. It was her sister's eldest daughter, she only saw her once her twice when she came over to visit since she was always somewhere else or up in her room doing something that she didn't even know. She took one step closer to the young woman that was her niece 'click' she stared at the young woman before her name spilled from her lips "Kagome" a loud bang echoed all throughout the cemetery scaring the crows that were hiding within the tree above her.

"Oh wow!" the sound of Shippo's awed voice brought Kagome back from her long forgotten memory thoughts. Blinking only a few times she focused on her surroundings and noticed that she was not so far from the palace now, right now they were in the northern gardens which to anyone else it will just look like a field of flower or flower patch or whatever the hell you call it. But it was one of the kingdom's gardens, riding through the trail that went through the flower field without damaging any of the flowers, she might be a bit uncaring but she did appreciate the beauty of the world.

As they passed by, Shippo was staring at the colorful blurs that were the flowers; he had never seen so many flowers or a field of flowers so big; it looked like it went on for miles and miles. All of the sudden he felt a chill go up and down his spine as though a cold hand went through his body, he shivered at bit then looked around to see where the source of his chill came from.

He then saw the ocean straight up ahead "um, mama, do you see the big ocean there?" he asked pointing to the ocean up ahead Kagome did not look down at him but she answered with a simple "yes". "Um, aren't you going to turn?" he asked, now starting to get worried as they got closer to the ocean "no" the color on Shippo face drained like a flushed toilet, he lifted his head a bit a gulped before closing his eyes tightly and leaned back against Kagome.

Miroku was ready to faint at any second now; they got closer and closer to the ocean until the front tire touch the edge of the water. Shippo was about ready to scream when suddenly the bike jumped up as though driving over something, he slowly opened his eyes then looked down to see that they were driving over the water as though it were solid land. He blinked a couple times confused then looked up at Kagome to see her looking straight up ahead seeming not fazed one bit about the fact that there were driving over water, he looked up to see only ocean waters.

That was when suddenly two pairs of eyes opens with no body attached then black lightning and black flames soared out of nowhere into the sky until it reached its highest point then dived down towards them. "AHH!" both Shippo and Miroku screamed. Though Kagome, expecting this, slowed the bike down for one brief moment before speeding it up and lifted the front to do a wheelie. The black flames and black lightning hit them but then wrap itself around them, both mixing together as the got closer to the two pairs of eyes that were in great distance of each other, something between them open and both Shippo and Miroku realized that it was a big door. They quickly rode into the doorway and Kagome pressed on the breaks, making a loud squeak sound and doing a one eighty on the floor then stopped in the middle of what looked to be the grand hall facing the door which was slowly closing.

As the door closed, Kagome killed the engine to her bike and sighed then she smiled cheekily "well, that was fun!" she said happily. Shippo, Miroku, and Kirara slowly looked towards her and stared at her for a while before letting out a groaned sigh and fainted falling right off the bike onto the floor. Kagome looked at their fainted forms with an innocent curious look and blinked a couple times "was it something I said?" she asked, sounding like a seven year old.

The sound of running footsteps caused Kagome to look up to see Kouga and a couple of other soldiers running up from the hall. The soldiers had one hand on their swords to still it as they ran, when they reached the grand hall they looked around to see if there was any danger. When Kouga found he looked over at Kagome to see her getting of the weird transportation that he remember Kagome calling a motorcycle, which came from her time.

"Is everything okay?" he asked taking a step towards Kagome, but then saw Shippo and Miroku on the ground unconscious, he looked back at Kagome to see her looking at him with an I-Didn't-Do-It look. The soldiers seeing no threat bowed at Kagome "welcome back Lady Kagome, is there something we may assist you with" they said in unison. Kagome looked at them then gave a curt nod "do you mind carrying our guest to the guest rooms on the second floor" she said pointing to the two unconscious forms with an unconscious two tailed cat beside them.

The few soldiers looked at them with curious looks then nodded and walked over to them to pick them up. While the men did that, Kagome looked back over to Kouga "are the men training?" Kouga nodded "yes, they've been training ever since I returned yesterday last night" he said. Nodding in approval, she started to walk towards the hall that Kouga and the soldier's ran up from.

In the dojo more than a billion men, and half women, were all training in different styles of combat, some had weapons; others were using only their fists, feet, legs, or heads. As Kagome walked into the dojo she carefully observed them, she watched how the men muscles flexed as they swung their weapons or threw a punch and watched how the women moved their bodies around.

After watching them for about ten minutes or so she stepped out from the shadows and fully into the light, catching everyone's attention. Immediately they stopped watch they were doing, faced forward, and bowed at her in respect, Kagome stopped in front of her soldiers and took a brief moment to look at them all. "STAND UP!" she bellowed, all the soldiers stood up straight once again and stomped their foot together making multiple thumping noises.

