New Ruler of the Southern Lands

It Begins

Within the dark castle, Sen was aimlessly wandering the halls without a care in the world as to where he went. Inside his mind he was plotting a way to get his sister to tick and come out to fight, he thought over his options for weeks now and all of them were pathetic or too small. Everything seemed pointless, he knew his sister was not so easily provoked that was unless the people she cared deeply for or respected highly for were harmed 'and I already did that, but she still hasn't come out, why? Did she already know of my intentions…no, that's impossible, sigh, this is getting aggravating' he thought to himself.

Stepping outside he stared upon the dead lands 'how to make her come out? How to make her…come…out' his mind trailed off as he focused more upon the dead castle grounds. He stared for a while before it finally clicked "of course, lands, my dear sister can't resist but to help those in dire need" he whispered to himself before a sadistic smile slowly came upon his thin lips. A laugh echoed all through the castle sending shivers down the spines of those who heard such laugh.

Out in the garden, the entire kingdom's workers and fighter's children were seated in a circle, around Kagome as she sat under a tree with her eyes closed and her legs folded into a lotus. They stared anxiously at her as she sat there looking peaceful, it was silent, Kagome cracked open one eye and looked at the lot of children around her, she almost smiled at their eager faces.

She closed her eye then took a breath "the world is filled with many things that people are blind to, are oblivious to, and seem not to care for until those things finally cross their path and take something precious to them away. Don't know what you got until you finally lost it, does anyone know that means?" opening her eyes she saw none of the children raise their hands. She smiled slightly then closed her eyes once again "those words might seem like nothing, but they mean everything, I can't tell you what it means, that is something that you have to find out on your own to understand what it means.

"Where's I'm from, everything is filled with greed, hatred, anger, injustice, and dishonor. It's rare to find anyone pure that has not been tainted, but some things that are pure are caused by another thing that is tainted. Some males are crueler than the cruel; some women are greedier than the greed, and children are lonelier than anything in the world.

"You can find beauty in some places, but they will be a distant memory as the years go by." "How cruel was it over where you're from?" asked a small boar demon, all the children nodded, wanting to know as well, Kagome was silent for a while before opening her eyes to look at them with a hard look in her eyes that made the children a bit uneasy, but they knew she only looked like this when she remembered something bad.

"Where I'm from, some things are never safe, you always have to carry some sort of with your to protect yourself, even little children that are about your age. They are neither safe in the arms of their parents or their friends, women are treated as slaves to their husbands instead of lovers, people die in the hands of their own race for they could gain more power or more valuable things. Young eyes open before their time to see the cruelty of the world and live everyday wishing that they could just drop dead on the spot or just be swallowed up by darkness. Some children growing up walking the wrong path and sooner or later getting themselves killed in such young ages. People who claim to be justice kill innocents. Which cause that innocent's family to rage and mourn to the point that they will get themselves killed trying to bring justice to them. Everything is filled with false things when sooner or later people will one day realize and try to fix, though sometimes they will fix it the wrong way and make everything even worse."

All the children's faces looked shocked and some of the males looked disgusted and angered with such things. "Wars are uplifted taking away fathers and young men away who are still growing into it and some live to go back to their family, but some do not and are buried deep within the ground in a place where everyone could go and mourn their death.

"Everything is so messed up to the point where it seems like it could never be repaired, it's a place where not even you want to see, even out of curiosity. Mourning souls always sings…" she paused and the children waited for what was going to happen next.


All of sudden Kouga came out of nowhere and walked around from behind the tree and stood right beside Kagome. He looked down at her and she looked up at him and raised one brow.

"It sure is hot out here
Ya know?
I don't mind though.

Kouga shrugged.

"Just glad to be free.
Know what I'm saying, uh!"

Many of the female servants jumped down from the tree around Kouga and Kagome wearing beautiful white kimonos with a misty shade of blue on the sleeves and bottom of the kimono. All of them started singing in unison.

"Take these shackles off my feet so I can dance
I just wanna praise you

Watcha wanna do?

Kouga cupped his ear as though trying to hear what they were trying to say.

I just wanna praise you

Yeah, yeah

He bobbed his head a couple times.

You broke the chains now I can lift my hands

Uh feel me?

And I'm gonna praise you

Watcha gonna do?

I'm gonna praise you.

The children watched in amazement as Kouga and the women sang some strange song, then they saw Kagome slowly stood up off the group as her body rose she lifted her head and started to sing herself.

In the corners of my mind
I just can't seem to find a reason to believe
That I can break free
'Cause you see I have been bound for so long
Felt like all hope is gone

But as I lift my hands, I understand
That I should praise you through my circumstance.

