New Ruler of the Southern Lands

The Real Story behind Yin & Yang

Grief to grief, mourn to mourn, sadness to sadness, tears to tears, blood to death, death to darkness.

Somewhere in the eastern part of the western lands Sesshomaru was walking through the forest. The sun had yet rise to its highest peak in the sky and the morning air was cold to the point that it almost felt like winter. A cold wind brushed against his face causing his hair to blow back a bit, the sound of his kimono rustling was almost soothing to the ear, but Sesshomaru did not relish the morning's music, his mind was set on one thing and one thing only.

Up ahead the trees started to part "ah, I see you have return once again Lord Sesshomaru" came a deep and wise voice. Sesshomaru pass the parting trees into a small clearing where an old tree stood in the middle, though Sesshomaru knew that it was not a tree, but a demon tree.

He walked up to the old looking tree, when he was close to the tree, a face appeared on the surface, beady black eyes opened and looked into Sesshomaru cold gold amber ones "what is the cause of this visit this time?" he asked calmly. Sesshomaru stared into the demons tree's beady black eyes "there is a new ruler in the Southern lands and I have yet to find out who it is" "ah, so I have heard, and you want to know who this ruler is, no?" The tree demon received no answer from the demon lord, closing his eyes he chuckled a bit "this new ruler is a person you have fought only a few times, they have bested you once or twice" Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed at the tree "my idiotic brother…-" "I did not mean him, I thought you were smarter than this Lord Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru lifted his hand and flexed his claw in front of the demon tree's face "are you implying that I, Lord Sesshomaru, is mindless Bokusenou?" he let out a low growl as if to warn the old tree demon. This time the demon tree outright laughed "still impatient as ever I see, no Lord Sesshomaru, I was not implying that you were mindless, I was merely stating that I was not speaking about your brother but someone you would have least expected." Sesshomaru slowly blinked, Bokusenou inwardly sighed at the pup's stupidity.

"You will soon find out young lord, but as for now, you have to be patient to receive the thing you desire to know" "you speak in riddle old one" Sesshomaru said flatly. Bokusenou did not respond to this instead his face went back to its serious expression "tell me young lord, have you felt something?" he asked curiously "hm, yes, but I cannot tell what, I have already sent some of my soldiers out to check upon the western lands to see if there was something amiss."

The old demon tree's frown deepened "have you ever heard of the story between Yin and Yang?" Sesshomaru was taken aback by Bokusenou sudden question. "Yes, when two opposites become one to bring balance and harmony" Sesshomaru answered simply as though asking what all this had to do with the weird feeling of something horrible about to happen. Bokusenou slowly blinked "there was told of another tale before the human tale to the Yin & Yang, tale that was original to that one" 'another tale? How is it that I have never heard of this other tale between good and evil?' Sesshomaru mentally asked himself trying to search for any memory of having heard of this story that he simply ignored.

"The story went something like this…

In the years of B.C.E or something like that, there was a prophesy told, a history that has been long forgotten in the memories of living beings, but not forgotten in the hearts of demons.

Two siblings, an elder sister and a younger brother.

This prophesy or history story told of these two siblings quarrels, it told of the hatred that the younger brother held for his eldest sister, the cause of it, unknown.

The younger brother started a war against his sister. Having no other choice, the eldest sister fought the war, her younger brother. The story told of these two siblings sprouting wings, the eldest sister had wings like the angel/demons of hell and the younger brother had wings of the heaven angels, though wat confused everyone is why the borhter had wings of an angel instead of his eldest sister and why the eldest sister had wings of a hell angel/demon.

Some say it was because the sister walked upon a path of misery, heartbreak, loss, and war, while the younger brother walked upon a path of confusion, innocents, and naiveness, other say it was because they were children of the Devil himself and his first unknown wife, Goddess of Light and Purity.

They say the war went on for many days, both siblings fought with tremendous strength that it caused the ground to split and the fires to rise, the waters rise into tidal waves, the winds to blow so hard that it would have caused any living creature to blow into space. Also it caused the skies to become pitch black and thuders to strike down.

The army that the younger brother had brought with him were killed immediately in the crossfire of these two battling siblings. Though everyone sense that the war would soon come to an end, the eldest sister knew she couldn't allow her brother to win for it would cause complete and total darkness to reign over the lands but she couldn't kill him either, the string of love that she held for her brother was thin, but it was still there.