All of them looked straight ahead of them, completely focused on their surroundings, turning on her heel, Kagome slowly walked down the row of soldiers, inspecting them critically that it would have made an untrained maggot tremble and piss themselves with complete nervousness and uncertainty. Stopping at the last person in the row she looked straight into their eyes which were still staring ahead of them, their lips were pressed into a thin line, their arms were on their sides, and their legs were together with the side of their feet touching each other. Nodding in approval she turned around and started walking down the opposite end "do any of you know why you are training?" she asked calmly though loud enough for everyone to hear. "Sir no sir!" all the soldiers said simultaneously that it caused the dojo to echo, giving another nod she spoke again "you are training for war, not a battle, or a small fight that will end when the sun goes down, but a war.

"This war will be like the war between the great warrior priestess Midoriko and the strongest demons, yet not exactly…" she paused. Stopping at the center of the row once again she faced all the soldiers "now I know you have all heard of the despicable half demon, Naraku?" "Sir yes sir!" "And you know his intentions in collecting the jewel shards to make the Shikon No Tama once again complete?" "Sir yes Sir!" "But he can't complete it without the last few remaining jewel shards" lifting her hand she opened her palm revealing about seven shards of the Shikon No Tama. All eyes turned to twinkling shards in her hand before turning back to the wall ahead of them "these are only few of the last remaining jewel shards, the other few are within a young demon exterminator named Kohaku. Sibling of the demon exterminator who travels with the half breed, named Inuyasha, and the deceased priestess, Kikyo. And of course the jewel shards which are in Naraku's possession, now I know some of you think that fighting Naraku he will only have mindless mass of demons attack us, with the addition of his incarnations and himself. Wrong, Naraku has got himself a new ally, now this new ally has trained Naraku's minions to think more cleverly and more stealthily, also he brought some other allies with him" "sorry interrupt sir, but who did he bring sir!" one soldier said.

Kagome looked at the soldier who spoke up; she realized it was Ginta and right beside him was Hakkaku. Both of them became stronger from the last time she remembered them when they tried to face off Sesshomaru from trying to get to Kouga since he killed Rin and the people in the village that she stayed at.

Ginta grew out of his Mohawk look and now has a full head of hair, thank god, and has short had kind of like Miroku's and has it in a small ponytail; he wore a navy color haori with an ice blue undershirt and black hakamas with black heelless boots to match. Hakkaku has longer hair now, the bluish gray part of his hair were now longer and framed his face and the grayish white part of his hair was longer as well and reached his shoulder blades, he wore something similar to Ginta's kimono except white, gray, and black.

Walking up to him, she stopped in front of him "he brought the army who fought in a war many decades ago in my past. These soldiers hold no honor, no respect, or even loyal, they fight for only their gain; it might seem they are working with their leader, but they are actually not. I know these men like they were my own creation" "how?" Hakkaku spoke up "I know because I'm the one who put them in their graves" she said this darkly she turned and walked away, Hakkaku had to resist the urge to gulp.

Kagome turned back to the soldiers "to prepare you for this war, you will be training with different kind of weapons, some you will only use to emergencies also if the person you are fighting with is playing in unfair boundaries, the swords will be switched with swords that have iron in the center for it won't break by the any force the enemy uses, also the size with be changed to whatever it sees fit and feels right with, in other words, the sword with choose you. The fighting kimonos will be…tampered with a bit; you will find that out when your training begins, once a phase of the moon, which is once a day, you will be wearing steel metal over your body and will be wearing that through your whole training lesson, whether you like it or not.

Every night, which will be midnight, you will be running around the Southern Lands wearing boulders on both your wrists, ankles, and even on your back. And anything else you have to do you will find out during your training, you will be working long and hard day through night through day one more. You will get only nine hours rest and if any one is feeling confident enough, you could stay awake as long as you can and if you feel sleepy, try to fight it off. Does anyone have any disagreements to these new training units?"

The whole dojo was silent; no one said a word as they stared on looking at completely nothing. That was until.


The woman let out a shuddering breath as the bullet grazed her cheek; her eyes were still on the young woman who was still holding the now smoking pistol.

The young woman slowly lowered her gun to her side but never moved her eyes away from the woman who stood before her. The woman took one step towards the young woman, then another, then another until she was standing in front of he, both women stared at each other, hesitantly, afraid that the young woman will jump and try to her shoot her again.

She lifted her hand and brushed the young woman's long wet raven black hair to the side revealing silver tinted blue eyes that matched the night sky. Tears started to run down the woman's face "oh my god, Kagome" her legs finally gave out of her and she started to fall to the ground, but the young woman quickly caught her and held her to her chest as the woman started cry.

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