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance (so I can dance)
I just wanna praise you (just wanna praise you)
I just wanna praise you (just wanna praise you)
You broke the chains now I can lift my hands (I can lift my hands)

And I'm gonna praise you (whoaoooo!)
I'm gonna praise you.
Everything that could go wrong

All went wrong all at one time
So much pressure fell on me

I thought I was gonna lose my mind
But I know you wanna see

If I will hold on through these trials
But I need you to lift this load

'Cause I can't take it no more.

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance (so I can dance)
I just wanna praise you (whooa, whooa, whooa!)
I just wanna praise (yeah! Hey!)

You broke the chains now I can lift my hands (whooo yeah!)
And I'm gonna praise you (I'm gonna)
I'm (I'm) gonna (gonna) praise you (praise you!)

The children were at awe as Kagome sang loudly, but not like other women who sounded more like they were screaming instead of singing loudly.

Been through the fire and the rain!
Bound in every kind of way!
But God has broken every chain!
So let me go right now!


Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance
(so I can dance now!)

The chorus choir clapped their hands to the music that was playing, that the children finally noticed and knew why the music sounded strange. Kouga clapped along as well and bobbed his head a bit singing ah through the whole first line of the song and Kagome shook her head as she sang loudly to the song making the whole song awesome.

I just wanna praise you (ooh whoo, whoo)

I just wanna praise you (I wanna praise yeah)

You broke the chains now I can lift my hands (I can lift my hands!)

And I'm gonna praise you (praise you!)

I'm (praise you!) gonna praise you (praise you!!)

Suddenly hearing Kagome's voice shouting out something from outside, Miroku and Shippo walked outside into the garden with Kirara on his shoulder to see his mother standing in the middle of a half circle of children. Kouga was right beside her bobbing his head and clapping his hand to some strange rhythm with a group of female maids wearing beautiful kimono singing. The white kimono that they wore made them look like they were glowing as the sun shined down on them. Kagome wore a plain white haori with a white inner kimono within it and white hakamas, her hair was down and billowing around as the wind blew on her.

Kouga was also wearing all white and his hair was its usual high ponytail style look, his blue eyes seem to glow with happiness and amusement, which people don't usually see in a demon's eyes, sometimes a gleam, but never a glow. They watched in awe as they glowed and sang a wondrous song inside the gardens, the whole scenery of things looked to be an amazing painting, which the noticed an old demon secretly painting the whole thing from behind a tree, not far away, but far enough to not be seen.

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance ('cause I just wanna)
I just wanna praise you ('cause I just wanna)
I just wanna praise you (yeah! Yeah!)

You broke the chains now I can lift my hands (I can lift my hands)

And I'm gonna praise you (praise ya)
I'm gonna praise you (yeah! Come on praise with me!)

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance (I just wanna praise ya!)

I just wanna praise you (yes, I'm free tonight!)
I just wanna praise you (yes I'm free, yeah!)

You broke the chains now I can lift my hands (I can lift my hands!)

And I'm gonna praise you (yeah!)
I'm gonna praise you (yeahe yeah!)

Take them off
Watcha gonna do, yeah

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance
I just wanna praise you
I just wanna praise you

You broke the chains now I can lift my hands
And I'm gonna praise you
I'm gonna praise you

As the song finished the children instantly stood up and cheered and clapped madly with excitement and happiness, all their hearts were beating in an unbelievable pace that it felt like they couldn't breathe, but they kept cheering and clapping. Kouga bowed and the women curtsied, their faces a tint of pink from both shyness and from singing. Kagome face was a bit pink from singing so loudly with great passion; she smiled and gave them a curt nod.

At the borders of every lands were an army of demons just waiting to run within the lands to cause havoc and such, but they stayed put and waited for their orders to attack, they didn't want to be punished and then be sucked up within the foul body of that evil half-demon. The thought of it caused cold chills to run down their spines, so staying put at the borders of each lands of the North, East, South, and West, they stared pass the tree lines just thinking of the meal that awaits just beyond it. Saliva started to gather up in their mouths as just thinking about it, their muscles twitched with anticipation.

Suddenly they heard a distant gun, grins spread across their face. It was the signal to start their attack, not waiting another micro-second; they took off within the lands to finally receive their promised meals. Though the army that was suppose to attack the South did not get a chance since when they first took a step within the boundaries within the lands they were instantly purified into nothing but slight shifts of wind, not even an ash was left behind. Though a small human army who were about to follow the demon army stood there staring almost wide-eyed at the borders of the land that lead to the Southern territory.

