New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Changes & Dying With No Regrets

Everything was silent as the men ran around the whole border of Japan, the sun was barely up in the sky and the skies were still a bit dark. The cold early morning cold air bit their skin as they ran around the borders as fast as their leg power would allow them, the training clothes that they had to wear was heavier than anything that had ever felt before. To a normal person it would look like normal clothes wear, but when you put it on, dear lord, it felt like you have a thousand rocks hanging from your body and were trying to swim around in deep water. They were surprised that they could even run in the heavy material.

They were impressed at how their ruler's training tactics, at first they kind of disapproved with the weight of the material, but once they started running around the borders of all Japan they realized how much stronger and faster they were becoming. Though the stronger they get the more heavier the material seems to get, they asked once to their ruler why it does and she just said "you must go over the limits until it finally breaks and when it does, then you shall feel truly stronger."

"Hey Niku, you getting tired yet!" one of the men called out, Niku blinked a few times before looking over at his partner to see him smirking. Niku's greenish swirled black eyes flashed challengingly before he smirked himself "not a chance" he called back, his partner chuckled with amusement "alright" he said then sped up a bit. Niku's demon blood rushed with excitement from the challenge his partner was starting.

The entire training soldier sped up until they were nothing but a passing breeze and flashing colors. All of the raced throughout the lands, passing the other lands of the other cardinal lords, never once did they notice how much they were gaining speed nor that they passed the Southern Lands five times. Within the study Kagome was looking over some scrolls when she heard the sounds of whooshing water, lowering the scroll Kagome looked left to right before gently placing the scroll onto the desk and getting up from her seat. Walking around the desk she walked out of the study and down the hall, as she walked down she passed by every maid, servant, and butler that worked within the kingdom and all of them were in deep concentration in what they were doing. More than what a usual kingdom maids are suppose to.

When the maids noticed her they immediately stopped what they were doing and turned to her, their ankles pressed together, their arms straightened against their side then they lifted their left hand and saluted. Kagome gave them a curt nod before turning her head back ahead and continued on down the halls.

The huge doors of the kingdom entryway slowly opened, Kagome stepped out from behind the doors and squinted her eyes a bit from the sunlight beaming down on her. She stood there for what seemed like minutes before the water suddenly lifted up into a tidal wave all across the water. Kagome followed the trailing lifted water, when the waters lowered down she stepped off the platform to the middle of the waters where area of which the waters lifted. Turning so that she was facing down the ocean she patiently waited for what she knew was coming any second now.

The soldiers were head to head as they raced across the country; they were still oblivious to their surroundings. All they could do was feel their demon blood rushing through their bodies. They also did not noticed that they were slowly changing.

Running through the opening of trees they ran across the water again, the waters lifted up twenty feet high behind them. As they were running they saw a small figure at the end, at first they thought nothing of it but as they got closer they finally realized what it or as a matter of fact, who it was that stood there. Turning their bodies to the side with one leg outstretched, they came to a complete halt in front of the person who was now drenched head to toe with water. They stared at the drenched woman who stared at them seeming unfazed at the water that slowly dripped down from her face and that made her clothes clung to her like second skin. All she did was stare at them with those serious dead on calculating eyes.

Not knowing what else to do they brought their legs together, their arms to their side and lifted their left hand to their head straight out giving her the honorary salute. Kagome watched their every move with intense observation and calculation searching for any flaws in the change that the soldiers seem to have yet noticed.

The first three soldiers were tiger demon, yellowish gold hair with a mix of brown in it that now reached their posteriors. Honey colored eyes, a tan like complexion and high cheek bones; one was about a 6'1", the other one was a 6'0", and the last one was about a 5'9"½, all of them had a built body but not overly muscular that would make them look big. The change in them was that they now had a long tiger tail that was slowly swishing back and forth behind him, on each wrist was one streak marking. They also had one on their right cheek; also their eyes were glowing, showing that their demonic beast was watching through their eyes like it was one with its humanoid form instead of separate.

Two of the other soldiers were dog demons all of them were blonde headed the other one was brown headed. The first one had hair that reached his lower, amber brown eyes that was close to a cinnamon color, perfect pale like skin. He was almost a 5'9", slim built body, and a punk like attitude. The other soldier's hair reached passed his shoulders and was bow tied in a lower ponytail with his bangs framing his handsome face, he had a peach color complexion and his eyes matched the color of dim burning ember. He was about 5'8" and had the look of a calm case breaking officer, and both them also had glowing eyes, the blonde dog demon had gold like streak making on his right cheek and the brown dog demon had a cinnamon brown streak mark on his left.