Both sibling's wings soared out as they flew in the pitch balck sky, their weapons clashing together as they fought causing bolts of lightning to strike out from the sky. The eldest sister finally spoke to her younger brother and asked him wat was the cause of this unexpected and unspeakable battle against her. The younger brother swung his weapon hard, trying to unarm his sister, though she held on tight, failing his attempts to unarm her from her weapon. The brother pulled back and flew a few feet away from her, his wings flapping only once or twice to keep him from losing altitude.

"The whispers has told me that only one can truly balance the realms and two cannot remain seperate or together"

The eldest sister did not understand her brother's words though she felt that those whipers were the words of something dark, something that would cause the most innocent of hearts to be manipulated as to do something like this. The eldest sister slowly swung her weapon to her side.

"I asked what was the cause of this, not of who that told you"

The younger brother narrowed his eyes at her, the white part of his eyes turned pitch black and his pupils narrowed into crimson slits as he whispered darkly.

"You have killed father, the honor of our blood and for that I shall regain that honor by ridding the taint"

The eldest sister was not ready for the black energy ball that he threw at her, her body crashed down onto a tombstone and dust filtered the air, making it hard to see her. The youngest brother glided down a bit to try and get a better look, he stayed there try to see through the dust, but then quickly moved as a giant ball of energy shot through the filtering dust.

The eldest sister flew out from the shield of dust and charged at her brother, her eyes were pitch black and her pupils were slitted into an onyx tinted lavender color.

As she got close to her brother she swung her weapon, hitting her brother directly on the side and sending him crashing into a tree. Before the young brother had time to regain his footing, his eldest sister was already upon him. He quickly lifted his weapon and blocked his sister's weapon, though he did not expect the energy ball that was thrown at him with her other hand that he failed to notice was not there holding her weapon.

He flew back from the force of the attack, hitting several trees, his eldest sister suddenly appeared above him and kicked downwards, hitting him in the gut sending down into the cold, unforgiving ground. He could not move, his body felt as though a great weight was on it, holding him down paralyzed. The eldest sister walked up to his unmoving body and stared down at him, he looked up at her through narrowed slit eyes.

"Do not think you have won sister"

He spat out with hatred and venom dripping from his voice, though the eldest sister did not seemed fazed by her brother's sword twisting words as she stared down at him with a blank expression and dull eyes that held nothing, as though the windows have been closed.

"I do not expect victory, for as the war has come out as victory, the bloodshed has yet to have started."

With those words said she spun on her heels and started to walk away, never noticing that her younger brother had somehow gathered the strength to pull himself out of the crater that was caused from the force of the powerful kick she threw at him. Though when she sensed his approaching presence it was already too late to stop wat has already occured.

Looking down she saw her brother's weapon poking out from her chest, the spot where her heart was, she watch as her blood dripped down from the edge of the weapon. A hot breath brushed against her ear.

"You are wrong, the bloodshed has already begun and I shall come out as victor."

Her youngest brother nuzzled his cheek against her ear with sick affection that she knew was fake.


"We shall see dear brother."


"But the time for bloodshed shall not have a victor on this night."

Grabbing her weapon with both hands she thrusted her weapon back with the last ounce of strength she had left, the weapon went through her stomach, coming out the other side and hitting directly into her brother's heart. Her youngest brother let out a gasp of shock, horror, and pain

The eldest sister slowly closed her eyes, "the victor shall be chosen when the whispers have revealed themselves again."

Buh... ...duh... …mp...

Sesshomaru stood there staring at his father's old friend with almost wide eyes, though you wouldn't know only if you were up close. Bokusenou stared at Sesshomaru for a while before closing his eyes "something tells me that this story is repeating itself again, though I am not so sure" he said calmly. Sesshomaru focus back onto him and put on his cold façade "hm, you are finally going senile old man" turning on the ball of his feet he started to walk out of the clearing, leaving only Bokusenou to watch as he leaves the clearing.

When he didn't hear Sesshomaru's silent footfalls anymore, he closed his eyes and sighed.

"I wish I was senile, but this is something I will not joke around about, the two opposing opposites are back and will finish the battle they had yet to finish ages ago," slowly the demon tree's face sank into the bark of the tree.

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