They had never seen an army of demons be purified to so quickly in just a mere second, not even. They took one step towards the land borders, but stop immediately as the wind blew and the tree branches moved, causing the leaves to rustle in silent warning. They did not know what to do, if they left, they would be punished, but if they continued they didn't know if they would be purified like the demons or…the army gulped. Something about these lands made the army remember something, something that caused their death, in their past. The army stood there at the borders of the lands wondering what they should do.

At the other lands villages were being attacked and the villagers were either trying to fight off the demons or running away. One by one the villagers were slowly being killed by the demons or being devoured, the lords were quickly notified of what was going on and quickly gathered half their army and left their castles to save their people.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" a dirty messenger ran into Sesshomaru's study panting, as though he ran all the way there, which, he did. He quickly got onto his knees and bowed low until his head touched the floor "please, save the village, the lands are being attacked by masses of demons also a small army of humans." He pleaded; Sesshomaru looked up from the scroll he was reading and observed the human before him, the man smelled like blood, dirt, and some other things he did not even want to identify. He frowned a bit recalling the man saying his lands were being attacked by masses of demons and a small army of humans.

Standing up from his seat he kept his eyes on the human man before him "you are dismissed, this Sesshomaru will make sure these trespassers are taken care of" he said in his usually cold emotionless tone. The man looked up at him then quickly bowed his head a dozen times while thanking him, ignoring the man's gratefulness. Sesshomaru walked passed him and out his study to gather up his army of men to get rid of the demons and humans who dare attack his lands.

The lands were becoming in fire's land, huts were burning, animals were loose and going wild and the villagers were screaming and running around like crazy, trying to get away from the danger. The Lords were fighting against the demon army as hard as they could to try and save the land and people (though secretly, they could care less about them). As hard it was to admit, they knew they were slowly losing this battle as seconds passed, they were at a loss.

"Keep fighting men, don't let them defeat us!" yelled Lord Daimyo as he fought off some humans, he grunted as swung his sword at a human 'damn it, when did humans such troublesome creatures' he thought bitterly.

Up in the sky Sen was chuckling evilly as he watched his plans slowly commence smoothly 'now all there is, is for my dear sweet sister to come and play the hero' he thought, his chuckling soon became louder and louder until it came out as a full blown laugh.

No one ever noticed a girl running towards the Southern Lands, the girl panted as she ran, she looked over her shoulder to make sure there were no demons following her, she gasped when she saw a few demons approaching and they looked menacing. She turned her head and screamed "please! Somebody, help me!" her screamed plea echoed all throughout the lands getting the attention of more demons, but also someone else.

The girl suddenly tripped over a root that was sticking out from the ground, letting out a yelp she crashed to the ground with a painful thud. The girl tried to pick herself up but she stumbled over again, turning herself around to face behind her she saw the demons getting closer and closer. Closing her eyes she screamed hoping beyond hope that someone would save her "LORD SESSHOMARU!"

A black blur glided over the girl and landed before her, the person stood there watching as the demons got closer. When they were as close as just a hair in away the mysterious person lifted her hand, at first it flickered, but when the demons got so close that you could feel their body heat, the hand burst with a bright pink light. The demons screamed out in total shock and fear before they exploded into ash, the other demons behind the person roared out in rage and charged at them in full speed. The girl watched in amazement as the person's cloak blown back as they slowly turned around, a pair of silver tinted eyes glowed brightly as they looked upon the menacing demons that approached them.

The person lifted their hand and the same bright glow ignites, and the other demons were easily disposed of just like the others. The girl watched in amazement as the ashes slowly blew around the person like glitter. "Are you injured?" came the person's voice, the girl jumped and focused her attention the person "ye-yeah" she said hastily, the person turned around and the girl instantly recognized the person who saved her.

"Kagome?" Kagome raised her brow at the girl then looked her up and down, after a while, it dawned on her "Rin? What in god's name are you doing here?" she asked in a monotone voice, sounding as though she didn't give a rat's ass. Oh yes, Kagome remembered Rin clearly, back then she was sweet girl, now she was a complete spoiled bitch like the other royal family females, oh joy oh Mary.

Suddenly Rin jumped on to her feet was in front of her "please you got to help" she said in a pleading voice. Kagome raised her brow high until it was gone beneath her bangs "didn't I just save you?" she said drawlingly, Rin shook her head "no, please, you have to gather up your friend and" she was cut off when Kagome suddenly started laughing. She gave her a confused look "why…why are you laughing?"

Kagome's laughter slowly calmed into a low chuckle "my apologies princess, but I haven't come into contact with my so called friends in six or so years" "what? Why? Please!" she said almost shouting. Kagome's amused expression turned to a blank dead pan look "stop begging and just tell me what the hell you're begging for help for?"

"The West, North, and East are under attack."

Shackles by Mary Mary
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