Seeing that there was nothing missing from the transformation, Kagome nodded in approval and the soldiers instantly relaxed a bit, reassured that she was not pissed at them. "Congratulations, you have completed this obstacle" was all she said before turning on her heels and walking away towards the kingdom, leaving five confused soldiers behind. The soldiers watched as she walked away, suddenly noticing that the walking platforms were up and that was she was walking above the waters as though it were solid ground.

That was then they noticed that they too were walking above the water, and then they almost jumped out of their skins when they saw their reflections on the water. Slowly they reached up and touched the markings that were on their face, it felt smooth to the touch, just then they remembered what Kagome said. Focusing their attention to their reflection they noticed that it wasn't just their reflection, but their beasts staring back at them with calm expressions, their crimson eyes stared back at them expectantly.

"Demon and Beast, Yin and Yang, two separate minds in one body, never can become one until they both can come out and satisfy their desires."

Rain was pouring down from the grey darkened sky and bolts of lightning flashed across the sky making a loud snap cracking boom sound that made your eardrums ring from the powerful sound. Only a few cars drove by on the streets and only occasional people ran down the streets trying to duck in cover from the rain and powerful blows of the winds.

In an alleyway was two people, a man who looked to be resting upon a mysterious person's lap, the person gently stroked the man's face with a feather like touch that made the man's face twitch once or twice. To anyone who passed by it would have looked like a loving couple who wanted to be left alone within the shadows of the alley, but if you looked closely the man was holding onto his hip that was bleeding profusely as the mysterious person had their other hand holding on the man's chest that was also bleeding immensely.

The peaceful silence was broken by a hoarse cough that came from the man, the mysterious person cracked their eyes opened just a bit and looked down at the man to see blood running down the side of his mouth. Stopping from stroke the man's raven black sleek hair, the person wiped the blood that ran down the side of his mouth with the pad of their finger and rubbed away the remaining stain with their thumb.

The man opened his eyes revealing grayish brown eyes that almost matched ashy wood, those eyes looked up into the slightly opened his eyes that stared down at the trail of blood that on the side of his mouth in deep concentration. He couldn't really see the color of the person's eyes but he would have to say the looked almost lavender with a tint of icy bluish silver to it.

Those eyes were so calm and relaxed that the man couldn't help but feel relaxed as well; he let out a broken chuckle causing the person to raise their brow slightly at the man that was only seconds away from death's door.

"Well it would see I won't be seeing my son grow up into a man" he said casually, opening his eyes again he looked up at the grey sky as the pouring rain fell onto his face and slid down his chin giving a cool feeling through his whole body. "I won't be able to watch him graduate from elementary school, then up to middle school, playing for sports, then up to high school, then occasionally to college where he would become a great soccer player. And of course staying by my sweet Kun-Loon and hold her hand as we watch him grow up into someone important to the world, I will regret leaving them." The person said nothing as the man spoke his regrets to the world, too bad the world didn't care since they were kicking him out from the world of the living.

"Tell me, do you think my son will despise me when every day of his life, I will not be there for him?" he looked up at the person who was now staring straight ahead at nothing.

"…" the person remained silent as they stared on staring at the invisible object ahead of them beyond the alleyway opening. The man let out a scoffed out laugh before closing his eyes preparing for death to take him away from the world of silence.

"The best way to die is to die without regrets or lingering questions that causes doubt and unfinished business behind. Don't die with regret, don't die with question, don't die with doubt, don't die with fear that what you leave behind will hate you for something you have no control over, don't die with an unbalanced soul and an unsettled mind. Die with peace, die with happiness in your hear with the knowledge of what little things that gave you happiness while your time here in the living. Die with the knowledge that you have passed down your happiness to the person you dearly loved with your own very life, die with comfort and security of your own self, die with a eased mind, die with no regrets…And maybe one day you will come back and have the chance to watch the things you can't do anymore in the eyes of another.

"Life is short yet satisfying at the same time, with regret you will live on unsatisfied and hatefully. It's better to accept then to fight the inevitable" the man opened his eyes and looked up at the person with shock; it soon was replaced with a serene expression and soft smile. "And what about you, you still fight the inevitable" he said softly, his body was starting to feel weak, his vision was slowly fading into blackness, the sounds around him seem to have gotten louder yet distant somehow.

The last thing he heard before everything seem to have faded away was "I fight the inevitable because I have yet to find something to accept before I pass, but until then, I must keep fighting and moving on forward."

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